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  1. Sorry to be the voice of reason, but Smalling, Rojo, Felliani and Lingard are all capable of playing at least one or two seasons of quality football. Depending on your tactic. So your starting position is questionable. As to your second point, sign Savic. He's brilliant, end of. But to state the obvious, Savic will not replace Smalling, Rojo, or Lingard... he might replace Fellaini.
  2. Sorry, it was a poor joke to suggest that those pass maps can be very misleading. But it does suggest that of the front 3, Lukaku was dropping deeper more often, and Martial was the most advanced player much or most of the time. Not sure it's entirely applicable to this discussion, but there's a good interview with Andrei Kanchelskis in today's Telegraph. He decries Mourinho's lack of width and says that much of City's success is down to their use of wingers to stretch defences. As a winger himself, he would say that - but I tend to agree with him.
  3. Well, I'm no expert, but I think it means that Lukaku is a CM-S, Lingard is an AM-S, and Martial is the main striker with 'Moves into Channels' ticked.
  4. A nerve-wracking season saw Darlington win promotion via the play-offs. We led the league for most of the season, but the players rather bottled it in the final month with a home defeat and series of disappointing draws meaning we surrendered top spot to Salford. Home advantage worked in our favour for the play-offs, and we beat FC United 1-0, and then a more convincing 3-1 against Boston in the final. The squad will need major rebuilding for the challenge ahead!
  5. Brexit

    Cheers, Michael. That's how I assumed it would work but it's good to have it confirmed. It's interesting that only English managers complain about it, though.
  6. Brexit

    Thanks for the info. That's how I'd expect it to be done.
  7. Brexit

    I'd assume that too, such that British players would come under European 'non-EU' player rules. But I've never seen anyone mention it, let alone complain about it. Which is why I ask (I've never managed a European team beyond the Brexit date).
  8. You might watch that carefully. The point of the CM-D is that he sits and shields the defence. A BWM will tend to get pulled out of position as he chases down opponents in possession. Depending on the player and his attributes it might work, or it might leave you a bit exposed. Just something to keep an eye on.
  9. Show onto foot

    But watch out for them swapping positions!
  10. Brexit

    I don't give a monkey's about Brexit, but out of idle curiosity I asked the question more than a year ago: Are the Brexit changes one-sided (ie, only applied to British clubs) or are there reciprocal changes in Europe so that EU clubs have issues signing British players? In all of the threads about Brexit, only English managers ever seem to moan about this stuff.
  11. That's a great season with Spenny! I'm currently managing local rivals Darlington and I'm afraid Fewster & Co are currently languishing in 20th spot in my save so you did extremely well. I'm sitting in second place but Salford are four points clear and just keep racking up the victories. My best signings so far are Gerard Garner, 18-year-old striker on loan from Fleetwood, and The Rookie's recommendation, Cameron Healey, 18-year-old centre-mid on loan from Mansfield. Garner is a natural TM but I'm playing him as a DLF-a and he has six goals and seven assists in 8 games.
  12. Don't forget you can use U23 coaches for the first team, including the U23 Manager and AssMan. That way you should be able to get all coaching areas covered at 4* or 4.5* and light or average workload. There are some good coaches at U18 level at the club, who can be promoted to the U23s.
  13. Have you had a clear-out of the scouting team? United start with a boatload of very poor scouts (and some excellent ones). Depending on who does the report, you can get some questionable verdicts on good young players.
  14. Tip o' the hat to Mr Rosler. Just won the Vanarama National with Gateshead using this tactic, and won it easily with five games to spare (bookies' prediction was 14th). Set all kinds of records along the way, too. It might be exploitative but who cares, eh? Sometimes it's a pleasure just to watch teams go at it hammer and tongs, last one to score wins. Won the FA Trophy, too, just for good measure!
  15. Not just you, and not just bad luck - this looks like a real limitation of the match engine in this version. I can live with it because the good far outweighs the bad, but I'm certainly looking forward to the first major update.