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  1. That's a really good first season in charge of a new club.
  2. Looks like a good decision.
  3. Gylfi Elvarsson's Management Career - Pre-Season - 2055/56 - Swansea City Friendlies Yup, we played some. Transfers Let's go ****ing mental! Oh, and we have another player on his way in, his work permit is pending at the moment. Fresnel Diba - haven't I already managed this guy? Former Arsenal and Aston Villa keeper joins to replace Andrea Farris. Cédric Giraud - a versatile player who's good already and has bags of potential, in my vision he's our new right back. Mason Lillis - I couldn't pass up on an opportunity to bring a decent homegrown player in for free. Gastón Biggeri - another lad who has already proven his worth. I have some high hopes for him. İbrahim Çakır - just look at his physical attributes. He's exactly the centre back we needed. Zeph Leader - he's homegrown, he has some decent stats, and he's our new backup left back. Tristan Hof - one for the future, but if he looks like this at 17, I imagine he could turn into the next big thing. Phil Williams - because Swansea just need to have a Welsh centre back named Williams. He's also a good young player, which is certainly an asset. Alpasian Baron - what was this guy doing in Scotland in the first place? A great central midfielder with plenty of room for further development. Wayne Swann - probably the least exciting of our transfers. Meet our new second-choice right back.
  4. Good.
  5. They comfortably won the league, finishing on 103 points.
  6. Gylfi Elvarsson's Management Career - Season Preview - 2055/56 - Swansea City Board Expectations: Premier League: Top half finish FA Cup: Sixth Round Capital One Cup: Quarter Final My Expectations: Premier League: Sneak into Europe. FA Cup: Win it, if we can't gain European qualification through the league. Otherwise, not important. Capital One Cup: Same as above. Budgets: Transfer: £0 Wage: £2,466,206 (currently spending £2,053,549) Balance: £42,958,782
  7. ...woah.
  8. Gylfi Elvarsson's Management Career - Season Review - 2054/55 - Swansea City Premier League Results (Aug-Dec) - Results (Jan-May) (red line marks my arrival) Competition Performance: 11th I took over when the side were sitting in 12th, and by a classic mid-table win some, draw some, lose some I brought them one place higher. There's not much to talk about really, it was always going to be a transition period. FA Cup Competition Performance: Third Round I had no role in this... Capital One Cup Competition Performance: Second Round ...or this. Squad We're sorted up front, in the centre of midfield, and in goal. We need to strengthen everywhere else. Transfers (red line marks my arrival) - Finances I didn't have much time to leave my mark on transfers, the only move worth any attention being offloading a rather non-promising 18-year-old to Arsenal for a whooping £12,5M. Things are going to change soon though. The finances look rather worrying, but don't worry, I have a plan for sorting them out. That wage bill is going to get slashed over the summer. Player of the Season 1st - Dean Graham - because who else? He hit an incredibly rich vein of form soon after my arrival, bagging goals all the way. He stopped at 20 in the league, but if he carries on with his performances next season, I can see him competing for the Golden Boot. 2nd - David Bruneau - the French midfielder may be on the wrong side of thirty, but he still has some wonderful physical attributes, and his contribution to our play is simply priceless. What a fantastic player to have. 3rd - Kai Landgraf - similarly to Graham, he only started playing well after I came to the club, but once he did, he contributed to a large number of goals scored by his strike partner. I have very high hopes for that duo. Next Season A lot depends on the budgets. I have hopes for a European place.
  9. Gylfi Elvarsson's Management Career - May 2055 - Swansea City Premier League The assessment period has officially ended. Now it's time to act. Bearing in mind the beating I received from Liverpool in the FA Cup, I decided not to change anything tactics-wise and just play our usual game against them and see what happens. I have to say I'm quite happy with what unfolded. We were a tough match for them, but they caught that one glimpse of luck in the 34th minute when a deflection set up Victor Waldenström for a goalscoring chance he simply couldn't waste. The visitors threw that lead away though, and they did it almost literally - in the 58th minute their goalkeeper Morgan Gillet caught the ball after a drilled cross from the right wing... and carried it over the line. And that, kids, is how we took two points from usual title contenders. The less said about the Bournemouth game, the better. The good thing is that this result helped send Chelsea down to the Championship, which is nice. The bad thing? Everything else regarding our performance. We were toothless up front and vulnerable at the back. The visitors broke the deadlock in the 55th minute, Carlo van Vilsteren taking advantage of a horrendous misunderstanding in our defensive ranks following a free kick from the right wing. We tried to go all out attack in the dying minutes in the pursuit of the equaliser, but instead Bournemouth hit us once again in the 88th minute, Luke Chettle with a close range rebound. Beating Man Utd at Old Trafford was always going to be a tough ask, and we're just not there yet in terms of sheer quality. The hosts got in front in the 31st minute, Kamiel Mariën calmly bringing the ball down after a free kick cross and beating Andrea Farris in a one-on-one. Then in the 59th minute a backpass attempt by Petr Lastuvka was anticipated and intercepted by Alin Ionescu, who doubled their lead. Our response came through the always dependable Dean Graham in the 66th minute - Xavier Sborgni with the assist from the right wing - but just thirty seconds later Ionescu settled the final scoreline after a classy finish to a magnificent solo run. We really do need better defenders. And finally, Tottenham. A team that had had a rather underwhelming season, and a team I was silently hoping to beat to end our campaign on a high note. We did so by the slightest of margins, but the scoreline flattes the opposition immensely - our domination was undisputed, we didn't even allow a shot on target from them. At the same time though we were horribly wasteful in front of their goal, and I was even coming to terms with the prospect of a disappointing 0:0. But it wasn't to be - in the 67th minute Graham got his 20th league goal of the season, applying the finish to Richard Edwards' cross. At the same time, Chelsea suffered a humiliating 1:5 loss to Sunderland at Stamford Bridge. Good riddance.
  10. Augustsson looks quite good already, I hope he becomes a great player for you.
  11. That means 11 goals in his last 7 games. Mental.
  12. Gylfi Elvarsson's Management Career - April 2055 - Swansea City Premier League I can't wait to get a proper defensive block here. We had one of our off days against a relegation-battling Portsmouth side, and it cost us big time. To everyone's surprise, they were all over us right from the start, and finally in the 31st minute they broke through when a wonderful long range strike from Mobido Yattara found its way in. They got their second eight minutes later - Andrea Farris came out of his line to intercept a deep free kick, but Pablo Gamarra changed the direction the ball was going with an edge-of-the-box header, and to my disbelief it found its way in. If that wasn't enough of subpar goalkeeping, in the 61st minute a very stoppable effort by Bruno Faustino was also let in to put us 3:0 down at home with half an hour to go. All we could reply with came in the 81st minute - Garry Moncur was sent off for a foul on Richard Edwards just about to take a shot, and Dean Graham converted the penalty that was given. That was it. Nowhere near good enough. Next up, a battle of two mid-table sides. West Brom certainly were within our reach, but they did give us a damn good run for our money. They were the first team to score, and they did so against the run of play - we were the better team in the opening minutes, but a corner finished off by Samir Trabelsi's header put the hosts in front in the 21st minute. And that's what it stood at at half time. After the break everything turned around - it was West Brom who had more of the ball and seemed more likely to extend their lead, but that didn't happen. Instead, in the 50th minute a beautiful cross from Richard Edwards allowed Morgan to net the equaliser. Bringing Edwards on at half time was simply a great move - in the 75th minute the hard-working Englishman scored the winning goal, applying the finish to Morgan's square ball. Nice. And Morgan was just getting started. The guy's on fire, and Southampton are probably wishing they hadn't been curious to check whether it's true. The striker began his show in the 36th minute, heading the ball home after a cleverly taken free kick from Xavier Sborgni. With seconds to go before half time, he doubled his goal tally, tapping the ball into an empty net after a good square pass from Kai Landgraf. And finally in the 49th minute our strike partnership produced a similar move to allow the Englishman to become the first hat-trick hero for Swansea under my helm. Keith Ginnelly's consolation goal in the 90th minute meant very little. We deserved to win. A lot of bad things can be said about how we play, but we're certainly not boring. Brentford are a team I would have blindly taken a point from before the game had started. Afterwards... well, not necessarily. The very beginning wasn't very promising for us, as Juddy Saka put the hosts in front with a simple tap-in in the 6th minute. But then we replied straight away, Sborgni applying the finish to Landgraf's perfectly timed through ball, and it was game on. Fifteen minutes later Landgraf gave us the lead himself, Graham with the assist. And, of course, our main man had to score as well - he did so in the 67th minute to make it 3:1, volleying the ball home after a nice delivery from Edwards on the right wing. But Brentford are no pushovers, and they roared back - in the 78th minute Saka doubled his goal tally to get them back in play, and in the 92nd minute Philipp Kalinowski broke our hearts, beating Farris in a one-on-one situation. Still, it was a damn good showing from both teams. We did well.
  13. You won that one bloody cup I never managed to get. Well done.
  14. Gylfi Elvarsson's Management Career - March 2055 - Swansea City Premier League We're getting better. Once again we've blessed the fans with a proper Premier League thriller. We got off to an unexpectedly good start against Arsenal - in the 4th (yup) minute a conscious square ball from Kai Landgraf was hammered into the net by Dean Graham. Our celebrations didn't last long - four (yup) minutes later Olexiy Lysov equalised after finding himself on the end of a fantastic pass from the left wing. We didn't wait long to get back in front though - in the 14th minute Graham scored again, this time from Xavier Sborgni's cross. Twenty minutes later our French winger picked up his second assist, only this time it was Arsenal's defender Mario Bravo who beat his own goalkeeper trying to clear a cross away. The second half was pretty much a constant stream of the hosts' attacks. When they made it 2:3 through Romain Noël in the 81st minute, I was truly afraid. But we held on, and it was a wonderful victory for us. Despite a media prediction of 4th, Chelsea are having an absolutely dreadful season, and relegation really does look like an option for them. We decided not to help them in their struggle, but that decision took some time to be made. Meanwhile, the visitors caught us on the break and got in front in the 4th minute, Pavel Jurcik the scorer. Then it was Björn Koopmann's turn to perform some absolute miracles between the sticks for them. I lost count of how many times I held my head in disbelief. After a massive struggle we finally broke through in the 43rd minute, Graham on the end of Damian Lenkiewicz's cross. The England international only needed two more minutes to double his goal tally and put us in front right before the break - this time he applied an incredibly classy finish to Landgraf's through ball. Finally in the 63rd minute Paul Saunders received the ball 25 yards out, and without hesitation he sent it hurling towards the top corner with a powerful strike. We finished the game with 29 shots, 17 of them on target. Domination, is that the word? The West Ham game was just all too similar to the Sunderland one. We kept playing football and they kept scoring goals in the first half. Modou Cisse was the first one to find the net - he did so in the 13th minute with a nice header to a cross from the right wing. Then in the 36th minute Nahuel Cristante converted a penalty given away by Sborgni, and seven minutes later Martin Danielsson made it 3:0, taking full advantage of erratic positioning by Andrea Farris on his line. The only thing that changed in the second half was that they finally stopped coming near our penalty area, and we could focus on trying to pull off the improbable. All we could muster was Graham's goal in the 61st minute though - the striker was assisted by a clever through pass from Nenad Djeric. Frustrating, with better defending we really could have won that. Youth Intake Alright, I've seen worse. Dale Bowen Alan Brown