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  1. Now for the tactics the post many of you been waiting. First I will give an explanation on how I setup my tactics, what do I look and where do I look in order to set up the tactics, secondly I will explain my thought process on the tactics chosen and reveal some key principles to achieve the style that we desire. First I take a brief look at this. Why brief? Because whylist this is important and can give a lot of cool information, this has to many variables as this is a look at all the players in the first team soo its not really specific, but I still recommend looking at this with some degree of concentration. I also take a look at this, this also an average all players in a sector of defense, midfield and attack, due to that split it becomes more specific information therefore even more usefull. Here on the defence, we see that. 1- We are the best at marking. 2- We are also pretty good at Positioning, Tackling, Strength. 3- Decent in acceleration, jumping and heading. 4- Below average pace. OK with this information what can we conclude? 1- we can employ a Tighter Marking, close and aggressive on the opponent. 2- We can tackle harder and bully attackers off the ball. 3-We shouldn't play that narrow as Jumping and Heading are decent but not amazing. 4- Pace and Acceleration are meh, soo maybe not a super high line, a decently high line could work, but I'm going more for a mid block. Now for the Midfield, for some people they call this the core of the team, the pillars of a tactic. What we can see on this screen? 1- We have really good stamina, 2nd in the league (I can guess who's the first). 2- Good Passing and teamwork. 3- Average tackling, technique, decisions and vision. 4- Horrible Long Shots (oh God I need to sign Paul Pogba). What can we conclude with this? 1- They can run around for a long time soo maybe we can press in the midfield. 2- Passing excellent we can make some raking, accurate trough balls, maybe pass into space and more direct?. Teamwork again it means they might be good at supporting the press. 3- average tackling might mean we maybe won't get the ball directly from the press, but doesnt mean it won't work, pressing is all about forcing a mistake soo not necessarily tackling. Decisions and vision it will mean we won't always make the right trough ball and we won't always see the right pass, which can impact the ideia I have, soo I will take a closer look at that. 4- I MUST SIGN PAUL POGBA. The attacking part, the fun one innit? (hey some british slang now I'm officially allowed to drink tea) Let's see what can I get from this. 1- Viuuuuuunnnnn. Oh what was that? A plane? A bird? A chetta?. Great pace and Acelaration. 2- Good off the ball and Finishing 3- Crap at everything else. So what this all mean? 1- Fast and Furious, excellent for what we want the pacy counter attacks and pacy attacking football. 2- We can move we can dance (oh not that, no dancing) and we are clinical, good. 3- We can't jump or head, we won't also score from distance and we can't anticipate, no crossing not even low because we won't get there first. So that's it for this part of the analysis. I also recommend to take as close of a look I gave at this to the physical, mental, and technical of every sector. I just didn't do that here as it will make the post way too big. Then I give a close look at every player I have in the first team.
  2. Finally some updates eh? Here I will breafely talk about the team I chose and some of the key players that I can definitely build the tactic around so here it goes. Lyon it's a team I really like, I don't really watch French football but I know they are a team that always play good football, they have a young squad with brilliant players. This is their trophys as you can see their have trophys that can fill a whole museum but... There's one missing. The most coveted price in European football, the UEFA Champions League. Now to some players that I think will be key for the approach I want to take. Manfish depay. The absolute key player of this team the star that shines the brightest. If there's a player I can compare from the Mourinho Era in Real Madrid this guy would be our Cristiano Ronaldo, he even has similar style of PPM's to Ronaldo, he is just not as physical and obviously not as good, but the closest we will get. Dembele, a great striker as phenomenal attributes that will improve he is our second star. He will be our spear head and he can do a bit of everything I guess you can call him our version of benzema I will go as far as to call him "The French Benzema" (haha soo funny). Next up Aouar, with his amazing compusure and passing and all around technical ability he is going to be our mesut ozil. Anthony Lopez, yes tactically he will not be that important but still a key player that will make sure our goal is protected, I also like him because he is portuguese. And finally the string puller an amazing player I really rate this guy, when he was in Brazil I'd always sign him I think he will be key to spring the counter attacks from deep. And that's it for the main players, next up will come the juicy part where I will talk how I go about making a tactic and using the tools I have on my disposal.
  3. No I didn't I just got nasty sick and I don't know how I'm going to structure this but I promise I absolutely promise I will post many things in the same day once I finish gathering ideias I'm sorry for delaying this it was just a bad timing to open this thread but like I said I really want to do this and I will
  4. Sorry for not updating it yet I've been kinda busy and my PC is a really bad old laptop but I'll try it today no promises (and I'm trying to get some games in I'm currently with lyon. Main reason why it's depay I think he will be awesome with the tactic I have in mind and the squad as whole is really good)
  5. I mean he has a phylosophy himself he just doesn't like the word as he prefers to call it "principles of play"
  6. Finally, after the struggle, after frustration, a nearly broken PC, Hours of crying in my mom's basement, Hours of doing what I love with the only and best game I've ever played I bring you a guide on how I managed to finally bring my footballing phylosophy into Football Manager. I just want to say I'm not good at writing guides or writing in general and I have no preparation, I'm doing this by heart. INTRUDUCTION TO MY PHYLOSOPHY: My phylosophy is heavily influenced by Mourinho's Real Madrid I call it "Breathtaking Football" (this is by no means a recreation). Analogy : Take a moment and imagine you are in the city, it's broad daylight, you are happy, the air is fresh the place is beautiful everything awesome. You are just walking and in the distance you see a person coming towards you slowly, they approach you and say politely "hi sorry but can you give me some directions I need to get from A to be B do you know the way there?" You stop think on the the way to get there and you calmly explain and (s)he leaves on her way to the intended target. Quite nice scenario right? But know imagine the same exact scenario but the person comes running at you fast, already you are overwhelmed and s(he) says yelling "GIVE ME SOME FU**ING DIRECTIONS NOW FAST I NEED TO GET FROM A TO B RIGHT NOW QUICK" your reaction would be something like "wooah what the hell" yes my phylosophy is just that second scenario. Next post I will talk tactics and how to get what I just mention into a working football manager tactic and how this analogy has anything to do with football.
  7. I know it's lazy work and it's not completed there's a lot of things that are not mention in this video, But a personal tip Read carefully the role descriptions It helped me a lot I was struggling to but now I seem to get it right. Hope it helps
  8. Maybe a f9 for Perez if you want to use it
  9. I'm not a tactical genius but I reckon he can use 4312 with mid instead of dms I think two strikers is easy to setup and solid. But that can be me who is portuguese and I'm quite accostumed to two striker formations as it's very used here especially the team I support benfica who haven't played with 1 striker since I was born I've never saw them play a 1 striker formation consistently. But with Leicester I think this can work Sk(s or d) Wbs on defend or support A ball player and a normal cb A centre mid on defend in the middle Maybe a mezzala a carrilero or box to box flanking I think you need some playmaking and a engine and someone who can shuttle out wide A trequartista ( I love that role but you can try others) and Madison will work like a treat. A dlf and a poacher(Jamie Vardy cough cough)
  10. I advanced a bit and I made a more attacking 4231 not to exaggerated and a 442 for away and tuf games and the 442 has provided me with some counter attacks that make me go insane
  11. So I'm going to put back the wingers do I put them on attack or stay on support
  12. This is the tactic... I know 4231 it's not the optimal formation if its better I'll change it to a 4411. (I took picture because for some reason I can't screenshot) I went with the 4231 because I wanted my Trequatista to be the kingpin of the counter attack I want him to hold the ball or play the final pass and that's the reason I've pushed the wingers up so they get forward enough without being Midfielders on attack maybe they could work in the mid strata on support but I want your guys opinion on that. I want to win the ball in midfield that's where majority of the counter attacks start in real life, that's why I choose a bwm and instructed the btb to tackle harder and the wingers to press more and tackle harder. In possession I went with the pre set fluid counter I just added work ball in to box so we make the most out of our chances. I'm transition its counter and regroup with distribute quickly Regroup because I don't want to get hit over the top especially with a top heavy formation Out of possession It's Slightly urgent pressing Standard d line Lower line of engagement And tackle harder
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