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  1. bottom left corner, check if active fields filter is ticked.
  2. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538451-graphics-skins-installation-guide-user-data-location-info/
  3. posting in two forum won't help your case, closing this topic.
  4. you can't save players created by game in your save if that's what you're asking. Player's that you create in pre-game editor - you can use in all saves. But players created by the game belongs to this save only.
  5. I don't understand this either. All players from youth intakes that club signs are in the game. And all players loaded from specific country are in the game as well (as long as they are not retired).
  6. I don't understand the question. All youth intakes are in the game when they arrive in your club.
  7. Don't really understand these translated questions/sentences so I'll make myself clear- You can create reserve clubs in editor (these have to be separate clubs if you want as much as possible clubs that will generate newgens). Then you can create players and contract them to these clubs so the game will know that youth intake should take place in these reserve clubs (because they have players and these players will have to be 'replaced' by newgens). Check how Barcelona/Real Madrid have set their reserve teams and do it the same way.
  8. what image? what can be reduced? you wanted to increase youth intakes by creating reserve clubs and wanting the game to create these youth players in these reserve clubs.
  9. the game will try to keep similar number of players in every club/country so this may potentially work to some degree but don't expect miracles.
  10. You will control only your main team with youth intake, you can create many reserve teams but they will have automatic youth intakes so you will get 3-4 players from reserve teams as well.
  11. Not an author but I believe it works like this 1. You lower the Nation's youth rating (which lowers the general nation's pool of good players) 2. Because of this there are less high PA players (to recreate the current distribution, because the game creates more high PA players in youth intakes compared to real life) 3. Because you have less 170/180+ PA players - your youth players aren't super talented like they could be (if youth rating wasn't touched) 4. Because you have more 'medium' players, your preview is compared to this 'reduced' players you were getting. Like, you could have 2/3 intakes with 160/170 players and in next years your intake would be compared to these 160/170 and be crap. But if you have reduced youth ratings your 'average' intake would be worse so every intake would be compared to for instance 140/150 (because we reduced the general potential). So in general you should have more average premier league players from your intake (like it could be in real life) or you could have better ones because every PL club have 10 homegrowns with premier league ability. It's a delicate process messing with the youth rating because it's a fixed value and will not change throughout the game.
  12. Am I missing something? Because I don't know if there should be any questions or something else?
  13. https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/834-editors-hideaway-download-forum-fm21/ not that hard to find
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