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  1. You lose the fun of the game as it always wins really needs to be fine tuned so it’s not always winning and to easy
  2. Either I’m super good on fm19 which I was really poor at on fm18 or is Vertical tika taka over powered as seems I always win!
  3. Has FFP been added this year? As right now the financial side of things are to easy on FMT18 on iPad
  4. The interviews are really weird this year as in I can say no comment to saying who I think will be relegated and then the headline is “Brown goes berserk” when I’m saying it in a Calm manner I think it may be a small bug
  5. zakbrown96

    Dark mode - inbox is white

    Same issue for me Hoping for all dark as white background gives me headaches yeah I’m weird I know 😂
  6. zakbrown96

    No FM touch beta

    Well considering they are making us wait surely it’s only fair they tell us what’s new in the game build some hype I play both fm and touch but touch feels left out as I’ve said previously
  7. Always feels like fm touch is left out of the features reveals every year and now it’s a stand alone game shouldn’t even be like that
  8. Is it really hard for a simple tweet of no beta not today!
  9. What your football manager first day on the job traditions?
  10. It was a Thursday if I remember correctly they tried to release it on the Wednesday but had a bug fix or something
  11. zakbrown96

    Your Beta Save for FM19

    For beta going with Plymouth Argyle
  12. zakbrown96

    Switching to FMT

    So we should expect fm touch news by Friday this week then as beta is here by Friday
  13. Same as me I prefer touch to full game as it’s quick and easy