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  1. Setting Up

    See the link in my second post.
  2. Setting Up

    Yes, you can start from those leagues (and many others) if you download the appropriate database. The game stays the same, only the teams, leagues and other competitions are expanded. There's a good tutorial here (it's for Welsh leagues but the same process applies to any other database):
  3. Setting Up

    You need to download a database that goes that low. You'll find a bunch of them on the forum here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/117-editors-hideaway-download-forum/
  4. Try this: http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/tactics/roles-and-duties Should get you started.
  5. Wolves

    Outstanding! I know what you mean about full FM versus Touch. I played Touch almost exclusively through FM17, but this year I've switched entirely to full FM. I sometimes question that decision - from early afternoon until about 10pm tonight I managed nothing but pre-season! But in Touch I miss the chance to deliver the hairdryer to the team at halftime. Doesn't always help, but always makes me feel better.
  6. [FM18] - Rovers Return?

    I am! I follow a lot of the career threads, but admit I don't post much - usually because there isn't a lot to say apart from 'Well done', which doesn't seem like much of a contribution. I'll be interested to see how Diogo Jota does for you in the Prem. He was brilliant in my Wolves save but having fired us to promotion he refused to join permanently. Signed for Arsenal in that summer window but didn't get much game time for them. Neves should do well for you, too.
  7. In the face of incredibly high competition, that might be the dumbest thing I've ever read on these forums.
  8. League 2 Save

    Up until Fm18 I'd rarely done LL saves - tried a few with varying degrees of success, but I was such a tactical dunce the only way I could improve my results was buying better players (which, BTW, is a perfectly valid approach!) So far this year, I've done saves with Gateshead (VNL), Darlington (VNN), and Dulwich Hamlet (VNS), as well as several aborted attempts at the Dafuge Challenge. Now my attitude has flipped - I find it far more rewarding to play lower league, than to play one of the Premiership big boys with their bottomless moneybags. But LL definitely has its challenges - hard to get a good quality of football, hard to find quality players (abuse the trial system!), and even if you get everything right it's still a long old slog to move up through the divisions. So for me, the real challenge of lower leagues is to have the patience, and the determination, to see it through. If you start in Div 2 or 1, you usually have at least a workable squad of players - down in non-league divisions that's often not true, so your first year is often a washout as you're simply trying to put something together that works. It's only in seasons 2 and onwards that you start to see results (not true for everybody - there are some FMers who can string together back-to-back promotions and a tip o' the hat to them). But one of the beauties of FM is that we're allowed to be promiscuous. These days I usually have three or four saves on the go (right now, it's Wolves, AC Milan, Margate and a Serie D team in Italy that no-one has heard of). When the LL saves start to grind, I switch up to Wolves or Milan for a bit of quality and a change of pace. Might take 10 minutes to remember the players and the tactic but no big deal. At the lower levels of professional football you'll find it all pretty familiar, but with no money and rubbish players, coaches and facilities. At the semi-pro and amateur levels there's a whole different experience, and it needs a different mind set, I think. But I do recommend it. Find a club you like the look of and give it a go. And read the first few pages of the Dafuge Challenge thread - there's loads of good information and tips for LLM first-timers.
  9. What kind of injuries? My experience in FM18 is that I get two or three knocks - bruised ankles and knees, typically - or minor muscle and other strains in each match. Many of them are meaningless, and if you wait and watch, a player who drops to 60% fitness will often recover to better than 80% and see out the match. If you have another game within three days they'll usually be lacking fitness but should recover sufficiently for a match after 6-7 days.
  10. Wolves

    I believe so - seen it done in threads in the tactics forum. As for Cutrone, you can't win them all, and it doesn't look as though you're missing him much.
  11. Wolves

    At least one of us is! Looks like you're doing really well, and it's interesting to follow your thoughts on squad-building. And I'd love to see the tactic, which is obviously doing great things. Can't believe you didn't sign Cutrone, though .
  12. Tactic Screen Help

    Buy a new computer? The difference is almost certainly because of the different resolutions of the two displays/graphics cards. The first one looks like mine, on a 1920x1080 display. What resolution is yours?
  13. 343dm Just finished the season and this formation continued to perform. In fact, I've come to like it so much I'll almost certainly use it in a long-term save. We finished in second place - behind runaway winners Bayern. It was nip and tuck down to the wire and going into the last game we were only a point ahead of Dortmund. But we managed to secure a nervy 1-0 victory over Hertha to secure the runners-up spot. In the Europa League, we dispatched Everton in the first knockout round, and Napoli in the second knockout round before - curses! - drawing Juventus in the quarter-final. In previous rounds we had away legs first, which worked to our advantage as we managed to draw both those games before winning the home legs. Against Juve we started at home and I knew we'd need a good result. Instead we succumbed to a 1-3 defeat, and a battling 1-1 draw away wasn't enough. As to the formation, defensively it's very solid - we managed 11 clean sheets in the 17 league games after the winter break - while up front we regularly scored 2 or 3. With a top-quality striker and a stronger group of CBs I think it could do even better at both ends. The two DMs are very adaptable - playing a standard/flexible at the beginning of every game, I could go more defensive or more attacking by varying the roles between SV-att, SV-sup and DM, and the two wide AMs also give a lot of flexibility and I regularly switched between wingers, IFs and Raums. Highly recommended!
  14. The RDS indicator is just that - an indicator. It's a quick way of telling you whether a player is going to be good at any given position and role. I could live without it myself, but I don't see how this is a major issue.
  15. Serie A which team to start with??

    Oddly enough, I've just this evening started a new save with Fiorentina. I've never managed in Italy before so it seemed like a good challenge, but Juve, Napoli, Roma and the two Milan clubs seemed a bit too easy. I thought about Sassuolo and a couple of others, but I've been to Florence and love the city so that was the clincher. Just played my first pre-season friendly, and the squad looks pretty solid (although there's interest in Badelj and wonderkid Chiesa that might be hard to fend off). I think Champions League might be a stretch, but I'm hopeful that we'll clinch a Europa League spot (bookies predicting 7th, I think).