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  1. I believe almost every fan site has their wonderkids shortlist to download. Or you can set up a new game with all players added and create your own shortlist in the game. A bit more time-consuming.
  2. thanks, small error was found by a user (nothing major, team draw in promotion playoff wasnt fixed but random), so quick fix was made and new file is uploaded in 1st post. Of course bloody steam workshop replaced my file so I had to replace a steam link as well.
  3. It's a known 'issue' that all editors face. Generally, you can do regional divisions with dynamic relegation (there's a pinned thread) but as far as I remember, you need to have all leagues down to the lowest for this to be working. My regional files had similar or the same options in the editor as you, but additionally I changed league size from fixed to something like minimum 16 maximum 20. And I was happy with teams moving to the nearest division in the area.
  4. 1. Haven't tested this to be fair, so feel free to try yourself. 2. You can create a new folder, or you can choose an already made folder, it doesn't really matter as long as files inside the folder are fm files and the location in the launch option is correct.
  5. Pro Junior System should work okay down to II Liga (because I've copied the system in II liga and just set the correct prizes), but in III liga you it's not u21, it's actually u19 requirement. And in each league there are specific requirement to qualify for points (minimum number of minutes and matches). Editor just crashes when there's more than around 100 leagues in the same level, so creating anything below Klasa Okręgowa is virtually impossible (A Klasa is probably on the verge of crashing). And another problem is the sheer number of things you need to create, all levels contain around 5500 teams, so you need to create 5000 teams (+ cities and stadiums). This is an insane amount of research and work (because you need to create regional cups as well). And to be fair, fixing editor crashes because there are few people in the world that want 100 divisions in certain level, it's not and shouldn't be at the top of priorities of SI. So yeah, one can dream.
  6. Not a chance right now, lack of researchers limits adding anything below 2nd level to vanilla database. But the community files are completely fine, the only thing not 100% reflected is - the schedule (because lower leagues can have different start date year by year) - dynamic regional promotion/relegation (because it's very hard to set this in database and in the editor) - pro junior system (it's more complicated now + in III liga it works different, and it's not possible to create a different pro junior system rule). I suggest trying one of the databases yourself, click around, and find out if it works for you. I know mine is down to III Liga, Bartek has created down to Liga Okręgowa (not all divisions are created though). And thanks @RoguPL for using mine, have fun
  7. I had him last year when I was doing Panathinaikos save - bags of potential, sold him 2 years later to Dortmund for 12 mln. Superb ball playing defender, not the best CD in the world but easily a star at clubs like Dortmund, Marseille, Lazio, Lyon, Leverkusen, Sevilla.
  8. W grze nie mają przypisanego stadionu, grają na stadionie miejskim w Ożarowie, który jest już stworzony w grze.
  9. Still not working for me, on steam workshop still no files uploaded in league updates section.
  10. Check in game in preferences if you have right folder selected for game to load files.
  11. Okay, I've somehow had editor folder in editor folder. When moved inside folder to main folder, problem solved itself, thanks.
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