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  1. mihailo ristic from red star belgrade. another big midfielder who looks like he good be a great all rounder ro most team
  2. you basically need to offer more money upfront at the start to get these out. when you make your first offer if they put these clauses in use the UNDO button to go back and then improve your offer and see if they negotiate without those clauses them.
  3. stopped trying to get into a save on FM16 now. already planning ahead for FM17
  4. don't see an issue with it. I buy the game ever year. I know roughly what I am getting without having to see the new features list. most of them are just window dressing anyway. SI are very good at what they do and with the demo release we always get a patch on release day to fix glaring issues.
  5. yeah Rico is a fav of mine as well. if you get lucky and top out on his potential he's great as a starter or cover. he'll be even better on for FM17 as I'd say he will get a slight boost in CA and a definite boost on his PA
  6. what Data would they put in after September? apart from players moving clubs generally thinking if they decided to release the game earlier they would Data lock sooner. the only thing that would require them to wait until September is the end of the transfer window.
  7. anyone else go mad buying Regens after season 1? find I buy 10-15 players after season 1 to fill out my Under 21's
  8. trying to get into a save. holidayed season 1 until I got a save where we finished outside of the European places. just at the start of July now getting ready for my first season (in game its season 2) cannot get a buyer for Markovic or lallana for their value so having to sell for a bit less. balotelli keeps refusing to move teams as well. have managed to sell on most of the dross - Skrtel, Enrique, lovern, lucas, milner, benteke, wisdom, alberto, all gone I've spent well on key positions trying not to over do it. Stefan De Vrij, Ruben Neves, youri Tielemans, and Julian Brandt all brought in for the first team with Borja San Emterio in as cover for the full back positions. Andre Dozzell and Ben Garratt as Homegrown players who can develop and offer good cover bought a huge number of regens 10-15 mark who are all 3.5 stars + from my scouts so they will fill in any gaps in the squad for cups matches
  9. when you get a bid back below the value offered you need to use the suggest button. counter the bid with your original value hit suggest and see if they find it acceptable. if not hit undo and reduce the amount by .5 or 1 mil until they find an amount acceptable and then decide if this is ok for you to sell. most times you will at least get the players market value
  10. when you offer a player out it auto transfer lists the player.
  11. well done mate. whats your squad like now? wish I could complete 4 seasons!! cannot get into a game at all
  12. not if you want to manage them too
  13. his starting stats for his age are immense. his PA is not the highest but he's perfect as RB cover
  14. well after the depression that was yesterdays game I started another new save determined to change this squad. holidayed season 1 so I can start from now. we wont the Europa in that season so we have Champs Lge football going into season 2 made major changes to CB position. probably bought 1 too many as I thought Sahko was going with barca bidding for him but he decided to stay sold a huge amount of players Bogdan, skrtel, lovern, Enrique, lucas, allen, milner, benteke, Balotelli, Markovic, wisdom, albert, llori. Players in: Rulli (free), Callum Chambers (15M), San Emterio (1m), Rico henry (2.7m) Andreas Christansen (15m) Jose Gimenez (23m) matip (free), Neves (27m) Kovacic (37m), Andrija Zvikovic (free), Andre Silva (17.5m) Driussi (4M) went for Chambers to add some more HG players and give me quality cover. will retrain San Emterio to LB as Moreno has left within 2 seasons of every save once a big club have shown interest. also promoted Chirivella to the first team and got a regen CB from the academy who looks monster. I may sell Mignolet and bring in Ben Garratt as second choice (2m for a decent HG Keeper)
  15. in season 1 ive been trying to keep it simple. a CB and a DM and then just add 2/3 young players who can fill weak squad area's and develop but once I get to season 2 I make MASS changes and then I fall out of love with the game after I've spent 200m really need to tone down the buys to get myself back into a save