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  1. do you remeber that great striker Mateus? I guess that you speak portuguese Gil Vicente in Liga NOS Actually that worked around helped me when created distritais. In this time i really think SI did a great job
  2. Great work from @JayClays so far. I will add another one. Last sentece is full of errors, the most funny is that "he will not play any american football here"
  3. I have noticed this happen with Angola, at least in player history stats and i dont have that update
  4. u19 b cannot be promoted to national division, bug reported in early versions
  5. this happen when you verified the rules, only for testing when reloading the update doesn't appear, at least doesn't happen in my portuguese lower leagues
  6. I had help and managed to solved the problem, was a problem with fate actions thanks @cleiria
  7. Once again, I have same problem with my update. For some reason when changed to a real setting relegations / promotions don't match. The only changed is to get 50 % points from 1st stage on relegation stage I'm changing this in 1 and 2 youth division in Portugal. I think i've managed to set real relagation on 1 division, but dont match on 2 division (appears error on number of promotion, appears 0) I've update the files, 1st is my update with portuguese name and real structure 2nd is a sample of the problem without my full structure _FMPT Distritais V1.16_.fmf Actualizações Liga & Dados.fmf
  8. you have to put rankings in this case playoff winner will be 2, and runner-up should be 3
  9. delete 83232604, is a duplicated from 83239761 (peter clemente)
  10. believe or not but when removed the name of the elimination round already worked.....
  11. where do i see the version of editor? i guess last one published, steam not found any newer version meanwhile i have correct the bug with the cups, were same noob errors
  12. i'm guessing the problem is in fate actions of promotion playoff for some reason the editor not recognizes these fate actions
  13. in that option if there is more than 3 teams from your local region on cup the index will be wrong why dont you index when getting teams?
  14. Final game of Campeonato de Portugal Prio should be on neutral stadium.
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