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  1. @claassen - you don't have to do Poland since there are three updates (mine, official polish community and by timo)
  2. maybe try to read few post above, that would be okay
  3. Bigpole

    FM19 - England Database - Level 22 - All Leagues

    We both know that 22level databse is in the making already in download section but I appreciate the effort and what you need right now is commitment - because level 11 and below will be pain in the a** I guess. So if you won't make it till the 22lvl - at least you'll have the knowledge about advanced editing and you can finish your work later and release it after winter patch.
  4. He's turkish and assistant researcher as well - so he probably has some reliable sources.
  5. Billericay Town F.C. - Ricky Modeste 1/1 nt caps for granada.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Bowry - should be Antiguan nationality and 2/0 caps. Dunno if st kitts nationality should be removed.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruk-Bet_Termalica_Nieciecza
  8. Bigpole

    [Italy] Data Issues

    Only if you report something in beta state of the game - there's a chance to fix on release date (when the 'bug' was reported at least week earlier of course, not day before launch). When the game is released there's almost zero chance that any database errors and issues will be fixed in 'patches', probably only specific (and critical) league issues like fixtures, playoffs, rules etc.
  9. Bigpole

    wrong position?

    don't be lazy
  10. Bigpole

    [Italy] Data Issues

    in the winter patch I guess.
  11. on squad depth screen you can choose coach by whom your players are rated.
  12. Bigpole

    FM19 editor need help

    you have test rules option when editing rules
  13. kits are kits, these colors change only 'letter colors' and their background on team screen.
  14. Bigpole

    Setting Max Foreign Player Limit

    what is weird when I've changed foreign players rule in subdivisions - nothing shows in game, but when I did that in parent competition tab - everything is okay. And I'm talking about basic rules.