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  1. Woodburn is keeping Salah out of my team for now cant stop scoring
  2. Could be your video drivers which could need updating otherwise visit the troubleshooting page somewhere in the forum
  3. Surprised how quiet this years thread is finished season 3 winning the premier league losing 1 game all season & won the fa cup as well will stop playing end of Jan then get ready for 19.3
  4. Completed season 2 though didnt have the success i did in season 1 won the Euro supercup.Comm Shield,World club championship & the Europa league so wasnt easy as some make out to be
  5. Season 2 hasn’t gone well for me so far just been knocked out in the group stage of the champions league injuries have cost me this campaign
  6. Just lost VVD for 6 months in pre season time for De Ligt to step up
  7. Done season 1 won the premier league,Champions league & league cup only fa cup I didn’t win Salah got 32 goals in all comps season 2 will be interesting with VAR in it
  8. Playing 4-2-3-1 & getting the best out of Shaqirl
  9. Finally got a save going & 19.2 is out as well
  10. Got drawn in the group of death in the champions league with Fc Porto,Real Madrid & Inter
  11. Gonna start my new save & play Shaqiri in my team will use 4-2-3-1 as my main tactic
  12. Yes them 2 were my main penalty takers
  13. Just won the Fa cup in injury time my 1st trophy on FM 19 now gonna sort out my players list for season 2
  14. Lost my last 2 games to lose the title to Chelsea 2 pts behind gutted when i was on course to win the premier league now my focus is on the Fa cup final & then sort out my squad for season 2 might go from 4-3-3 to 4-2-3-1