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  1. While I agree with what you say regarding time frames fm20 is still a game and I don't see any harm adding them in now for 20-21 season. Ultimately the NWCL have pre approved their application and the onus now shifts to the FA. But I can't see one thing that would that impair their application, based on what I know about their infrastructure, financial forecasts, and general planning ahead. They've had over 300 people working towards their set up, and seeing the sheer amount of obscure teams that pop up in leagues all the time I can guarantee Bury AFC have been more meticulous than them all (Or at least the vast majority).
  2. While that's technically true the article is regarding the NWCL promotion requirements from step 7 to step 6, and as Bury are ground sharing at Radcliffe, approval is only a matter of time, as they themselves are a tier 7 team with a 3500 capacity stadium, and superb training facilities (One of the best in the lower leagues). There is no feasible reason for the FA to reject the recommendation of the NWCL.
  3. Hi messi, Bury AFC have just been approved by the NWCL, Can you get them into the database now please? Link below. They are ground sharing with Radcliffe FC (Tier 7) so will have no problem meeting the leagues stadium requirements for promotion. https://www.nwcfl.com/news-articles.php?id=8121 Thanks.
  4. Fair enough, the only issue with that is it might not be until May potentially that it is confirmed.
  5. Hi again mate, have you added bury afc yet or you waiting until there is news?
  6. That's old news, there is a liquidation hearing tomorrow but it could be adjourned for weeks
  7. Hi, can you send me the file please. Also there should be news very soon regarding bury, basically whether it will be bury fc or bury afc, but either way they will be in the NWCL.
  8. Probably still a decent amount, good databases take time.
  9. Not yet, but very likely. Bury FC (Steve dale has until the 11th of February to pay a cva or the club will be liquidated). I think there is another winding up hearing on the 5th too. I've been talking daily to bury fans. Regardless though Bury AFC should still be pre approved by the NWCL.
  10. Will you be provisionally adding afc bury or waiting for official word?
  11. Honestly I prefer the idea of a true phoenix club and starting in the third tier is boring for me personally
  12. Hi, just to second what others have said can you please add afc bury, really intrigued to give them a shot. Thanks
  13. Why go to all the effort with the database if teams operating status' aren't correct? For instance amateur teams set as semi pro in level 11, west midlands regional division 2 etc, completely ruins the immersion of the database which is a shame.
  14. Mate can’t fault your effort but there’s so many amateur teams who are set as semi pro and it kills the immersion. For example level 11: Midland division 2 - Every team is semi pro when they should be amateur. This is the same in multiple other leagues. Just seems like a pretty big oversight.
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