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  1. The Media usually question it at the first press conference if you have set your managers age in the 20s or below, but I personally have not seen. much of a fuss given that matters, ie. players.
  2. Marcos Antonio from Shakhtar Donesk is very good.
  3. Drogheda Town seem to be removed?
  4. Hi I am managing in the Canadian Premier League and my managers nationality is Canadian. Would I be able to get a job in the English Premier League for example or what is the process for me to gain a work permit. Does it work the same as in game players or is there no work permit system for user-controlled managers. Thanks
  5. Before any game hands on hips - just play your game and you will win (along them lines , usually the last option ) if winning I give the don't get complacent and then I give I’m happy with that result if we end up winning.
  6. I send out all my scouts to the nations they are most suitable too. If they’ve knowledge of say 3 nations they will be assigned to those nations. I have staff familiar with all continents and key nations so I don’t miss much. In terms of assignments I set determination to be a minimum of 12. Max age of 18. Potential ability to Star. And length to ongoing. I tend to get the best youth prospects who then I add to my youth shortlist and monitor them from there. I check the assignment results every month but also get inbox emails giving updates on new players found. I only sign players from m
  7. I would leave it altogether personally. Im not really invested in analytics within the game but I don't find much use for them anyways especially when money is tight. Save the money and invest in players or coaching staff in my opinion.
  8. I never do them personally but when I have by answering the questions 'correctly' you can boost the morale of said player and start a bond between your manager and player. But I have yet to see any negatives by not completing the press conference.
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