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  1. Impressive! Beating Madrid and Barca in the same month is a great achievement in any season. Go Valencia
  2. I'll go against the grain here. I'm happy to do press conferences. I do every one of them, all season long, and I don't just click "second answer from the left". I take the game at face value - if press conferences are a big part of the game (and they obviously are) then I assume they're important. So I treat them that way. I answer every question in what I think is the best way, I assume my players are listening or reading about it in the press next day, and I try to be aware of the implications for morale and player happiness. I also recognise that they can be tedious but that's a reality for most managers IRL. Judging by the common feedback in General Discussion, I believe I have fewer problems with player unhappiness than the average poster, and I over-achieve every season.
  3. Maybe . I was expecting a defeat away against Madrid and hoping we might draw at home. So you never know. Liverpool are currently 3rd in the Premier League, and have lost 10 games so far this season so they're not invulnerable. "We back ourselves against anyone," he lied
  4. Interesting analysis, and it's good to have a plan. A cynic might observe that the simple difference between you and Madrid and Barcelona is how much they spend on wages . But a good season so far (a tough group of fixtures in Europe!) and hopefully you can find the marginal gains you need without blowing the budget. Keep up the good work
  5. Yeah... I'd be a great manager if I did
  6. February 2026 - Meet the squad Goalkeepers Simple - Hedl is our No.1; if he's fit, he plays, first name on the teamsheet, etc. Gebhardt is an adequate backup but prone to calamitous errors. Defenders Bjorkan, who is still an excellent player, has been supplanted as first-choice LB by wonderkid Bartesaghi but I'm happy to have both of them. Central defence is less clear-cut - Ogbu and Marin are natural right-footers, and Aldarete is a leftie. Starfelt is right-footed but prefers to play on the left, they all work well together and give us good flexibility to cover for injuries and international duty. But Starfelt turned 30 this year and looks to be declining. He has a year remaining on his contract and I'd normally look to move him on in the summer, but he's our club captain and I'm wary of the disruption. On the right, Mendy is the obvious first-choice while Carreira was an able backup. However, he has been unhappy with his playing time and in trying to pacify him, I've annoyed Mendy who also wants more games. As a result, Carreira is now transfer-listed. Defensive midfield My usual approach of having two players for each position applies to our double-pivot. Currently both roles are set to DM with one on defend and one on support. The weak link here is Sotelo... at the start of the save he was rated at 4.5* potential but despite more than 60 first-team appearances he simply hasn't realised that potential, as shown by his last 5 games rating. Since there's interest in him it feels like time to move him on. Monchu is our main set-piece taker, which accounts for his eye-catching assists number. Swedberg should be our main man here, but I've been disappointed by his contribution this season, where he's been somewhat overshadowed by Allende and Rodriguez, neither of whom is his equal in terms of ability. Some of it likely to be role-related - the latter pair play as IFs on support while Swedberg is a natural shadow striker and it seems as though he gets marked out of games too often. On the left, Rego is a rising star as De La Torre is declining and I think I'm close to calling time on the latter's services. Prestianni was brought in as cover on both flanks and should be able to step up as Rego's backup next season - he hasn't yet had the chance since since he immediately suffered a virus after arriving and is just coming back to fitness. Nyheim has the potential to be our best player and it raises the question about how long he'll be happy as second fiddle to Swedberg. Strikers Our main problem area. Larsen's 13 goals in 24 starts looks OK but that translates to just 7 in 16 league games. Joveljic's stats look similar, but he front-loaded his scoring and has just brought to an end a 15-game barren streak. Both are rated as natural complete forwards and I can't help but wonder whether a tactical switch, dropping the striker to a support role, might work better. Something to think about and, perhaps, preferable to spending big on a top class goalscorer.
  7. Oh, I know . I have to play them at least twice a year and it's always like that. They just overwhelm you. There's no shame in it, and you were always up against it with that injury list. Better luck next time
  8. February 2026 I'm not sure why the fixture computer does this, but yet again the shortest month of the year has been the busiest month of the year with 8 games across three competitions. In the league it was another unbeaten month as we secured a narrow win against Sevilla, and rather more convincing performances against Osasuna and Valladolid before struggling to a draw away at Athletic in Bilbao. The Valladolid game was notable for youngster Nyheim scoring his first goal for the club, and for Joveljic breaking a 15-game streak without finding the net. In the Copa del Rey we managed an easy win against L2 opponents Oviedo but then failed in the quarter-final against Sociedad. This was a big disappointment because if we're to win some silverware the Copa looks like our best opportunity. Must try harder! But the highlight of the month - and perhaps of the save so far - came in the Champions League: As with our Supercopa victory in January, I can't quite explain how we pulled this off. The away leg was a repeat of January's encounter - they had slightly better possession but we did more with what we had, slightly winning the xG battle with more accurate shooting. In the home leg Real gifted us a man advantage as DM Nicolas Seiwald was red-carded for a lunging tackle on Bartesaghi and I feared the worst when the 10-man Madrilenos scored within minutes, but we pulled ourselves together and, across the two legs, were much the better team: So for the first time Vigo find themselves in the Round of 16. Of course, there are no easy games at this stage but I was hoping to avoid one of Europe's giants. Alas: Back to matters domestic: Realistically, third place is probably the best we can hope for but, barring a disaster, we should qualify for another season of European football. It's been a while since we took a close look at the squad and how they're performing so we'll do that next.
  9. Great season, and very close to being a magnificent one. I'll be interested to see how the tactical switch works for you - I've been playing an Emery/Villa-inspired 4231 pretty much consistently throughout my Vigo save but with a shadow striker rather than the DLF. I'm pretty happy with our defensive performance but we can be a bit toothless in attack against the parked bus. I think the volante will help you there with a threat from deep - unfortunately, I don't have anyone who's even accomplished at the role, but I have scouts out looking Love Carnesecchi, BTW. He was brilliant in my Southampton save and I rate him as one of the best in this year's game.
  10. "When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer."
  11. January 2026 - Team performance The month turned to be busier than expected as we competed in multiple fronts: After a perfect month in December I was hoping to carry on that form. Unfortunately, we slipped at the first hurdle as we struggled to a home draw against Girona, as the visitors scored either side of the interval and were leading 2-0 in the 75th minute. But demonstrating the power of a good substitution, I sent on DM Enzo Barrenechea and within 5 minutes he set up Bjorkan to pull one back and then, in the final seconds, grabbed the equaliser to clinch the PoM award. In our only other league game, we did just enough to break down Almeria who are fighting against relegation and set up with a parked bus. They rarely ventured out of their own half and didn't manage a single shot on target, but it took us until midway through the second half before Larsen managed to find the back of the net. The memorable moment of the month came in the irritating distraction that is the Supercopa in Saudi Arabia. We managed to beat Real Madrid for the first time in the save, and not just beat them but comprehensively outplay them: I have no idea how - it was our usual tactic and they had a full-strength team out - and we reverted to type against Barcelona in the final. But the highlight of the month was our performance in the Champions League. A battling away draw at Leipzig and then an excellent home victory against rivals Real Sociedad secured us a place in the knockout round, just outside the Top 8. And I had no idea until a pre-match media question alerted me to the fact, plucky little Vigo are the competitions top scorers: We await the draw for the knockout round, but hopefully we can put together another display of goalscoring brilliance
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