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  1. MontyOnTheRun

    FM19: Liverpool - Success Has Many Fathers

    1st season with Liverpool. Set my rep as "sunday league footballer (with no badges), and the dressing room was in an uproar because of this. Imagine losing Klopp to a complete nobody! Milner the snitch claiming I had lost the dressing room (and 15 of his teammates agreed), so my only choice in the team meeting was to remain humble and promise I would turn the situation around. Milner gave me 90 days to improve managerial support and already after 30 days he is very pleased with our progress: Everything looking rosey so far (even with Salah out for 7 weeks in the early parts of the season). I find that it really helps to rotate the team to keep everyone's legs fresh and prevent underrated players like Matip from moaning. Out of my 8 victories so far, in 4 of those games we've scored the winner in the +90th minute. I attribute this to decent morale (everyone are happy about playing time), and of course being much higher condition than the opposition. It certainly isn't because of my manager rep, because they won't listen to a word I say! Becker, VVD, Salah, Mane, and Firmino my only guaranteed starters - and I rest those guys whenever we have a comfortable lead. The key is to keep VVD healthy throughout the season it looks like, because we become a shambles once he's substituted. For the staff I've tried to keep a little bit of realism by adding only English personell. You might notice I managed to get Carragher as an assistant - this is because I went into the editor and changed his staff role to 'coach' and preference 'to be a coach for Liverpool'. I know if I ever managed Liverpool, then I would want Carra as my assistant. I've also removed Krawietz and Rohrbeck from the payroll in the editor, because I figured if Klopp ever leaves Liverpool then he would take those two with him. Hopefully they follow Klopp to his next destination in my game: Interestingly we drew Real Madrid in our Champions League group. After a narrow home win against Dortmund and a bore draw away against Club Brugge (hate their formation), the group was wide open for our home leg against Real. And what a game it was! In a repeat from 2009 we absolutly trashed them 4-0. Only this time we only needed 31 minutes to reach the same score. Both teams fielded their strongest line-ups: But in the game we produced an astonishing 25 attempts on goal. I attribute this to playing my standard normal balanced tactic, without trying to press high and take the ball off such technically superior players. Ramos scored an own goal, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. The highlight of the match came 6 minutes later however, when Salah surged past Ramos and connected with a thunderous volley on the far post that nearly broke the net in half! What a way to mark his return from injury! The way our Champions League group is shaping up, we now have a chance of knocking Real out of the competition in the away leg in 13 days time. Wouldn't that be some revenge. I've also used the editor to enforce a global transfer ban until the end of season 1. I want to keep everything as realistic as possible for the first season. My future transfer plans include finding a proper creative playmaker. Lallana produce nothing as an AMC for me (even though his passing accuracy is outstanding). My preferred choices would be 1. Coutinho 2. De Bruyne (closet LFC fan), and 3. Neymar. We'll see if I can afford any of them. The idea is to keep the squad as much intact as possible and only add 1-2 signings each season (on this version the team is good enough for that too). When Clyne's contract runs out I'm retraining Fabinho to play as DR on wingback duty, as he's already accomplished in that position and should have an awesome physical presence in the backline. Haven't decided if I should keep Moreno. Want to give Adam Lewis a try (local lad), but not sure if I've been lucky enough with his PA to where he can make it as a decent backup. At some point I'm also going to try for Messi (just because I've never managed him), even though that would make no sense with relates to the realism I was talking about earlier. Let me know if any of you manage to sign him!
  2. MontyOnTheRun

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Rhian Brewster have the wrong Luis Suarez as favorite personell. Dejan Lovren and Mohamed Salah should possibly have Sergio Ramos as disliked personell based on recent news headlines. Georginio Wijnaldum have played in every outfield position. This warrants a versatility rating of 17-18. On a personal note I want to be able to mold Gini into a backup player at rightback for Liverpool, seeing how his PA is unfortunately way too low to be the same driving force in midfield as he is under Klopp. Georginio Wijnaldum also have an odd selection of favorite clubs - rivals Arsenal & Man United in England, and Barca & Real in Spain. Are you sure he didn't once just mention that these were the clubs he would like to play for abroad? If so, he should have a preference to play for these clubs and not be a supporter. Naby Keita have a preference to play for Barcelona. But according to this article he turned them down in order to play for Liverpool. I would switch the clubs in his profile. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have the lowest PA of Henderson, Fabinho, and Milner. Of the four of them, I think the Ox have shown so far in the Liverpool shirt that on his best day his max level is the highest (although he isn't close to being as consistent as Milner). Just a general comment, unfortunately no data to back this up. Virgil Van Dijk should possibly have the "does not dive into tackles" PPM? He rarely goes to ground when making a tackle, instead choosing to dangle a foot for the block. Edvard Tagseth was rated as one of the world's 60 best players from the 2001 generation. Rave reviews from Gerrard from his time as U18-manager. Captain for the national side and noted for his maturity. Would be nice to see his person data and mental attributes graded.
  3. It's very hard to get my head around how a physio earns a reputation. Take Luke Anthony for example - 20 for physiotherapy and 130 CA. Then compare him with Dave Galley - also 20 for physiotherapy but a whopping 170 for CA. Luke Anthony have 8 years as a physio at Reading on his CV. While Dave Galley have 20 years experience as a physio including stints as head physio with 4 clubs bigger than Reading. Yet Galley only have HALF a star more reputation than Anthony. How can this be?
  4. MontyOnTheRun

    positional OI on opponent's subs not being applied

    It's neither. When I start a match and that match is ongoing, I get a message that opposition have put on a sub. I then go into opposition instructions menu and see that the sub have personal instructions instead of the one I want; positional instructions. If I select pre-game that all players should have positional opposition instructions then it makes NO sense why the instructions should be opposite of this when opponent put on a sub. Edit: the sub in the screenshot is Andre Gray. The leftback Holebas have the personal OI because I set this just before whistle (during game). Does this make sense at all? 99% of the time I only use positional opposition instructions, therefore that is what I want as default for all opposition players (both starters and subs that come on during game). It can't be that hard to fix this.
  5. Title says it all, but I will spoonfeed you: When you before a game select the opposition instructions via tactics screen and tick that the instructions should be based on position (for example; I tick all players to be shown on weaker foot, and the SC (in case they have a lone striker) to always be closed down and marked tightly). This works like a charm and when the game starts all these positional opposition instructions are applied. However, when the opponent then puts on a sub the opposition instructions that are applied are set to INDIVIDUAL. This means my pre-game positional opposition instructions are not applied and the substitute now have ZERO opposition instructions assigned to him. The only way I can apply the positional opposition instructions (like I want with ALL opposition players, both starters and sub), is to go into the opposition instructions and change the instructions to positional. This creates an unnecessesary amount of extra clicks each game. I believe I raised this problem on the previous version as well. Is it that hard to solve this? All you have to do is treat the subs as if they were starters. Please fix this for next patch?
  6. My thoughts here. Hoping for some feedback in this forum section. Am I alone in feeling that the new layout was a step backwards?
  7. Would like to know this as well. Improves youth manager's rep I would think.
  8. MontyOnTheRun

    Loyalty to players

    When you offer a player out this stat seems to plummet. If on the other hand you transfer players only when a player comes to you and complain about something (lack of first team appearances for example); and they agree to be transfer listed and you only sell when a club comes to you, then this stat stays at status quo. It would be nice if SI could tell us what effect this stat has, if any.
  9. MontyOnTheRun

    FM Best Scandinavian Bargains

    If there was an Ice Skating Manager then Eng Strand would be one of the top prospects in Europe. How does he get on with football for you?
  10. MontyOnTheRun

    FM Best Scandinavian Bargains

    He had no choice... former Bryne badass, Keane slayer and Leeds player spawned him during his run there in '96. He's got tighs like a Brama bull!
  11. MontyOnTheRun

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    There's only one better as a false 9 in season 2, and that's Dybala. You can thank me for alerting the researchers about this clause
  12. MontyOnTheRun

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    I play him MC on his preferred left side in a classic 4-1-2-3 wide formation, as a central midfielder on attack duty. He's having an absolute stormer! I think the key is to make use of his wonderful 18 off the ball movement and PPM "play's one-twos", ie you want him involved in the attacking moves while running from deep (Gini is also very effective in this role, with a 15 off the ball movement and the diabolical "arrives late in opponent's area" PPM). I'm thinking next season it will be Keita and Hendo as my MC pairing, with whoever Klopp decides to bring in as a DMC sitting behind them.
  13. MontyOnTheRun

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    I call BS on this screenshot. A £76M valuation of TAA - at 20 years old - is not possible unless you boosted his CA with an editor. Why don`t you retrain VVD as targetman while you`re at it and make him score +20 league goals in a season - that would be more impressive.
  14. MontyOnTheRun

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    He can do a fine job both as IF and AMC/ST. I play Firmino as a false 9, and there’s no better teenage striker in the game to study that role than Woodburn - he already have 14 for both passing and creativity.
  15. MontyOnTheRun

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    You're exactly right my friend. Because of VVD's outrageously low professionalism he'll now probably never reach the rest of his PA. And if he gets a long-term injury and loses CA because of it, he won't get that back through training. Would love for someone with an in-game editor to tell me otherwise. VVD is still a mighty fine defender on FM, but for now we're left wondering 'what could have been' for this fine athlete.