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  1. are you in season 1? it might be an issue if its part of your agreed plan with the board but once you are winning i'd doubt it would become sackable
  2. ah i went mad and got in tonali, camavinga and Szoboszlai in the middle. really need to wait until season 3 for both Szob and cama really.
  3. going to start a new save. wasnt feeling that save. had started season 2 but felt i went a bit overboard with buying. feel i got a couple in a season or so too early
  4. when he did in mine it was around December, i had been playing him a good bit as well so he was happy with his playing time
  5. i turn the window off for the start of my save. you can keep him tho and he normally will sign a new deal during the sseason and then you can sell him after season 1 for 50m or more
  6. i use a 433 formation. Sweeper keeper both CB's as Ball playing RB & LB set as CWB support DM- DLP Def CMR AP A CML DLP Support AMR/L both inside forward attack CF complete forward support play positve. i'll try to screenshot it later
  7. i turn the window off at the start. find it impossible to shift player in the first window on the last few versions. you end up keeping them and if you buy 1 or 2 new guys the others upset the team when they are not played. generally wait until the next summer to try and sell lads. if you have a good first season you can get really high fee's for the likes of Shaq, Origi and Ox. always find it harder to move on the players who come back from being on a season loan. Grugic, wislon, awonyi and Taki have been nightmares to get rid of. had to take low fee's on wilson and Awonyi and taki went
  8. radu is quality back up. good balanced stats
  9. got Szoboszlai signed up and also went in for Yusuf Demir. Demir didnt get a WP but i still confirmed the deal. want him for season 3 really so i have him loaned out to a higher league so he can get games and hopefully international caps to enable him to get a work permit
  10. as i turned off the transfer window from the start and made no signings in January for season 2 i planned a massive clear out of the guys already out on loan and the fringe and injury prone players. Gone are Adrian, Karius, Gini, Timiskas, Keita, Ox, Shaq, Origi, Wilson, Grugic and Kabak. still have a few others who may go Ins - Freddie Woodman, nice cheap signing for back up keeper who gives a HG status as well Hoever, always try to bring him back as trents back up. 20m worth it Josh Tymon, LB cover and HG status for under 3m. no brainer. well balanced stats even if
  11. Finished my first season on the new save PL Winners with a record 105 points total. lost 1 game all season to City (35th Game of the season) was so close to a perfect year. Fa Cup, lost to city in the final (same week as the PL loss) League Cup Winners against City Champions League Winners beating Juventus in the final 4-1. Overall quality first season.
  12. yeah i've always done that with my saves. game comes out in November but includes an injury received in October from the start of the season. i remove it. if VV got injured in Game 1 or preseaason i wouldnt touch it. i always look to sell Matip for the same reason. i wont make Kabak's loan permanent either. might keep Davies as 4th choice for season 2 as he gives me HG player while i wait got Gvaridol to be buyable from RBL. i'll try to get Nianzou from Bayern in either on Loan or on a full deal and maybe Papetti.
  13. if he did start injured i would probably edit it out (both him and Joe are fit on my new save) if the player got injured 5-10 games into the season IRL i wont carry the injury into my save.
  14. with Naby he is picking up a few little knocks for me in game and IRL i'm sort of fed up with him. i'd have much the same list for clearing out at the end of season 1. Gini while i got him to sign a contract in my previous save i may let him go for free this time. i dont think i'll complete a deal for Kabak either. one to watch for it Christensen with Chelsea. he was available on a loan to buy for my in my previous save. definitely a good option to give you a top CB who's also Homegrown
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