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  1. Not expect to see that coming! Who is replacing you? But on the other hand, jumping from underdogs to a champion-caliber team would be a big boost for you to get that championship... ...except that you choke. I don't think that this might be the only season with Tottenham. EDIT: Anyway, what's next for you? I hope it would be an Asian save again because I want to relive your save back the time when Bhutan would have taken over the football world. It would be great to bring it back!
  2. That's an unexpected surprising win in the World Cup Final for Mexico! Only the big thing is that Mexico may run its own dynasty sooner if you manage a Mexican club by exactly about 2070s. As for Vanuatu, can I show their NT roster instead?
  3. That's strange. Almost all nations in Oceania is completed, but where is Vanuatu?
  4. Okay, that's great! But anyway, expect to see a new coaching career in America!
  5. I'm glad that Juventud had started more competitive in the Europa League, but it would have been great if they're in the Champions League Group Stage. On the bright side, Andorra is getting their points collected to be part of the Top 100 in the World Rankings. Keep up the good work in both teams! It's already 10 years after 2025 and possibly, I would like to see the progress of how the world doing right now in international and continental competitions. It would be great to see how is it going right now in this save.
  6. What a surprise when I see your progress after two weeks of last time seeing your update, but what a big ending in Oceania. What a great way to finish off Oceania in 20 years! I can't believe that New Zealand gets the last laugh after Solomon Islands took over two years in a row! As I'm happy to see your journey come to an end in Oceania, I would like to see the progress of the clubs from Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tahiti and Tonga. I'm glad that I see the rosters of the clubs and NTs in Oceania after every nation was completed, but things are getting better for them this time! Now that one continent is down, there are about 5 continents and 200 nations to go to finish your journey! I would be excited to see what's going to be next on your journey! Good luck in America!
  7. Looking forward to follow your progress in a potential save in Europe, Makoto! I hope that you'll be able to grow your progress in your new career! Good luck!
  8. Shame that your run is over for a while, but I'm glad that you're going to continue with this very soon. Anyway, I like your new thread when I look at it. Hopefully, I'll be following your progress in your new save soon.
  9. Wow! Shame to lose to your former team in the OFC Champions League Final, but you finish one season is Samoa! That means, THREE more nations to finish Oceania! I guess that you're almost ready to head to America soon. Now, next up, I was wondering about how your former teams in New Caledonia (AS Wetr) and New Zealand (Central Utd) doing right now as well as their roster. I should also take a look at the NT rosters for New Caledonia and New Zealand as well! Also, once Oceania is completed, I'm going to be delighted to see the history of the OFC Champions League, the OFC Nations Cup and Oceanian qualification of the FIFA World Cup. As for your new laptop, I expect to add at least 2 or 3 more nations to be loaded as North America is bigger than Oceania. Or just stay as the same. They are my suggestions for now.
  10. I like that idea of creating a nation coming from a minnow nation in Europe. I bet that this save was so intriguing to me! Anyway, hopefully, you'll lead Andorra into a future powerhouse someday! By the way, since I'm following your save to make sure that Youth of Andorra would be a dominant powerhouse someday, I want to know about how Andorra and other nations doing. 1.) Can I take a look at the complete FIFA World Rankings as of the year 2025 and also, some notable minnows around the world and their roster would be looked like? Don't forget Andorra, of course! 2.) Speaking of France, Spain, Italy and Portugal, how's their league and NT doing? I bet Mbappe had ruled the FIFA World Cup in 2022... or not? 3.) Can I take a look at the rosters of the Catalan clubs as well as in Badalona and Barcelona? It would be great if you'll face them in a friendly match in the future. 4.) What the Youth of Andorra in France, Spain and Portugal would be looked like? Too bad that the French side was relegated to the 5th division. Anyway, keep up the good work and look forward to see your progress in the Youth of Andorra soon!
  11. No players in your former team? That's weird. I didn't expect to see some of the rosters of your former teams aren't appeared. Even the NT rosters which including some of 'A' nations like Afghanistan, Andorra, Argentina and Austria. I think that those finished nations should have a complete roster during international duties and league season. Well, I hope that I want to see their profile on how they're doing once you completed a nation. But anyway, I see a great expectation to move to another team in Bulgaria. I believe that Litex is a candidate to be promoted to the top league in Bulgaria. Good luck, Makoto!
  12. Great run with the league championship in Papua New Guinea! Samoa is one of the smaller nations of Oceania. I bet that you'll be glad to earn the league championship for at least 1 or 2 seasons. Good luck in Lupe Ole Soaga! But wait a minute, I didn't know that I forgot to see the rosters of your former teams (Ba [Fiji], Tamana [Kiribati] and Weloy Strikers [Micronesia]). Wow! How did I miss that?
  13. Wow! I missed out Brunei, but what a great way that you're in Bulgaria. While I missed out Brunei to read your progress, you're amazing that you have a complete without sacking run for 120+ years! I hope that you'll be able to reach your dreams of becoming the first player not to get sacked in the season. I believe that your run is looking great when I look at your career back in Afghanistan. Anyway, keep up the good work and make Volov Shumen promoted! Who are the best players form the NT in Bangladesh, Bhutan and Brunei? Also, I want to see the roster of your former team in Brunei. It makes me wondering about High Quality Triumphu in your former save in FM18.
  14. Too bad that the sack in H&P won't haunt you when you're in Margate FC. But it turns out that your season is not good like the last season. By the way, you should survive this time, Rikulec. Who is the new manager of H&P and how did your team and your former team face each other?
  15. So close that you could have won the ASB Premiership, but you made it through to win the OFC Champions League and ASB Football League! Hopefully, you'll get the league championship before moving to Papura New Guinea. Keep up the good work! Now, can I see the progress of your former teams in Fiji, Kiribati and Micronesia. Also, the national teams for Fiji, Kiribati and Micronesia. I hope that your former club in Fiji may get lucky again... or not?
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