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  1. The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    This boring domestic league could actually be perfect for the quick sessions of just one or two games, which is probably going to be how I will mostly be playing. Thanks guys, I may or may not set up a thread in a couple of days to have another thing to motivate me to keep going.
  2. **** me, I'd be fuming. Hopefully you can survive, next season should be easier if you do.
  3. The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Alright, so I'm looking for inspiration to start a save that I could hopefully get me hooked until FM19 comes out. Any suggestions? Preferably something in a smaller league so that it gives me a chance for nice progression while also not being terribly time-consuming as real-life coaching makes it impossible to dedicate as much time to FM as I used to. Any ideas will be much appreciated.
  4. One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    Jesus Christ, I can't even imagine what my reaction would be if it happened in real life. Best of luck against Salzburg mate, you can do it.
  5. One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    Amazing work to get past Brugge.
  6. One Door Closes, Another Andorra Opens

    Nice progress, keep it up.
  7. Rising stars in Portugal - Lusitano FC

    Well done grabbing the first European trophy.
  8. No surprises in the squad then, thought they would have at least one decent-looking newgen among the standouts. Cheers.