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  1. going to finally try and get into a FM19 save now 19.3 is out. will do transfers in the first window but only want to sign u21's and keep it to that. want to stick with the core 15/16 players in our team this season and clear out the fringe high earners
  2. getting crash dumps in my save so not really getting into it
  3. started my save, have transfers on as i want to get rid of Lallana, Solanke, markovic, clyne and Matip. looking only at players under 21 for this window as its just to fill up the squad places. will also promote curtis Jones to first team. targets are Szedovar Markovic, Tonali, Marin, Peyalo Morilla & Dominic Szobozlai if he's available De Ligt and possibly a GK
  4. thanks for that. back u keeper look at Woodman from Newcastle or Fructl from Bayern
  5. finally getting to start a save tonight. havent had the time so far. does everyone click off transfers in the first window or do you prefer to make changes straight away
  6. havent started a proper save yet. just tinkering about to see what transfers can be done in season 1. when i do start i'll take transfers off and start with the squad as is altho i may cancel the loans of Woodburn and Wilson as i'd like to use them from the get go
  7. havent got the game loaded but check out Scott McKenna from aberdeen. great CB pick up for any half decent top division side
  8. dont think i've ever seen the liverpool page go 1 month without a post anyway ready for FM19 now. didnt really get into FM18 due to not having the time, hope to have more input on the new thread.
  9. in Jan of season 1, 24 games played, won 20 drew 4. haven't lost in the league. only loss was a CL group game and we won the other 5. into the final of the LC and still in the FA cup. good chance of multiple trophies and I've now had 6 players come to me to at they want to leave for PSG as they offer more money. now I can understand 1 or 2 players looking to move but I've had Karius, Moreno, CAn, Matip, Mane and Lovern all asking to leave in chats and none of the talks went well as I didn't want to let them move or they wouldn't accept my valuation of them.
  10. started a new save after all the winter updates have been done. no transfers at the start and just picked up a couple of regens that the scouts had a 4 starts great start to the season. into December now and just finished top of my CL group, Sevilla, Spartak Moscow, benfica. won 5 and lost 1 game. only loss of the season so far PL is going great, top of the PL by 5 points from Arsenal after 15 games. Have won 12 and drawn 3 games. United and Chelsea are a further 5 points back in 3rd & 4th. next 3 games in the PL , United, Arsenal & Chelsea. couple of goo results there and could go into the Christmas period with an 8 point lead in the league. got a budget of 77m heading into the window too and while I want to clear out the likes of Klavan, Ings, Lallana & Solanke from the squad I have Lovern and Mane both making noises about leaving. Mane is unhappy that I promised him the champions league next season as he wants to win it now. so I might just agree to sell him to Real despite him doing really well.
  11. doing the same. hoping my tactics from my previous save transfer to the new patch as I was flying in all comps. I've signed Atakan Akkaynak from Leverkusen on loan for the season to give me some cover in the DM role for the smaller games. huge potential youth player
  12. Southampton researcher must be bitter. VVD's loyalty and professionalism have been set very low
  13. i'm the same. between work and kids its harder now to get time to sit and get really into a game
  14. might do the same when the update comes out as i had added the Phil and VVD transfers in myself but it seemed to give me too much money and i went transfer crazy in the Jan window.
  15. near the end of Jan in my first season. made massive squad changes in the window as a number of players wanted to move due to not getting enough first team games. ( i rotate fully every game but as some were only getting LC games they wanted to move on) Matip started it all as Bayern bid 42m for him and Coutinho deal was in place before i started my save so he's gone for 140m. then i went on a selling spree out went Flannagan, Markovic, Ings, Milner, lallana, Gini, Klavan. all sales brought in over 300m for me to spend. i have brought in VVD, De Ligt, Ryan Sessgnon, Ruben Neves, Arthur, Savic, Rodrygo and Dolberg. Apart from VVD everyone is on a rotation or back up contract so that should ease the issues over rotation
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