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  1. You already gave the reason!
  2. This goes the exact same way around! And you can't just delete posts if you don't like our answer! You need to listen to us as well!
  3. BadAss88

    [FM19][SKIN] TCS '19

    Could it be because I'm playing the public beta?
  4. I don't want it guaranteed, I just like having my players have good average ratings. It's the factor I look the most at to see if a player performs in my tactic! Well, like I said, I'm thinking about starting with Internazionale, a well known team I suppose. But I rather like a general tactic apart from the players I would use where the play is orchestrated by my TQ and the goals are mainly from my (lone?) striker. I just want to get a great discussion started about how people see a TQ flourish in a certain tactic or how they would set-up such a tactic! Any suggestions are welcome!
  5. I wanna make a tactic work around a trequartista because I'm a fan of Roberto Baggio. Anyone got an idea about a tactic? I'm a fan of 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 DM Wide, but I want to have all my players above at least 6.90 avarege rating. But I want especially my trequartista excelling at assists and my lone striker (read Icardi) as a goalmachine. I know the ME isn't favorable for through balls, but I don't have a problem with crosses from the flank neither. I was thinking about managing Internazionale and buying Luis Alberto from Lazio as my trequartista, dream player would be Paulo Dybala of course! PS: Sorry for thos who'd expect a plug-n-play tactic in OP hopefully further up in this topic! @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!
  6. BadAss88

    Teams to Manage - FM19

    Start unemployed and work your way up as a manager not as a team!
  7. BadAss88

    Teams to Manage - FM19

    I want a nice challenge to start my clubhopping-career with! So I would like a team who can challenge for a first-half of the table or mid-table position and then progress to qualify for Europe maybe. Anyone some suggestions for me?
  8. What's your tactic now? Maybe people can learn from it.. As it's not sure which advise you followed up..
  9. BadAss88

    Not following Corner Instructions

    Same problem here! Set to mark the keeper but stands at the sideline between midfield and penalty box
  10. BadAss88

    Ever heard of music?

  11. BadAss88

    Ever heard of music?

    Just put something on you want to hear, easy-peasy! Why bother SI with this? Everybody has a different music taste, for example the Chase & Status-song from FM18 I didn't like! EDIT: And I can imagine that people wouldn't like the punk & reggae songs I'm playing during FM..
  12. FLUT Skin. You want real players to be reincarnated (Cristiano Ronaldo as goalkeeper) but there are being new players regenerated in game every year with other names then Cristiano Ronaldo.
  13. There are already lots of skins with player faces on the tactics screen. I prefer regens than reincarnation..
  14. BadAss88

    Ever heard of music?

    WTF? Just play some music if you wanna hear music..