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  1. How to solve it,I searched the forums and can't ever find an answer for this!!!!!
  2. Are you Planning to make "FIFA Revived",I.e. rolling back the national team competitions in the style of UEFA Revival?
  3. Update: Another Google About "World Cup Host football Manager" have this thread in the top.maybe nobody not even the devs knows about how it was done
  4. Here's the top 3 leagues of Germany, as in the default db, however the selection of dfb cup is more logical, with the addition of 4 qualifying rounds before the first round(NOT REGIONALISED). Germany.fmf
  5. I have said already,it's not possiblr
  6. I want to make Leagues outside of Europe for personal use so which files should i use for the base of Each Continent's Nation Rules?
  7. Congratulations! also,which file is the base of the nations rules?
  8. Thanks,but the South America and Oceania Part in Nation Select is Messed up
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