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  1. Not something I've managed this year. It looks like the way to go, because the top teams in the Prem in game seem to prefer it (Arsenal, Spurs, and Liverpool - among others - have done very well playing 4231) and score loads while being pretty solid at the back. Whenever I've tried, it goes the other way - can't score and concede a boatload. I've had the most success with a 4123wide, followed by the 4312, and 4132. The 4123 is a natural at United because you have all the positions covered, both starters and backups. The narrow formations are harder because you start with too many wide players and it's hard to fit them all in. But if you take the time to read the thread you'll find several people have done well with 4231 so it's not impossible. I just haven't been able to make it work.
  2. Can't say I have - Pog usually scores into double figures each season. Usually playing as a B2B or RP, and with the 'shoot less often' PI just to tone him down a bit. Deadly from free kicks, too.
  3. Happens all the time, to the point where I want an option to fine my defenders for doing it in their own penalty area.
  4. Help With My 5-3-2

    Good stuff, as usual. Sorry to move off topic, but at the end you wrote, "there could be potential issues with long shots. In fact I’ve already identified why in most cases but that’ll be for another article. Sometimes it’s down to the players and how rubbish they are and other times it can be down to the formation you face. This is why I’ll be talking about them in another article". Did you ever write that? I've always had trouble with long shots throughout FM17 - almost as if the 'shoot on sight' PI is enabled by default.
  5. Scouting in the lower divisions

    I've not played many non-league saves, but my feeling is that you don't have the facilities or budget to do long-term youth development so I'd always be looking for players who can do a job this season because, assuming we move up a level next year, I'd probably want to replace them. (And if we don't move up a level I'd be replacing them anyway because they're not good enough.) So I'd be looking for a DoF with the highest attribute for judging players' current ability, and not that bothered about potential ability. Unless you want him to do a job as a coach as well, I don't think other attributes matter much. I'd like 11 or 12 (or better!) for JPA, but have often had to settle for 10. As a final thought, I'm not sure what a DoF gets you that a chief scout with similar attributes wouldn't.
  6. Made a bid - Falls through

    Have you set your AssMan to bring in new players? Sounds like someone in your organisation is making offers, which Liverpool are rejecting.
  7. how do you think this team is set up ?

    I'll play... Two CDd, both FBs as either FBa or WBa; Moutinho as DLPs; Lemar and Mbappe as either WMa or Wa (I'd guess wingers based on their footedness); Carillo as TMs and Falcao as AFa. Not sure about Fabinho, but CMs seems likely - but I'd play him as B2B. Yes, I've managed that Monaco team, but it never crossed my mind to play a 442.
  8. An interesting question. I've never played PSG because I always thought it would be too easy; I've always played United (among others) because I'm a fan. I did two seasons at Monaco, and we beat PSG out of sight in Ligue 1 both seasons. I thought I was done with FM17 but now you've piqued (not Pique'd) my interest. I feel one more save coming on...
  9. Be difficult without the game installed, wouldn't it? @Franky: Enjoy your family time, and thanks for all of your contributions this year - they made FM17 for me. Hope to see you back at some point.
  10. Tried this with Man Utd - not the best squad for the tactic - and it didn't work. It looked good at defending the ball, but there was a lot of passing back and it was poor at breaking down defensive sides. After 10 games, we lost four, won five, drew 1 and for me that's not good enough. Obviously, there might be some PIs that I didn't have from the original post, but given a team like MU i'd expect to do better than we did.
  11. As a SS in the middle, or IF or AP on the right, Miki has been great for me over multiple saves. But I honestly believe "first season syndrome" is a thing in FM - Miki has been poor-to-average in the first season and then brilliant second season and onwards. Pogba slightly better first season, but brilliant second season. At Monaco I signed Hakim Ziyech and Davy Klaasen, who were both adequate first season but match-winners after that. I think it's even pointed out in the 'tips' section as the game progresses: it takes time for players to fit in with the squad, and the tactics. That has certainly been my experience.
  12. Wingless 4-1-3-2

    No, just hop into your time machine and you can use it for your first save in FM17. Of course, you can reload an earlier save but that then becomes your current save, and possibly your last save before FM18. I had a lot of success with a similar 4-1-3-2 before Christmas with both Sheffield United and Manchester United. And I have played a couple of Portuguese sides lately who employed a 4-1-3-2 with the outer midfielders pushed out to the wings and they gave us a game so it's possible to play the 4-1-3-2 either way.
  13. Just PM'd you, but I think the only real instruction change was Work Ball into Box.
  14. Please allow me a small boast... just had my most successful season (second season). We were just one game away from an unbeaten Premiership run, going down to a home defeat against Liverpool in the last week of April (so close!). Top signings were Klaassen and Parades in midfield; Jetro Willems at LB; and Michael Keane at CB. Managed to get Dybala for £70m in June 2017 but he was a little disappointing - brilliant in the Champion's League but disappeared in the Premiership. Also brought in Bernardeschi who was also underwhelming - hoping both of those are just first-season syndrome. Martial and Rashford were also poor - not sure whether to give them another season or get rid. Zlatan has also retired so a new striker is needed. Onwards and upwards... we hope!
  15. I have to say, it's still working for me! This is second season - first season saw us win the Community Shield, Premiership and Europa Cup (lost to Arsenal on penalties in the FA Cup final). Second season we won everything bar the League Cup. A great season, but that defeat at home to Liverpool at the end of April was crushing - we were more than 50 games unbeaten at that point and just three games away from an 'Invincibles' season. There are some minor differences between what I played, and the downloadable tactic. The biggest is playing Standard/Very Fluid for all games, but switching down to Contain or up to Attacking as needed in game. I turned off all Get Stuck In and Tackle Harder instructions, and played on Lower tempo without changing. Had Work Ball into Box on nearly permanently. Other occasional in-game changes were to drop the defensive line a notch and increase width when facing very defensive sides. So for me, it's still a brilliant tactic. Kudos to Franky!