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  1. I have solved my problem. Now i have another problem I have a stage 2, like the stage 1 - 2 groups A5 B5 B6 A6 B7 A7 A8 B8 I do the same i have done in stage 1, but don´t work. Any idea?
  2. Hi. I need some help. As you can see in the image, i need to map the stage 1. How can i do this?
  3. Hi. 1. Put the original comp editor.fmf from the game. 2. Extract this file in the skins folder in the documents. editor.rar 3. Clear editor cache. 4. Launch the editor and enjoy.
  4. Please write in English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This happends because World Cup in Qatar, not because Covid.
  5. Hi. Lots of tests and all fail. Keep tring.
  6. Now i'm continuing a save i started in the beta, so no save to upload. But, looking to the editor i founf this: In FM2021 the field group regions is empty, Maybe it be the problem.
  7. Is in the game. I only activated (Change 1 line of code in 1 file) 100% SI work
  8. North to south the continental teams, the teams of Madeira Island in the group near Porto and the teams of Açores Island in Group near Lisbon
  9. strange, when i tested it appears. i w'll see what is the problem. EDIT: In mine is ok. do you clear the cache in ...\Local\Sports Interactive\Editor 2021\Caches?
  10. I think it w'll be a big job to light skin display correctly.
  11. No. the light skin is the fm dark alt folder in skins.fmf but it isn't ready. As you can see, need some work.
  12. Hi!!! As the title says, this is a dark skin to the editor. Tested and working. Don’t forget to clear cache !!!!! editor.rar
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