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  1. I have seemingly added the first and second rounds of the cup, adding what I believe are the correct amounts of teams as per the real structure, and it verified fine, but the croky cup now dissapears from the game when starting a new save.
  2. Hi, any chance of reworking the Belgian file, the croky cup is wrong. No lower league teams are entered into round one or two. Thank you
  3. Hi, Does nobody have any advice? Anything would be super helpful. More than anything I'm trying to edit the comp to start before than the third round, and to include lower league teams. I'm not clued up enough to know what I'm doing. Cheers
  4. Hi, I am ok with the basics of the editor and am wanting to ensure lower league Belgian teams get entered at the correct rounds in the Croky Cup, which is either the preliminary or 1st round. On my lower league save I noticed only a handful of 6th tier (Provincial) teams are being entered and this is straight into the 3rd round, where as they should all enter in the 1st round. Can someone give me any tips on how to ensure the 4th/5th/6th tier teams get entered correctly? Do I add the individual divisions and if so, which sub menu do I use? 2020–21 Belgian Cup - Wikipedia
  5. Noticed that lower league teams don't get added to the preliminary/1st round of the croky cup and instead it starts from the third round, with only a random handful of lower league teams being entered. For instance all provincial teams (Tier 6 divisions) should be entered into the 1st round of the cup. 2020–21 Belgian Cup - Wikipedia
  6. Hi, While using someone's custom database, if I edit a team (Adding players, adjusting ticket holders etc), do I need to load the custom database and edit the team from within the custom db, or is it ok to load and edit the team separately to the custom db you intend to use. Do you also have to verify these kind of changes, or is it ok to just save and add to the editor data? I only ask as I wonder if this has affected the stability of my saves in the past and introduced bugs, such as not being entered into cups. Thanks.
  7. You may have a point but they played in the fa vase in real life in their inaugural season
  8. Just to add that your databases have always been the most stable for me and never experienced any bugs etc, so looking forward to this one.
  9. I'm in league 2 mate, currently 8 points clear of forfar, with 7 league games to go. It was a great cup run and a lucky miracle tbh, and the most exciting game of the save so far. We're still predicted to be back in the red next season though haha, so still no upgrades for me
  10. Nice season, you're edging ever closer to the top. I managed to draw rangers at home in the 5th round of the Scottish cup, and somehow managed to earn a replay at ibrox, which earnt us 600k in gate revenue, getting me out the red for the first time in 8 seasons!
  11. Hi, I am starting a lower league save in Iceland and happened upon a team called Siglingafélagið Ýmir But when I search for them online they come back as a sailing organisation, and I can find no information on them as a football team? Can anyone with knowledge help? I would like to try and find their real kits etc. Thanks
  12. Yes, both the Yes, both 2D and 3D kits have been loaded into the game. They also have a third kit in the editor. Using the same config file as the home and away kits.
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