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  1. That's a pretty cool, nostalgic set of Ekstraklasa teams by the way.
  2. straight outta intake, never had a better one to be honest, so I'm pretty damn excited
  3. Well, who wouldn't sign Lord Bendtner for free? Soo... I gave up after winning the Scudetto in like 2028 or 2029; I got very attached to the players that have been with me since the beggining (6-7 names in total, long term loanees mainly and two of them became club legends) and I lost interest in rebuilding with them being left out. My youth setup was pretty good, however during the 10 year stint only two players from my academy made it to the first team and we lost many players to other teams in pre-recruitment period (first it was Salernitana , than Roma, Inter and Napoli); I was buil
  4. Had awesome run with Avellino last year and had awesome run with Sopranos for the last decade or so. Definitely following. From my experience - long term loans are your best friends and expensive free agents are the worst; the sad thing about big old names is that they are usually really washed up and even at this level they won't make any difference other than messing with your finances. On the other hand - clubs are hesitant with resigning loaned players, so having them on your squad in the last year of the contract might be the key to steal some good youngsters from Milan, Juve
  5. Nothing huge, but I'm kind of proud of this team. I expected to have at least one more season in Serie B, but then we just went out to destroy everybody and lost only one game until we clinched the Championship. Also Palmieri - what a beast, my God.
  6. Player Name: Carlo Gambino Date of Birth: August 24 Position: DM Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: Holland European Nation to Play for: San Marino
  7. I guess this was posted a lot of times, but my eyes bleed everytime I look into my editor data folder after I download your addon - is there any way for FM to read league files from subfolder created in editor data? I mean, there is a config file inside, but without examples I don't know how to use it properly with editor data files. Cheers.
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