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  1. Got a long term save going into my 8th season won the league 6 years in a row & finished 4th did a mini re build as I had a aging squad got a lot of youth TAA is captain & Joe Gomez his vice as for FM 20 don’t think I’ll buy it on release day most likely when update 3 is out as the game isn’t fixed until then & normally do a long term save after the January update
  2. Season 3 review league 2nd Fa cup round 6 League cup 5th rd Champions league won Finished 2nd in the league though i lost 3 games Arsenal won it for the 3rd year in a row but i did win the champions league beating PSG 5-0 also won the comm shield hopefully in season 4 i win the league & end Arsenals reign
  3. Now lost Adam Lewis for 4 months with a broken ankle means both left back are out to long term injuries & I loaned out Ricca I’ll use Gomez there until they’re both fit again.
  4. Lost Robertson for 7 months with a ACL injury
  5. Finished season 1 which was a nightmare finished 5th after winning only 1 of my last 10 games & need to get 11 pts in 5 games to keep my job already have 9 pets in 3 games need 2 more Salah & Mane missed most of the 2nd half with injuries Season 1 league :5th fa cup: 3rd round league cup: 3rd round champions league :1st knockout rd ive spent heavy in season 2 to get back into the top 4 & got some high profile players which I’m surprised since I don’t have champions league football hoping for better luck in season 2 if I keep my job
  6. Finally got a save going after reformatting my laptop & installing all the graphics playing the 4-3-3 Gegenpress tactic no signings as usual will sign in season 2
  7. Reformatted my laptop as i was having trouble now installing the graphics packs then ill get stuck into a long term save as usual no signings in season 1 want to keep it realistic
  8. Enjoying my save so far not going well like IRL but always like a challenge won’t sign anyone in Season 1 will overhaul my squad in season 2
  9. Started a new game on 19.3 which is likely gonna be my final long term save on FM manager
  10. Gonna stop my current save & wait for 19.3 to come out & do one final long term save on FM 19
  11. Woodburn is keeping Salah out of my team for now cant stop scoring
  12. Could be your video drivers which could need updating otherwise visit the troubleshooting page somewhere in the forum
  13. Surprised how quiet this years thread is finished season 3 winning the premier league losing 1 game all season & won the fa cup as well will stop playing end of Jan then get ready for 19.3
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