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  1. There more players than just Messi in this game, you know? It's always diificult to get the numbers right for players like Messi and Ronaldo..and not totally f*ck up the numbers for eery other player!
  2. Spain: Athletic Bilbao, Betis, Real Sociedad England: Arsenal, Southampton, Newcastle Italy: Fiorentina, Torino, Sampdoria Germany: Stuttgart, Frankfurt, RB Leipzig France: Saint-Etienne, Bordeaux, Lille
  3. I think the central defender on cover duty answers that problem. I haven't experienced any problems with it so far..
  4. @Neil Brock @BelgianResearch Is this going to be adressed in the winter transfer update?
  5. Why dont you download a facepack? @zlatanera
  6. I don't like the set-up with B teams in FM, that's why I almost never manage a team in Spain..
  7. In what way? Very risky to get lots of cards? Very risky in defenders stepping in and leaving space in behind?
  8. You made 100 caps and 89 goals at the age of 21? And then retired as player..this would be a game-braker for me!
  9. I'm more interested in using the 2 forwards from the first tactic then a F9..
  10. I'm struggling to decide which team to be to start my first serious FM19-save! Man Utd, Internazionale, Lazio Roma, AS Roma, Dortmund, Leverkusen, Lyon, Marseille, Benfica, Ajax or Boca Juniors.
  11. Does it still resemble Jardim's Monaco? And did you use the same TI's as your first tactic? EDIT: I like the saves you start and the tactics you use @zlatanera completely my style!
  12. Originally I thought that too, but then after reading the role description of the DLP-d and the DLP-s, I choose to use the DLP-s. Maybe against stronger opposition I need to use a DLP-d, but for now I'm satisfied with the DLP-s. Also with the 3 centre-backs I don't feel it's necessary to have a covering DM.
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