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  1. Hi, May I release a version of your db with NPSL and USASA teams playable? @Uncle_Sam I've made changes to the db so that you can play friendly as them also NCAA teams will sometimes join the Open cup starting 2020 in my version
  2. How to have regens lower then 16 years old in the game??
  3. what are those formats? are they formats of other Continental competitions?
  4. how about a lite version w/o ncaa?
  5. How about making a version of the Continental Rules and International Rules that is working with the default DB?
  6. Will you have the version of E14 without the 2 Extra Nations?
  7. when will the finished non-european Continental competitions released?
  8. But,Diplomats did not have a League when they're involved in the 1988 Concacaf Cup...
  9. DC United and Seattle Sounders for Concacaf, since they corresponds to the 2 teams
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