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  1. So far was Cancelo the only.. All team will be done tests daily meanwhile but time limit to replace players is tomorrow at 17h (lisbon time)
  2. interesting, i've also done this to portuguese competitions last year within my lower leagues update, this year time wasn't so much time for this. Did you also did league positions with goals, wins, draws, losses?
  3. I'm not exactly know why but SI keep a limit of teams from Madeira in !st youtn national division. But i guess there is not 4 teams from Madeira in 1st division already and that looks like a bug
  4. Instead of bottom playoff and top playoff try qualifitacion rules
  5. Select day of week and choose --, at 1st may
  6. So I verify this file. Deleted all fixture rules, change first version to 2021 and end year and start year of 2021 and 2020 version of all competitions. I have add third league to pyramid for this to work, so in 2020/21 third league will not have any calendar or teams, only in 21/22. 1153552270_PortugalUltraLeagues.fmf
  7. There is only kits from top league to 1st regional league. But if you only want Aves kits check Primeira Liga 19/20.
  8. https://fmslovakia.com/downloads/kitpacks/fc12-season-2020-21/
  9. Super wierd because with a blank rules in Portugal happens the same.... Neatherless i found a workaround for Portugal
  10. I am not sure why there are 3 versions of some competitions. When the game launched when I solved the verify situation but terceira liga never appears, nor in 21/22 nor later. What i advice to you is delete fixed rules versions, and only mantain 2 versions for competitions.
  11. Check default rules of Liga Portugal Sabseg, there is no teams going to playoff. If you prefer i have a file only with national competitions (Liga Nos + Liga SabSeg + New Third League + Campeonato de Portugal) my file have 4 versions for same competitions because along years will exist same changes and SI only change season 20/21 and season 21/22 Competições Nacionais Portuguesas reais v21.3.fmf
  12. This update is to much complicated for more changes like that, check how many versions of some competitions there is
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