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  1. Ruben Dias was your club captain at 21, but since then when you've posted your tactics screen or squad lists, he is nowhere to be seen. Have you sold him?
  2. Are you looking to control the B team and players the same way as a reserve/u23 team in England?
  3. It works for one team I can tell you that much as I have used it before for Barca and could control the B team like a reserve/u23 team in England. Whether it works for multiple teams and/or there is a quick way of doing, I'm not sure sorry.
  4. Go into the editor, click on File, the Load Database. Then click on Clubs, type in Barcelona and double click on the relevant team. On the details page, it should mention 'Reserve Teams' Click add then select 'B Team' Down the left hand side it should now say Barcelona B Go back and find the original Barcelona B and double click on the relevant team. Go to 'Staff and Players' then select all the players/staff then click 'Edit'. On the 'Contract' section. change their club from F.C. Barcelona 'B' to F.C. Barcelona ''B'' who will have a reputation of 1000.
  5. Without meaning to sign harsh, why didn't you look at his attributes and the attributes Ozil lists beside each role in his OP to see what role Xhaka would best fit? You maybe could have found he wasn't a great fit anywhere and possibly found a better fit. Not on the game currently so unsure exactly of his attributes but would most likely say CMd.
  6. Neves and Maia are both in my Barca squad, two quality options. Yes I am a huge fan of Jorge actually, so is usually my go to option on saves and I have never managed Alaba so thats why I chose him ha. I think Ozil and Sanchez should run riot. I might even stagger them, Ozil right of centre and Sanchez left of centre. Suarez excelled for me as a CF support and Sanchez is a similar type player. Have actually always wanted to pair them up front in a Chile type 3-4-1-2 formation with them both as sort of complete wide forwards and someone like Ozil in the hole behind them but thats for another
  7. Going to start an Arsenal save using this formation. I have a long term game with Barca where I have micro managing and controlling the youth team as well to ensure a steady stream of La Masia graduates for the first team. The Arsenal game will be different in that I am actually going to use the create a club feature to replace certain players and put less emphasis on developing youngsters. I plan on keeping a small first team squad of probably 20 players just. So far I have decided to keep Cech, Bellerin, Chambers, Koscielny, Ramsey, Ox, Wilshere (will also edit out his injuries), Ozil and
  8. After the shambolic performance of Liverpool tonight I'm more determined to take over them and try having success with them.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I've decided to go with the sleeping giants and only manage teams that haven't won their top domestic league in the past 10 years and will only move on when I've at least improved the club but hopefully have won both the league and continental title or if I get sacked. Should be up later today, if not first thing tomorrow morning.
  10. Okay, I'm thinking of starting a new career (had one on FM12 which lasted less than 2 seasons if that even counts) but I'm stuck on what I want. Current ideas include: - Starting unemployed with Sunday League reputation and having a world journeyman - Starting with a local Irish or Northern Irish (I move between Dublin and Belfast so hence why both countries would have 'local' teams to me) and see where that takes me - Starting with Liverpool (team I support) or Southampton and imposing a UK + Irish transfers only ruling as well as bringing through as many youth team players as possible -
  11. Anyone watching the Celtic - Benfica game? Benfica players seem to be shocked by the atmosphere and noise of the Celtic fans!
  12. Cheers. Been a while since I've read your thread actually, must take a look and see how you're getting on! I'm not blaming you, if anything I'm glad you did post!
  13. Long time lurker of this forum but now is as good a time as any for my first post considering Shane_Byram has done the same. So yea, how is everyone?
  14. Maybe so but as SnakeXe says, Nani is much more versatile. Very true. More importantly, Brendan Rodgers will have a headache should we sign Sahin!
  15. Rooney---Carrick Nani----------------Young RVP--Welbeck Fluid front four, bags of creativity and goalscoring ability with Kagawa, Valencia and Hernandez on the bench.
  16. Surely United can't drop Valencia after his performances last year? Rooney could be the answer to United's search for a replacement for Scholes now that they have RVP?
  17. Appreciate the replies, thanks SRL88 and tomtuck01, yours were actually two of the careers that influenced me and having read noikeee's career, it only further influenced me. Think I'll get a save loaded up once I get home from work and then football. Again, cheers for the advice and replies.
  18. After reading a few Careers on here, its inspired me to start my own however I've a couple of questions? - Do all the better careers start with starting at the bottom? The reason I ask is that I never enjoy managing at the low levels? - Any overly interesting nations to manage in bar the big European leagues? Thanks for any help
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