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  1. I mean in the champions league etc...
  2. how they work in the editor?
  3. this file contains the all 10 divisions of northern Ireland in a fantasy format.(for 19.3.0 database) Northern Ireland updated 19.3.0.fmf
  4. level 1: Ligue 1 level 2: ligue 2 level 3-5:national 1-3 level 6-17: french regional 1-12
  5. well... before tonao cancelled his French lv17, i have already made my own veraion. at first i am keen to keep it as my own but after tonao cancelled his work, i changed my mind... therefore,i present you... THE FRENCH LEV 17 PRYMAID!! PS. i am forced remove the reserves teams in order to avoid weird issues fo the french cup DL LINK:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yd-54B9nUqGkc39elRHrIdKxRNcvPyhR/view?usp=sharing
  6. How to let the game to Pick a random team in a division for the Continental Club Competition?
  7. I wanted to add some spice to the Selection of teams in the Unplayable leagues for the UEFA/AFC/OFC competitions. how to let the game to pick Random teams for the Unplayable nations?
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