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  1. sadly i posted this before it all went T!ts up.
  2. with the season about the start whats everyone's opinion on how the squad looks for FM 18 who do you think will get a boost in PA and who will be downgraded? personally i think if we Sign VVD before the end of the window we will probably have the best squad we've had for a long time on FM. still some work to do on the back line tho can see Woodburn staying as he is on PA with TAA getting a big boost and hopefully grujic/gomez keeping a high rating. be interested to see if any of the fringe youth like Ojo, Kent. Wilson, brewster get a boost at all. can see Origi being downgraded
  3. Prem Midfielder

    Pepelu, atakan (from Leverkusen), melegoni
  4. i only use him in that role as part of a Mid 3, i use a DLP Defend in the DM role and then Can as RPM and a CM attack. to me its his best position/Role
  5. he becomes the Beast!! i rotate him and emre as CM roaming PM and it suits both perfectly
  6. after finishing season 1 again. did the treble, cruised the PL withing it with 99 points and set new LFC records for wins in a season. Firmino got 26 PL goals and overall a brilliant season sadly again too many players are having to be convinced to stay. Sahko, Matip, Origi & Gomez all want to move on, Lallana wants 250k a week to sign a new deal. had to give Moreno, Can, Clyne, Firmino, Coutinho, Origi all had to be given new deals during the season to stop them moving on. Grugjic who wants to signa new deal cant as he keeps failing WP and now wants to leave as he cannot get a new deal just cannot get myself into a save enough to continue into a 2nd season
  7. if youre on your 3rd season and happy with how you are doing i wouldnt start again
  8. going to make a final attempt at starting a new save with 17.3 now updated. few players PA's have had a bit of a boost and i have also given Harry Wilson a boost up to match Ojo and trent as i feel 24 goals for the U23's this season warrants the matching PA hopefully my tactic from the previous save can prove to be as good as i managed to get 20 PL goals out of Firmino
  9. the main issue on it for me is that i do not have the option to tell them they have recently signed a new deal. i fully undertand that if a Massive club comes in for a player it will be hard to keep themm regardless of the new deal but its the lack of options on the chat side that kills me on this. i do appreciate the discussion and the effort you have put in to show your side of this. sadly its just something that frustrates me and takes a little away from the game. i can understand 1/2 players a year becoming upset but 4/5 a season is a little excessive for me
  10. suarez signed a new deal with a relese clause inserted to make sure we would get true value in the market. it was a pre made agreemment that we would allow him go to Barca in the game the players all seem to cause squad disruption once you block their move and refuse a new deal. a month later is a long time in football and the team could lose 2-3 games due to this disruption and then you have more wanting to leave as you go out of cups or a title race! As i've said i have found it frustrating to the point of it ruining the game for me. I've played the game for 20 years so i'm not a knee jerk reaction type of person when it comes to bugs as SI normally sort anything out quickly. this for me tho ruins the squad building in the game. ive always been able to build a team and keep them together for the most part.
  11. do you actually think i am not aware that there would be interest in our players??? but would you expect the club to have to give Emre Can a new deal in december and then another one in May!! to get him to stay AND have to sell Divok Origi after giving him a new deal in Jan and then have him ask for another in June as he can get higher elsewhere but you have no way to tell him no as he has just signed a new deal?? you either give him the new contract or you are stuck having to sell him even tho you dont want too
  12. as i am managing liverpool ive set myself as the highest rep possible as i know you have problems keeping players happy with a low rep at a top club. i genuinely have looked at every option possible as to why this is happening but cant see anything that shows the manager can do anything but give a new deal or sell the player the only good thing is i got 55m for Origi
  13. mate i do appreciate the replies but i am telling you i am not getting any Option to tell them they have just signed a new deal or that they have plenty of time to run on their existing deal. this does not show up for me. i've read every answer possible when they player comes to me and its not there.
  14. mate i dont think you even understand the issue. i dont see how the any of us who play the game can be doing anything wrong in this situation. I am managing liverpool and just won the league and cup while losing the Fa Cup final so almost completed a treble. but this has happened in multiple saves where player get unsettled every window when ANY interested in shown in them. Divok Origi has just signed a new deal but now as spurs are interested he wants to either leave or get a new deal with more money. There is NO OPTION to tell him he has just signed a new contract so wont be going anywhere and any answer other than 'how much do you want' results in the player accusing you of handling the situation badly!! Again how does the manager do anything wrong in these situation others on the LFC forum have had the same issue - this is why i posted here to see if it was across other games
  15. problem is its not always the big guns that come calling to unsettle a player. i understand the point you are trying to make but it wont change my mind on this issue. no club has to give multiple players contract every 6 months no matter what the issue. if i bid for a player at a lower club i dont see them causing havoc for a new deal to stay or making any attempt to leave to move to me as they will get a better deal, yet my players do it all the time. if it was balanced in the game they fair enough but its not.