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  1. when I get home from work I'll post an explanation from my guide.
  2. I see few questions above, champions and losers groups means league split? And I don't know what promotion-relegation with some leagues all with sub-division means because you can't promote-relegate teams within the same level of course.
  3. I think you can set new rules (regarding size of the league) in advanced rules section.
  4. you create competitions for instance: 3rd division, 3rd division south, 3rd division north. And in north and south competition theres an option to select parent competition. And you search for 3rd division and voila.
  5. I think the number is youth intake (15 means player comes from 15th youth intake) and the letter is the 'rating' (best player in youth intake gets A, second best B and so on)
  6. when you creating level with multiple subdivision you create parent competition (like Division 3) and child competitions or subdivisions as you prefer (like Division 3 North, Division 3 south). And in this subdivision menu you set parent competition, in this case Division 3.
  7. It's not possible to unable to save, maybe you have different saving location? And why have you tested the rules? Does your file include changes to nation rules?
  8. It's cosmetic I guess, local regions have no function whatsoever apart maybe from redistributing teams to regional divisions.
  9. I swear, read that 5 times and still don't know what are you on about.
  10. you need to add new rules if these leagues you try to edit are selectable in default database.
  11. it's better to do these things in editor, not in .xml file.
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