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  1. Bigpole

    [Holland] Data Issues

    Mateusz Ponurko 37044342 - update history 14/15 (1) HVV Hubantia 14/15 (2) Baltyk Koszalin 15/16 Baltyk Koszalin 19/0 16/17 Baltyk Koszalin
  2. Bigpole

    [Germany] Data Issues

    some missed transfers, I'll post more in the next days Christian Müller 8708030 - SC Herford Dario Vujicevic 37013023 FC Eintracht Rheine Christoph Wallner 91124148 - TSV 1860 Rosenheim Jonas Acquistapace 91003870 - SC Verl Erdal Akdari 91104651 - Eskisehirspor Onur Alagöz 91157482 - SV Schalding Emre Arik 70104552 - Türkspor Augsburg Raphael Assibey-Mensah 29175192 - TSV Schott Mainz Kristian Böhnlein 91018457 TSV 1860 Munich Christian Brückl 91151892 - FC Vilshofen
  3. Bigpole

    About editor file

    https://mozzagaming.wordpress.com/2018/03/11/advanced-editing-manual-verification/ try this
  4. add rules - choose nation and select if you want to add lower leagues (and create/add new rules to added leagues) or create new rules from scratch. FA Financial power it's self-explanatory - it's how much money FA has, it will be connected with hiring foreign managers and offering them big contracts, world cup applications and chance of building new stadiums. Economic Factor as well - it's connected to money from sponsors, tv revenue, ticket prices.
  5. Bigpole

    [Norway] Data Issues

    I've checked this in editor and indeed there's a | in his full name (his name and second name are ok).
  6. Bigpole

    [FM19] Not all that glitters is gold.

  7. 1. Import teams from what? from file with data? 2. when you creating kits, there should be some line in home kit section connected to 'colour' of the logo. 3. Don't quite understand what you have in mind, usually regional leagues are made using one parent competition (the specific level). I'll explain: 5th level have regional leagues (counties/lands/voivodeships). And each county has their own 'structure' and divisions but you set all divisions from all counties in one level (5th league). But then you have to set each division their correct promotion/relegation division and in club submenu (and set longitute/latitude for each stadium). So you have all divisions from all counties in one parent division and when you set correct promotion/relegation divisions for each subdivision (and set 'prefered division to relegate/promote to') you should be ok and teams will not be moving from north to south.
  8. the leagues are already created in the database. It's the matter of activating them in editor (for sure he didn't set any rules or prize money).
  9. I saw files with real transfers but nothing more I guess.
  10. Bigpole

    "Wrong Number of Qualified Teams"

    check your promotion/relegation places.
  11. not a chance, unless his parents sign petition that he could be in game. Players have to be least 16 years old as at 01/09/2018 (i.e. they have a date of birth no more recent than 31/08/2002) to be included in FM19.
  12. In my opinion, the game should generate 'closer' friendlies than now. I've made lower league database for poland and checked what teams from random voivodeships are playing against. 4th level is central (4 divisions which, each contains 4 voivodeships) and I can accept that teams play friendlies against teams from other side of poland (or west teams playing against german teams/east teams playing against ukrainian teams). But regional divisions teams have no money to travel that far so distance of 2voivodeships should be the limit (around 150km). I've played with team reputation but it doesn't matter, too often I see west vs east team (which will ruin budget slowly in real life). Maybe option like - play friendlies only with teams from region (on certain or divisions level of course).
  13. btw - lower polish youth rating to around 120, and remove france and italy as nation preferences (as far as I know only 3-4 players from these nations were playing in poland in the last 2 years.
  14. Bigpole

    Stadium architecture

    it was requested many times in request forum, and in editors hideaway, and it's highly requested feature by users