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  1. Hello, I'm trying to start a new save with Jersey Bulls in the combined counties league (England L9), I forward to 25th JUN 21, select the newly promoted team but all the players are greyed out. Is this the way to start? Shouldn't I have proper players? Could this be because of custom database modifications?
  2. I would love to know more about the tactics, the instructions to achieve something like this. Great work.
  3. Maybe try doing everything in one post or open up a career thread! Good luck for the season!
  4. This happened in the first season, 5th league match or so.
  5. Hello! This is my first save of this type, I'm not sure if everything is done correctly but this is the team I chose, recently got into Tier 9 in England, here's an explanation... I will try to follow all the rules! See you later. MANAGER | SQUAD | TEAM REPORT | YOUTH Founded in 2018, Jersey Bulls are a semi-professional English club currently playing in the Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Premier. The Bulls famously lifted both the Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Division One title and the Combined Counties Cup in a double success in 2021. They are the most succesful club in Combined Counties Cup history. The club player their home games at Springfield Stadium and possess poor training and youth facilites as well as limited youth recruitment. They will enter the Emirates FA Cup in the first preliminary round next year as well as the Combined Counties Cup. The club’s vision is to create a sustainable, successful, financially viable, democratic football club that creates and maintains real and lasting benefits to its members and the local Jersey community. Our mission is to improve playing standards and offer our elite players the opportunity to play at higher levels on a regular basis, cultivate standards of behaviour that are based on fair play and respect to all, and provide an entertaining and rewarding experience for the club’s supporters. CLUB COLOURS HOME GROUND Springfield Stadium, Janvrin Road, St Helier, Jersey, JE24LF | MAP | ISLAND Let's see how it goes..!
  6. Yes, but I don't really understand lol. I did that and chose a team but half my players are greyed out. Is this usual? Team is Downton in WESSEX LEAGUE DIVISION ONE. Which I think is Tier 10..? I may have gone overboard with T10? lol
  7. Hello, can anyone explain the process of starting a save? Do I have to sim to 25th of June of the next year? And then create a manager?
  8. New update, this time with January transfer window Let's see what you think lol
  9. JANUARY TRANSFER WINDOW REVIEW And so the purge happened. Maybe some of you will not understand some of the signings but I think I can explain them lol. The starting Arsenal team has some poor personalities across the squad lacking professionalism so my aim is to try to fix this, through good signings and also signings which will be aimed at mentoring the squad, even though they may not even play. The best player personalities are Elneny, Willian and Leno which are Fairly Professional... Most of the team is balanced which is not good. The first player to come in was Omar Rekik following what happened in real life. For now, this is the only signing Arsenal have done so it is the one I did. If they sign anyone else (hopefully) I may sign them at the end of the season and start from there. In October 16th Wilshere came back to bolster the midfield, he still hasn't played (31st JAN) a game since joining either because he was not match fit or injured. Seeing how well that went I decided to snap up Ramsey again, he was transfer listed for 16.75M. I wanted someone who can play in the midfield with an attacking mindset, either in MC or AMC and make an impact right now, while ESR is developing and eventually takes the place. AARON RAMSEY - 30 Y/O EXPERIENCED WELSH MIDFIELDER To me it was an easy choice, I'm an Arsenal fan. Aaron has a resolute personality which is really positive for the plans, he is experienced and came directly as a team leader in the hierarchy and will be playing a lot although he accepted a squad player playing time. For me all that is really positive. My staff rate him as a good player and is second best MC behind Partey and obviously best AMC. 120K€ per week on a 2 year deal. The rest of the signings are as follows: In order of appearance, John Ruddy, Phil Jagielka, Matt Smith, Maxime Le Marchand, Omar Rekik and Aaron Ramsey JOHN RUDDY - 34 Y/O English GK - ATTRIBUTES - 950K € Former Norwich and Wolves GK (in the championship), he is pretty similar to Runar but quite older. Homegrown, experienced and a MODEL CITIZEN, perfect role model for many of the youngsters in the team. I have signed him to mentor players and maybe play a cup game or UEL game if we have a safe margin from the first leg. I don't expect him to be here for long but hopefully long enough to mentor quite a few players, soon Karl Jacob Hein will take his place as a second choice GK or some other signing. I probably overspent on him but it's not bank breaking to be honest, he is on 32K/wk wage, still less than what Runarsson had. PHIL JAGIELKA - 38 Y/O English CB - ATTRIBUTES - 140K € Amazed at the signings huh? More of the same to be honest, he will be 7th or 12th choice CB but he has experience and has a MODEL CITIZEN personality and is already mentoring Saliba and Saka. 17K €/wk on a 2 year deal. MATT SMITH - 31 Y/O English Target Man - ATTRIBUTES - 36K € Former Millwall, QPR and Fulham player amongst other teams. He goes directly into the U23s and won't come out, this transfer was more of a test, he has a Professional personality and will also help mentoring players although I'm not sure if it'll work out because he doesn't seem to have much influence. He is on a 1 year deal at 14K€ per week so I don't really care. His stats are really not THAT bad but my staff rates him as a League one player. MAXIME LE MARCHAND - 31 Y/O French CB - ATTRIBUTES - LOAN I think I'm boring you now. He has a resolute personality which will help mentoring more players (we have a lot of work to do) hehe. He may get a random game here and there but AMN will be the second choice left back. He is on 27K€ per week, Fulham transfer listed him because he's contract is up in summer, I opted for a loan and they accepted, I guess I could snap him up in summer if I'm interested in him mentoring more, we will see how it goes. OMAR REKIK - 19 Y/O English GK - ATTRIBUTES - 600K € Promising young CB, as I said, signed in real life, so signed in the game. All in all, spent 18.5M € this transfer window. The board are probably not happy with the average age of the new signings (30,5 Y/O with Rekik, 33 without). I will either post the outgoings here or make another post, I will decide later!
  10. I just finished January of my first season, this is my second save.
  11. What position/role do you play Thomas in? I need those performances, hehe
  12. So how do you go about mentoring a youngster, say 16 y/o which I'd like to have a better personality if possible, should I put them in the senior squad and let them play in U18 team? That would work but then they are not using U18 coaches which in theory should be better than first team coaches for them... ?
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