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  1. Anything created like teams, players, cities are easily movable, just export as .xml. But if you created/edited a league system (basic/advanced rules), it might work. Some people have more luck, some less, so you have to check it by yourself.
  2. I haven't seen it earlier but is there any specific reason that Rot-Weiss Erfurt have only one player in their squad and other teams have full squads?
  3. when you saving your file, you have publish to steam/workshop button.
  4. technical director takes care of staff (hiring/firing, contract negotiations), director of football does the same with players, loan manager arranges loans for youth players (if he thinks that loan would be more beneficial than staying in reserve/youth squad). If you won't delegate anyone to do this, I presume you/your ass manager/chairman will be automatically responsible for this. Head of sport science is a coordinator of sport scientists but of course he's a sport scientist as well.
  5. I believe he was on loan but was recalled in winter.
  6. export the file as .xml in fm2016 and try to load this file in fm2015 or import this file in fm2015 editor and save as fm2015 editor file and load in the game.
  7. I've posted the countries in my post, you can check them and make amendments if possible and necessary. I know that youth rating comes into equation as well, but youth coaching and facilities are global.
  8. Dev update and early FM2021 update announcements First of all, I have to say sorry to people that has been waiting for any update for this file - I've decided that simply I don't have enough time to add playable 7th level. I mean the base is there, but unfortunately the editor really slows down when file is getting bigger so it was and would be time consuming to say the least. Anyway onto more restorative news. I'm less active and will be on any sorts of forums due to work that's being put into researching Clubs/Players/Staff for new Football Manager. I'm taking care of more than one team, simply because I want to make that tier of polish football as accurate as I can, and because I know that there are people enjoying starting in lower tiers with accurate data. I hate excuses like this but this covid situation is not helping me as well, as I'm trying to get hold of at least semi-stable job, I don't like sitting at home all day (unless I'm paid for of course ) so there are is a hierarchy in my priorities right now. The FM2021 file will be coming out as always with the official release, when we get hold of an pre-game editor. There will be 2 versions, the first will only activates 3rd(II Liga) and 4th tier (III Liga) with squad and match rules. The second file will be semi-realistic this year. I don't know what situation is in other countries but here the virus messed up the lower divisions, a lot of 5th/6th tier teams are starting from the very bottom, division sizes are 'artificially' increased (because there was no relegations, only promotions LOL). And I'm not doing 60-70 divisions in two versions (this and next year) because I haven't got any clue how the leagues will be reflected next year. My plan is to include 8 or 9 playable divisions with changing division sizes a bit, of course it will be all geographically accurate but I have to sit down with this and create a basic shape of this. I know the editor limitations somewhat, so I'll know how much I'll have to create. The initial plan is to start doing something after all transfer windows will be closed and final research phase will be coming to an end. Also, I have few ideas to post here and there, because I'm seeing some topics being brought up every fortnight so, a big thread with clarifications will be needed for sure.
  9. The higher the number, the 'stricter' the requirement for this club vision. 10 is the highest value of course.
  10. small sugestion - maybe the stars colors should be reverted? I mean, young players 'hidden' potential should be black, and over 23y player potential should be gray/silver.
  11. It's a good idea. Do you have any basic knowledge about adding leagues or recreating existing ones? If not, don't bother because it would be too hard for you.
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