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  1. Hi all, hoping someone can help. When playing with any other program running (whether that be an internet browser, Excel, Spotify, anything) FM will run fine for 7-10 days in game time before crashing. However, when I play FM with no other program running, it runs fine as I've played 3 seasons like this with no crashes whatsoever. Now I know the simple answer is just to play FM with no other program running but that's far from ideal so I was wondering if that has happened anyone else before and/or if anyone knows a fix? Thanks
  2. Ruben Dias was your club captain at 21, but since then when you've posted your tactics screen or squad lists, he is nowhere to be seen. Have you sold him?
  3. Are you looking to control the B team and players the same way as a reserve/u23 team in England?
  4. It works for one team I can tell you that much as I have used it before for Barca and could control the B team like a reserve/u23 team in England. Whether it works for multiple teams and/or there is a quick way of doing, I'm not sure sorry.
  5. Go into the editor, click on File, the Load Database. Then click on Clubs, type in Barcelona and double click on the relevant team. On the details page, it should mention 'Reserve Teams' Click add then select 'B Team' Down the left hand side it should now say Barcelona B Go back and find the original Barcelona B and double click on the relevant team. Go to 'Staff and Players' then select all the players/staff then click 'Edit'. On the 'Contract' section. change their club from F.C. Barcelona 'B' to F.C. Barcelona ''B'' who will have a reputation of 1000. Finally you will need to swap the teams in Liga Adelante so go into that and click 'Teams' then click F.C. Barcelona 'B'and swap them with F.C. Barcelona ''B'' Save this as something, then fire up a new game. Obviously, that's for Barca but you get the idea, not really a quick fix as it needs done for every 'B' team in game but its a workaround for now until SI fix it! Hope this helps!
  6. A fantastic career! Just read from start to finish. Might potentially be interested in doing something similar and so would like to know what you're using to determine if a players city of birth falls within the 30 mile radius? Is it just a basic UK map or have you something more specific to ensure you don't miss out on players born in smaller cities or towns even?
  7. Would imagine that Ozil's 3421 based around Wales isn't too far away from what you want especially with Eriksen as AP-a and a bit deeper than Alli as SS. Kane could do a job as defensive forward or could be changed to complete forward. Might need to Dembele-Wanyama roles though as Ozil has a BWM-d and DLP-s combo and neither Dembele or Wanyama are good enough on the ball to be a playmaker. As previously mentioned Wanyama stays very central and maybe a more disciplined role than BWM, maybe anchorman or a normal defensive midfielder. As far as Dembele is concerned he is one of my favourite players in the league with his rare mix of skills and I'd probably use him as DM-s but left of centre with Eriksen playing right of centre in the CM strata to allow Dembele space to make use of his fantastic dribbling ability. So I would line up something like this: GK - Lloris - SK/s RCB - Dier - CB/d CB - Alderweireld - BPD/c LCB - Vertonghen - BPD/d RWB - Walker - WB/s or CWB/s DMC - Wanyama - AM/d DMLC - Dembele - DM/s LWB - Rose - WB/s or CWB/s RCM - Eriksen - AP/a AMLC - Alli - SS/a ST - Kane - DF/s or CF/s
  8. I get that Meant for in terms of average position as such? Should have made that more clear.
  9. Do you think the second formation plays close to the current Chelsea 3-4-3?? Pedro being Cesc and Hazard being Ozil playing a bit further forward.
  10. So on my current save with Ajax I've found a few hidden gems. Anyone looking a young cheap wide man capable of playing on either wing as a winger or inside forward as well as being able to play up front could do worse than looking at this fella: Initially brought in to be a rotation option, he wasted no time in becoming first choice on the right wing. This is how he performed for me. Just been offered £8 million for him which I turned down as I think I could get a lot more than that if he has another good season. Realistically I know I won't be ale to hold onto him much longer though. ----- When PSG offered over £20m for first choice RB Kenny Tete I replaced him with Miladin Stevanovic and Ales Mateju, two players I've never seen mentioned before on these forums. Both had a solid first season rotating with each other - Mateju stats ¦ Stevanovic stats. They were brought in for £7.5 million in total and I'm already turning down offers of close to £10 million each for them.
  11. Tevez is an 'extra' for both squads. In that I don't know whether he'd be more associated with United or City. Good shout on Diamanti. ----- I have decided to edit some 'older' players to when they were in their prime. I only have as far as FM08 but I am sure anyone still playing today, if I was edit their attributes to what they were up to 8 years then they'll definitely have been in their prime at some stage. Even some current players who are good in the FM2016 database I've edited: Ronaldo Torres Gerrard Fabregas Essien
  12. So I was watching the Premier League Years for the 2013/14 season and as a Liverpool fan couldn't help but think 'What if Liverpool had kept Suarez and Sterling and really kicked on from that season?' That got me thinking about a few more possibilities as well - 'What if Man United had kept and developed Pique and Pogba into the players they are today?' or 'What if Southampton could have held on to a few of their stars for a few more seasons?' So I decided to make a database with the twenty Premier League clubs that started the 2015/16 season and edit their squads to reflect the best 20 players that have played for them. I am going to base it on their ability and attributes as of the FM2016 database but if there's interest in this and in editing some older players - I'm thinking Drogba, Lampard, Evra, - to when they were in their at their respective Premier League club I will do so. I am not too sure if there will be any interest in this at all but I am hopeful and also in need of some help. Where a player has featured for multiple clubs, I have either tried to place at the club where I think he's most associated to or in the case of it being a 'big' club and a 'smaller' club I've generally gone with the smaller to try and create a more competitive league. This is what I currently have but I am open to debate and also I am sure I have left out some rather obvious players: Arsenal - I am fairly happy with. Bit of a choice between Gibbs and Monreal and maybe looking back now should go with Gibbs for his longevity. Possibly Alex Song as well however I feel West Ham are maybe more in need of him. Out of my 'extras' I think only Ashley Cole, Kolo Toure and van Persie in their prime would add anything to that squad. Villa - Again quite happy with this unless there is some glaring oversight I've missed. Bournemouth - Can't help but feeling this will just pretty much be their current squad. Can't think of anyone who has played for Bournemouth but isn't currently there who would add to the squad? Chelsea - The first few issues I had - Mata, Bertrand, Cech, Lukaku, De Bruyne all could have been at Chelsea or elsewhere. In the end Mata, Bertrand and Cech remained because of length of service however I think Bertrand maybe more of a name for himself at Southampton. A prime Drogba and Carvalho would definitely add to this squad. Palace - Probably robbed of their star player in Cabaye, I can see this being somewhat similar to Bournemouth in that it will be pretty close to the current squad. Everton - Mustafi and Fellaini definitely add a lot to the squad as well as my decision to leave Lukaku there rather than return to Chelsea. Maybe a prime Lescott and Pienaar would further improve the squad. Leicester - Pretty happy with this, not too far from the current title winning side. Liverpool - The return of Reina, Mascherano, Johnson, Alonso, Gerrard, Sterling, Torres and Suarez definitely strengthens the squad. Looking at it now, dont know why I included Markovic. Will probably replace him with Ibe or a prime Kuyt. Man City - If only they held on to Jerome Boateng eh? Pretty happy with this although not too sure whether Tevez should go to City or United. Would most likely replace Negredo, Denis Suarez or Guidetti. Man Utd - Pogba, Pique, di Maria, Ronaldo, Rooney, Kagawa - if United held on to all these players surely they'd be untouchable. Rafael over Darmian maybe?Quite top heavy and have just realised I've forgot Carrick. Newcastle - Cabaye, Ben Arfa and Carroll return to the Toon. Some good players have been let go in recent years and maybe if these players were all there at the same time, things might be a bit more positive IRL. Norwich - Still missing a defender for Norwich, squad is quite similar to that IRL. Southampton - The one I was most interested in, debated about bringing Bale back but he made his name at Spurs. But even so, the return of Clyne, Chambers, Shaw, Schneiderlin, Cork, Ox, Lallana will add a lot to the current stars at St, Mary's. Stoke - Missing a midfielder still but a very strong squad IMO. Made me realise their weak spots, no out and out full backs and lack of a real goal-scoring striker. Sunderland - Not much change here from the current squad however Mignolet and Colback returning should definitely strengthen things. Possibly add Defoe to that as well? Swansea - Totally forgot about Swansea right backs and so will add Naughton and Rangel to that now. And I suppose for a goalkeeper we could use Fabianski and bring Ospina in to the Arsenal squad. Pretty strong squad and if I was to edit 'older' players, would surely have to include Michu. Spurs - Modric and Bale added to the current Spurs squad will surely make a huge difference. Possibly as strong a squad as Chelsea and Man United IMO. If I go down the road of editing players, van der Vaart and Keane would further add to the squad. Watford - Pretty similar to the current squad in all honesty. West Brom - A fairly strong squad IMO, strong defence, some quality in midfield particularly with Borja Valero and Mulumbu returning. West Ham - Surprisingly found to hard to think of players with them still needing 3 players to complete their squad. So I think i need most help with Bournemouth, Palace, West Ham, Norwich, Sunderland Watford and possibly Leicester.
  13. 2016/17 Mid-Season Report Top of the league but only 2 points clear of second placed Chelsea and 3 ahead of Spurs. We are 6 points worse off than at this stage last year. Hopefully in the second half of the season we can kick on and retain the title. March will be pivotal to that - us, Chelsea and Spurs all play each other. Progression through the Champions League group stage was secured a 100% record. We drew Leverkusen in the First Knockout Round. The squad are playing well and in decent form, all averaging over 7 bar Cech which I don't see as a bad thing really. When available, di Maria has been on fire! Will update when I finish this season.
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