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  1. Fair point. But I believe (I mostly play FMT where you can't have conversations) the interaction starts with "Criticise player", and then you pick the specifics. And I'd never criticise a player with his record. Obviously, ilkork has different standards.
  2. Key passes are pretty good, and so is his pass completion rate, but when he starts he's rated 8.9, 9.3, 6.9, 7.9, 7.3, and you're telling him he's underperforming. I'd be pretty ticked off, too.
  3. And next game, away at Chelsea, we suffer a humbling 2-0 defeat. Don't think we threatened once and, to make matters worse, Ibra retires from the game with a concussion, Rooney comes off the bench and immediately does his hamstring. Out for a month. You have to laugh, eh?
  4. Can we play you every week... I'm eating humble pie. Having said just yesterday that I always sell Rooney, in this new save I decided not to (trying to keep new signings down for first season). His first game of the season, he does this - a 14-minute hat-trick, and five in total. I do expect a return to normal service, though.
  5. Steve, just wondering what you do with Mata and Miki in your tactical setup. Play them as CM playmakers, or retrain to the F9 role? I had a fun save back in November with a 4-1-3-2 narrow formation that worked very well, but it was difficult to accommodate all of United's wide and AM players in that setup.
  6. Every save, since the first thing I do is get rid of Rooney. Well, almost every save because although the testimonial is usually set, I've had a couple of saves where I don't think it was scheduled.
  7. A "double natural". And kudos to anyone who gets the reference .
  8. I've never seen a recommendation about which players to sell. If you look at individual player reports from coaches, they sometimes say that the player isn't good enough to play for the club, but even then they usually (always?) stop short of telling you to sell. The squad depth report you seem to be looking at is useful in some respects and questionable in others. For example, when it tells you that you are short of players for one of your preferred roles, you can accept that (although I've never seen it recommend a player); when it tells you that you have good depth in certain positions, you have to read that in light of your tactic and how you want to play. For example, I often get squad depth reports that say I have excellent depth in central midfield, but if my tactic relies on a box-to-box player and I don't have anyone natural in that role, the fact that I have six central midfield playmakers is not helpful.
  9. I see you've just come back after three years away from the forums, so you can be forgiven for missing the fact that every single one of his questions was answered multiple times, in multiple forums, by multiple people. As Herne said, he just didn't like the answers.
  10. Short answer, no. Longer answer, you can exceed the 50,000-player recommended limit if you choose but there are dire warnings about performance issues if you do. If you're thinking about an external 'huge' database then the answer's an even shorter 'no' because there's no option in Touch to use anything other than the official Touch database. I don't know if the database selection is hard-coded in Touch but it might as well be since there's no way of choosing something different.
  11. There's a thread in off-topic for this kind of thing. Brexit as it applies to FM has been debated to death (and since the feature was announced about six months ago). I'm pretty sure there hasn't been an original observation since then.
  12. Could I respectfully suggest that anyone who says they will, might, or could be banned, should in fact be banned? Immediately and with extreme prejudice. And kudos to the mods; your tolerance and patience is exemplary.
  13. For general training I leave it to Faria (who's one of the best AMs in the game), often overriding for things like positional training ('only this time'), and sometimes PPMs (get Memphis to lose the 'shoots from distance' ASAP). Playing two games a week, you can usually get two or three games in a row out of a player but they'll need a rest after that. Easier to rotate a couple of players for each match and keep them fresh. One thing to do at the start is go through your squad and adjust everybody's squad status - you can't have two 'key players' or a key player and a first team player in the same position because they'll all want to play nearly every game. The majority of your squad should be on backup or rotation status. Pogba is a bit of a special case regarding fitness - he'll run around like a maniac, especially in the B2B role, and finish the match exhausted. If you find yourself competing in all competitions in January/February, I often override training to add a rest day before and after a match. I wouldn't worry too much about coaching, if you can get all training categories up to 4 or 4.5 stars you'll be fine, and there are plenty of coaches who can do that. As for losing to lesser teams, happens in every save, in my experience. As it should - just ask Klopp and Wenger!
  14. Look at the year, his season stats, his bio for the four years in-game. Why wouldn't he be on £300k a week!?