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  1. just downloaded fm12 as ad love to go back and enjoy the best imo, but when it loads up on my MacBook Pro 2018 it goes full screen but the actual game is in a little box and I can't click on any icons or anything ? any suggestions
  2. What cards are going to support full graphics in fm19??? And play the 3D engine at highest and fastest settings.
  3. oh cheers, any digital download one going close to £22?
  4. Cex? What's the link please is it a digital download ? Ideally after that.
  5. Exempt the official fm deal out at moment is there anywhere else having the game on offer at mo?
  6. Just a quick one is the demo been updated to the latest patch ?
  7. Yeah but I don't like adding a transfer budget rather make do with a official one from si
  8. Interested to see if Everton take over is included!!! And how much we get to spent
  9. Is there going to be any changes to the ME on release day? Just wondering if I should start my career game now. Since there was thousands of changes made between updates of the beta. am not sure.
  10. Sorry card I have coming is a r9 280!! Is that enough for full graphics ??
  11. aerocool imperator 850w Thinking of getting this one looks a beast but outside of the top 2 power unit makers this looks good???
  12. The power unit I did have only had 34amps on 4 rails but am guessing they need to be higher as the pc itself needs power aswell to run. Am guessing a 50amp will be enough
  13. Av been reading and people are talking about amps on the rail or something that plays a factor not just wattage ??
  14. Will any of these do the trick ? https://digitalpromo.co.uk/powercool-750w-modular-psu-80-dual-12v-v2-2-high-efficiency-retail.html#product_tabs_description_tabbed https://digitalpromo.co.uk/powercool-850w-modular-psu-80-dual-12v-v2-2-high-efficiency-retail.html https://digitalpromo.co.uk/be-quiet-bn183-730w-psu-bn183-pure-power-l8-modular-rifle-bearing-fan-80-bronze-continuous-power.html https://digitalpromo.co.uk/be-quiet-pure-power-l8-630w-bn182-modular-80-bronze-12cm-quiet-fan-braided-cables-sli-xfire-silent.html?
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