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  1. My coaching duties kinda keep getting in the way of playing as well. Cheers mate.
  2. Jakub Słota's Management Career - Season Review - 2033/34 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa Results (Jul-Dec) - Results (Feb-May) Competition Performance: Winners On one hand, we got one point more than last season, scored one more goal, and generally did slightly better on paper. Legia also didn't really push us this time round, allowing us to finish a whooping 19 points above them. And yet, I can't help but feel slightly underwhelme
  3. Jakub Słota's Management Career - May 2034 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa Not the most spectacular end to the season, but two wins are two wins. Puchar Polski
  4. We added on some more bookings instead of goals, but it doesn't really matter, does it?
  5. Well, I think it's safe to say this is not shaping up to be a very dramatic affair. We're absolutely flying at half time, Jagiellonia don't look like they're going to threaten us at all.
  6. A few significant absences in our squad: most worryingly, our goalkeeper Milenkovic is out with a pulled thigh muscle. Marian Kiss and Adrian Skorłutowski also miss out because of injuries.
  7. Our road to the final wasn't the easiest one imaginable. While the first three rounds were relatively straightforward, the other two games turned out to be really close. After all, we did face the only team in the country who are able to stand up to us and give us a damn tough game every time we face each other. One could probably assume that we've already overcome the biggest difficulties, but let's not forget that Jagiellonia were the first team to beat us in the league this season, giving us a proper shock at their stadium. We won in our last encounter in the league just three weeks ago, bu
  8. Here we are, ahead of what's only our third appearance in the Polish Cup final. On paper it should be clear to everyone that we're the favourites here. However, there's probably some reason behind us doing relatively bad in this competition. Despite our domination in the league we haven't been able to win it since that famous victory back when we were battling it out in the I Liga, only reaching the final once more after that. There's still plenty of history to write here: it's a great chance for our first ever domestic clean sweep. Let's do this!
  9. And so we become the first team in history to win it six times in a row.
  10. Jakub Słota's Management Career - April 2034 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa Considering Legia's meltdown, I think this is our easiest and most comfortable league win so far. Puchar Polski The luck of the shoot-out paves our way into the final, where we're going to face Jagiellonia.
  11. Jakub Słota's Management Career - March 2034 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa We're definitely not such a ruthless terror machine anymore. Puchar Polski A free kick from the edge of the box sends us through to the semis. Youth Intake Some nice depth in there. We also got a player from Georgia, which is interesting. I'm not too convinced about quality though. Traczyk looks good at first glance, but apparently he can't play without a guide dog. Norbert Suchomski Marian Traczyk Hubert Panczyk Mateusz Mazur Patryk Dawid
  12. Jakub Słota's Management Career - February 2034 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa Late goals against Legia and ŁKS cost us four points. Transfers Plenty of big money moves, including a new record fee paid. Wojciech Wichtowski - I want to have the finest Polish talent here at the club and Wichtowski has been labelled as a wonderkid shortly after joining. Marcin Michalak - a rotation option for the midfield for now, hopefully something more in the future. Eldar Hodzic - a short term solution for one of the centre back
  13. I got a new long-term contract with a nice raise as well.
  14. Jakub Słota's Management Career - January 2034 - Unia Janikowo Friendlies Transfers We got absolutely pillaged, unfortunately we got hurt by release clauses again. We lost our starting defenders in Gordic, Romic, and Stankov, a starting striker in Penicka, and the incredibly talented Zatwarnicki, who's probably going to be worth ten times the fee Juventus paid. Of course I've already found some replacements, but they won't be here until February.
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