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  1. @zlatanera or somebody else? Any suggestions? I like a challenge but I also like a great transferbudget
  2. Back at it.. I just can't decide where to start.. Man City, Ajax, Benfica, Anderlecht, national team of Serbia (but then I need an already working tactic for I start)?
  3. I thought I read somewhere that jumping reach is the real height of a player in-game..And that height is just an information thing without any consequences.. So jumping reach of 20 for a player of 1m68 is higher then a big-foot 2m tall guy with jumping reach 18..
  4. One of my favorite coaches, curious to see if you make this work..or will it be too much one-dimensional..
  5. But if you have chosen a tactic with all the roles and duties, how do you decide which player is best suited? Do you select a 3 star winger AMR or do you select a 4 star MC (and only 2 star winger AMR) but with all the right attributes?
  6. I'm exactly the same..it's difficult to ignore the stars because it's difficult to compare players without it. How do people decide where to play a player?
  7. It's the first time in months that I pressed 'Continue' in an actual real save! I've chosen to be Luís Figo to start his managing career at Borussia Dortmund! I've turned off summer transfer window and attribute masking, to use my scouting team before I buy someone. I've used the editor just for my own fun: I've removed the future transfers of Fiete Arp and Benjamin Pavard to Bayern Münich. I've also altered the roles of Lars Ricken (to Assistant-Manager) and Michael Zorc (to Head of Youth Development) because I didn't want to sack some Dortmund Legends/Icons and I removed Luís Figo from the database! Career Goals: - Win every domestic trofee in every country you manage, before you leave the country - Manage Sporting CP, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Internazionale Dortmund Goals: - Go unbeaten vs Schalke 04
  8. Anyone who uses the II (amateur) team? Because you can't control the training of those players..I'm not sure I will send any players to their team!
  9. I started with 19.3 but deleted the future transfers of Arp and Pavard to Bayern.
  10. I don't have any affinity with Sandro Schwarz.. I'm in doubt between Dejan Stankovic, Luis Figo or Raul Gonzalez Blanco..not sure which one would be realistic
  11. It was my first save in FM18! Because they haven't won the title since 2001/2002 season. But this summer they lost many fun players like William Carvalho, Rui Patricio, Gelson Martins, ... so haven't find the courage yet to build them up again. Maybe after some good summer signings in FM20.. This year Benfica has a more "fun" squad! But my next save is gonna be Borussia Dortmund (I know it's in the big 5, but I just wanna enjoy a save and they have a nice budget to buy some players!). I'm just trying to make a 4-2-3-1 work in a test save now and then I only have to find an alter-ego who realistically could take charge at Dortmund. Any suggestions maybe? I always like recently retired football players or legends from the 90's!
  12. Can I ask how did you accomplish this? I'm trying to get a 4-2-3-1 going with the lone striker as a goalscoring machine..but I can't seem to accomplish this
  13. That's the kind of numbers I want to see from my lone striker! Did you accomplish this with the tactic you mentioned in the post before this one? Did you use any PI's?
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