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  1. fix this in your file
  2. Unfortunately, there's no option to select only staff to be added, so either you'll take players and staff or nothing. But the good thing is that game is trying to 'maintain' the overall number of players and staff so there won't be shortage of staff (in terms of numbers of course, attributes are random generally).
  3. so set in squad rules that x number of players over 23 can play
  4. so don't create u23 division then? Just a regular division.
  5. Maybe reputation 'gap' between 2nd and 3rd level should be bigger? 2nd level is on 98, 3rd level is on 86 and it's the same value as france and bigger than italy's 3rd level. Maybe it could be lowered to around 78-80 value?
  6. Erste Liga Gruppe 4 has too big reputation - 98, but other divisions in this level are on 44 rep. And this division doesn't have parent competition (Erste Liga) set.
  7. It's not a data issue itself but I think this could be raised here. In my opition Italian research should look into reputations of second/third/fourth division clubs and simply lower them a bit. I know that each country has their own guide for giving reputation but Serie C/D reputation is lower than french or german yet clubs are more 'reputable'. I think reputations around 4400-3800 should be more accurate at this level but it's up to head researchers.
  8. maybe try to develop youth players from your academy? Invest in youth facilities and coaching.
  9. maybe currency rate GBP to PLN could be updated? In game is 1 pound = 4,2zloty, should be 4,8/4,9.
  10. if you find players on Premier League level with lower reputation and ability - it should work.
  11. training facilities is for current squad players, not for newgens so it affects only when players are already in the club, not when there's a youth intake. Coaching is more important when newgens are coming to your club. Youth recruitment is 'scouting range' so it affects the area of youth players your club is choosing from.
  12. and of course if we exclude nation youth rating in this equation.
  13. what I meant is that youth facilities and coaching are most important when it comes to newgen quality, youth recruitment is less important but it has an effect.
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