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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=826274104 You can always use Rashidi's Language pack he changed the Mentality to Risk and instead of showing Contain, Defensive etc... it shows Low, High etc...
  2. Comenting on this will be a challenge but i think i have a clear vision about what hunter and muja are trying to achieve here, so here it goes: Warning : Excuse any spelling mistakes or grammar errors im portuguese and im trying my best. So i think that both are right in a way. Both Hunter and Muja. Football Manager is a Great Simulation Game, but there it is the tricky part Simulation\Game. By what ive seen from this discussion Hunter defends that football manager is right in the aproach they ve took and in a sense it is, because it does replicate well real life even with is flaws but at the same time, Muja is right because it is meant to be a game and not overcomplicate things that could be simple and have replay value . But Football Manager now becoming a simulation more than a game it means that you will have to sit and understand the different roles and be sure you know close to everything in the game just like in real life , but by doing that you will know the AI" that even with developement it will always be a limited cpu with limited opcions" completely and you will be able tto win every match or almost every and thats where the replay value ends. But if it stuck to just being a game instead would benefit FM because it would have more different aproaches and you will be less saturated .Imagine i put all of the work in the world to understand this simulation and i achieve it , then i go on to win the league, and champions league and that will be enough because im saturated with all the work i had to do just to understant the "Simulation Game". But i enjoy anyways being a simulation it is more challenging even having less replay value, but you feel more like real life. But for people who want a game of football management, FM is getting away from that and leaning towards Simulation. So the only solution i found for the issue is : The Roles and everything in the game need a better description for more casual players to understand it easily, and more default roles (more customizable). Im truly sorry for my horrible english i hope its readable and you can understand my points .