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  1. [FM12] Flexion Skin

  2. Dynamic relegation thread

    Ty. Is a very long post and i'll try to replicate this instrutions. I've some difficult in english but i'll try
  3. ok. ty Now i'm working in the portuguese comps and this will be very important to me. If you need any help to do the tests, i can help.
  4. *Official* Editor Feature Requests

    The possibility of creating divisions associated with local regions without having to define the limits north, south, east and west, because the regions are not square. Sorry my English
  5. Best third

    i've put qualified.
  6. Best third

    ok thanks
  7. Best third

    ok no calendar or calendar equals to stage 0? thanks
  8. Best third

    if you don't mind, check this images and say something i don´t have replay stage Is this what i have to do to have league table to show the 2 extra promoted teams? Sorry do this but i'm not very good in english. ty
  9. Best third

    thanks it works. Another question it is possible to create a league table associated to this, have league table to Group A, B, C and a 3rd places? something like the game have in the qualifier's to the european, have the table for the groups and another table with the teams in 3rd
  10. I don't come here to protest when SI do a major change in skins and because of that i'm not able to realise new version's of Flexion, 2007 and Seven. SI do what them want to the game, they are the owners. If we want or can adapt to the changes is our problem, no SI problem.
  11. Best third

    ok. ty. will test.
  12. Best third

    thnks So i have 3 groups and want to promote 2 extra teams, so i have to do like in the image and not like you say, no? i'm confuse Sorry my english
  13. Best third

    Thanks for your help,but isn´t playoff, when finnish the league the promotion is automatic , no games beetween the teams. I´m tring to recreate a real league.
  14. Best third

    Hi. i have a competition with 3 groups: the 2 first (2x3=6) promoted (no problem to me) and the 2 best 3rd!!! Anybody kwons how to do that? Cleiria