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  1. OK that makes sense, would a higher mentality influence this a guess yes because it affects individual mentality as well, I could play them as support and raise the mentality a bit If I'm not happy with their "aggressiveness"
  2. With 2 support roles, would they still make aggressive runs of the ball? The main thing is I want to transition with speed. I don't need them to defend deep I actually would prefer for them to stay fowards to be an outlet for the quick transition, I mean if they defended deep and still have the necessary penetration that would be awesome, but if I had to pick one I'd prefer being a outlet for transition
  3. Thanks to all the replys this is the setup I'm testing if anyone has any tips SK(D) Fb(S) CD(D). CD(D). FB(S) W(S). BWM(s). CM(D). IW(A) SS(A). DLF(S) Mentality : Positive In Possession : Be Desciplined In Transition : Counter, Regroup, Distribute Quickly Out of Possession : Low Low, Standard Def Line (I ajust both when I want to be more), more urgent pressing (one notch from standard), Mark Tightly, Tackle Harder. Is this a good counter attacking strategy?
  4. But in return he loses his higher position which would take away the counter attack
  5. I have I feel again the f9 does not stay in line, I have to go for 4-4-2 with the Striker being the same duty, so they stay in line I have an ideia but it needs to be explained, does the trequartista drop deep, I'm thinking something like TQ at st being the N10 and a DLP(A) /TM(A) for the 9 as I want the 9 to be a offensive pivot.
  6. Something like this you can see that both Mkhitaryan and Dybala are N10 players but when defending they defend in line with the Striker, another good example is Joao Felix.
  7. That makes sense but I want both to stay forward for a counter attacking outlet and as SS and AM they drop too deep, is ideal for compactness but not ideal for what I want to achieve
  8. As the title says it really I want a number 10 or a Centre attacking midfielder stay in line with the Striker when I defend, I play a 4-4-1-1 that I want to defend like a 4-4-2 but attack like a 4-4-1-1 is that possible is there any role I can use on my number 10 that stays with the Striker, fowards without much Defensive output, and in attack drop deep and play behind the Striker.
  9. Zemah Thanks for linking your thread I've been reading it what a great read and gave me some cool ideas to test out
  10. I'm currently doing a fc united of Manchester save but that's going in a completely different direction, I'm doing a test save with spurs, but forget that, be creative imagine I have the perfect team I have 10 out of 10 in all positions and I have depth in all positions so any formation works, but if you still want a team to base around, man utd they are playing this style the most at least that I can remember or Leeds but yeah.
  11. Feel free I'd be very interested on how you'd set up be creative I'm all for that, different approach was what I was looking here
  12. A good example of what I'm trying to achieve is Solskjaer man utd, Mourinho's Madrid/Inter etc
  13. Thank You for the reply, that was the sort of reply I was looking for, that makes a lot of sense I will try and design systems that follow those rules or maybe even test that system you've designed
  14. I've made some threads before explaining what kind of football I want to see, but I think I've failed to get across what I really want, I usually call it counter attacking football, but thats not really what I mean, I don't want to play defensively solid trying to see out games by being pinned back and hitting back for a 1-0 win. What I really want is to see some quick Transitions going from back to front quickly, from midfield to front quickly and from front to goal quickly, but I've been failing miserable. I'm going to give a few pointers so you guys can help me. 1- I play with decent sides, by decent sides I mean premier division sides who have a decent budget so I can mould the team to play the style I want, so imagine I have the perfect team for that. 2- I'm not looking for 20- goals conceded that would be just a bonus, as im not looking to smash goal records again that would be a bonus. Rather im looking for something balenced with the use of those quick Transitions 3- I don't have a favorite formation anything will do so feel free to give me blueprints that I can analyze and understand how you guys set up for those quick Transitions. You could also give me some concepts some ideas etc. Thank you in advance, Sorry if the English is not perfect and if it's a bit long as I usually have a lot to say :).
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