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  1. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    So, with the FM18 beta just around the corner, what should we expect from you guys? I've almost decided to go back to the roots with my save this year, starting unemployed in Iceland and waiting for the story to unfold. The original idea was to do the same in San Marino, but I'm way too excited for the game to wait for the full release and the editor files.
  2. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    It certainly has been a great year. Hats off to everyone involved.
  3. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    I'm late, sorry!
  4. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    I'm sorry, but I have to say it. Oh ****.
  5. Video careers, should they be allowed?

    Either that or a suitable tag and I'm all for it.
  6. Great start, absolutely no shame losing to the top three.
  7. Handballs are there, feels like they're way too rare though. There always seems to be a yellow card no matter what the circumstances are as well.