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  1. kuraeero

    FM17 - Hamburg Sport-Verein e.V

    Perfect way to end the season. Would have been happy with just the Champions League spot but simultaneously sealing the fate of Werder Bremen in the last match of the season is something special
  2. Decided to sell Giroud at the beginning of first season January transfer window. Alexis was not happy about my decision and wanted to have a chat, because he felt that the team now lacked depth in the attack. I told him not to worry, as obviously I had planned to bring in a replacement for Giroud. On the final day of transfer window I brought in Lukaku to replace Giroud. That that didn't satisfy Sanchez and he is now unhappy, because I broke my promise. In my opinion, Lukaku is more than adequate replacement for Giroud and there are only a handful of strikers in the game who are better than him but still that is not good enough for Alexis. Seems a bit harsh, but I'll probably manage to deal with it somehow...
  3. How about the work permit issues caused by brexit? Have those been addressed? I would love to start a long term save in England, but the brexit issue needs to be addressed first.
  4. Where can I find assistant manager's report on team morale and team cohesion? It used to be located under assistant manager --> reports tab if I remember correctly, but it's no longer there.
  5. Probably HSV or some much lower reputation team from Germany.
  6. kuraeero

    How Old Are You?

    29. Been playing the series since my father brought me a pirated copy (sorry si) of CM2 from Estonia about 20 years ago.
  7. kuraeero

    Latest Update Bargain/Gems

    Matias Kranevitter from River. Is available for around 5M and is a good premier league DMC with great potential. Is consistent, enjoys big matches and has good attributes for a defence minded midflielder. His only real weakness is his aerial ability.
  8. kuraeero

    How can i sign Paul Pogba?

    Signed him at the start of the 2nd season for £47,5M and some clauses as Arsenal. Played him as roaming playmaker. In the 13 matches he played, he scored 5 goals, assisted 3 and had average rating of 8.13. Then in the match against West Ham 90+1 minutes played, me leading 3-0, some bone crusher tackles Pogba and breaks his foot. Now he is out for the next 4 months..
  9. kuraeero

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Niki Volou had a great season in Greek Superleague.. They managed to get their only point in the final match of the season. Just imagine the celebrations.
  10. England just won Euro 2016 with this new patch. Totally unrealistic and unplayable..
  11. kuraeero

    LVG at United

    Finished 3rd behind Chelsea and my Arsenal. Was also knocked out of cup competitions quite early. He resigned in June and quit his career. ManU then hired Villas Boas as his replacement..
  12. kuraeero

    FM15: Arsenal FC

    Griezmann has that notourious "shoots from distance" PPM, which at least in previous editions of the game made players to shoot from ridiculous places.
  13. If I choose a favourite formation for my manager in fm 15, do I then get some kind of bonus when I use that formation? Like tactical familiriaty rising faster or something like that.
  14. kuraeero

    Transfer Budget

    That's not true. My board gave me extra money at the beginning of November even though I had disabled the first window budgets.