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  1. What a nice save to start in Laos! I'm also delighted that you have won the double! Well, I hope that Luang Prabang United should be ready to take over Asia very soon if you have stayed there for long. Should have been starting the save with a Filipino club, but oh well. I like Southeast Asian saves and this is the second time I have seen this Laotian save after the first one dated back two years ago. So, good luck in your second season and make Laos dominate Asia soon.
  2. Finally, I have caught up to your current season, which is very intense right here! Pirates have been the champions for a long time, but I hope that everything will be fine for the Verdes to win the title for the first time. Good luck in this season!
  3. Come on! That's not the time to make things right in that national team! We'll see who will be the next head coach of Spain and probably the rest of the tournament.
  4. Nice to have the treble for Sant Andreu and it seems that it's getting better for them to prove the ground, thanks to these titles! As for the 2042 World Cup, I will watch out for it! But before that, I want to see the glimpse of the other groups. The draw wasn't so bad, but facing Canada and Ivory Coast would be easy to beat!
  5. Ooooh! The suspense is here! I can't wait if history will be made for the Croatians in Berlin!
  6. Now that's more like COMEBACK CITY in Berlin! Can I see the background results of the continental tournaments and the FIFA World Cup in your save? Also, I would like to see the Croatia NT roster as well because your team should have sent their players to that team.
  7. Well, I like their rosters though because they're very strong, even Sant Andreu lost Pep (not the real-life head coach) to Barca. On the other hand, I really love the repeat in the Champions League. Even though you should have been lucky to get two more silverwares, but I'm very proud of you, MarcX! I understand about what you said about your comment, but I hope that I will wait and see the next season!
  8. Great progress out there in Croatia Berlin, Makoto! I'm sure that there are a lot of produced players out there in that team! Hopefully, you'll make this time in the Bundesliga very soon. Too bad that you left your African save away, but I'm good to follow your progress anyway.
  9. What an amazing run in Sant Andreu, MarcxD! It's been a while that I have read your updates so long that you have started making San Andreu great in Spanish football, and eventually world football! Now, I hope that the World Cup will be a great chance to show who the best Barcelona team is. As a lover of Spanish saves (so far!), I want to see the screenshots of the following: 1.) Club rosters of Top teams in La Liga (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Celta and Las Palmas) and Catalan teams such as Espanyol, Numancia, Terassa, Balaguer and F.C. Andorra. 2.) NT rosters of th
  10. After reading your awesome save in Kosovo, I'm finally glad that you started a new save in Catalonia! Hopefully, you'll be ready to take down Barcelona and take over La Liga soon. Good luck in your new save and I will follow your progress in Sant Andreu!
  11. Despite the struggle in La Liga Segunda, what an amazing run in the UEFA Nations League! This could be a potential Golden Dynasty in Europe with a minnow team like Andorra! Hopefully, you'll have in luck for FC Andorra for the next set of games. Keep up the good work!
  12. Wow! That's another unfortunate ending with another sack. I believe that you need to push through the limit when you're managing a good team that is suited for you. Hopefully, you'll have another charm in your new save. Are you going to run a new save in a different country? Also, are you also planning to lock this thread soon?
  13. Nice that you have ruled Mayotte for nearly 10 years and now, managing a team in Comoros would be next level for you! Anyway, what the Comoros and Mayotte NT roster would be looked like?
  14. Congratulations on your new job in Andorra NT! Ranked 165th doesn't matter for a small nation in the Iberian Peninsula because sooner or later, Andorra would rule Europe soon. Let's see if you surprise the fellow European minnows with a ranking jump to the Top 100!
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