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  1. Top pick you have chosen to win the league in my expectations! For me, I wanted also to see some ex-Soviet nations doing because I will be intriguing if the Armenia-Azerbaijan game would be more exciting outside the UEFA qualifying. I'll be riding along to see how they do well in Armenia!
  2. Claudio Ranieri should have given the credit for winning his first championship in Premier League as well as to the FA Cup twice. Meanwhile, I love to see FC Barcelona getting multiple championships at the same time. How's they are doing too with their good players and accolades? I might missed Lionel Messi, the man who gets his luck happened along the Argentinians.
  3. sherwinriga

    To Conquer - A Youth Challenge in San Marino

    Should have won against Krasnodar, but unfortunate defeat against Spurs may hurt chances of upsetting a big club. Good job in the Champions League qualifying, but you could have earn a large money if you beat Steaua. Well, very good in making it to the Group Stage as well. Keep up the good work!
  4. These matches against Dundalk and Lincoln (GIB) suck badly! How the Champions League and Europa League went underway after San Giovanni turned professional? Aside from this, who have their good players from Dundalk and Lincoln (GIB)? Seems to be good well, but the worst case is that turning into administration would be the biggest nightmare.
  5. What a big disaster against Floirentina. How's Fiorentina doing in the Europa League and how's their best player and achievements doing well?
  6. While I'm not happy about you got the worst draw against HB Koge,what happened to Koge in the next round? Who are the recent Champions in Champions and Europa League under the New Tactic Era? Will you get a rematch with HB Koge in a friendly match soon or in the Champions League or Europa League?
  7. Unfortunate leg against Sparta Prague. I was thinking that you get rid of the rivalry with Dinamo Zagreb and start a new rivalry with Sparta Prague. I hope your rematch with them would be more competitive as not to get embarrassed easily. Did Gabrielle Simoncini received a punishment after his own goal?
  8. I feel so good for you! Congrats on your first big win in EL and turning professional! Next stop, tycoon master plan!
  9. What about the current FIFA World Rankings? That would be great to see all nations around the world on how they progress there while you manage Sweden and the Netherlands!
  10. Congratulations on making San Giovanni a professional team!
  11. sherwinriga

    The History Bhoys - From the Lisbon Lions to ____?

    First of all, nice championship run in Scotland, then you made it through to the Champions & Europa League for more than 15 years. I'll be following and keep up the good work. For some reasons of being released, first, since you released the following players: Sam Andrews SP17a - released Eoghan Beattie SP17b - released Dave Devaney SP17c - released I think you should have been compensated for losing them. For the second reason, while you're trying to improve, you drew four games and lost one. Lastly, it's supposed to be a European class caliber team, but losing games at Champions League and Europa League. At the end, I hope you find another Irish club or another nation to explore more of it. As of now, there is no permanent replacement for Shamrock because Richard Bakary is taking over. I'll wait and see who will be the new manager for them.
  12. Amazing top lists of competitions who have their reputation high and low. Which small European nations have their league higher? San Marino Championship is 218th, but one small nation's league is higher than them.
  13. sherwinriga

    The Annual San Marino Youth Attempt

    You almost made it through against Dinamo Bucharest. Well, who are the Champions League and Europa League winners in your save?
  14. Great victories in Europa League! I'm very impressed with the result. Hopefully, you pulled upset victories soon in the Group Stage!
  15. You almost forgot about this... I hope Pasquale Mazzocchi plays for another team after his injury or play basketball instead (as in retiring from football).