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  1. Hello! This is my first save of this type, I'm not sure if everything is done correctly but this is the team I chose, recently got into Tier 9 in England, here's an explanation... I will try to follow all the rules! See you later. MANAGER | SQUAD | TEAM REPORT | YOUTH Founded in 2018, Jersey Bulls are a semi-professional English club currently playing in the Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Premier. The Bulls famously lifted both the Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Division One title and the Combined Counties Cup in a double success in 2021. They are the most succe
  2. Yes, but I don't really understand lol. I did that and chose a team but half my players are greyed out. Is this usual? Team is Downton in WESSEX LEAGUE DIVISION ONE. Which I think is Tier 10..? I may have gone overboard with T10? lol
  3. Hello, can anyone explain the process of starting a save? Do I have to sim to 25th of June of the next year? And then create a manager?
  4. New update, this time with January transfer window Let's see what you think lol
  5. JANUARY TRANSFER WINDOW REVIEW And so the purge happened. Maybe some of you will not understand some of the signings but I think I can explain them lol. The starting Arsenal team has some poor personalities across the squad lacking professionalism so my aim is to try to fix this, through good signings and also signings which will be aimed at mentoring the squad, even though they may not even play. The best player personalities are Elneny, Willian and Leno which are Fairly Professional... Most of the team is balanced which is not good. The first player to come in was Omar Rekik
  6. I just finished January of my first season, this is my second save.
  7. What position/role do you play Thomas in? I need those performances, hehe
  8. So how do you go about mentoring a youngster, say 16 y/o which I'd like to have a better personality if possible, should I put them in the senior squad and let them play in U18 team? That would work but then they are not using U18 coaches which in theory should be better than first team coaches for them... ?
  9. HOW? Up to december, if anyone wants to have a look: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/542075-fm21-the-arsenal-way/?do=findComment&comment=12901892
  10. DECEMBER REVIEW Tierney particularly impressed with 7.7 avg across 5 appearances. Auba and Eddie started the month strong but couldn't keep up at the end. Eddie was named young player of the month in the league. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kind of bittersweet feelings cause of that EFL cup elimination, but went down trying hard, it just wasn't our day. Overall the month was outstanding with 24 goals in our favour and only 3 against in 8 games. That is an average of 3 scored and 0.4 received per game, even better if
  11. I'm not sure if it's the right thing to ask here but I cannot seem to find the answer elsewhere. What is the optimum way to develop a youngster? Up until they're 18 they should be in the U18s? At what age should they be mentored (if its even needed?), before that? But then you have to move them up to senior training to be able to mentor in groups. How does that affect training when they're not with the U18 coaches? And when they're 18 supposedly they benefit most from playing matches but if they're not ready for my team and I send them on loan I can no longer train them or mentor them as
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