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  1. You should have 2 versions of Portuguese Championship. Delete version with 71 teams and correct version that stays
  2. What are the leagues that we should add for a best gameplay on concacaf? Mexico, Costa rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, , Panama, Honduras? The qualification from cfu and concacaf league is ok?
  3. Not compatible because booth (rb aves and distritais) modifies portuguese struture. Don't know about Santa Clara mods
  4. I'm the update maker of the portuguese lower leagues... I'v seen the save game, maybe he can also left to you this save, and on my opinion the crash its not because Portugal.
  5. I've launched a new version. _FMPT Distritais V3.4_.fmf
  6. My guess, by experience with portuguese lower leagues, is that Portugal and Spain have active creation of B teams. I've seen in advaced rules and is in fact that. Unbox in advanced rules. I've unbox this in my portuguese update, and so far none have appear.
  7. I've been with same problems. My workaround was the rename all the awards with problem. 2 ou 3 times for few awards was needed.
  8. Sorry, but i didn't know for this topic before. Do you need anything else from Portugal?
  9. So i had time and have look to this problem. For those who want to use portugal, simply change required team on Ponta Delgada Division (for example between 7 to 13) and then deleted campeonato de portugal (version of 2019). Change the beginnig year on campeonato de portugal (default version) and deleted the information off valid year. After this all should be alright. I left my test only with these changes. teste editor regras avançadas.fmf
  10. File contains playable realistic leagues: Primeira Liga Segunda Liga Campeonato Nacional de Séniores 1ª Divisão Distrital de Portugal (regional leagues) 2ª Divisão Distrital de Portugal (regional leagues) 3ª Divisão Distrital de Portugal (regional leagues) 4ª Divisão Distrital de Portugal (regional leagues) The file is pretty "heavy" and it takes time to load in game or editor. Be patient. I recommend to use the following options at the start of the game: - Add players to playable teams If you see an error or have a question, write it in the comments. Also if y
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