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  1. You can easily remove the 2nd youth team (if it is the standard database). About 1st youth team you can remove it but i advice you to replace that team for another
  2. Do like this and sould work Here you see that competition register a winner Mark rankings levels on stage 0 Again on round from stage 1, ranking levels About regist champion on coach history, this a tricky stuff. i am guessing that is some bug but if you named general playoff you shouldn't name the round 317800474_ISPLv0.030.fmf
  3. If i used @Timo61 mexico update instead of yours should be a problem?
  4. Thanks for all the work. Never selected this option because i didn't understand it
  5. you can do with a margin, for example in north or south from county A do it at least 10 teams and maximum 16 (or others numbers from each division)
  6. this topic should be on advanced rules, my fault. found a way to solved bugs about odd number of the teams, the best way is to use specific group rules about not registered manager history, this happens because i have double de name of that phase
  7. did already seen mexican lower division update?
  8. So I have an update for portuguese lower leagues. I only have 2 bugs that i am not able to solve. The first one is how do I put odd teams in the same group (for example there is a division where are 11 teams in one group and 9 on another)? The second i am guessing that is more complicated. There is no title champion registered on manager history, how can i solve that? (just to clarified, the competition regists the champions team correctly) I leave my updated, you can check the bugs, this 2 bugs you can see on 2 divisao de santarem thanks for the help _FMPT Distritais V4.12_.fmf
  9. you to change the number of teams to get promoted from divisao elite af porto in 2018 and 2019 should result i have done that on my portuguese regional leagues and i haven't seen or been reported that same error
  10. the problem should be in here you have 2 times getting promotion from divisao elite af porto, so 21 teams get promotion always one team get kicked from this championship, i dont understand why teams are from tras-os-montes. One a save test was chaves satellite
  11. Collins Nonso Ogbodo is duplicated (83281595) also: João Tiago Rocha Costa (83217886)
  12. https://www.fmportugal.org/index.php?threads/download-fmpt-distritais-fm2019.6002/
  13. netx year, you have to do this this way will be a neutral stadium on final of Campeonato Portugal Prio, I only change home (casa) from neutral competition (pedir competiçao neutra - exluir casa)
  14. On my was the year 2019, but your third division have 61 relegations and thats is good Probably something about B teams forcing relegations?
  15. Which leagues have problem? other question, did you get relagation and promotion right in youth system? i did portuguese lower leagues and i have some problems with relegations from national league to regional leagues
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