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  1. (fm18) Anyone helps to port this database(link below) from fm17 to fm18? https://www.fmscout.com/a-around-the-world-leagues-megapack-fm17.html
  2. I was making a fantasy germany league(6th division and down),with 16 venderspokal for each in game local regions of germany. But how to make sure that the teams from the Bundesligas will not enter them like IRL?
  3. All teams in the level in a single division, And also Not real rules in cup
  4. Hi, I added the 4th and 5th division to the german db,but the 4th division teams would not join the german cup. Anyone Help? Germany.fmf
  5. For the use regional,I got Newcastle grouped with North Shields in my custom england db. Why? And how the game sort the teams in Regions?
  6. I was making some youth competitions for the countries. What does"use main team divisions"/"Use Regional divisions"/"Use custom" means?
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