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  1. Wrong YouTube link mate! It's a 2-3 win against the Netherlands in 2015..
  2. This is more my tactic where I want my SS to shine! Since I can't seem to produce a tactic where my lone striker florishes with lots of goals..would the tactic be okay if I change the AMC to T-a and the SC to P-a? Or should I change more? What's a fair share of goals? I would like to have it close to 1 goal/game..
  3. Any feedback on this? Should I use a playmaker? IF-s and W-a or IF-a and W-s? What if I want my lone striker as the main goal thread? PF-s IF-s SS-a W-a CM-d BBM-s FB-a CD-d CD-d FB-s SK-d Postive mentality, play out of defense, be more expressive, counter, counterpress, higher defensive line, higher line of engagement and my front 4 press more urgent. EDIT: I'm playing with Borussia Dortmund with the official SI winter update 19.3 db
  4. Is there still somebody playing with Borussia Dortmund? Think I'm gonna start a new save with them, as I can't seem to get a save going
  5. I'm Manager of Portugal and I hired staff for the first team and then a Manager for the u21, u20 and u19. Will they apooint staff for their team? Or do I need to do that? I know I can appoint/sack staff to/from their team, but do I really need to? Because I can't be bothered to be fair.
  6. You can't tell a TQ to close down more..or do you say that to the mezzala than?
  7. What are the teams you are looking forward to manage in the new FM? Any ideas in mind? I'm thinking about the following teams: England: Leicester, Fulham, Sunderland, Chelsea, Man City Spain: Atlético Madrid, Real Betis Italy: Internazionale, Brescia Germany: Dortmund, Hamburg France: Marseille, Lyon, Caen Belgium: Anderlecht, Antwerp Portugal: Benfica, Sporting CP
  8. Exactly and you won promotion and the FA cup with them! So you are a promising manager who attracts attention!
  9. I've contracted him for free at Sunderland. I'm curious to see how he develops!
  10. I'm starting my first EFL challenge ever as Rickie Lambert in charge of Sunderland, after watching the 'Sunderland til I Die'-documentary. I hope I can keep this save going untill FM20.
  11. I'm always coming back to Man City!! I need to win the CL before Pep does! And I would love to do it with Vince as the captain + they got some interesting players you need to replace in the upcoming seasons! Nobody else is playing them?
  12. I'm thinking about switching the right IWB-s into a WB-s to keep some width on the right flank. And switch the IF-a to an IF-s, and the W-s to a W-a. Or is my left flank to attacking then?
  13. Arthur Masuaku is doing a great job as IWB-a in my save. Other then that I'm thinking about Gedson Fernandes as IWB on the right.
  14. I started unemployed as Nuno Gomes and landed the West Ham-job on boxing day with West Ham standing 19th with only 15 points. 3 wins (0-1 vs Huddersfield, 2-0 vs Everton, 2-0 vs Brighton) later we're already 13th and playing some nice possession (almost 70%) attractive football! Really liking the way we play right now! Especially the IWB-a (Masuaku) is causing havoc around the 18 yards box. Formation: 4-1-4-1 DM Wide Roles: DLF-a W-s IF-a RPM-s MEZ-a A-d IWB-a CD-d CD-d IWB-s SK-s Mentality: Positive Team Instructions: Shorter Passing, Play Out Of Defense, Work Ball Into Box, Be More Expressive, Counterpress, Counter, Distribute to Fullbacks, Distribute to Centre-backs, Much Higher Line of Engagement, Much Higher Defensive Line, Use Offside Trap Player Instructions: Front 5: More Urgent Pressing The winter transfer window is just opened and I already bought Ross Barkley (Chelsea - € 19.5M), who will be a great asset for the Mezzala-role! I'm also targetting another option on central midfield for both roles, a new striker and maybe a right back.
  15. I like the combo of a defensive dm with a playmaker and a mezzala. MEZ-a --- RPM-s A-d
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