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  1. Come_On_You_Spurs

    FM17: Tottenham Hotspur

    I'm nearly unstoppable in the 2nd season, with a 17 pt lead in January. Won the league and lost to Real in penalties in the CL final my first season. Playing a 4-2-3-1
  2. Come_On_You_Spurs

    FM16: Official Players Role & Duty Thread

    Name: Jamie Vardy Position(s): ST Role (if you are suggesting a role): Duty (if you are suggesting a duty): Other additional instructions: Club: Manchester United Club's formation: 4-2-3-1 wide What do you want from your player: Be the main goal scorer. I spent a lot of money on him, and so far he has scored 6 goals in 17 starts, with a 6.81 average. I started him as CF-S, but didn't have any success. Scouts suggest playing him as a defensive forward, but that hasn't gone any better. Any suggestions?
  3. Come_On_You_Spurs

    FM16: Tottenham Hotspur - In Harry we trust

    I think it's because WHL won't be ready until July 2018 in the game, so we will be spending a year in a different stadium. Apparently the game chose Wembley as that option.
  4. Come_On_You_Spurs

    FM15: FC Barcelona - Més que un Club

    Is the ban still in the new patch? I just hit November in season 1 and they just gave me a 65 mil budget. When I did it pre-patch the embargo started in September....
  5. Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa, Daley Blind, Ryan Mason, Wilfred Bony, half of Southampton.
  6. Come_On_You_Spurs

    FM15: Arsenal FC

    What's the best way to use Ozil? I have him as an Egnache in a wide 4-2-3-1 and he isn't doing much.
  7. Come_On_You_Spurs

    FM15 : Liverpool FC - Re-rebuilding, all over again

    Thinking about doing a Liverpool save for the first time. What kind of transfer budgets do you see in future seasons? Thanks
  8. Come_On_You_Spurs

    FM15: Manchester United F.C. - I'm loving Angel instead

    I am really struggling to find a formation that leads to success with this team. I keep going back to 4-2-3-1, but I'm really struggling away from home. What is everyone using?
  9. Come_On_You_Spurs

    FM14: Real Madrid Club de Futbol

    Started a game today as I've been wanting to manage Bale. I'm in the middle of October and he's played a grand total of 15 mins. He got taken out of his first start with what turned out to be a 2 week groin injury. Then just when he's about to play again, he goes down for 6 weeks on international duty. Right now it looks like I won't have him until the end of November at the earliest. Of course on the positive side, we've won every match. Ronaldo, Di Maria and Benzema have been excellent. I sold Khedira and Pepe, while bringing in Phil Jones, Doria and Jack Wilshere. Playing a 4-2-3-1.
  10. Decided to do a Man Utd save after watching their match today. Won the first game of the season, beating City 6-0. I think I'm going to enjoy this save...
  11. Come_On_You_Spurs

    FM14: Tottenham Hotspur - No Longer A One-Man Team

    I would love to update the first posts. Unfortunately, I am really struggling with Spurs. It's gotten so bad that I just let in 7 goals against Southampton. Once I actually figure things out, I will edit the posts. But right now, it would be a really bad idea to take any of my advice
  12. Come_On_You_Spurs

    FM14: Tottenham Hotspur - No Longer A One-Man Team

    It will be at some point this weekend. Had a nasty cold this week and haven't been able to play much
  13. Come_On_You_Spurs

    FM14: Tottenham Hotspur - No Longer A One-Man Team

    Feel free to start posting. I will fill in the above posts over the weekend. Just started my beta save yesterday. Looking forward to hearing how everyone is doing. COYS!
  14. Come_On_You_Spurs

    FM14: Tottenham Hotspur - No Longer A One-Man Team

    Reserved For February/March Patch
  15. Come_On_You_Spurs

    FM14: Tottenham Hotspur - No Longer A One-Man Team

    Reserved For Tactics