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  1. Finding not getting a lot of injuries so far as I normally did in FM21. Either I’m being incredibly lucky or it needs turning up the % compared to real life.
  2. Ideal was hoping someone would do a skin with instant result
  3. Normally someone does a skin that involves the instant result button and in settings you can go to staff responsibility and turn off a load of stuff by passing it to the assistant.
  4. It’s not so much them being capable, you’ve got to remember market wise I doubt it’s huge in terms of how many people have them. Plus another factor is if they put FM full on iPad they’ll Have to cap the amount of seasons one can play due to Apple restrictions on app sizes
  5. If it was so popular why isn’t it carrying on steam, IOS and android. Does anyone else think that This isn’t about lack of sales but more a contract of exclusivity with Microsoft. Which if so would make sense
  6. Would it be possible in the future to have more team stats where you can see how many penalties and free kicks you’ve scored and conceded. Compared to rest of the league.as on FMM21 this was an area I really wished I had when analysing. And who doesn’t like stats 😂
  7. Probably would have been better had Miles said, “Improved dynamic rivalries” instead of saying new feature when in fact it’s already in the game, But it did need tweaking so that’s a positive to me!
  8. Mods is it possible to have this and the thread in the touch fourm, Merged to make it a lot easier to follow instead of the same thing being said in two different threads? Haha
  9. Will It be touch enabled? Or do I have to have a mouse an keyboard, I didn’t realise but I’ve got Xbox ultimate on my EE Samsung phone, for 24 months. Will save the browser now, quite looking forward to release now
  10. So how would I get the game pass on iPad if apple don’t support Xbox games ? Does this mean I’d have to buy an Android tablet just to play the game?
  11. Do I have to have internet connected to play touch on my iPad if I buy through the Xbox store pass thing? Sorry not sure how it works?
  12. I get that but, on a tablet the flow of Touch was so much more user friendly, than on a console. Or on a small switch screen.
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