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  1. Thanks a lot! Playing FM as a club you support is already something special, but playing as your club is on a completely different level. It's an amazing experience with a whole new layer of personal affiliation. It's difficult to describe really, you'd have to see for yourself. I can only say I don't remember being so excited about the game ever before! On a side note, I haven't had much free time this week, so apologies for the reduced frequency of updates. Things should kick off again from tomorrow evening, stay tuned.
  2. Thanks a lot! Unfortunately FM isn't very popular at the club, so I don't really talk about it.
  3. Jakub Słota's Management Career - Season Preview - 2026/27 - Unia Janikowo Board Expectations: PKO BP Ekstraklasa: Fight bravely against relegation Puchar Polski: Second Round My Expectations: PKO BP Ekstraklasa: Let's not get carried away here. I'll be happy with 13th. Puchar Polski: Not important, but let's not embarrass ourselves this time. Budgets: Transfer: £637,188 Wage: £25,379 (currently spending £12,596) Balance: £860,593
  4. I have to agree, I'm shocked with how fast he's been developing. Some of his attributes grew by 7 points in just over two years! I've never had a player get so good so quickly, and he's showing no signs of stopping. Could be an eventful summer...
  5. Jakub Słota's Management Career - Season Review - 2025/26 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa (championship group) - PKO BP Ekstraklasa (relegation group) Results (Jul-Dec) - Results (Feb-May) Competition Performance: 9th That was a season of two halves... well, more or less. We were your typical relegation candidates, occasionally grabbing points here and there but generally being constantly reminded that this level is the land of the big boys. Everything turned around after the winter break though and we suddenly went on a 10-game unbeaten run, famously demolishing an in-form Legia side at our place in the process. We couldn't quite keep that up after the split, but the job had really been already done at that point. I couldn't have wished for a better first season in the Ekstraklasa! Puchar Polski Competition Performance: First Round We don't talk about this. Squad It's still very much work in progress, but it's slowly starting to form some shape. There are players like Bykowski, Szczepanek and Wroblewski forming the core of the team. Bondarenko, Dara, Szewczuk and Porebski are getting released. Transfers - Finances I was quite busy in the market, spending more money than ever, but also cashing in on one of our academy graduates. All in all I'm pleased with the business done, especially the winter incomings. We're in a healthy financial position even after paying for the facility upgrades. Finally! Player of the Season 1st - Franciszek Wroblewski - if anyone here remembers Papiss Cisse's first half season at Newcastle, well, that's what this guy did. He may not have scored an otherworldy goal against Cech at Stamford Bridge, but he inexplicably made our quality grow exponentially. 11 goals in 15 games, I can only hope he can keep this form up next season! 2nd - Pawel Bykowski - he's the academy product everyone dreams of. Great personality and a crazy rate of development have made him into quite a beast for our level. I'm sure he still has way more to offer, though I'm not sure we'll be able to hold onto him for much longer. He certainly looks bigger than the club already. 3rd - Krzysztof Baranowski - for the second season in a row the Lechia loanee was our main creative force in midfield. Steady development and eight assists, could I have really wished for more after making the massive step into the top flight? He's been great for us, but it's time for him to return home. I wish him all the best. Next Season Consolidate.
  6. Haha, thanks. I don't think I'm going to get it, but you never know!
  7. Jakub Słota's Management Career - May 2026 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa A bit shaky at the back, but we held onto the top spot, effectively finishing 9th in the league, and we gave the fans something to celebrate on final day. I'm happy!
  8. A brilliant solo run and a fully deserved award.
  9. Jakub Słota's Management Career - April 2026 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa A bit of a worse month and our unbeaten run is sadly over. We're pretty much safe now, but I still want to finish as high as possible to get a bigger payout. Youth Intake Apologies for not taking a proper picture of the whole intake, my bad. As for these guys, I think only Zwolinski shows some promise, but there are some shortcomings I'm not sure he can make up for. Maciej Zwolinski Konrad Gajkowski Wojciech Rogacki
  10. This guy has pretty much turned our season around single-handedly. He deserves all the awards there are.
  11. Jakub Słota's Management Career - March 2026 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa I have no idea what happened to us, but I want to enjoy every single moment of it. We're now eight games unbeaten and twelve points above the dreaded 14th. Top half is probably out of the question, but we're in a great position to stay in the league for another season.
  12. Woah. I was really happy when we drew against them in Warsaw, but this... this is just something else. One of my very best results on any FM, ever. They were on great form as well, four wins and one draw in their previous five games. And we handed their ass to them on a silver plate. At our place, where there are blocks of flats on the other side of the street and some lucky people can watch our games from their balconies. With two goals from our own academy products, 18-year-old centre backs, one of them born in Janikowo. **** me, that's amazing.
  13. We're not exactly in the position to turn down such offers. It's a lot of money given our current stature, and he also wanted to leave.
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