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  1. I've got my eyes on 5900x but I see weird results up to 1min difference between the same (vaguely) type of PC. I wonder if this is because of overclocking or maybe overheating due to lack of cooling/airflow inside the case. Any thoughts?
  2. I believe all countries have the possibility to increase/decrease reputation of their divisions, it's just the problem of the strength of those leagues itself - maybe there's a shift in which countries are the new power of north america but with limited resources/research/players/club information it's not possible to recreate this 100%. In europe, 50 years later you can see the changes in reputation/clubs, in south america as well. Should this system be more dynamic? Maybe, but in all fairness, situation in real world hasn't changed much in last 30-40 years. Yes, new clubs are on top but
  3. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538451-graphics-skins-installation-guide-user-data-location-info/
  4. I love when people from europe put an effort to do a polish save (like secondyellowcard did with building a nation with polonia warszawa) so huge respect with doing all the research. The club you've chosen it's perfect for fallen giant type of save, top 3 in all-time polish table, club with really good reputation and decent facilities and fantastic potential (competitive region and clubs nearby). They had 3 consecutive relegations from top tier to 4th tier so it's quite remarkable really. And in Chorzow there is former national stadium - Stadion Śląski, former home of polish nat
  5. in left bottom corner, do you have active fields filter ticked or unticked?
  6. As above - copy the competition, in first set start date 2020 end date 2021 (this is the example) and in second (the normal one) start date only and 2021 as start date.
  7. It's not possible to add countries, you can edit the extinct ones (which is hard enough).
  8. It's not possible sadly.
  9. I believe that hoyd's nationality have little impact on youth intake nationalities. The most important things in my opinion/experience are: - Youth recruitment (bigger means not only youth from your city/regions, it expands to whole country and even players from abroad) - The country itself - every country has certain chance to 'spawn' certain nationalities (that are most popular in country). Like, Germany and turkey/croatia, or France and african countries. Or Portugal and Angola/Cape Verde. - Affilated clubs. If you have a link with smaller club and have certain option ac
  10. I believe regional divisions are organized by stadium's city, not by club's city. So it's important to have all stadiums connected to all clubs and cities set to both clubs and stadiums. And of course, every club should have specific regional divisions set in their menu in editor.
  11. Ale co tu jest niepodstawowego? Jeśli Ci chodzi o wersję gdzie nie ma zaawansowanych reguł to nie ma szans bo wtedy wszystkie playoffy od 2 ligi w dół plus rozmiar III lig idzie w odstawkę. Ja nie testowałem pliku ale autora kojarzę więc jeśli ktoś potrzebuje wersję żeby rezerwy nie zapychały I ligi - proszę bardzo. Najwyżej do następnego fm zrobię alternatywną wersję gdzie rezerwy max do III Ligi mogą awansować (chociaż i tak kombinujemy rok w rok jak sprawić żeby nie były zbyt mocne)
  12. if you have maxed out youth facilities, youth coaching and youth recruitment - there's no chance that you are getting 0,5star potential players. Maybe they have 0,5 star which should be more realistic but maxed out everything I've mentioned above puts you in line with the likes of Chelsea or Arsenal with players potential. So instead of throwing 'I have ***** intakes', prove it by having screens of your youth intake and how much potential your best (and latest) youth players have.
  13. youth rating is fixed, league reputation is not but it won't improve youth quality.
  14. Youth Coaching, Youth Recruitment and Youth Facilities are the most important factors when it comes to youth intake (without mentioning the most important factor - Nation youth rating). If you max out all coaching, recruitment and facilities - you'll have the best odds in hungary to get quality players. Hungarians are not most desired and talented footballers in Europe but there's no chance that you won't get at least one CL quality players in 2/3 years. Trust me, I was manager in Poland, coming from 4th tier club with useless everything and within 15 years I've maxed out everything I cou
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