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  1. if youre looking a decent youth prospect as back up to Robertson check out Toni Herrero, young spanish fullback. good potential and a low release clause as well
  2. good to see you were able to get into a long term save mate
  3. anyone going for an updated database save when the window closes?
  4. started again afer ruining the save with too many buys after season 1 tried something slightly different on this one and left Klopp in charge until the international break at the start of November in season 1 and took over then. club was in 6th place but only 7 points off top spot in a tight start. usual top 6 teams. now only 2 games to go in the league and we are top by 4 points from Man City and my next game where i can clinch the title is at home to United we have won the league cup and we are in the FA cup final where we play Birmingham and have Dortmund in the CL semi finals (bayern v Roma is the other) good chance of winning all 4 trophies. made 4 signings in Jan, De Ligt, Tonali, Szobolzai and Sehovic. De ligt and Tonali were bid on by others so had to move to get them in.
  5. During a match the game becomes jittery and the cursor seems to bounce around the screen. when i stop the game to make a sub or change tactics this seem to increase. I have uploaded a crash dump file to the could. File Name: FM 2019 v19.3.4.Staf9)
  6. anyone else ruin their game by buying too many players?
  7. finally managed to get a bit of time to start a game and get into a save after many failed attempts and a few frustrated quit saves over tactics!! have had a good read through of the tactics forums and also Cleon's tea & busquets blogs i've managed to set up a 433 tactic i like and that works for me. gotten to the first of Jan 2019 in my save and so far unbeaten. played 20, W 17 D 2 L 0 and i've only conceded 2 goals in the league. topped my champions league group and now have A Madrid in the 2nd round and have Chelsea in the Semi's of the league cup players in are all focused on youth. i turned off transfers for window 1 but have slowly been able to get a few buys done for joining in the Jan window. De Ligt and Tonali being the 2 major buys with fees spread over 3 seasons as i havent sold anyone yet and only had 30m to spend also brought in, Pelayo Morillo 1.2m release clause and huge potential, young Serb LB Zlatan Sahovic, young DM/CM from barca's youth squad called Nico who my scouts rated highly and trying to Xadas from Braga who can play any of the attacking midfileds roles. will be looking to move on, Lovern, Matip, lallana, sturridge and Origi. i will keep Moreno until the end of the season as he now has british citizenship
  8. going to finally try and get into a FM19 save now 19.3 is out. will do transfers in the first window but only want to sign u21's and keep it to that. want to stick with the core 15/16 players in our team this season and clear out the fringe high earners
  9. getting crash dumps in my save so not really getting into it
  10. started my save, have transfers on as i want to get rid of Lallana, Solanke, markovic, clyne and Matip. looking only at players under 21 for this window as its just to fill up the squad places. will also promote curtis Jones to first team. targets are Szedovar Markovic, Tonali, Marin, Peyalo Morilla & Dominic Szobozlai if he's available De Ligt and possibly a GK
  11. thanks for that. back u keeper look at Woodman from Newcastle or Fructl from Bayern
  12. finally getting to start a save tonight. havent had the time so far. does everyone click off transfers in the first window or do you prefer to make changes straight away
  13. havent started a proper save yet. just tinkering about to see what transfers can be done in season 1. when i do start i'll take transfers off and start with the squad as is altho i may cancel the loans of Woodburn and Wilson as i'd like to use them from the get go
  14. havent got the game loaded but check out Scott McKenna from aberdeen. great CB pick up for any half decent top division side
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