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  1. FM Best Scandinavian Bargains

    If there was an Ice Skating Manager then Eng Strand would be one of the top prospects in Europe. How does he get on with football for you?
  2. FM Best Scandinavian Bargains

    He had no choice... former Bryne badass, Keane slayer and Leeds player spawned him during his run there in '96. He's got tighs like a Brama bull!
  3. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    There's only one better as a false 9 in season 2, and that's Dybala. You can thank me for alerting the researchers about this clause
  4. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    I play him MC on his preferred left side in a classic 4-1-2-3 wide formation, as a central midfielder on attack duty. He's having an absolute stormer! I think the key is to make use of his wonderful 18 off the ball movement and PPM "play's one-twos", ie you want him involved in the attacking moves while running from deep (Gini is also very effective in this role, with a 15 off the ball movement and the diabolical "arrives late in opponent's area" PPM). I'm thinking next season it will be Keita and Hendo as my MC pairing, with whoever Klopp decides to bring in as a DMC sitting behind them.
  5. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    I call BS on this screenshot. A £76M valuation of TAA - at 20 years old - is not possible unless you boosted his CA with an editor. Why don`t you retrain VVD as targetman while you`re at it and make him score +20 league goals in a season - that would be more impressive.
  6. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    He can do a fine job both as IF and AMC/ST. I play Firmino as a false 9, and there’s no better teenage striker in the game to study that role than Woodburn - he already have 14 for both passing and creativity.
  7. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    You're exactly right my friend. Because of VVD's outrageously low professionalism he'll now probably never reach the rest of his PA. And if he gets a long-term injury and loses CA because of it, he won't get that back through training. Would love for someone with an in-game editor to tell me otherwise. VVD is still a mighty fine defender on FM, but for now we're left wondering 'what could have been' for this fine athlete.
  8. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Apology on behalf of all Liverpool fans for him. He wanted the distinction of creating the thread - not maintaining it. On topic; have anyone managed to get VVD to visibly improve? The Southampton researcher left a parting gift of '5' for professionalism for this guy. It's Andy Carroll all over again.
  9. reserves moved automatically to first team

    Tested with a new save where I didn't have my DoF be assigned to making bids for first team and youth players. The moving did not occur.
  10. Managing Liverpool, I notice that during the pre-season most of my reserves are automatically moved to the first team. I assume this is a new feature? I like it, if it wasn't for having to move them back into the reserve team myself. Then on 27th August this process repeated itself, as I had just played my last league game before the international break. 14 reserves snuck into my first team without me asking for them. For our next league game on Sept 9th (after the international break has finished) they are still there and I again have to move them. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to who gets automatically moved from reserve team to first team. I still have 8 left in my reserves, playing 4 vs 4 during training while my first team now have 38 players!
  11. opposition instructions

    Thanks Marshall, I hope this gets solved soon so that I won't have to do this chore every match. Also, if you could fix it so that when you open the opposition instructions menu during match and then click on a player name and open the player information screen (to check out his strength and weaknesses before setting the OI), the opposition instructions menu does not disappear (you have to click on the menu again) when hitting the 'back' button at the player information screen. I want to stay locked on the opposition instructions menu even if I check out the opposition's players from there.
  12. Do you get youngsters matching your HoYD's nationality? I am thinking about bringing in a foreign coach.
  13. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Alli as Coutinho replacement and promote his idol Gerrard as assistant manager. He'll be inspired. Asensio has got the highest potential of the two, but he lack consistency and may get overrun if you move him down to central midfield (due to his lack of marking and aggression). With Alli there are zero weaknesses.
  14. When I in tactics-->opposition instructions-->show positions set the opposition instructions, then only those starting in the opposite team will have these positional opposition instructions. If the AI make a substitution then the player they put on will not have the opposition instruction according to position. I have to pause match and go into opposition instructions and set it manually. Please confirm if you understood what I meant and if this is being looked at.
  15. Wanted: ageing Prem player to star in MLS

    John Arne Riiiiise.... ohhh ahhh...