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  1. My thoughts here. Hoping for some feedback in this forum section. Am I alone in feeling that the new layout was a step backwards?
  2. MontyOnTheRun

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    TAA started at the club at age 6 and is probably a Liverpool fan too? No article found to confirm this suspicion. Virtue was a Liverpool fan growing up. Gronnemark should be in the coaching team? I'm surprised that someone with his resume isn't in the database already. I think most assume Lijnders is the new assistant manager, but I think him and Krawietz are considered "equal" by Klopp, hence the slot for assistant manager should remain open (for Gerrard's return). Alisson Becker needs to be given set values for injury proneness and natural fitness (would hate to end up with a crocked goalie for my long-term save). His jumping reach could possibly be increased to 17 (most top goalkeepers in the game are close to this value when they're 1.91 cm tall). Before he arrived at LFC I had heard people label him as "the Messi of goalkeepers". In the game however he looks more like "the Wijnaldum of goalkeepers" (does everything well but nothing stands out). It will be interesting to see how you grade him... for now he looks exceptional at kicking and jumping reach.
  3. MontyOnTheRun

    player stats layout

    Would someone from SI please confirm if we can get the old layout back for next version?
  4. MontyOnTheRun

    player stats layout

    If moderator agrees, I'd like for him to move this thread to the general forum. I think more will see it there and you might get some more feedback.
  5. Would like to know this as well. Improves youth manager's rep I would think.
  6. MontyOnTheRun

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    Thanks for the update! You're probably tired of hearing me say this, but that means world renowned Korny will be an average fitness coach. I'll just hire enough sport scientists until one of them can take over his second role distraction. It's hard to find any info on Milner, other than him re-starting his B license studies in 2016. Maybe set him to actively studying for a license in the game. Ditto on Lallana. Achterberg is actually one of the few (or perhaps the only) goalkeeping coach in Britain with a UEFA Pro License. He completed the course in 2016. I would have preferred if he received a PA update after that as I think his profile has been stagnant ever since he joined LFC. Remember, he joined the club when he was only 35 years old and with no coaching experience. At 44 and after so many influences from managers, he should now start to come into his own as a coach. Klopp's statements alone should be enough to earn him a set 'discipline' stat.
  7. MontyOnTheRun

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    I’ll be shocked if Keita makes a pass with his left foot this season. He should have the “avoids using weaker foot” PPM. He reminds me of Juan Sebastian Veròn; technically gifted and always finding a way to keep the ball on his right foot. If Philip Jacobsen is the new “medical rehabilitation and performance manager” then that sounds like he should be allowed to take over Korny’s head of sports science role. Shouldn’t Andy Sayer’s preferred scouting nation be Germany and not Denmark? He had Germany as responsibility at City too. Milner was studying for UEFA B license back in 2016. It would be nice if he had some sort of coaching license to his profile (funding a coaching course for Milner is always my first task when taking over as Liverpool manager). Lallana has reportedly also held academy sessions at Liverpool and has probably been doing some studying during his injury layoff. I can see him in my future coaching staff, asking him to teach the youngsters how to develop their weaker foot. Usually there are no more than 11 players in each team with promised squad status of “first team” or above. By having more than 11 you risk players becoming unsettled (especially if AI is managing them). Suggested 11: Key players – Firmino – Salah – van Dijk - Alisson. First team players - Keita – Robertson – Mane – Fabinho – Henderson – Clyne – Lovren.
  8. MontyOnTheRun

    player stats layout

    I thought FM2018 was the best in the series so far. One thing I didn’t like though was the new player match stats overview: It looks like something that was thrown together at the last minute. What was wrong with the old layout? The first thing that threw me off was the distance between the player names to the left, and the corresponding player stats to the right. They are so far apart that I'm not always sure I'm looking at the correct data. This is especially a problem when I'm playing on a large monitor. The menu on the upper left lets us choose 6 layouts where we can view player stats. It feels stressful to me to have to click through all these 6 layouts to view the data I want (I doubt most users check all these 6 categories for each match). A better way would be to let us customise what data we want from these 6 layout categories, so that all the data can fit on one page. The last thing I want to mention about this new layout is the percentage stat. I find it confusing, because it's not always easy to calculate how much is 72% out of 132 attempted passes. I feel like a percentage stat like this is better served on the league statistics overview, where you can check who has the highest pass completion ratio, etc. For a player stat overview like the image above I only want to know how succesful they are at different things, and not have everything turned into a percentage statistic. I like it better when the player performance feedback at half time tells me if someone have a specific impressive or poor percentage stat (for example; "player x has only completed 49% of his attempted passes"). Another thing is that if a player only attempt 1 tackle during a game, and he's fortunate enough to win that one, then the new layout tells me that he won "100%" of his tackles. This can sometimes be misleading, because the percentage stat at first glance makes me think he's doing a good job at tackling, but if I look closer I see that he's not tackling as often as I want him to. I thought I could get used to this new menu, but I can't. I don't even look at the stats now. If I want to check out a spesific player performance, I go into the reports-->form menu on the player menu. Here I can find the old layout: At first glance this layout is much easier on the eye. It shows me everything I need to know in one page: his technical and physical prowess, his participation in the team's goalscoring chances, his ability to win the ball and dribble with the ball, his discipline, and last but not least the number of times he's been offside (I don't see this particular stat on the new layout). These attributes are all I need to look at to make up my mind about a player's performance and what worked and didn't work for the player's instructions. You can throw in other stats from the new layout such as how many times the player's shots hit the woodwork or was saved by the opposition goalkeeper, but these are what I call non-essential stats (and are also better to have summarized in the match stats menu). It shows the player role to the left, which is vital to reading if the player stats are what I expect them to be. In this example I want Mane to shoot more than he creates chances, because he's playing as an IF. The old layout is how I want the player stats for all my squad to look like during match. It gives me a quick and easy understanding of what is going on and where I need to tweak my player instructions. I don't want the new menu where first I have to click "general", then move on to 5 other menus to find the info that I need. In the settings page under interface you've given us the option to select how we want the player screen to be displayed. Similarly, I think you also need to allow us to select how we want the player stats during match to be displayed.
  9. MontyOnTheRun

    Opposition instructions

    Can we get confirmation from SI that this is being looked at?
  10. MontyOnTheRun

    [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    I was told by the Liverpool researcher to raise this with the responsible researcher for Rangers. I hope it can be fixed for next season, as it's quite wexing to not be able to hire a person as staff because he has this box ticked. This unfortunately is a mistake that is repeated for other players as well, who are transitioning into a staff role.
  11. MontyOnTheRun

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    Had a look at Gerrard in the editor again, and I'm pretty sure the problem stems from his profile having a checkmark at the "retiring after spell at current club". Please fix, or we won't be able to re-hire him as coach for Liverpool once he gets the sack at Rangers.
  12. MontyOnTheRun

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/transfer-quirk-liverpool-allowing-steven-14876341 - should add Rangers as an affiliate with loan option. MTK and Wrexham are set up as affiliates that play annual friendly. Neither first team nor reserves have any match scheduled with either of these teams this pre-season. Matthew Virtue is a childhood Liverpool fan (can't find the interview where he stated this), and at age 20 deserves a set value for determination. He apparently trains with the first team and should be added to this squad next season as a backup player. He's noted for his consistency and is almost like a poorman's Kuyt (if only he'd have the good sense to go out on loan). Lijnerds is back (and probably will be Klopp's new assistant)! Please decide on his discipline value. Maybe add "marks opponent tightly" as PPM for Firminho? He does decent enough tracking back when played as F9, but nowhere near as good as IRL.
  13. MontyOnTheRun

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    Squad morale should be raised from 15 to 18-20. By the time you finish your updates LFC will have won the CL and morale will be sky high. In the first team only Can and possibly Klavan wants out. Similarly, the club reputation should be raised with at least 100 points, allowing the club to be at least on par with United. It speaks volumes when VVD chose LFC over other rivals this January. Chelsea are out of CL next season and LFC should be allowed to overtake them in the reputation table (reputation is a very important stat to get realistic games when AI is in control of the teams). It says in the editor that Anfield have an expansion capacity of 85,000. According to Kayla Bibby (and I trust her) 108,000 is doable. Supporter profile – in this year’s PL LFC have a 16 for ‘passion’, a stat that is somehow trumped by Swansea (17) and Crystal Palace (18)! The Stoke City researcher claimed back in 2015 that this stat is generally a reflection of “how noisy fans are at home games”. Well no offense to the aforementioned teams, but I don’t think their fans generate anywhere near the volume that you get at Anfield – LFC supporters even out noise the opposition at some away games. A passion rating of 19-20 would seem logical when you compare this stat with other major clubs across the continent. By allowing Kornmayer to be both a Head of sports science and a fitness coach, you hamper his star rating as a coach (I usually solve this by hiring a new Head of sports science which allows Kornmayer to be only a fitness coach). Please decide if he is a Head of sports science or just a fitness coach. According to the official website he is a Head of fitness and conditioning. That Korny still has not been given his vital stats for motivating and level of discipline I find diabolical. I’m impressed at whoever already got it right that Totti and Ronaldo were Salah’s idols. I see several of Salah’s stats that you could make an argument should shoot up at least 3-4 points… but before you look at that I’d like his PA to be fair. Currently there are 12 PL players with a higher PA than the Egyptian king and 7 players with a higher CA. Given his accolades this season I don’t see why Salah’s CA and PA shouldn’t be improved even further. If the person he beat for the PFA award (childhood Liverpool fan De Bruyne) is a 183/184 CA/PA, then I think Salah deserves to be closer to this bracket. I can’t recall anyone in FM history who have been seriously talked about as a candidate for the Ballon d`Or who didn’t have at least 180 PA. When I buy the game next year I should realistically see “Salah” in the “media dream eleven” ahead of the new season. Brewster have no set person data. His determination is also random. Please give him set values as I have a feeling he could soon feature on the bench if Ings/Solanke are sold or loaned out next season. From watching his games with England he seems like a young Michael Owen – determined and ambitious. Suarez is apparently his idol. VVD – I think the Southampton researcher overreacted a bit when sending him over to you with a 16 for controversy, 4 for loyalty, and a crippling 5 for professionalism. Players are usually either unprofessional or controversial – it’s rare that they are at the extremes at both ends. In fact, VVD is the only player in the entire database with a PA over 140 with this trifecta of conditions. Surprise performer of the season Robertson should possibly have his PA raised by 5 points. On the current database he’s only got 9 CA to go before he reaches his PA. Given the strides he’s made this season (and his still relatively young age) I think there’s a lot more to come from the Scott. From the people I talk to who followed his 3 seasons at Hull, they were always adamant that Robertson would eventually become a better player than Moreno. I guess the Hull researcher did not agree at the time.
  14. MontyOnTheRun

    Loyalty to players

    When you offer a player out this stat seems to plummet. If on the other hand you transfer players only when a player comes to you and complain about something (lack of first team appearances for example); and they agree to be transfer listed and you only sell when a club comes to you, then this stat stays at status quo. It would be nice if SI could tell us what effect this stat has, if any.
  15. MontyOnTheRun

    FM Best Scandinavian Bargains

    If there was an Ice Skating Manager then Eng Strand would be one of the top prospects in Europe. How does he get on with football for you?