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  1. This is true. If you do that, i advice to run a test first. I have a slow laptop and in this way i check my files when i´m editing.
  2. If i understand the question (i'm not a english speaker), i think i have a solution. is like this
  3. Ty. Is a very long post and i'll try to replicate this instrutions. I've some difficult in english but i'll try
  4. ok. ty Now i'm working in the portuguese comps and this will be very important to me. If you need any help to do the tests, i can help.
  5. The possibility of creating divisions associated with local regions without having to define the limits north, south, east and west, because the regions are not square. Sorry my English
  6. ok no calendar or calendar equals to stage 0? thanks
  7. if you don't mind, check this images and say something i don´t have replay stage Is this what i have to do to have league table to show the 2 extra promoted teams? Sorry do this but i'm not very good in english. ty
  8. thanks it works. Another question it is possible to create a league table associated to this, have league table to Group A, B, C and a 3rd places? something like the game have in the qualifier's to the european, have the table for the groups and another table with the teams in 3rd
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