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  1. Tops and flops after 3rd season Tops -Sean Raggett, Danny Mota Flops (wonderkid flops) -Gouiri, Pellegri, Badiashile (after serie C and serie B)
  2. 2nd and 3rd season -Online Game update (Vicenza, Modena, Reggiana) So far so good, despite initial struggles. Last time I wrote about easy times for Vicenza and Modena (as they stormed through serie B). My Reggianas 2nd season in Serie C was easy as well, with so many players signed on loan -imagine likes Gouiri, Pellegri, Armini, Badiashile, Carnesecchi, Melegoni, Gaetano at this level. Despite lack of commitment (some of these wonderkids' decreased in ability), Regia won the league way ahead of Pisa. Vicenza and their transfer (loan) policy -many british players resulted in many record breaking results and fast promotion to serie A, their best player was ... Sean Raggett. Yes, that DC who played for Dover Athletic just five seasons earlier, released by Norwich City, stormed through serie B with goalscoring record like once Kamil Glik at Torino. Modena - after signing Danny Mota from Juve res. and loaning out Leandrinho from Napoli they didnt have much problems neither. At this time we wre wondering if there is any sense by continuing this save, 2 nd season was the most boring FM season ever. However... 3rd season - Vicenza & Modena in Serie A, Reggiana in serie B Vicenza had so many loans and after promotion squad registration rules became a problem Modena promoted with many Serie C team members - serie A seemed challenging and game is was saved from extinction. Reggiana I expected more or less easy promotion,as many loans were signed for 2 seasons Vicenza (6th , EL) managed to sign some good players on free, having Esposito and Kean up front (loans) they quickly became competitive for the top four -eventually landed 6 th and gaining EL place. Esposito gained his first Italy cap as one and only Vicenza player in Azzuri squad. Modena - ended 4 th (ECC). Loaned Pedri from Barca which was the key factor, best player in serie A. Milico and Mota provided goalscoring threat. Managed to sign Gouiri (on loan at my Reggiana, snapped 4 goals in our very first meeting-free transfer however declined in his ability at serie C & B) Reggiana (2nd in B, promoted)- after terrible first half of the season, excellent form later on provided promotion in 34 th week, Gennaro Borelli (loan from Brescia, eventualy permanent signing), Pedro Mendes (loan from Sporting CP), Titouan Thomas as key players. Having persistent problems as left wingback I promoted regen player Caldera who eventually grew up for Serie B standards. One thing which is quite interesting. After signing relatively good players -well, wonderkids- for 2 year loans, no one developped well: Guoiri decreased, Lyon didnt offer him a new contract -free transfer to Modena Pellegri -refused to be on loan at serie B - played for Monaco few times ,but then decreased in ability, transfer listed and free transferred! Melegoni - used to be a top serie A midfielder. His avR in serie B was 6,76, lost his place in my team and loan was not prolonged. Badiashile - I used to sign him for EPL teams (Palace, Villa) in previous saves -20 million fees or so. Decreased in ability and Monaco agreed for 5 mln in installments (resigned as I have 5 mln transfer budget for serie A) Armini- best from this list, however I was really surprised that Lazio didnt make any problems with a fee in region of 3 mln (1 mln + installments) so he ended as a bargain buy. Are my training facilities simply not for the "wonderkid" standards, or the league (Serie C and Serie B) is too easy? I ve found that is a lot easier to sign a good player for loan for serie B than for Spanish 2nd tier (once tried loaning out Pellegri for Deportivo La Coruna and had a response that Monaco want him to play with better players or didnt agree to play him in lower division abroad).
  3. Remember Screensport ? They ve been doing Argentine football coverage via sat TV in mid 90s, whole games and highlights. That made me interested in it many years ago. Unkown players, with good value/ability relation, tricky financial environment (TV rights and sponsorship not like in UK), relatively short distance trip from the bottom to Continental glory. Especially Argentina-so many clubs from its capital (3rd tier is split for capital vs rest of the country), long-standing rivaliry which spice up your potential online game. Argentina Primera B Nacional is divided on 2 groups of 16 teams, there are no average points which differ from the past few seasons. So many interesting clubs can be found around there, potential "classicos" like Platense -Chacarita, Nueva Chicago-All Boys, Almagro- Estudiantes de Caseros, Chacarita-Atlanta etc. There are no Deportivo Wankas, however Deportivo Morón is not worse in terms of clubs name attractivity. Just started CA Platense vs Nueva Chicago online and discovered that I totally switched my transfer policy - lack of funds urged me to sign players over 30s which Ive barely been doing in any saves earlier. There are no easy loans from the top tier neither. It seems that we have the whole season to scout players from lower tiers and abroad just to sign them on free. After sending on loan almost whole reserve team (really poor players which are out of contract this season) I managed to sign some interesting players like Damian Escudero, Nicolas Sanchez or Tomas Chancalay (only top-tier loan which I was able to afford). It seems that its hard to sell players for a good value, i sold just one for 350k (was valued for 600k) to Brazil. Two years ago I managed to destroy El Tanque Sisley from Uruguay (two consecutive relegations-damn average points), Argentina seems tricky as well. Dale Marrón!
  4. It seems like nothing but homemade personal protection equipment. Still as good as ours, ordered officially by Polish Gov.. Back to virtual Italy then: Everyone is about to be set for automatic promotion and have its own calciopoli. Unrealistic loans almost killed the save, although we decided to follow it expecting some challenge in serie A. Interesting that Scappini is still my best striker at Reggiana. He's 32 and looks perfect for Leyton Orient, Pellegri is inconsistent typically for his age, Gouiri just stopped performing since few games. As its online game its possible for you, calcio ethusiasts,to join us, however game is played on weekday mornings predominantly and in the late evenings (even till 3 a.m.). If someone is really determined and keen to start from serie C (girone A or C ideally), PM me.
  5. I'm afraid that it went unrealistic for serie B or C. Vast numbers of excellent loanees like Pellegri or Gouiri in Serie C, Moise Kean in serie B is too much, honestly i dont believe that players of this calibre usually are so keen for moving to serie B. 2nd season and it's soooo easy -only potential Serie A registration regulations are something to worry about right now.
  6. Hi there. As I still remember playing CM Italia on my Amiga few years back, I always have soft spot for this league, especially when you remember Italia90 as your best World Cups or Serie A in 90s as the best league. With my fellow FM "friends" (Mirinda and Borewicz, well, rivals at least) who are bothering me playing online since 17-18 years now, we started the game in Serie C-girone B. Secchia Derby (Reggiana vs Modena) and Vicenza -our fav. clubs from Italy. First season has shown different approach for eventual success : -Mireks Vicenza based on loans in large numbers, quite exotic (half of them were UK based-players like Connolly from Brighton or Idah from Norwich along many Germans like Dardai from Hertha or Burkhardt from Mainz). It used to be Uruguayan colony in the 90s (remember Marcelo Otero?), now it s a "perfect" mix. Using such an amount of loans might be hard to digest -he almost lost his 15 pts or so advantage, last day of general season decided that Vicenza gained automatic promotion by 3 pts margin ahead of my Reggiana . -My team-Reggiana - some loanees (Lyon -Gouiri, Thomas, Monaco's Pellegri, Marcelin and Badiashile, Nantes' Mendy) ,some transfers -croatian DC Vukorepa from their 2nd div Sibenik (not worth that money -600 k in installments), some free transfers -Valentin Remy (great French MC bargain for lower leagues, here he didnt succeed as in my scottish saves in Dundee Utd and Dumbarton ) I decided to use my default players from which Scappini (SC-the beast, although got injured badly for 6 months) or Libutti (good WBR) were worth a mention. I finished 1st season as a runner-up just to have a total nightmare in the playoffs (see below) Modena- after really poor start (losing 0-4 in derby game, wandering between relegation and playoff zone) found their form just to be unbeaten for 25 games or so. With some loans -which Leandrinho from Napoli was the decider. Bruno Gomes was their best scorer, Rosetti also banged around 20s. After winning 4-0 in the first derby game, 0-0 in the second we finally met in the playoff semifinal. So the vast amount of loanees was not a handicap as 5 of them went out for the Toulon Tournament, adding some bans and injuries, decisive games for the season were actually the reserves. I've lost the first leg 0-5 (could be more!), 2nd leg was easy for both of us- 1-1 final score. Modena and Vicenza were eventually promoted, and now ruling the serie B whilist I'm trying to get out as a winner of serie C. 2 nd season -Vicenzas loan strategy is even more pronounced, however they have 100% win percentage. Modenas strategy is now quite similar, although in much more balanced way -we will see how they will eventually cope with SERIE A rules (fielding homegrown players etc). Reggianas serie C squad could be easily ready for Serie A mid table, well I need to suffer 2 seasons at least. Current squads and tables below.
  7. Since FM 2017 its a best place to find a cheap talent IMO. Those like Andre Ceitil DC/DMC or Sergio Silva DC are keen to join even Scottish Championship or EFL 1 teams , for a fee 10-40 k.
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