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  1. It's one of the things that makes non-league football interesting, I think. It's an entirely different game. Your point about parent/affiliates is a good one, but in my experience they're not much use below the VNS/VNN level - either they want players to join better clubs, or the players themselves think they're above your level (as applicable within FM!) But it's good to have input from someone who knows the reality down in the non-league system
  2. @SixPointerThe new tactics are bit aggressive for my taste, but they certainly seem to have solved your goal-scoring problem . I shall ponder my own position on the risk-reward scale!
  3. @HampshireIan What level are you playing now? Tier 8 or the VNS? Essentially you can have three types of player agreement - standard/professional contract with a guaranteed weekly wage; non-contract, which is pay-per-appearance; and amateur, which pays nothing at all. Below the VNS/VNN I wouldn't have any players on full-time contracts unless they were absolute stars. Some would be on a non-contract basis, and some/most as amateurs. I've just done two seasons with Durham City starting in Tier 10, and then promoted to Tier 9. In that last season my total player wages for the year were
  4. I must admit, I don't remember Pompey ever being in Europe . But a hearty congratulations on a job well done!
  5. Me either. I suspect we'll be OK but FM financial forecasts are a thing of mystery. A bigger problem is a constant stream of injuries. I have 5 first-team regulars who'll miss the first month of league action, including Buendia. On the upside, that hopefully means the circling Premiership vultures will move on to other targets.
  6. Can't believe it was that long ago Like it was yesterday
  7. Yeah, that's very tight indeed. An amazing season, regardless of where you finish Some good results there, and good going to be top of the division. Keep it up! My plans for a new save took a radical northwards turn. Went to bed t'other night with thoughts buzzing about Ipswich and Colchester but woke up the next day with Norwich on my mind. The Canaries were one of my pre-launch picks for FM21 so it seemed like their time had come. Just about finished pre-season and it's a lot more challenging than it first appears. I knew there was precious little money about, but it soon became
  8. Yup, that's not a bad run at all. Hope you can keep it going through the winter Well, Ipswich would be right up there, as would Colchester. I keep threatening to take on Gillingham, too. Lots of possibilities, but plenty of time 'til FM22 arrives
  9. You read my mind . Spent the weekend trying to muster the courage to continue the Durham save, but once again the squad had been gutted - lost De'marlio to Stockport, as well as my best RW and LW, my star CM, my only LB and our best prospect at CB. Players who hadn't had a sniff of interest all summer were suddenly getting offers from everywhere as soon as I made an approach. Last night's update sort of put a nail in that coffin. I need to have a good look around the new squads to find the next project, but thoughts as ever turn to Ipswich.
  10. There's no official SI database that goes down that low - Tier 10 databases are fan-created, so the OP would need to contact the creator of the database in question.
  11. Good luck with the new season, and with that first European venture. Being able to spend most of your money on squad depth and future prospects is a good place to be
  12. @Dave92 @dastrokes88 Both going well in the early stages
  13. This is one of the things I always find engaging in FM - that you can sign a brilliant player from overseas, in the first season he's garbage and then, almost miraculously, he comes good. Except in those instances where he doesn't, which makes for the engaging bit - you have to have patience, but sometimes your patience is not rewarded. Makes the game much less "game-like" . Doing well in the Championship is difficult, but surviving isn't. As I never tire of saying, you only have to be better than 3 other teams. You can do it
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