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  1. believe or not but when removed the name of the elimination round already worked.....
  2. where do i see the version of editor? i guess last one published, steam not found any newer version meanwhile i have correct the bug with the cups, were same noob errors
  3. i'm guessing the problem is in fate actions of promotion playoff for some reason the editor not recognizes these fate actions
  4. in that option if there is more than 3 teams from your local region on cup the index will be wrong why dont you index when getting teams?
  5. TH3 K1LL3R

    [Portugal] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Final game of Campeonato de Portugal Prio should be on neutral stadium.
  6. Hi, Beasides majority people think this is a worst editor, I think the opposite. In this Editor already did various things that can't be done in FM2019, like youth leagues and simpler relegation between national competitions and regional. Still I have some problems to solve, dont know if it because editor or my lack of skills. The first problem is the same in two different divisions. In Portugal there is regional leagues, like all others countries, no region have connect to other, so the relagation and promotion is betwen divisions from same region. Divisiao de Honra de Viseu (Viseu Honor Division) is the Firts Division from Viseu region. There is 3 relegations, no problem. 1ª Divisão de Viseu (Viseu 1 Division) is the Second Division from Viseu region. In here sould be 3 promotions but editor doesn't recognize the third promotion. This division is divided in 2 groups, winner of wich is promoted without any problems and play each other for the title from this division. Second classified from each group plays a playoff to fight for third promotion and here is the problem. The same happen in Leiria region, between Divisao de Honra de Leiria (Leiria Honor Division) and 1ª Divisao de Leiria (Leiria First Division). The second problem is the same in three different competitions. In Portugal there is also regional cups, some are simple elimination rounds, other have stage groups and then elimination rounds. Castelo Branco Cup, Ribatejo Cup and Portalegre Cup are the problem. Castelo Branco Cup is 2 groups to get the best two teams to elimination round. Ribatejo Cup is 8 groups also to get the best two teams from each group to the eighths Portalegre Cup is a league to qualify the best 4 teams to elimination round. The problem is that theses competitions never start. I have another regional cup with group stages (Setubal Cup) and guess what? You guess right, works with no problems. As you can see all other competition works. The file that is sent to someone try to help have the problems, if you want to try only the cup problem i can sent other file without the relegation problem, an alternative division with only two promotions between Leiria and Viseu divisions. Thanks for all the help. ps. the file takes a bit to unload. FMPT Distritais V0.38.fmf
  7. TH3 K1LL3R

    Hacking the Editor...!

    your problem is with all youth? because in portuguese file i did to add youth division leagues to portuguese struture, never did to get this in fm2018 portuguese youth is u19
  8. I had a similar problem on my portuguese lower leagues on fm2018. Never found the problem
  9. i didn't had any problemas with regional divisions on my portuguese lower leagues update on fm2018, but was with advanced rules
  10. TH3 K1LL3R

    [Portugal] Data Issues

    do you know the difference between Beja district and Portalegre district? All teams that played 1 Divisao Beja have the history like Distrital Portalegre, so i will assume that players also have (like last year i've reported)
  11. TH3 K1LL3R

    Something new in fm19 editor?

    my files from portugal lower leagues doesn't work on 2019
  12. TH3 K1LL3R

    [Portugal] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Belenenses SAD have youth, created this year http://www.zerozero.pt/edition.php?id_edicao=126802
  13. TH3 K1LL3R

    [Portugal] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Some errors still remaining, like u19 leagues from Porto, Coimbra, etc. These leagues should be by groups instead of one big league. I guess is still something to check for future versions. ------------------------------------------------- I dont know if this translation error or problem from specifics leagues. In team view everything is fine because it calls sub19B, but in comppetition view appears only like sub19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looks like there is no age limit on u19 2 national league (i've reported this last year) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On 2nd part of u19 2 national division the clubs should have only 50 % points from 1st part of the championship ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A question now, its possible to exist a 2 team from madeira in u19 1st division (from example nacional u19 and maritimo u19)? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There is only VAR on semi-final and final of the League Cup. There is goal line tecnology in Portugal? (Also appears on rules in Primeira Liga and in Portugal cup)