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  1. It's the first time that I've downloaded a tactic for FM, but I like the idea behind this one! Is it possible to switch one of the IF-A to a W-A? And then the back behind him from WB-A to FB-A? To be less one-dimensional?
  2. BadAss88

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Nice results! Tactic?
  3. BadAss88

    FM18: France

    Gonna try to get the fun back rolling in FM18 as I'm gonna play as Kim Källström as coach of Olympique Lyon trying to implement a 3-4-1-2
  4. BadAss88

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    After the marvellous win of AS Roma, has anyone have a good working 3-4-1-2 formation? @craigd84
  5. BadAss88

    FM18: France

    I'm considering a Saint-Etienne save myself, does anyone have experience with them? Not quite sure, which tactic to use and there squad is quite small, but I like the challenge..
  6. BadAss88

    Squad depth

    It's no longer under review, but the problem isn't fixed nor was there any information provided! It worked fine before patch 18.3 (18.2?), so it can't be that hard to fix.. you would expect that a patch would fix problems not bug things that worked fine before! It's one of those little issues that really frustrates me in this FM!
  7. How can I create space for through balls against such sides? How can I create a pull back or simple pass + turn + shot? What instructions/roles/duties do I have to give players to get that? The ball isn't played enough to the flanks I think..(is it because I play with 2 playmakers in the middle?) I expect that my playmakers see the space and play the ball to the flanks. Attributes isn't the problem, as I'm playing as Liverpool. Robertson and Mané are good crossers, Firmino is a good finisher, Lallana is a good playmaker.. I also got too many long shots..when there are passing options avalaible
  8. I'm planning on playing with Internazionale now
  9. Good for you, but how does this help me?
  10. I play standard and flexible yes. And watching games in extended highlights. My AF(a) isn't getting enough through balls, he doesn't get at the end of crosses (most of them are in the goalkeepers hands or blocked by defenders). Most of the time he's just being marked out of the match by 2-3 defenders with the opposition sitting very deep with lots of players it's really hard to get the best out of him! He hardly is involved in the game (10-15 passes a game, sometimes even less), not that I want him involved (maybe just a little bit more), but mostly I want him to be a consistent goalscorer! I don't feel like my AP(s) is coming too deep personally, but rather than passing the ball to my AF(a), IF(s) or W(a), he shoots too often (most shots in my team, together with W(a)). I was experimenting with the mezzala in the hope he would use the channels that were open next to my W(a) and try to overload that part of the field. But I already changed it back to BBM(s).
  11. So I'm determined to make this thing work in a 4-2-3-1 Wide formation, but still not sure how to properly support my lone striker to make him my main scorer! I want him to score from through balls, crosses, passing combinations, 1v1's, ... So this is my set-up: AF(a) IF(s) - AP(s) - W(a) DLP(d) - MEZ(s) WB(a) - CD(d) - CD(d) - FB(s) GK(d) I've removed all my TI's, but still not sure what I'm doing wrong, any suggestions?
  12. And how does this go into work? Because I'm looking for some sort of system to better judge which player is best suited for which role..(because the stars and circle doesnt do it for me)
  13. Still no goal scoring machine my lone striker How can I make him score more? He just doens't get that many balls..
  14. BadAss88

    Squad depth

    Is there an update or fix regarding this problem? As I have the same problem/bug..really annoying because it's quite time consuming now to analyse the squad