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  1. What is the fix for the invisible match ball? I've tried changing the colour in preferences but it makes no difference. I'm guessing the ball is skinned so the underlying colour isn't visible. But the game is unplayable as it is.
  2. Game time played together, I think. Taking over a new club my CBs already have the green link because they have a long history together.
  3. Yeah, money is tight and we finished the season in the red, but I was hoping for at least a couple of million. But the budget was set before the end of season and we've just been given some £15m in prize money, so there might be room to negotiate. I might be able to get through pre-season tonight - Mrs_W is away on a business trip
  4. Toulouse FC, end of season 21/22 It turned out to be a remarkable season for Toulouse on their return to the top flight in France as we secured the runners-up spot behind PSG and confirmed our place in next year's Champions League: For some reason, I often suffer a spell of poor form in the spring and so it proved again. After a run without defeat in December and January, our fortunes took a distinct turn for the worse at the end of February and we continued to struggle in March: It began with a bad loss to Rennes in the quarter-final of the cup. The defeat against PSG surprised no-one and we looked to have rallied with an outstanding away win against Monaco, but we followed that with back-to-back losses. In an attempt to stop the rot I switched tactic against Strasbourg and Montpellier but we were convincing in neither match, relying on two late goals to snatch a win against Montpellier. Finally, in an attempt to shore up the defence I opted for a 4132 system and results immediately improved: At least part of our springtime struggle was down to the loss of top scorer Rhys Healey who, even after his return from injury in March could not recover his early form. That allowed young striker Janis Antiste to claim the top scorer crown: No less important than our strike partnership, much of the credit for the season has to go to our midfield maestros Branco van den Boomen and Allan Campbell who racked up 26 assists between them. Young CBs Thomas Basila and Anthony Rouault also deserve much credit for their defensive contribution. Unfortunately, the board have given us little reward for a fantastic season - a transfer budget of £950k and an additional £15k a week for wages doesn't give us much room to improve the squad. Although we don't need much in terms of the first 11, there's a serious drop in quality when we have to play with backups. We were fortunate to avoid serious injuries throughout the squad this year, but adding European football to the mix will probably stretch us beyond breaking point. I'll probably play on for a while, but when FM22 drops we'll be done here.
  5. That's the way to do it! That loan deal for Griezemann is excellent. Trincao's wage has been a shocker for me all year - tried to loan him a number of times but that wage is always a deal-breaker.
  6. Me too... thought it was excellent. Improved 3d match animations, showed the fitness changes impacting gegenpress. Watched Lollujo's and Work the Space's videos, too. Also excellent. Data hub looks like a complete game-changer, staff meetings are great, big improvements to scouting and transfer dealings. Youth and country development saves are not my thing, but I'm sure changes there will make a lot of people happy. For me, FM21 was the best game in the series, bar none. And FM22 already looks like another stride forward. Can't wait to play it!
  7. Toulouse FC, February 2022 The January window has come and gone and I managed to hold on to the players I wanted. On the pitch, January was a great month for us: A lot of green, and only the one draw against a strong Lille outfit who twice held the lead in the first half but seemed to settle for a draw after half time while we couldn't find a winner. We also made pleasing progress in the cup - board requirement was to reach R11, which we've surpassed and we face Rennes in the quarter-final. Our league performances also mean we've improved our standing in the table: Unfortunately, Healey suffered a knee ligament injury against St-Etienne that will keep him out for a month or so, but youngster Janis Antiste continues to develop and his upped his scoring rate so hopefully we'll not miss Healey too much. Transfer business I was hoping for a quiet window and that's pretty much how it turned out. A month-long injury to GK Petterssen meant no bid for him was forthcoming, and although Antiste drew strong interest from Fulham that didn't translate into action. But there was some activity, initiated by me. AMC Salih Ucan arrived with a bang in the summer, scoring twice in pre-season but never produced in competitive matches. Despite several conversations about his poor performances, from cajoling to threatening, he consistently turned in ratings of 6.2 and 6.3, with no goals, no assists, no key passes, and lots of mistakes. In normal circumstances I'd have given him a whole season to find some form but finances here are so tight that we can't afford to carry passengers. So I offered him out and Stoke took the bait, signing him for a flat £1m - below his value but a decent 6-month profit on a free signing. As a replacement I was looking at a young Czech, Pavel Bucha, who had signed for Man United at the beginning of the save. He was available for loan but when I sent my scouts to give him another look it became apparent that he could be signed permanently. So a deal was struck for a fee that will eventually rise to £4m. It's a huge fee for us, and a big gamble, but scouts and coaches rate him highly so I'm optimistic he'll prove worth it. I'm less optimistic about our chances in the next match against Marseilles that, worryingly, opens a month that will see us face most of our Top 6 rivals including PSG and Monaco. Five league fixtures that could define our season.
  8. Excellent performance through the winter. Bumps in the road are always to be expected, but you avoided the odd defeat turning into a slump. And good to see Ricky being utterly awesome! Tight at the top, but you've just got to keep on keeping on
  9. Not here . It'll be good to see how far you manage to take the "most depressing team"!
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