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  1. cleiria

    [Portuguese] issues in Portuguese Translation

    Obter Último Finalista Vencido da Competição : OK
  2. cleiria

    Dynamic relegation thread

    Ty. Is a very long post and i'll try to replicate this instrutions. I've some difficult in english but i'll try
  3. ok. ty Now i'm working in the portuguese comps and this will be very important to me. If you need any help to do the tests, i can help.
  4. For those who like the white skin http://www.mediafire.com/download/91ya8udtrf8turb/fm-white.rar I'll put SS later PS. Sorry my english
  5. SI should improve the current editor (ading more options in creating comp's) and don't spend time in "cheating" editors
  6. cleiria

    [FM12] Lifelike Cypriot League Structure

    Hi! i have a comp that works like cyprus B, but don´t records the champ correct. i have look to your file and i found the raking level are saved as string, but in my file the editor records the raking level as integer what can i do to solve this?
  7. cleiria

    [FM12]Seven Skin

    i don´t edit this files, i don´t know why this happens.i have a laptop, the columm "history summary" don´t shows to me. i cant edit something i dont see.
  8. cleiria

    [FM12]Seven Skin

    you have download the beta version download again http://www.mediafire.com/?3e9th294w3421v9
  9. cleiria

    [FM12]Seven Skin

    go to the main squad
  10. cleiria

    [FM12]Seven Skin

    look the botton near the team badge
  11. cleiria

    [FM12] Flexion Skin

    OP updated --> correction of the titlebar thanks.
  12. cleiria

    [FM12] 2007 skin

    link in OP updated (fix a bug in the match title bar). if you don´t play the match in full window, download the skin again.