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  1. League One. If I make it to the end of the transfer window I'll be good for the whole season, I think
  2. Thanks for the updates, everyone. Some interesting saves, some interesting starts, some interesting transfer business . As for me, I've had a frustrating week - every time I tried to set aside some time for FM I was subjected to constant interruptions, and I've struggled to find a save that grabs my interest. Eventually I found a club that I've never managed before but we'll leave it at that for the time being - it might not stick. But so far it looks OK and I've played the first few friendlies, with a tactic that looks like it might work. I'll only add that the relegated PL clubs mi
  3. Ignoring the bit about cool colours (I have no clue), there are a bunch of candidates. A bigger problem is that under human management almost anyone is capable of challenging for promotion. But in the Championship I'd suggest maybe QPR, Preston or Birmingham; in L1 financial stability is a bigger issue but Plymouth, Gillingham, Bristol Rovers or Crewe all look decent bets for a mid-table finish.
  4. I'll say! A good season with Posh but especially so given where you were in the spring
  5. That's not bad at all! How are your team cohesion and tactical familiarity looking? Should be OK by now, but with so many new signings and (I'm guessing) a bit of squad rotation there might still be room for improvement. Just keep repeating to yourself: Top half finish!
  6. Just caught up with a bunch of posts. I'm sure the forum used to auto-follow threads you created but for some reason I wasn't "following" this one . I've been experimenting (read: messing about) with Ipswich but I think I'm going with Plan B, which was to take on one of the relegated Premiership sides in the Championship for an easier introduction to this year's game. I'm not yet up to the complete rebuild needed in Suffok. But congratulations to those who are already flying, and good luck to the rest of us
  7. Yes, that's a weird one - just looked again and his history in FM shows he signed for Charlton on a free transfer in two consecutive seasons. Must be some kind of record! Hope things settle down at the Valley going forward. Cool links with Maidenhead too! @DefinitelyTaylorFingers crossed for Barrow this season. Your participation in the thread will, as always, be very welcome, whoever you decide to manage. If you do, eventually, decide
  8. Yeah... sometimes you just take the hit and move on
  9. Good to have you with us - I followed your Derby blog religiously for a daily serving of quality FM content And it goes without saying that I wholeheartedly applaud your choice of the Quakers. I managed to drag them up to League One in FM20 - my best achievement in annual saves with them. I have no doubt you'll do better
  10. @robterrace Going well, there! Can't remember what the FA Cup rules are at the mo' - could you get a replay at the Emirates for a big payday? Or does it all get settled on the night?
  11. Thought you were a stickler for realism! Leave it in
  12. Good to see familiar names - and a few new ones - here already. I've decided that Ipswich will be my first save. No hard goals, no minimum achievements, just hoping for an enjoyable time while I learn the ins and outs of the new version.
  13. Ah, there's the question . One of the downsides of writing the guide is that I haven't had time to do anything in game since the final version launched. I did a couple of months with United* in the beta, just to get the feel of things. And a shorter spell with Bournemouth to see if life outside the PL was different. At the moment I'm torn between taking on one of the relegated PL sides - Bournemouth or Norwich - for my first full save, or going back to the likes of Ipswich or Plymouth (early saves last year). Now you've put me on the spot, I have a feeling it might be Ipswich. Feels like I hav
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