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  1. rather impossible, club reputation can change every year, as well as player's stats, national team caps are collected overall (not set seperate like 2014 - 5 caps, 2015 - 10 caps). Besides, the game is calculating player's CA based on his teammates, league reputation and club reputation (and gives him +/- average league stats if the team is average)
  2. The guidelines are for us researchers, I don't know if we can share these information (even though it's not super secret knowlege really)
  3. not a chance, maybe when you have ingame editor you can move them somewhere or edit their attributes or sth
  4. I'm not sure but uncompressed files are processed slower imo, due to much bigger size. So it's useful to always load file as xml in editor and save as .fmf
  5. What is weird for me is Tuesday is release day, not friday. Who's gonna take a day of in the middle of the week for gods sake
  6. capslocking won't help, by the way liechtenstein is hardcoded so I think it can not be done.
  7. I haven't seen this in a game yet, and I think it could be a nice feature if board could make a suggestion about underachieving reserve/youth manager (if these teams are in league pyramid/youth league). Something like: Chairman is not satisfied with reserve/youth team results and suggests to have a little talk or sack the manager.
  8. on steamdb.info the release date is 30th november https://steamdb.info/app/1100600/
  9. Yes, this is weird but I'd prepare myself to 8th November (probably because 1st is too early compared to previous releases). And I think they will announce release date next week.
  10. if this is a club in PLAYABLE LEAGUE, tick 'add players to playable teams' when creating a new game.
  11. will be for sure, on meistertrainerforum there's always a file with germany lower leagues.
  12. you know that kit's and badges are added as 'separate' graphic files, not integrated game files? Rather than stadium editor (for now) I'd like 4-5 options for stadium look from rural to national arena or sth like that.
  13. I don't know if that's me only, but I find these new panels and screens (especially loan menu) completely illegible. Yes, I know that purple is Premier League color but default skin in fm19 (not dark/light version) was not user friendly imo. So hello dark skin my old friend.
  14. II teams are always overpowered, that's why I've blocked promotion from III Liga for B teams. Because I don't think you can control it.
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