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  1. It is weird but not that hard to deal with, what if I tell every midfield role can be a playmaker, that all depends on ppm(player preferred moves), think of cambiasso, you watch him play for example Inter during mourinho Era, u look at him and you see, he is definitely a playmaker, yes but actually no, he is in fact somewhat of a Carrilero, who just very good on the ball, pick roles that are comfortable for you they will still play make because that's the nature of a playmaker, you can put xabi Alonso or pirlo at striker, they will play make anyway, so pick roles that suit your tactic and your
  2. Honestly it's kinda easy. Go to tactics, there its going to be presets, then there's a preset specifically called gengenpressing boom it's magic. Gengenpressing it's easy in Fm20. It's like the only preset where you can win a league with a decent underdog
  3. Btw what you can do is change your 424 to a standard 442 because the 442 is a great counter tactic and is really good defensevly or even a 4222 with 2 dm and two wide mids in the midfield slot
  4. I'm not the expert you probably need but I do know some things. 1- first tactic is awful it's not counter attacking its just bad your attack is completely isolated, that even if you punt the ball foward you will not win the second ball, I would quickly discart that 2- 4-2-3-1 even deep is not the greatest counter attacking formation but It can definitely work and we'll. 3- On the 4-2-3-1 is your dlp good enough? If he is your pair in midfield is good. 4- a rule I have is if the fb is on attack the winger is on support, if the winger is on attack the fb is on support or d
  5. Is it possible to execute pressing triggers and traps if it is how is it done?
  6. I made a thread on how to approach the tactical side of the game and this thread awsers mine, this is a great approach and an excellent read congrats
  7. Hi guys I would like some feedback how to approach a tactic, I don't want a tactic for the club I'm in, but rather a way to make a tactic, I'm out of ideias on how can I approach making a tactic I would like to see what you do when you are in a new club
  8. I would prefer the 4231 I have the best personnel for that, but I'm using also the 4123 dm wide
  9. I want to know how can I attack in a 2-3-5 like many modern teams are playing, as I like the overload in the opponents defense, I'm currently playing a 4231 and a 433, I want something similar to arteta's arsenal but i want to build on my ideias and know variations of players there are involved in the 2-3-5 formation using regular formations like the ones I'm using.
  10. I do that every game, I'm thinking of realising a guide on opposition analysis but I'm too lazy and don't have the time as of right now. But one big tip is watch how the opposition concede their goals in the like 3 last games and how they score, I was once Braga 4th best Portuguese team against benfica arguably the best team, and I saw the suffered a lot of goals from wingers cutting right into their central defenders I just adjusted the tactic and won 3 0 with the 3 goals being just that galeno(the player) dribbling inside and scoring
  11. I'll try both these options they seem reasonable, I will watch my games full I now got plenty of time I'll might make a thread on pragmatism as I don't see that often here but is a bloody effective way I've won titles with teams seetled for midtable (bad leagues but still an achievement)
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