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  1. Last week drama, 3rd consecutive year. Hearts won vs Rangers, while Celtic lost to Dundee U, Hearts moved from 4th to 2 nd and gain CL place. Rangers eventually won the Scottish Cup. Dundee United ended their season in Munich by losing to FC Barcelona in Champions League Final (3:1). Good old Tynecastle is going to be replaced by another 31k soulless bowl.
  2. 3 rd season update -3 players currently (Dundee Utd , Hearts and Rangers) Scottish teams improved in Europe. Champions League Dundee Utd got through their CL group vs Spurs, BVB and Benfica, knockout stage vs Atletico M. and now leading vs Inter 2-0 on agg in quarter final. Europa League -also strong showing from Hearts, Valencia fatum however... Conference League -Rangers defeated by LASK LINZ in the 2 nd knockout rd. SPL -Dundee Utd are about to be Champions again, CL place battle still on. Transfers Squads: If somebody wants to join, Celtic can be picked (their manager is permanently on holiday), Aberdeen and Hibs are waiting for their revival as well. Games usually after 6 PM GMT, server name "SPL porn", contact me for password.
  3. Champions league decider in the last week, same pts and goal difference, Celtic had more goals scored -needed to win. A silly own goal gave Celtic CL qualifiers. Reports say that Arabs prolific striker ,who scored nearly 50 goals this season, fell over after having few pints before cup final. Dundee Utd won the game 2-1 which ends their exceptional season. DUNDEE UNITED -Scottish Champions and Europa Conference League Winners HEARTS - Scottish Cup and LEague Cup winners, Conference League runners-up. Scottish football on the rise
  4. last clash before European final. "Get into them and f.. them up" style almost worked out
  5. As our both clubs improved (financially as well), Old Firm are eligible to pick from now.
  6. End of 2 nd season approaching Dundee Utd leading and soon to be crowned as the champions. They have won the group in the Conf League and will face Ludogorets in the 2nd knockout rd. Out of scottish cup however. Hearts -lost some crucial league games, now battling vs Celtic for the 2nd place. Also playing Celtic in Scottish Cup semi final. European Glory still on, finished second in the Conf League group (Wolfsburg, Legia, Zalgiris), won the 1st knockout vs Boavista (1-2; 5-0), facing Real Sociedad in the 2nd knockout rd Hibs -signed decent players on loan (Edwuin Cetre, Barker, Dilorsun) but got sacked. Overtook Motherwell and improved, probably finish in the top 6. Aberdeen -got sacked 2nd time,played mostly on holiday. Managed to sign Neilson from Dundee Utd for a 6 mln fee. Kilmarnock -played mostly on holiday, should be sacked v. soon , still bottom. Transfers/squads Different approach. Dundee Utd are based around quick centre forwards ( Idah and Ricky JAde Jones -you know well that they both can do wonders if the ind. roles are set properly). Mostly loans, as you can see below Hearts - tried to sign players proven before in the other games. Signed them as bargains ,now some are worth millions (Strelec, Beljo, Mowatt) . Its not an instant effect to be honest, some lapses were inevitable, still long way to be a serious threat for the Arabs.
  7. Beggazs Arabs seem to be out of range, leading the league. Got this small piece of silverware however, a mickey mouse cup that no one cares.
  8. As our French save died without warning, "the last save before FM22" was set in the best league pyramid for online gaming. Having a really good player to face, almost unbeatable (Beggaz), the vision of tough games vs at least 3 teams drive this game forward. No old firm, Im managing Hearts, Beggaz opted for Dundee United. Aberdeen, Hibs and after the 1 st season - Killie, were picked by other players. 1st season ended unsurprisingly well for beggaz who finished 2 nd, my Hearts 3rd thanks to late winner at Aberdeen, Celtic finished 4 (and eventually their European adventure ended at the very first attempt vs Valerenga). Dundee United were knocked out from CL by Slavia Prague, from EL by Besiktas, however they ve got an easy group in the Conference League. Hearts managed to get through to the group stage as well -it seems that we both manage to qualify further. Of course ,if anybody wants to join, feel free but take in mind that: -we re playing in very irregular manner (sometimes all-day until the late night, sometimes in the mornings) -generally Whatsapp helps. Its hard to keep this in the regular schedule (work/family etc) - we dont pick the clubs involved in european competition (but if youre Motherwell season ticket holder and dont want to manage Hamilton/Airdrie, no problem), no Old Firm (unless they finish in the misery-soon) - I know that FM22 is approaching, its good to pick up right people for future gaming, probably scottish football again. Server name: SPL porn Its how it stands for now: head to head games, started winning after switching to antifootball 5-3-2. Losing away (0-7) as a breaking point.
  9. After some break, we ve just finished the 1st season. Roberts EAG outplayed everyone and clinched the title wuite early. My TFC ,unbeaten from more than 30 games, struggled with complacency, many goalless draws and eventually missed the automatic promotion by a point. Had some success in the French cup, lost in semis vs PSG on pens (1-1 FT). Won vs Nimes (2-1) and Troyes (2-1 on agg.) and eventually got promoted. Ligue 1 next season, all newcomers are welcome (L1 teams to pick as well, but rather bottom half clubs).
  10. Salut! After several seasons spent playing online (Greenock Morton, Nottingham Forest, Lucchese/Venezia, Leyton Orient) holidays almost killed my FM needs, however... Recent transfers, lot of talents and PSG dominance made french league more interesting than ever. Opted for Toulouse FC, as used to work around there 20 years ago, attended their 2000/2001 opening game vs Bastia, even got their kit somewhere. Started the game alone,but put it as an online game, eventually slovenian guy joined Guingamp and things are going slowly forward. And yes, as some may know already, its not a game on a maximum speed -work and life balance. Times are irregular and when playing, you still have the time to do necessary things as scouting or tactical issues. We re in the middle of the 1 st season, both clubs are promotion contenders, however le TFC are more into playoffs than automatic promotion due to a dreadful start. Got a decent run in the cup however, im about to face fellow L2 side Dijon in the Quarter Final. Concerning le TFC, some interesting signings were made, including Yuriel Celi, Zeljko Gavric, Jessy Deminguet, Tino Kadewere (loan), Perr Schuurs (loan) while Adli and Antiste performing really well and now the squad looks ready for promotion push. Currently ligue 2 teams are available to join , just PM me to arrange playing times if interested ("kostropaty" on steam). Name of the server - "ligue 2 open", no password. Often loaded when im busy, so basically you can just jump in, set all things and leave me your contact details. Database - large/custom (players from all the top division clubs from south america f.ex.) Based on sortitoutsi update from the past week or so (Messi at PSG), that FM22 feeling... Tried to attract the best player that I ve played against ("beggaz") -failed for now, but got Messi at PSG, wont be easy anyway.
  11. Salut Si vous voulez jouer online (FM21) ,nous jouons ligue 2 (nome du server aussi, sans le mot de passe). Cest fait apres sortitoutsi update (Messi a PSG), seulement les equipes du L2 a choisir. Maintenant deux joueurs , TFC (moi) et Guingamp (mec Slovene), nous sommes en train de 1re saison. Le jeu nest pas trop rapide, on peut faire du scouting et toutes les choses necessaires ("work and life balance"). On parle francais un peu (pardon )-pour des detailes, contactez moi sur steam - "kostropaty" ou, simplement, cherchez un serveur (le jeu est souvent charge). Reputation semi pro et licences automatiques.
  12. If anyone interested in starting from ligue 2 level, there is an online game that we re currently playing (Toulouse and Guingamp) -middle of the 1 st season. Unlike the most online games, we have some time for hands-on approach -no rush. PM or just join the game (ligue 2 server, no password). This is how it looks. Initial weeks of the season really bad for the TFC, but after a spell of a good form i'm in the playoffs zone and even managed to win vs Bordeaux in the cup. Picked le TFC as have a soft spot for them, 20 yrs ago attended their opening game of the season vs Bastia and remember their recent history with mixed fortunes ( From National to Champions League). Some interesting signings so far (sortitoutsi update from the last week -Messi at PSG) , including TImo Kadewere on loan from Lyon, Zeljko Gavric from Ferencvaros and Perr Schuurs from Ajax (loan). Antiste, Adli, Rouault and Diakite -great prospects who already featuring in the first squad.
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