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  1. @bigbeezer The closest you're gonna get, you'll find here I think..
  2. Fair enough, thanks for the quick reply! Thought the date was expanded from 01/09/2004* (not 2020, lol) till 01/02/2005 or something similar..
  3. His birthday is 2 months earlier then Moukoko..
  4. This is only happening with Brazilian clubs! I've tried external files to fix the colors but these doesnt fix the problem.
  5. Flamengo, Sport Recife, Gremio, Sao Paulo, Internacional ... all clubs with red or blue colors are wrong Clubs with black/white colors like Santos, Vasco Da Gama are correct.. but also Palmeiras is correct as it doesn't use red or blue colors. So nothing to do with licensing I think. Just the 'r' and 'b' code from the rgb-code has been switched.
  6. The colors for Brazilian teams are wrong..the Red and Blue numbers in the RGB-code are interchanged..
  7. Thx for the quick answer! As I'm finally going to start my first proper FM21-save. Think I'm going to use yours as they seem more complete..
  8. I don't really think it's a problem with your tactics, I think it's more a problem on morale and how your team's handling with the pressure late in the season.. How do you react on press conferences? (If you do so..)
  9. @Mackem742 I had a great save with them in FM20 (my longest career where I started unemployed took over for 2 seasons and then went to Marseille) Ivan Oblyakov was a beast for me as an DLP-S & Vadim Karpov developed as a great CD-D..just couldn't get Fedor Chalov & Nikola Vlasic going..
  10. Starting unemployed is always a good starting point. If started unemployed as Claudio Marchisio (ex-Juve and Zenit), started with continental pro licence and international continental player. I've got the job at Besiktas, on the 6th of december 2020, who are in 12th place in the Turkish Süper Lig and out of Europe before the group stages..
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