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  1. So one of my bogey teams in FM2019 have a manager whose tendency is "looks for overlap". My interpretation of this is that his fullbacks will look to cross from byline. It certainly looks like that when I play them. What inevitably happens is this bogey team creates alot of chances against me because they overload on the sides with constant crosses from fullbacks and wide midfielders (4-4-2 formation). My first instinct was therefore to close down all their fullbacks and wide midfielders with the opposition instructions. This had little to no effect however. I then thought about it and realized that with their fullbacks pressing so much forward, they would eventually get caught at the back. So I instructed all my wide players to "cross to far post" in hope that I would catch their fullbacks out and let my quick wingers in (sort of like what Guardiola did to TAA at Liverpool). It made all the differene in the world. Bogey team almost didn't create chances against me, and one of their fullbacks was slated as "nervous" for most of the match. Usually when a player is "nervous" it's because the opposition are having a lot of success creating chances from the area that they are supposed to defend. I'm elated that the match engine works as thorough as this. Any more suggestions on how to counter teams who "looks for overlap"?
  2. Frequently in my inbox my chief scout lists a bunch of competitions that he thinks my club should scout. Why would I need his advice when I set the scouting assignments manually, SI? I've gone into scouting-->preferences and selected "1 month" in the boxes under "inbox delivery option". I assume this means I only see this message once a month? I want an option not to see this message at all. Is it possible?
  3. Nothing is obvious in a computer simulation. If anyone are having any success with having the AI man-mark your corner short option, please provide details.
  4. Sure you can force AI to do what you want. Leave 3 players forward while defending corners, and AI leave 3 players back as well. Same should apply to short corners. If I start taking the corner short every time, then AI should compute that it's best to man-mark the short option.
  5. I've played 2/3 of my season now on latest patch, and for each attacking corner I've had one of my players offer short option. Only ONCE have I seen the AI bother to move a player out there to man-mark the short option. That's what I want - for the opposition to move one of their players away from the penalty area and open up space. I've experiemented with several different players (fullbacks, wingers, attackers) offering short option, and it makes no difference. Corner distribution is set to "mixed". Any ideas how I can get this to work?
  6. One thing I can add to this thread is that the body language that is already there often have to do with the tactic your team deploys. For example; if you play balanced mentality and the opposition have a manager that plays attacking football and create chances against you, then your centrebacks will often become nervous. The way to counter this is to have your team adopt a defensive/counter mentality. Other times my fullbacks are nervous, and I realize it's because the winger (AML/AMR) in front of him is on "attacking" mentality. This means he rarely helps out the fullback in protecting him because he's too high up on the pitch. A simple change in the mentality for wingers to "support" often solves this problem. I suppose the mental state of your players can be fixed with a few shouts, but I think largely it is the tactic that you should look at first.
  7. You`re a bit of a tool it seems 🙂 don`t create threads on one of the best young strikers in Europe and then proceed to a) misspell his name and b) create zero description as to why he`s a good player in your mind… this is not a toilet wall you`re writing on… it is the official forum of SI 🙄
  8. @Ben Allingham Did you review this and agree that it needs fixing? I see you fixed every little niggle in the latest updates (fixing clicking on score in international team results to take you directly to match result for example). this is a rather big niggle. for every substitute the AI put on I now have to go into the opposition instructions and select that yes, this player too should be forced onto weaker foot. it's ridiculous if noone but me are noticing this.
  9. It could also just be coincidental that Manè is now on a goalscoring spree after he signed a new contract. I have Firminho, Salah, and Manè as my front 3, and they seem to take turns in my game on being the one to regularly supply goals. SI; do personal player bonuses actually work?
  10. Just had Sadio Manè ask for a new contract in the second season. I included a top goalscorer bonus for the PL in the new contract, and all of a sudden he's now playing out of his skin, scoring for fun. 7 goals in his last 8 games. His shots on goal tally have also gone up by a significant amount. I'm wondering if the game takes into account these type of bonuses and if it motivates players. We get info in the player status that they are motivated by increased win bonuses; but does this carry on to individual performance bonuses such as with Manè here as well? If Manè really is motivated by this top goalscorer bonus then I think it would be a nice touch if his player status info said something like "Feels he can achieve his goal of becoming top goalscorer" or "Has become more selfish in pursuit of his top goalscorer bonus".
  11. I've played 2 seasons of CL football and have yet to see the odds of who are favorites to win the competition. I am fully subscribed to the competition. This was one of the highlight stats for me to check out, as it was very interesting to see who was building the strongest squad in Europe. Please fix it for next patch?
  12. I'm in October 2019 (patch 19.2.0) and for the first time I'm seeing an option to send my players on a "leadership course". What exactly is this? I notice I can send everyone of my players on this course, from senior to u18.
  13. So SI like to integrate new exciting names such as "Tiki-Taka" and "Gegenpress" into the game... but the player and team instructions are all the same they've been last +15 years right? There's no "new" instruction added into this version? Please tell me if I've interpreted these team instructions correctly: Overlap = fullbacks now on cross from byline duty? Underlap = wingers cross ball rarely? It says for both underlap/overlap that it instructs the wingers to "hold onto ball". However, that personal player instruction have been removed. Are we to assume that the "hold onto ball" player instruction only works by ticking "overlap" or "underlap" in team instructions? Work ball into box = cross ball rarely from wingers? from fullbacks too? Counter-press = pressing intensity up one notch? I see no difference in the personal player instruction for pressing intensity when I tick "counter-press" in the team instructions. This is the opposite of how game used to work - if you selected one instruction in team mentality that affected the personal player instructions, then you would see in the personal player instructions that there had been a change. Regroup = close down rarely? Same concern as counter-press with this instruction. Hold shape = forward runs mixed? Pressing intensity = close down never/rarely/mixed/often/always? This is the only team instruction for FM19 that I'm wondering if is an entirely new instruction. Because you also have the option to tick "counter-press" and "regroup" under "in transition" on the team instructions. So that means that either my interpretation of counter-press and regroup above is wrong, or these are all basically the same instruction, ie. it's the good ol' "close down" instruction under a new face of paint. The "pressing intensity box" is the one I'm wondering the most about, so please someone from SI explain this to me and how it differs from just using the counter-press and regroup boxes. Prevent short GK distribution = close down on opposition GK set as "always"? I'm not sure if it also sets your forward players to man-mark their defensive line - please someone confirm this. Because I'm not having much success with ticking this "prevent short GK distribution" box as the AI goalkeeper usually finds a way to roll the ball out. Play for set pieces = hold onto ball? Seriously, the description in the game only says that it will "encourage every player to win corners, freekicks, and throw-ins". But by what means will they attempt to do this with such an instruction? Will they run wide with ball? Or will the focus of play be down both wings? This could mean anything and I wish SI would clarify so that I can make a judgement as to wether or not my players have the required skill to pull it off. Line of engagement = changes the "pressing intensity" player instructions for every player except the GK and the backline? Or is this a brand new instruction that have nothing to do with "pressing intensity"? Like I said, I think I would be alot less confused if the changes I make in team instructions are reflected into the player instructions like they used to. If I tick "gegenpress" in the team instructions then I want to know exactly how much "pressing intensity" my players are now on, so that I can make the judgement if this is a good idea based on their stamina.
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