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  1. Haha. It's been a long time since I last properly managed Lech, can't even really remember when it was. Now I don't have anywhere near as much time for FM as I did in the past, so my short-to-medium-term save idea could actually stretch out for months.
  2. That's a very good point. I've had plenty of success with a very basic 4-2-3-1 in those games and the AMC was always the key player in my tactics, never failing to rack up the numbers. The key to making it work was having two classical wingers on the sides and an AF in front of him.
  3. It used to be absolutely unthinkable for me, but I think I might actually start FM22 with a Legia save.
  4. I've just found out the most amazing thing - one of my players' dad records all our matches in full and uploads them to Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeCB0qLzT7UGMNhRqGew2yg/playlists The Krzaki Czaplinkowskie playlist is from another friendly tournament we won last weekend. Enjoy! EDIT: In case it's not obvious for the non-Polish audience, we play in green in this latest playlist.
  5. Those are some mental sums going both ways.
  6. Lincoln Red Imps are in the Conference League group stage! So lovely to see that, a proper FM story!
  7. I've been to the LTC back in March, but I won't be working there. Only the academy teams from U14 upwards train there, I'm coaching the lead U12 team at Legia Soccer Schools as well as one of the regular U10 groups. Coming to Lech would be quite a twist, especially if I actually spend a few years here and develop the way I'd ideally like to! Thanks for your support.
  8. Yeah, it's... complicated. It was the kind of opportunity you just don't refuse, the way things are organised here is that it's relatively easy to get started and if you prove yourself, there's a clear pathway to the academy, and once you get there, it's up to you how far you can go. And yeah, I left Unia at the end of last season. Seems like it was the perfect time to do so as well, but I won't go into much detail. Cheers mate!
  9. Got my first trophy already. We've only just started training this week and it turns out I'm going to be slowly introduced into the team over the next couple of weeks. Their departing coach is still there for that period and I'm there as an assistant, getting to know the players and stuff. I really like what I've seen so far, the atmosphere is great and I see a lot of potential for growth, both short and long term. We participated in a two-day tournament that ended today and, well, we won it. Our goalkeeper saved a crucial one-on-one in the final game as well after I had given him some tips specifically about that the game before, so I like to think I've already contributed!
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