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  1. Might be worth putting this in the bug forum with a save. To help the developers
  2. Fm21 touch has no editors, only FM standard and Fm mobile I believe do
  3. Soon I’d imagine, the process for it all is different to say an mobile game
  4. The transfer history is done like this for memory reasons I believe. And scouting in real life also takes months remember you are investing money into a player, So better to get full report than just a game, enjoy the new update, as it’s time to shine Gaffer!
  5. It’s worth putting this after you’ve had a play on latest update if same problems occur in the bugs forum here https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/837-bugs-found-on-ios/
  6. Really enjoying this years Version, I’m finding is some clubs are making ridiculously low bids, for a player not even on transfer list, although could be on purpose to unsettle player. Another thing is, is it possible to have the stadium zoomed out so you get full view of pitch like on an iPad?
  7. Experiencing the same on iPad Air 3. The battery drains heavy when in matches only . 13% per game
  8. I play on an iPad Air 3, would be interesting to know the difference in graphics and weather it’s worth me updating to a pro or the air 4
  9. I’d be surprised if any that was in last years wasn’t compatible, To be honest, but I guess one or two won’t be
  10. Don’t suppose someone can help me, Just trying to budget. What’s the RRP for the Xbox version?
  11. Depending on Tablet, but a tablet is so much fun. Because you can legit take it anywhere and play. Only downside is probably graphics not as strong as a laptop. And processing could take a little longer, based on FMT20 and before
  12. Mobile is for Extremely fast play and touch is basically for a fast but more in-depth play. I don’t think you can compare the two in all honesty. I’m waiting for features as much as you but I’m sure the marketing team know what they are doing.
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