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    interventional cardiologist & fm/cm player since cm93/94

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  1. Come on, rather later. Ths bug lasts from FM 2018 and was unresolved for many months (some of my posts are deleted or so, but as far as I remember we had online game problems still in may...). Maybe ask your fellow staff members how online game mode tests were performed. Reliability issue is getting this game down, seriously.
  2. No lessons learned since FM2018 bug (unresolved for many months)? Really?! In our save freeze occured in the very first match, as in previous version. Now quick check whether it is happening with 2D mode. Neverthless, i'm seriously considering to stop this FM addiction for a lifelong. Online game which is unplayable online doesnt make any sense, just pure time wasting. Dear SI staff, how were your online game tests before beta release lol?
  3. Since FM 2017 its a best place to find a cheap talent IMO. Those like Andre Ceitil DC/DMC or Sergio Silva DC are keen to join even Scottish Championship or EFL 1 teams , for a fee 10-40 k.