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  1. watch him accept a deal for half that at a new club
  2. Going to start again. want to keep this squad together as much as possible and develop it with only a couple of signings a season. with the way the game is unhappy players will have to be sold but i'll push the boat out a bit more on contracts to keep players at the club. should be easier once European football is gotten to balance out the game time as in season 1 unless you get to both cup finals the games are too spread out to allow for rotation. will also look at signing HG players for the squad roles and no transfers until the jan window
  3. stuck with it and have brought in Donnaruma for 30m, bazoer for 32m and Paredes for 20m + a number of regens to devepole. going to give Wisdom a chance as Clynes back up and i have Charlie Taylor from Leeds bought back in Jan as Moreno's back up. Ruben Neves was brought in back in Jan as well.
  4. came on to have a mini rant about how hard it iss to get players to stay wih you and on the trouble trying to buy players and see there's a fair few posts already about it driving me nuts. every time a club bids for one of my players and i reject they look to move regardless of whether the bid was even a fair amount for them or not. i've finished my firt seaason and i managed to do the Domestic Treble and have gone 36 games unbeaten creating a new club record and still i'm struggling to buy and keep players! it actually has me wanting to start again instead of continuing this save
  5. have one started. played 7 Pl games and sitting top by 1 point but happy with how I've the team set up. making a couple of tweaks each game depending on who I am playing against and who starts in certain position. turned the transfer window off too so no new signings but I did move a few coaches around to give me a decent back room team just need to get some time to actually sit and play the game. mental busy with work over the last few weeks and for the next 2 as well but hopefully by the first week of dec i'll be on a lot more and playing even more
  6. seems like a lot of the old regulars are gone from the boards. thread has always been the most used on the GPTG every year.
  7. great start. hopefully you stay where you are and so do Everton!!
  8. Schar has qualities but doesn't have the pace/accel that I'm looking for
  9. for some weird reason the page would only allow posts as replies. anyway. done 3-4 starts to test the waters to see who can be sold and for what amounts. looking at it I think i'll be starting a save with the first window closed. only players I've sold easily is Stewart, Ilori, Lucas and Lovern. while the first 3 don't need replacing I found it tough to replace lovern as I want a top quality CB to come straight in. Arsenal keep beating me to Stefan De Vrij and Mussachio goes to City. and Tah and Christensen are not available until after the first season. Even with getting 32m from Spurs for lovern its not worth it. Don't need much in Season 1 for the midfield & forward line.
  10. you just need to persist with it. it will happen!! I'm looking at other little things like the style of play, sometimes it can counter what you are trying to achieve with your formation and player roles. And the team instructions.
  11. Finally ready to hit continue! 3 tactics set up, control, attack & counter. Little bit of a staff re shuffle and massive player shortlist done
  12. Just getting my save set up. Woodburn will be the future fowler
  13. I'm just going by a few tactic threads I've read in the past. too many players on support stop the players going beyond the forward. and with both CM's set to defend they wont push on and give the extra player when you have the ball in the oppo half. I'm not sure which commentator said that about the team. but I think its only really 3 players who stay in position. the CB's and then 1 CM is told to stick. everyone else has freedom to move and support going forward. at the start of the season it was Henderson who was sitting but with Can back in the sit they seem to be switching a little bit. i'll be looking at setting up with a 433 formation with the 3 CM's set up as DLP (df) B2B (S) and APM (S) I see hendo and Can rotating between deep lying Playmaker and box2box roles, 1 always sitting and dictating the play and then having Lallana or Gini as the advance playmaker supporting the forwards and closing down. from 3 will be Phil in the AML role as a playmaker on attack and then Mane AMR as either a winger or Radumueter on Attack. bobby will start as a F9
  14. what wages did Ricardo Rod ask for? if he's gettable in season 1 it would be silly to ignore especially if he's not looking for over 150k a week
  15. I think you need to look at your Midfield. all either on defend or support. no one there is going to run behind or stretch teams to leave space for others. you need to get 1 of the CM's on Support and 1 of your AM's on attack to get something different going forward. I'd even put your IF's on attack and switch the CF to Support