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  1. No... at the start of the month we were complying with FFP; by the end of the month we'd failed. It's possible I missed a news item but I don't think so. Anyway, that all happened late last night - after wasting far too much time on it this afternoon (and spending a rather pleasant evening at dinner) I've decided to carry on with the save. Either we'll get promoted, in which case Championship FFP rules are far more lenient*, or we'll miss out and I'll bid this save a fond farewell. * Basically, don't lose more than £15m in three years, but the board can sink £24m into the club in the same period. No wonder English football is in the state it's in
  2. No question about his performances, but I do wonder about the rest of your team if he was doing all that scoring and assisting and *still* completing the most passes .
  3. @Jogo Bonito Looks like things are going well. Leeds have collapsed in every Championship save I've played so if you can stay ahead of the rest you'll be good. I think I've hit the buffers on this Plymouth save because of the FFP rules. At the beginning of the January window I was around £1k a week under the limit. With no changes to personnel or wages, by the end of the month I was £1k a week over the limit, who know why*. Because the last day of the window was February 1 I was hit with a transfer embargo without warning. Hopes of a couple of last-minute loans disappeared. Oh well... live and learn. What makes it particularly frustrating is there's no way to know this stuff before you pick a club, and even afterwards the game does a poor job of explaining/warning when things are changing. *I think it's because FFP is based on projected turnover, and our turnover was expected to decline in February.
  4. Brilliant season! I'm sure finances will be tight, but hopefully you can find a way to strengthen during the summer. Wish you luck
  5. Might have to start throwing some games... we're currently up to 3rd
  6. I'm certainly popular right now - in the space of the next week I've been offered interviews with Cardiff, Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday. Declined them all
  7. Frankly, the prospect of promotion is terrifying. We're definitely over-performing (currently up to 5th, although only goal difference separates 5 from 7) and I'm completely uncertain about FFP and whether I'll be able to strengthen the squad next summer, regardless of promotion or not. This is the first time I've come up against FFP so I'm in uncharted waters. In other news, I've just turned down an interview at Brentford - they sacked Thomas Frank in November '19 and a year later they're mired in the Championship relegation zone.
  8. That's a great turnaround to secure survival. Hopefully you'll be able to kick on next season.
  9. I like him a lot. My coaches rate him as a 4-star 'star' player with room to improve, and he's been solid in defence while nicking one goal from a corner up front. Looks like you've managed some good business there. Like you, I've watched but not signed Wriedt, and Lindsay should be great - he struggled a little in my Stoke save in the Championship but he looks a great choice in L1.
  10. Plymouth: season 2, November After a mixed opening month of the season, which started well and ended poorly, we carried that unhappy form into September. The loss in the DispLeasing trophy seems to have upset the board considerably, and they haven't shut up about it since. I was more upset by the defeat at Wimbledon where, despite coming from behind twice, we eventually succumbed to a 79th minute winner for the Dons in what should have been a winnable game. Some tactical tinkering gradually saw us improve culminating in the win at Oxford. They were runaway league leaders at the time, undefeated to that point, and manager Karl Robinson dissed us in his pre-match press conference. So I was delighted when youngster Adam Fletcher put us ahead after 26 minutes and we held them off for the win. Against Blackburn, they came at us like rabid dogs and we were 3-0 down before the 10th minute , and despite two second-half goals we couldn't find an equaliser. But we picked up three good wins from our next four games, only Hull proving to be too good for us. That good run has put us within touching distance of the playoff places, just a point behind the leaders (although Charlton have a game in hand that could let them leapfrog us). Not only are we hugely overperforming pre-season expectations, we've done it in the face of some difficult injuries. First, we lost Conor Grant for the whole of September to a twisted ankle, then later in September Danny Mayor suffered a back fracture that will see him miss more than two months. Finally, CB Jack Baldwin was missing for five weeks with an ankle injury and is just returning to fitness. Compounding these problems, we've also lost young striker Adam Idah for several games on international duty. Standout performers include Mr Reliable, RB Joe Riley, and young striker Adam Fletcher who is putting his elders and (so-called) betters to shame with 8 goals in 16 starts - Idah and Telford have 4 each from 10 starts apiece.
  11. An impressive start, indeed! I see Bowen is rewarding your enthusiasm
  12. Well, I just looked and they're working for me. And there's nothing saved on this laptop - two weeks old and a completely new installation.
  13. See, this is one of the things that make FM so frustrating. I'm seeing nothing but crosses into the defender's shins although, rather than a corner, they usually result in a rapid counter and a goal for the AI . Someone said it in this thread a couple of weeks ago, but it's as if *everyone* gets a different ME!
  14. Well, that didn't last long - we're now down in 12th and Hull are 3rd with a game in hand that could take them to 2nd. I'm not sure he's quite good enough for you in the Championship but I'm a big fan of Daniel Batty - an excellent DLP-d at my level, and he's developed really well after his loan spell with us. One to keep an eye on? Indeed... hopefully we can claw our way out of this FFP hole we're in. Hope it remains as enjoyable
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