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  1. Ja to zrobiłem z poziomu podstawowych zasad i teraz nie mam opcji zeby to cofnąć więc pewnie przez tegoroczne zmiany w zasadach jest to domyślne ustawienie.
  2. although mentioning real name fixes are not supported here - the best you can do is to check the instruction how to apply it, it should be on website you've downloaded file from.
  3. Przy tworzeniu zasad krajowych w podstawowych regułach jest możliwość blokady, ale jak przerobisz plik na zaawansowane zasady to chyba nie ma jak do tego wrócić, wiem że można ustawić 'umożliwienie rezerwom awans z niżej ligi' przy edytowaniu zasad I,II lub III ligi.
  4. Yes, all teams on the same competition level should and could be set. You create one parent division and call this 3rd/4th level (or whatever you want) and you create regional divisions, connect them to parent division and then distribute teams accordingly. This is tricky though, I know you can do it via fate actions but I've had a hard time with this so can't really explain what to do.
  5. This type of pyramid happens in Poland so I can show you what I do to make it happen. 1. Create All divisions from your picture (remember that all multiple divisions must have a parent division like North/Central/South should have parent division called for example 2 league. 2 Set correct levels (National - 1, North/Central/South - 2, Northeast/Northwest -3, etc.) 3. When you create promotions/relegations - the key is to set promotions to CERTAIN divisions and relegations to PARENT DIVISION. Like you promote southwest winner to south but south relegated team to parent division
  6. in advanced rules you have fixture times menu and you can set all there I believe there are some real fixture date files on fansites, type fm21 real fixture dates in google and maybe you can find something Not really no. We researchers sometimes simply don't have the knowledge (or sometimes forget) to reflect manager/coach certain attribute. Usually the game generates 'default' value for them, but if they don't have it - you can change it and it will have an effect for sure.
  7. 1st post updated, file updated to 21.4 version for newest patch.
  8. Khairi Barki 12038519 - 29y old and -85 potential. Clearly a typo.
  9. yes, they have to be verified in editor for every new database update.
  10. click on rules -> add rules, select desired country and add lower divisions and cups to existing structure.
  11. I've read few posts in bugs section that editor works slowly (or slower) compared to previous versions.
  12. https://www.passion4fm.com/norwegian-lower-league-database/
  13. Chukwudi Agor 13186028 - no info about him really, history not updated since 2015. And he's -8? Needs to be corrected for next fm probably
  14. ale to tylko w polskiej lidze i w moim pliku ogolnie czy w kazdej rozgrywce i kazdej lidze?
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