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  1. I was thinking of doing a Arsenal save. The first thing that comes to mind is using Özil as a "10" with Aubameyang as the main goal threat in a counter system. Anybody had success with Özil in there first season?
  2. Thanks! Yes, most people think of a Pep-type of play with possession football or a boring U-shape. I'm just a bit cautious when we play possession based my players are not good enough to control play and it will be boring and wasteful. I'm thinking of a 3-back formation (but my best player is a winger) or a simple 4-3-2-1 and work from there.
  3. Thanks! I'm going to look in to this as I'm going to play tonight.
  4. That wasn't my intention. Because I have possession based players, I wanted to create a tactic around it. As I wanted to create a tactic with my players strengths. The point for me was more that I think that we will get overrun by the majority of teams as we are predicted to get relegated and therefore 90% of the sides we face will have a better team. How do we balance the tactics so we don't get outplayed most of the games?
  5. Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well. I just started playing FM again after years of absent. And I want to get into it again and get more in dept at looking at numbers and statistics instead of just the name. Also this will be the first time I will play with my own tactic. Bare with me.. (I still play FM18 btw) I started unemployed and got accepted at Gillingham in the League One. We are expected to finish 23th which is relegation. One of the reasons the board wants to play a defensive tactic. Which I'm fine with, but almost every player in the team has a PPM of play short sim
  6. Do you have templates for FM18? Struggling to keep it simple as I always want the extreme in the first season....
  7. He is a rotation for me. Although I'm thinking of getting him in to the team as a Inverted Wingback as he did great in pre-season there and his stats are so all-round. Will post a screenshot tonight (season 3).
  8. Well, I struggle to find the right tactics to the players. In theory, the players are 'total' so they could play any tactic. I still have Donny v/d Beek, Hakim Ziyech and David Neres in my Ajax save 2020 and they are by far my key players in the squad. That's also the point where I struggle. I tried Ziyech in the AMR slot with Treq or IF and in the AM slot as a AM and even in the CM slot as RPM or CM-S+PI's. That's why I read and re-read this topic, but maybe the coin didn't flip the right direction yet in terms of understanding how to find the right tactics for the players. Hope this make
  9. The Eredivisie is the most easy. Lost only once (matchday 32/34) with a backup team. Walked the league.
  10. I tend to use Ajax always at the start. After around 6-8 months I tend to move on to another save/team or keep playing.
  11. I have found your topic about Universality inspiring and it come the closest to Total Football in terms of creating the right players. As I found my way in training the players to become ''Total'', I always struggle to find the right tactics for the players. How do you tackle this?
  12. Hurdle one is out of the way to get in the Champions League Group Stage.
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