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  1. I just wonder what sort of info was already provided as we seem to be stuck with this problem for ages now...
  2. Again,and in the end of april. Online game bug seems still no resolved at all. Game stops when the host and online player are making changes simultaneously. Only thing that helps is the disconnecting online player. The game is unplayable for those who are playing online, especially in the leagues ideally suited for it like Scottish ones. I didt fancy to run this edition for playing alone to be honest and it seems that I finally grown up at 38 for not buing a new version of FM until such a bug is resolved completely. Its unworthy to invest the time for it- take it into account as I'm playing this since amiga version. All this happen when we both switched for 2D, although we were able to compete during 85 mins ,almost succeed then...
  3. Our observation might help-I hope so. Game doesn't stop when making tactical changes by both network players in case where they are using 2D highlights mode. Maybe that's the issue - initially problem was where "waiting for the next highlights..." was displayed. We just have stopped playing "football SIMs", we are back to basics (moving circles and flashing texts) -problem resolved, no game crash since then.
  4. Since FM 2017 its a best place to find a cheap talent IMO. Those like Andre Ceitil DC/DMC or Sergio Silva DC are keen to join even Scottish Championship or EFL 1 teams , for a fee 10-40 k.
  5. Thanks for your response. I'm afraid that this dynamics problem is not host-related. As if you have too many news (ex. just before the transfer deadline) game tends to continue irrespectable of the force minute time (even 1 min) -it's not labelled as must respond, some news are marked as readed and the mess starts. Players get angry in ex. because of my transfer activity, despite beeing vastly involved in the first team (just to note Riverola at Reggiana-absolute key player, Bouchalakis at Forest -first team, Verthongen at Spurs -key) they start to moan because of possible replacement. It is quite easy to manage, but quite unreal, then unnecessary, time consuming and simply annoying. I'll be trying to provide you sceenshots as we decided to continue with our game (yes, habits...) , just to prove that some important news are not marked as "must respond", but qualified as "normal" and lead to mess, even with adequately high force continue time. I'm looking forward for the other mentioned issues being resolved. Cheers.
  6. Just to point few things as I dont have so much time to spend on it. Enough is enough. Playing in CM /FM since Amiga Version (93/94) and I must admit FM 2018 is the most dissappointing version that Ive ever played. At first, "dynamics" problems- reported few months ago.Whole feature is a nonsense when playing with force continue online, interaction with players seems to be unnecessarily detailed, some of them became unhappy because I didnt managed to speak with them when needed. But the most annoying feature is that when me and the online host /or other online players are about to make changes in tactics at the same time, game stops. Waiting for the next highlights... and nothing happens. And about changing results during online game- when user is out of network during a match and joins again during the matchday, scores differ when hes looking at the stats- when entering the match (just finished), "teams are warming up" is displayed and the result changes. Too much for me.
  7. Hi there. I have similar situation with italian Serie C Reggiana. Season expexctations were set for playoff qualification-teams from 2 nd to 10th place qualify, after 12 games still unbeaten, lying on 2 nd place (yes, my mates' Vicenza were leading with 2 pts margin). After signing new contract (board delighted, job status untouchable) club captain required meeting. Worth to note that we both set our manager profiles as sunday league players with default auto coaching license. Maybe that's the point, club reputation is too big for sunday league footballer.