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  1. Mariehamn. This brings me back to my FM16 save, which is always great for me. I hope you stay there longer than I did!
  2. Now that's what I call ending the season in style! Well done.
  3. That's amazing to hear. I actually still have both that save (it's in 2060-ish now) and FM16... maybe one day.
  4. I'm not even surprised anymore. Oh, and typical Schalke there!
  5. So you just casually stayed up and qualified for Europe in your first season in the Bundesliga. What else did I expect?
  6. The draw is already done by the game after the qualifying matches, it doesn't actually happen in real time. You'd have to replay the return leg against FH over and over to get different draws, which doesn't make sense in my opinion. Just go with what you have now.
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