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  1. every year i'm always amazed at the negativity surrounding the first teaser or info on the new game. not sure what people expect.
  2. this caught me out on a save as well. had a major transfer cancelled as i had picked up a couple of free transfers to bulk out my U23 squad.
  3. will be interesting to see if some of the youth get decent PA's. kuomentio, Bajetic, Gordon, Balagizi, Musialowski, Cannonier all doing really well.
  4. anyone already planning their squad for FM22
  5. i love when people complain about a game being released every year and the price of £40 + how many hours do you spend playing it??? happily pay anything from €35 - €50 every year for the game as i always get 800+ hours of game time on it. only game i buy every year and for the same reason, its always brilliant
  6. going to download the transfer update and have a go at one last save
  7. i've tried doing a save with Pro's updated transfers and us the US league march 2021 as my start date and holiday to end of seaon 1 to make it a bit more realistic. will probably start a new one now that he has done an updated version with messi at PSG, but with the window closing in 2 weeks it might be easier to wait until then
  8. i'm at the stage now where i just keep starting new saves. struggling to keep any interest going outside of doing transfers and then i stop
  9. what roles are you playing the 2 ST's and the 2 CM's in?? i usually play a 433 and rarely go with 2cm's or ST's, interested to see the roles? i
  10. his stats are ok but typical of a player sho has missed a large portion of time over the previous year and playing beside a more hyped up defender
  11. Transfer Window outs - Gini (Free), Naby, OX, Shaq, Matip, Origi, Tsimikas, Taki, Wilson, Ojo, Adrian, Firmino which has left me with just over 400m to spend Ins - Garcia (Free), Haaland, Sancho, Musiala, Camavinga, Moriba, Tonali, Tymon, Hoever, Woodman, Balde, Ahkomach, Christensen. massive overhaul but some great deals in there, christensen was listed by chelsea and only cost 20m, Camavinga was 42m with half of that spread over 3 years as Rennes were relegated, Moriba listed for 40m as he refused a new deal with barca (but had to send him on loan as part of the transfer)
  12. started a new save, added in the MLS and decided to start from the date of the first MLS game at the end of March 2021. so took over liverpool where they were second behind City after 29 games. had 5 points to make up but had a game in hand and also had to play city. won the PL on the last day as we had gotten 2 points ahead of them and we had United away on the last day, a draw was enough to win on goal difference. we were already knocked out of the CL and FA cup when i started but we were in the final of the League cup against City which we lost. so overall happy with that start and to get the Title which gives us a boost in funds to allow for a major overhaul during the window.
  13. its hard to know whats happening. most of what i've read seems to be coming from reports in Ghana saying we gazzumped Leverkusen at the last minute and that he will go on loan to Sporting for a season and he should get work permit next year
  14. very little. apart from him being good in an under age world cup and that he has a powerful shot on him
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