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  1. Hello. When i tried to dig about how football manager determines world cup hosts,what i get is some outdated posts saying that the host is determined in a limited list. Has it been changed since then???
  2. Again,as nobody want to do Chinese Leagues as real as possible without joining UEFA,I upgraded my China D3 File to D4,and make it 21.4 compatible. China.fmf
  3. Seeing somebody are doing a US Database,i would only make a fix of US Cup for 21.4 It would make NISA Teams appear in Open cup, like IRL USA Fix.fmf
  4. Hello there. I tried to add Extension teams to USA,But i don't have enough Advanced Editor Experience to do so. Can somebody Help me out??
  5. Sadly,i didn't add any clubs to db,except adding UPSL Clubs into USASA,also MISA is now NPSL Sub League
  6. What does the State of development of a country affects???? Can't find any info in google IS IT'S IMPACT NOT A STORY THAT JEDI WOULD TELL ME?????????????????
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