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  1. youth intakes are different for every country and every club basically, so no chance to edit this.
  2. Keep calm, behave yourself and stop swearing. Because warnings are waiting.
  3. Small/Medium/Large database are 'default' databases with standard players added and additional depending what playable leagues you've chosen. Custom database helps you loading players from specific leagues/countries/continents. My setup is usually all players from the country I'm managing in (Poland/France/Germany), and all continents as below (apart from loaded leagues obviously)
  4. no, because you've adding additional players through advanced database anyway. this kind of database would bump potential ability of the newgens, not the number.
  5. Perth Glory, Western United, Macarthur FC, Gold Coast Knights and many other clubs have missing values in Facilities, Youth Coaching, and Recruitment. I believe something hasn't exported to database so I hope this will be fixed for next update
  6. 58145944 Nizhniy Novgorod 58145347 FC Sochi 58117053 Chaika Peschanokopskoe 58126756 Veles Moscow These clubs haven't got set any values in facilities, youth coaching and youth recruitment.
  7. last year I've found them irrelevant. All I did is to stretch league size to 12-22 teams (min/max) and set correct regional divisions under each team.
  8. I believe it all down to the cost of maps. Because they'd need licensing too.
  9. I'm not playing that game, where I'm some kind of oracle here and criticizing people's work. To be honest - I don't care if your polish file has 4/5/6/10 levels. But you are (or want to be) known as a guy who make playable countries from all around the world. That's fair. What's not fair is that you claim that your files are 'real rules real formats', when they are not. 5th level of polish database would require creating around 100 teams and putting these in correct regional divisions. You simply created 20 groups with letters as division names and voila. And this is not correct, not even slig
  10. I know that they have a few at the start of the databsase. But given the current bug with newgens not creating in inactive leagues, hard to tell if they will be in next intakes.
  11. I'm a Chełmianka researcher one of his former clubs where he shoot up and was top scorer, and now he's in your club, basically despised and hated in my City
  12. Free tip if you don't know it already - in Poland you're getting a squad reward for playing u21 players (and homegrowns), around 500-600k for the highest amount of minutes in top division. PS - Check what club your best striker was playing in
  13. They have really good academy, one of the biggest here in eastern Poland. Escola Varsovia and SMS Łódź are similar academies but better so don't hesitate if they appear on proposed affiliates list.
  14. Can I Ask what is this? You can't create level 5 in Poland because you'd have to create missing teams first. You've just created 20 fantasy groups with teams that are in database. Plus Ekstraklasa's expansion to 18 teams is not there. I wonder how many countries are made like this.
  15. George McEachran (MVV) should have his two brothers set as favorite personnel.
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