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  1. Amazing end in Bolivia with another title! What a way to finish off the season for Jorge Wilstermann with another great campaign! Bonaire is up next! Since I want to recall the past of your save, I have an idea in my mind. Once you finish one country that you done it right now, I want to see the progress of your former clubs and their nation starting from Afghanistan. It would be a great way to recall these teams. Also, I want to see who the best player in the club and team are. Here is the example: Afghanistan (after Bolivia) Albania (after Bonaire) Algeria (after Bosnia and Herzegovina) American Samoa (after Brazil) Andorra (after British Virgin Island) so on... I hope that you will have a successful career, Makoto! Keep up the good work and good luck in Bonaire!
  2. Great job in completing Bhutan, Makoto! I can't wait that Bolivia will be a big ride before reaching Brazil for 10 years! Good luck in Bolivia! By the way, I want to know how Japan and the Philippines are doing as of the year 2121 as well as their league? I would also love to see the football clubs in Kyushu (Sagan Tosu, Oita Trinitia, Avispa Fukuoka, FC Ryukyu and Roasso Kumamoto) and the mighty Kashima Antlers.
  3. Oh my goodness, that drought was too long. 50 years, I hope that they'll get vengeance soon.
  4. Wow, that was magnificent, but some nations doesn't have players like Andorra and Aruba. On the other hand, nations like Austria and Azerbaijan aren't complete. Well, I hope that when all nations are active in continental qualifiers, it would be great to post it next time.
  5. Oh, okay. I understand. Well, what about just the national team rosters of the "A" nations. It would be nice to see it.
  6. sherwinriga

    Taking Over the World - One Region at a Time

    What a great start in Oceania! Three down, too many nations to go!
  7. Wow! When I look at your current progress, managing around the world for 100 years? That was amazing! I'm glad that things will go different after you complete the 'A' nations, but we'll see! By the way, can I see the profile of your former teams from the 'A' nations (from Afghanistan to Azerbaijan) as well as their national teams and nation and club records. Of course, I want to see who the best players are in those nations (from Afghanistan to Azerbaijan). I want to see the FIFA World Rankings too! Anyway, Bhutan is a small team, but more like a developing nation. Good luck in Bhutan!
  8. What a great start in Ghana and now, you're ready to make Sudan being the dominant African nation in football. And of course... Zanzibar 2022? I never see that happening... but we'll see! Anyway, good luck to see Sudan growing in African qualifiers!
  9. sherwinriga

    [FM17] Trials and Triumphs of a Turkmen

    What a great journey you made all the way to Eastern Europe after coming out a legend in Central Asia. It's great that you have so many accomplishments in your career. Hopefully, you'll end up managing a national team soon. By the way, what happened to your former teams as well as Turkmenistan and its neighbors? And who the future would be looked like? I hope that your former nations have been doing right now after you left during your journey. Keep up the good work, Dave, and good luck in Spartak Moscow!
  10. After a nearly a year of absence, I'm so happy that you made progress with Sparta in the new version. I hope that you will be able to get the Romanian championship soon. As soon as those young guys are good, Sparta would make Romania great again! Just keep it up the good work!
  11. Top pick you have chosen to win the league in my expectations! For me, I wanted also to see some ex-Soviet nations doing because I will be intriguing if the Armenia-Azerbaijan game would be more exciting outside the UEFA qualifying. I'll be riding along to see how they do well in Armenia!
  12. Claudio Ranieri should have given the credit for winning his first championship in Premier League as well as to the FA Cup twice. Meanwhile, I love to see FC Barcelona getting multiple championships at the same time. How's they are doing too with their good players and accolades? I might missed Lionel Messi, the man who gets his luck happened along the Argentinians.
  13. sherwinriga

    To Conquer - A Youth Challenge in San Marino

    Should have won against Krasnodar, but unfortunate defeat against Spurs may hurt chances of upsetting a big club. Good job in the Champions League qualifying, but you could have earn a large money if you beat Steaua. Well, very good in making it to the Group Stage as well. Keep up the good work!
  14. These matches against Dundalk and Lincoln (GIB) suck badly! How the Champions League and Europa League went underway after San Giovanni turned professional? Aside from this, who have their good players from Dundalk and Lincoln (GIB)? Seems to be good well, but the worst case is that turning into administration would be the biggest nightmare.
  15. What a big disaster against Floirentina. How's Fiorentina doing in the Europa League and how's their best player and achievements doing well?