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  1. Here's the top 3 leagues of Germany, as in the default db, however the selection of dfb cup is more logical, with the addition of 4 qualifying rounds before the first round(NOT REGIONALISED). Germany.fmf
  2. I have said already,it's not possiblr
  3. I want to make Leagues outside of Europe for personal use so which files should i use for the base of Each Continent's Nation Rules?
  4. Congratulations! also,which file is the base of the nations rules?
  5. Thanks,but the South America and Oceania Part in Nation Select is Messed up
  6. Since the South Africa File on Steam Workshop doesn't have Regionalized Division 4,I made a South Africa File with it. South Africa.fmf
  7. Since Nobody have ever done a Swedish League for 21.4,I have Done A Sweden League down to Lower Division,So That all Swedish Team would be Playable. Sweden.fmf
  8. Hello,the winner of Emperor Cup qualifications isn't picked for Competition Proper,Please fix
  9. This Is Lau Wing Yip,a Relatively obscure Hong Kong Player in the 1970s, but from an Alternate Timeline. In this Timeline, the Hong Kong FA wasn't being Based and MoneyPilled in terms of Scheduling of Matches, thus the Top Players of HK could have enough Rest for the Argentina 78 Qualifiers. And So, HK Qualified for the 1978 World Cup. Although HK was Eliminated from the Group Stage, they were remembered for Drawing with Holland, and the XI attracted the attention of the European Clubs. Among them, Lau eventually Joined Celtic of Scotland from Happy Valley of Hong Kong after t
  10. Nope All i hope is that UncleSam Returns from retirement
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