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  1. I suggest setting these players on extinct, they are free agents and have history from years ago so they probably don't play anymore (or maybe in lower leagues) Amon Phophi 5684563 Marlon Pitts 65010233 Abram Molekoa 5684105 Luntu Mazana 65000123 Amos Mnguni 65010382 Darryl Smith 5680386 Myron Shongwe 65001281 Clement Mabaso 65000200 Richard Ferreira 5683180 Justin Reddy 5683720 Pikolomzi Noqazo 65010344 Fagmie Salie 5683056 Reason Maswanganyi 5681863 Sandile Makhoba 65002292 Shaun Potgieter 131396 Ashley Opperman 5680345 Thamsanqa Tibe 65000058 Virgil Ganger 65010237 Madisha Mojalefa 5690811 Sipho Malapane 65010399 Zamokwakhe Hlophe 65002514 Yanga Gcilishe 5681446 Daniel Moaletsi 65002297 Marvin Abrahams 5688702 Bonga Mogale 65008601 Azael Molatudi Kholoane 65001772 Lindani Qwabe 65010231 Mpho Litsoane 65002289 Doctor Ntimbani 5683930 Loyiso Mntimbane 65002548 Khulekani Langa 131352 Mzoli Foster 65002547 Dumisani Memela 65001728 Laurel Brown 65010230 Keenan Grever 65010229 Danny Bowers 65008667 Chris Makhoba 65001738 Brent Geyer 5688126 Andile Madywabe 65014027 Thabiso Monareng 65013448 Anele Noqazo 65010188 Mbulelo Mackenzie 65002655 Sithembiso Dlamini 65002512 Itshegetseng Lehumo 65008792 Alain Rebelo 65008848 Itumeleng Molise 65002298 Zain Abrahams 65010805 Sydney Sicina 65002301 Ronald Kabelo Kelly 5686602 Leonard Hadebe 65001270 Mvuselelo Cebekhulu 5681086 Siyabulela Majikijela 65010236 Phiwokuhle Gumede 5681095 Edward Slinger 5683178 Aneez Diedericks 5688125 Castro Mabope 65008812 Siyabonga Mfeka 65002783 Charles Zamisa 5684235 Sedite Moses 65010217 Lance Philander 65010819 Chadwin Lotters 65010817 Tornado Mongale 5689998 Sipho Mabunda 5690808 Asanda Jamile 5681909
  2. In my opinion, in the end the market (in this case the players) will verify Timo and his work. Maybe he'll expand this file further, we don't know. Like I knew that there's already a popular update for polish leagues, and it's been for years. But I did mine anyway. And guess what -players like it, on steam I have few hundreds subsciptions, on mediafire I've reached more than 1500 downloads in two months and the file is uploaded here, on fmscout and sortitoutsi. So the market verified me as it will verify Timo's work Cheers and have a good weekend.
  3. Tbh, I don't know if public beta was updating the editor, but every time I've tried public beta, editor was not working properly.
  4. Every beta public version I've tested, broke the editor in some way. Either it wasn't starting or didn't want to save files. Or I was seeing black screens.
  5. there's no such thing as stupid question, but if you look closely at 2nd post you may notice something familiar that could answer your question
  6. Or add all players when set up a database but only load one country with all leagues and add players to playable teams option and gradually add leagues when season starts?
  7. I've heard that 95% should be magic number but I don't know, maybe I'm too cautious.
  8. apart from main ones for physio, yes. These are most advisable. Look at it in this way - if you have a central defender with bad passing, he can still be a decent central defender but he'll be limited. And with coaches their discipline/determination/ambition/motivation/professionalism is their 'potential'.
  9. Tactical knowledge is usually for coaches/ass manager to give you advice on opposition team before match, but yes - it will work with scouts as well. As with players, high determination is desired in all roles, every coach role should have at least average mental stats, adaptability is not important in lower leagues imo (due to coaches/scouts being from the same nation as your club in most cases). And if you want to build a wide range of scouting network, look for staff with more than one country in world knowledge box.
  10. I didn't even set promotion/relegation, I've just added these 120 something competitions just to test if it will run for 2 seasons and it didn't even started (crashed when creating competition.) Last year Klasa A was working in basic rules, this year is not. It's pointless to try and error for now so I'll tweak 6th level file later.
  11. 7th level is giving me crashes already in basic rules. Shame. I'll wait with expansion till winter patch. For now, I'll be consumed with research for 20.3 patch (till February probably). And as if that wasn't enough - the team I'm researcher of, is having massive financial trouble (council grant will be much lower than expected) and they will 100% go down to 5th level this year and second part of the season with youngsters (worst case scenario will be withdrawal from competition and starting in 6th tier next season).
  12. tbf I'd rather have more reserve teams in general or/and OPTION TO CHANGE THE NAME OF YOUR B TEAM
  13. As far as I know this file doesn't add players, only lower playable leagues. http://www.meistertrainerforum.de/index.php/topic,27209.0.html
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