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  1. Hi I’ve been trying to upload it for past week but iTunes doesn’t seem to work on my laptop so I’m going to delete it and install and try again sorry for delays
  2. Unfortunately don’t have the save from August but do from the day before the game if that helps and here is the fixture list.
  3. I’ve got a big europa league game to qualify for the group stages and half my squad are on international duty this has to be a bug surely!
  4. Always wondered why peter Reid isn’t set as a favoured personnel for our club as he did a lot during administration days and our fans do like him a lot @matt_neil41
  5. Next major update is usually the January transfer window update which would be very late feb early March I So hope it’s long before that
  6. The issue is when you have no head of youth development as seen in the screenshots
  7. How do I stop the director of football employing someone who I’ve not even wanted? As now I’ve got too use money that was kept for transfers to get ride of him
  8. Enjoying the game but I hate the fact clubs go for my players knowing they have no space in there squad meaning the said player move stops and I struggle then to find another club for them
  9. Also does anyone else’s iPad Pro 11 inch battery drain at a rapid rate on FM touch 19 when watching the match engine
  10. Any timescale on. This as just got an iPad Pro 11 and would love to use full screen
  11. Does anyone know if the MacBook Air 2018 base model will handle FM?
  12. I’m using the offical dark skin on latest update
  13. Hi having problems of not being able to see the scroll bar when in inbox screen as the black bar is not clear on a black background
  14. I keep demoting my players as not ready for first team but they keep reappearing after a few games in the first team? I’m guessing it shouldn’t be happening
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