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  1. Creative use of "there" made me laugh! EDIT: I'm curious, how you will achieve this! Because it's the sort of football I like to see!
  2. That's the problem! I have Thomas Delaney who is perfect for a B2B role, but when I look at the numbers he would be more suited to the DLP-d role, which in my mind isn't correct! Same with Marco Reus, Julian Brandt, Jadon Sancho and Thorgan Hazard they are all better suited for the W-s role according to the numbers instead of the IF-a role. How do I interpretate that?
  3. I find this topic very interesting! But I find it very difficult to rate the numbers I'm getting..because it always favors the "easy'er" roles. All my AMR/L are better at the winger role then the inside forward role. All my MC's are better at DLP-d role then B2B or MEZ. So this frustrates me as I wanted to see what role suits them best, but this way I can't find any B2B or MEZ or IF...
  4. My Kasper Dolberg at OGC Nice, has scored a couple of 1-on-1's..he missed a couple too, but who doesn't?
  5. Maybe they have 'highlight important panels in overview' ticked in those boxes?
  6. This. It's utter ******** that players are capable of playing certain roles at AMR/L but aren't capable of playing the same roles in MR/L. Same with AMC and MC.. I find this very frustrating!
  7. But what is it based on? I think your transfer preferences are really great! But I think you mis hit the ball with the youth rating..I don't get what attendance has to do with the youth rating for a country, nor do I get why the differences are that big in your file, any explanation? And why can't I public values? Anyone can see them in the editor? EDIT: I don't wanna offend you or whatsoever, because I really like the work you put into it. Just want to understand why..
  8. Don't get it why Brazil has 165 youth rating and then the next country has only 126 and then it rapidly decreases to the rest of the countries..
  9. It seems off that a Swedish person can speak fluently English but only good Swedish..
  10. Great files you make! Really helps for the immersion in FM! But when I made a new manager (Kim Källström) he was fluent in the languages I chose (English, French and German) but only good at Swedish..that seems a bit weird to me..
  11. Man Utd, Arsenal, Valencia, Sevilla, AC Milan, AS Roma, Leverkusen, Schalke, Monaco, Marseille
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