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  1. TV revenue is quite good, apart from that you can make around £600K from the Pro Junior System and you also get some kind of a weird bonus for making a profit that allows you to, well, make even more profit.
  2. Ekstraklasa is a whole different world compared to the lower leagues in terms of finances, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Not necessarily, you're not guaranteed a place in the cup in the first season after the promotion to the central level, but you can still get it if you're lucky enough. You should definitely enter it next season though.
  4. You can have a look at Przemysław Kędziora at Unia Janikowo, he should do a great job at this level.
  5. That's a very good season.
  6. I'll say it as well, great layout and an interesting save. Will definitely be following!
  7. Let's see if you can post the update before Makoto is done with his season.
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