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  1. Had to restart wasn't going well in pre season of season 1
  2. Final update is out gonna start a new save & will be my final long term save before FM 25 comes out
  3. Gone back to 4-3-3- as my other tactics wasn't working
  4. Finally completed season 1 won the League,Fa cup & Europa league lost in the q/f of the league cup used the editor to add Richard Hughes & Michael Edwards in season 2 gonna use a 5-2-2-1 formation
  5. The editor before starting my save
  6. I've started a new save with real world mode & used the editor to have a global transfer embargo in season 1 so I can keep the transfers realistic
  7. Main update is out gonna start a new save when I finish work & use the real world mode
  8. Haven't played in awhile as I'm waiting for the March update to start my long term save hoping Bradley gets a PA boost
  9. Finally completed my 1st season just won the Europa league finished 2nd in the league lost early in the league cup & semis of the Fa cup looking forward to season 2 Salah missed 3 months with a torn groin muscle scored only 15 goals in all comps
  10. Lost Salah for 2-3 months with a torn groin muscle while he was on international duty time for my other players to step up hopefully he can play a part in the final moments of the season I'm doing well so far top of the league by 1 pt also finished top of my group in the Europa league
  11. Finally got a save going currently in November of season 1 2nd behind Man utd I have a game in hand in the Europa league I'm 3rd with 2 games to play so I'll play my full team in the final 2 games to lify already out of the league cup
  12. Struggling to get a save going had to restart a few times hopefully this is the save but most likely will be when the winter update is out I start my Proper long term save
  13. I've set up my game I'm using the Real world option glad it's finally in FM just setting up everything then I'll get started
  14. Caved in & bought FM 24 gonna set it up & check out the new modes wouldn't have played it on release day as i was on holidays in Liverpool for 2 weeks i say that every year that I wouldnt get it in the end i get it haha
  15. Surprised there isn't a Liverpool thread for FM24 yet looking at some game play looks better then the previous FM versions can't wait for the winter update so I can start my long term save
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