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  1. josh tymon from stoke. perfect LB cover. good stats, decent enough PA and counts as HG
  2. Finished my first season. Overall very good but could have been a lot more. Won the PL and the FA cup. lost the Champions League final to Juve. was winning 2-1 until the 89th minute when they scored 2 in added time to claim the trophy. gutted doesnt cover it decided to do a mass clear out of non homegrown high earners and a few of the injury prone players as well. only really shock outgoing was Jota, got a good bid for him and while he did ok Grealish was available for less and would give me CM and AMR/L cover as well as HG player. Managed to get Hoever back in from wolves as
  3. in the Jan window of season 1. started with transfers off for the summer window. is it genuinely impossible to sell players??? i know its players i want rid of but i'm not even getting a terrible bid. out of Shaq, Origi, & naby i've only managed to get 1 loan offer for Origi. not 1 bid for anyone
  4. for 200m after the 2nd season i would sell him. you could bid for Mbappe as soon as the sale completes
  5. havent gotten far in my save but might restart with the window turned off at the start. might help be get a bit more into the save and avoid going transfer crazy too early
  6. might be a chance of his potential being upgraded with the fact that he has been playing and doing well in the first team now
  7. Thats some start by Haaland. dont worry about taking over the thread, the more updates the better. hope to get started properly this wknd myself
  8. thats a fantastic buy in fairness. wouldnt be surprised to see us go for him IRL
  9. yeah Scotland is the same as England with brexit
  10. Rovella is worth a look. young italian DM. loads of potential and can be gotten for Compensation. check Barca as well as you can get Gavi, Nico, Balde & Okhemach for around 17m total
  11. Nice. cant beat a gaming laptop. well worth the extra money
  12. this is usually my reason for wanting to restart saves, buy too many players quickly and then cant stay with the save. find it better to turn off the window at the start that way you have to use the squad there and its a bit easier not to overload early
  13. i play with a DM and 2 CM DM is Fabinho and set as DLP Def With Hendo as the left sided CM set as DLP Sup and Thiago CM APM At using Naby, Gini, Milner and jones to rotate. i'm only as far as winning the Community Shield but its how i set up on FM20 as well and it works well.
  14. just getting started on my own save now. normally dont use the first window but decided to start this one with it open. just looking any getting a few quality youth players in. Rovella and Papetti being available for compensation and going to raid Barca for a couple of youth players
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