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  1. Does anyone know if the MacBook Air 2018 base model will handle FM?
  2. zakbrown96

    Dark skin

    I’m using the offical dark skin on latest update
  3. Hi having problems of not being able to see the scroll bar when in inbox screen as the black bar is not clear on a black background
  4. I keep demoting my players as not ready for first team but they keep reappearing after a few games in the first team? I’m guessing it shouldn’t be happening
  5. Hasn’t been said yet but love the new Goal line technology feature really adds to the premier league experience of match day
  6. zakbrown96


    That worked a treat thank you @Declan Holbem
  7. zakbrown96


    Hi I’ve got the friendlies on the responsibility back room staff for them to manage the game yet I’m still having to manage the games so wondering if this is a bug that you know of?
  8. Just downloaded touch on the iPad and all I can’t say so far is how smooth the game is running love the start when you can choose your manager hairstyle that’s a cool new feature that! As is the induction schedule will making learning the game this year so much easier, But wanted to say to the people who made the game you’ve done a great job.
  9. That worked great thanks loving the game so far!
  10. Not sure if right place but I pre ordered on IOS but it’s not letting me download the game.
  11. zakbrown96

    Longest week!!

    Really hope there isn’t as many bugs as last years release but guess it’s impossible to not have bugs, but super excited nevertheless too play it as always
  12. zakbrown96

    Longest week!!

    New features announced for tablets today at 4pm!
  13. Any news on when we should expect some features to be revealed?
  14. Love the dark skin update makes the game so much easier to play now!