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  1. That purple skin that doens't work together with the club colours is just pure awfull..
  2. @Daveincid When is the new update released? 'Cause I wanna start a new last save pretty soon..
  3. No I'm saying that they didn't play well during the entire tournament but were lucky with the draw and home advantage. They could've played way more attacking and attractive football with the players they had, but decided not too..
  4. I was just mentioning it because it wasn't that big of a performance to get to the final for England..They had an easy group and were only able to score 2 goals, encountered a troubled Germany and then Ukraine and Denmark were they needed a light penalty to win the game, while playing 6 of the 7 games at home, they even played there best game away from Wembley..
  5. While defeating Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany and Ukraine and drawing against Scotland and Denmark to get there! What a performance!
  6. Gonna start a save with Valencia, looks like a really fun team to manage!
  7. Why not start your Scandinavian/European journeyman as Mk moss then?
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