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  1. Nothing huge, but I'm kind of proud of this team. I expected to have at least one more season in Serie B, but then we just went out to destroy everybody and lost only one game until we clinched the Championship. Also Palmieri - what a beast, my God.
  2. How about ESA18? Any plans for that?
  3. here from my current save game and I'm pretty sure I've seen another example on youtube stream
  4. For some reason Lucjan Brychczy's (ID: 710469) age gets randomised each savegame. His correct DOB is 13/06/1934.
  5. Giovanni Ignoffo (ID: 11072) is no longer the manager of US Avellino (ID:1108). The new manager is Ezio Capuano (ID: 3803857), who left Rieti (ID: 6100208) at the end of 18/19 season. Also Giovanni Ignoffo (ID: 11072) was hired by Benevento Calcio between 2014 and 2017 and then he took over the Palermo U18 squad until the beggining of 19/20 season, when he left for Avellino and got fired in October. https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giovanni_Ignoffo https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ezio_Capuano
  6. Player Name: Carlo Gambino Date of Birth: August 24 Position: DM Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: Holland European Nation to Play for: San Marino
  7. October 2019 In this kind of situations, I always tell myself that I don't need to understand everything, so there is nothing wrong if I don't understand this for example. Suddenly we are the hottest team in the Serie C and we take out opponents left and right. It seems like giving a chance to younger guys on the team actually pays off. Mansueto is on his Glik-swag because he scores after pretty much every corner and Crivaro looks even better than last year. Due to Dolcini's injury, Boscolo Zemelo starts every game and he is nuts, even though he got only one goal this month. Hilarious.
  8. September 2019 Expected. The reason is simple - we didn't play as a team. It kind of reminds me the beginning of the season with F.C Avellino, where our results depended on the form of certain players. Here in Serie C - stuff looks familiar. There were a few positives though - we didn't make any mistake while loaning new players and all of them were useful and are about to be useful in near future as well. Besides, the guys who were already on the team are really leading the charge, giving it all for the team. This actually lets me think that there is no way we are getting relegated this season. Also, Wolsztyński, who appears to be my first cash transfer got along pretty good and he was really killing it, even though he didn't know any Italian word when he came to Serravalle. On the other hand, we had big time troubles with injuries - pretty much every game someone had to be subbed off, which didn't help us in getting the team in shape. Hopefully, next months will be better.
  9. Offseason 2019 Mr. Janukiewicz, can we get a word from you? A lot of hard work this time. We became a professional organization once again so we had not only to contract the players who were already on the squad but also find new ones, who will increase the quality. Eventually, we finished the team after bringing 15 new players (!!!), while losing only two. Sadly, we had to accept the offer for GabiDol. We will, of course, have him back for one more season, but the fact he just accepted the offer from BENEVENTO is a disgrace. It was also my first cash transfer in the whole career and it already was pretty high. The money we earned won't only let us calmly stay alive in Serie C this season, but also bring some players in. The only player we bought though is Rafał Wolsztyński (, 24, 0/0). He will be playing not only as a back-up to Dolcini, but he also can fill in in midfield in De Angelis' role from last season. The biggest loanees are definitely Francesco Bucchi (, 17, 0/0), Alberto Capellini (, 17, 0/0) and Christian Capone (, 20, 0/0). Alongside Pablo Negri (, 20, 0/0) and Pierluigi Pinto (, 20, 0/0) they will create a good core to fight for the predicted 9th place. Although, my personal fav is a free agent Marian Galdean (, 30, 0/0) who will bring a lot of much-needed experience to our young midfield. We won the bidding battle for him against a few bigger Serie C names than us, so this makes me especially happy. We could also capitalize on Salvatore Minotti (, 19, 0/0), a youngster who scored 10 goals on Serie D level and somehow managed to become a free agent after A.S.D Mezzolara decided to not renew his deal. Yes, we played a few friendlies and Coppa Italia Serie C. Meh.
  10. Teaser trailer from offseason: Guess it's a nice deal and we're getting him back for one more season, but still...
  11. @mark1985 thank you. Now it's the time to show the world what we are made of.
  12. Season 2018/2019 Summary STANDINGS - RESULTS (SEP-DEC) - RESULTS (JAN-JUN) - INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS - TEAM LEADERS - FINANCES PLAYER OF THE SEASON 1. Gianluca Frabotta - another fullback who excelled under me. His combination of speed and technique is pretty much the full package for my dream wingback. Defenders had a hard time when he was coming into attacking third. 2. Gabriel Dolcini - the biggest hope of Sanmarinese calcio. He was playing great all season long and he didn't have any bad moment. It would be great to keep him in Serravalle, but I'm pretty sure that someone bigger will come and show him the brighter sight of football. 3. Filippo Ghizzardi - a bit more well rounded than his vis-a-vis, but could use some more speed though. Ghizzardi signed with us to rebuild his broken career and it looks like he is on a good way to stick with football. He quickly took out Ceccarelli out the starting line up and he hopes to keep his spot next season. 4. Alessandro Conti - exceptionally this season I will point out five players (instead of three) as our both central midfielders had a great season. Conti started his career in Juventus and after two failed loans to Cesena, he ended in San Marino. Alongside De Angelis, he rolled in the central part of the field in most of the games. He lacks experience though, but if he sticks with us for the next season, I can see him adding it. 5. Nicolò De Angelis - a Roma loanee looks like the next solid Serie A player. He has it all - head, heart and legs. His brilliant plays made some other players better. It would be great to keep him, but Roma probably will look for a club in a higher division than Serie C. It was a pleasure though to train such a good centrocampista. U.S Avellino 1912 Someone mean would say that we defended our ground. Well, it's the third season in a row when Lupi finish 14th. After a good start though, when for a moment we were placed 7th, we immediately felt down to the lower places. At least our brothers from Frosinone made it to the Serie A, so this championship run of Benevento doesn't sound so bad. This time it was Francesco Forte (, 26, 0/0), a loaned from Inter striker, who was playing on the pretty decent level, scoring pretty much regularly, however it looks like we are currently stuck with the current board and the coaching staff. It looks like the president is okay with Avellino seating in a midway of the table and Novellino is perfectly safe, even though he just can't make this team progress. At least we finished strong and after beating Benevento (hilarious game, Gigi Castaldo with a hattrick only ten minutes after he checked into the game) and Salernitana in the second half of the season, we rule the lovely region of Campania.
  13. May&June 2019 Well, we tried to throw it away but we kept our cool and here we are - your Serie D Girone E champions. Theoretically, we clinched it after the Albissola draw, because Virtus decided to drop some points as well and to get in front of us they had to win their last game by at least 16 goals and hope that we lose our game against Real Forte Querceta. However, we didn't let them regret scoring less and we just won our home closer. Winning the title got us a seeding in Serie D Poule Scudetto with decides the ultimate champion of all Serie D gironi, but we lost in semis on penalties against S.S Matera Calcio - a club which was randomly selected from three teams in their group as all three possessed the same record. It was a good finish to a good season and I'm pretty sure that upcoming one is going to be a great one as well.
  14. @Sambacutilamba: well, I wasn't that impressed with this hattrick because Ozzanese plays on the seventh level, however, I have to say that Dolcini easily becomes one of my favorite players in FM18. It's kind of unlucky that he doesn't score in NT, but I'm sure that he is on his way to beat Andy Selva's scoring record.
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