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  1. This match engine is ridiculous at times, really is. People defending the 1v1's and saying it isn't broken, but it has to be fixed. I am playing with Leicester and Vardy will miss 5 1v1's a game and then Schemeichel will save the same amount. These come from long balls over the top that are so strangely accurate even when I try every to make my midfielders not do them myself. Game will end 1-0 either way from a set piece. And dont get me started on the crossing from the wide players...
  2. Interested to see what your tactic was here. I am trying with Leicester atm and finding it very hard to replicate their real life play. Care to share your tactic how you won the league?
  3. Thanks denen123 and EP. Will try this split block. I know in the past I have kind of done the opposite when I have had higher pressing whilst have my CBs press less which worked well. Made them not get pulled out of position. Regarding pass into space. That is another stupid mistake from me, had this one for legit one game to see if it changed anything or helped with passing to the flanks. Just happens to be in the screenshot tot. I really need to pay more attention haha. Also when I said possession football, I guess I kind of just chucked that out there. Meant I kind of want to dominate play, have more of the ball but by no means keep the ball for long stretches of play without doing anything - if that isn't too much of a contradiction haha. More like win the ball back and pass with meaning and purpose using short passes rather than slowly passing it around patiently waiting with a lower tempo. But at the same times not rushing the ball forward as if you are counter attacking, so I guess just a middle ground...
  4. 1) And what makes you say that? 2) Yeah thats an error on my part! Been switching to a cover and removing the OT mid during the games as I have heard that helps. When I took a screenshot for the sake of posting it here I changed it to cover to show thats what I was doing. Whoops
  5. Yeah was just thinking I may have to rip the tactic up and start from bare, adding small elements as I see fit. Just to clarify, what do you mean by a split press in FM?
  6. Cheers BigV, the help is much appreciated! 1) Yeah good idea for a dlp, Tielemans is naturally a DLP too. Unsure why I have not tried that, but I think in my previous editions of this tactic on earlier FMs DLP didn't work. But will give that ago with Maddo as a Mezz/AP. 2) Yeah I think an AF is what ideally I am after, thats what I have used previous FMs. I think one wiht 'comes deep to get ball' would be ideal. Thats what Jesus and Aguero have and are both AFs. But good idea here with the LOE, will try play around with it. The only thing here is I imagined to be dominant and playing the game essentially in the oppositions half against weaker oppositions. But will give it a try! 3) Yeah this has been the biggest killer, which has juts ruined FM20 so far for me. Every year I get something of the along the likes of this tactic to work with nice cut backs and low crosses but I guess im fighting the engine here. Maybe wait for an update/patch ?? Yeah the WB has actually been decent with the crosses. 4) Cheers will take that on board. Will have some playing around to do this weekend! 5) Yeah just been reading that it doesn't make much of a difference bar makes the wide attacker hold the ball up. Will untick that for sure
  7. Thanks for the reply Johnny! 1) Yeah definitely something I might look into. I could even have a standard CM attack that will get into the box. A playmaker type player here still but just without hte hardcode of attracting the ball 2) But surely that means you don't just remove them. They should go for the long ball every time. Plenty of possession tactics involve playmakers/BPD. All my attacks seam to be centralised from a long through ball 3) Yeah frustrating as anything! Glad it seems to be affecting everyone though and not just me haha, peace of mind. Didn't know that about AI roles so thanks 4) Yeah the idea is they are low crosses, like driven low balls or cut backs from the by line. I have ticked low crosses but they still seem to float it in on occasion. However im sure a well positioned whipped ball would work well too. Think Liverpool a cross from TAA to the centre/ far post for a Firmino or Mane. Or a City cross from deep by KDB to Aguero or Sterling. Regarding the double attack duty I don't usually do that, I just wanted a wide player on attack and the winger on attack makes him even more selfish. I had started with both the wide players on support, but maybe I'll look at dropping the left winger back to it. However, the flanks were not even getting affected defensively. The AI's long through balls are just going straight down the middle! Anyway, cheers for the help. Some good things for me to try
  8. Cheers mate, some definitely good points in there. I think one AP may be the best moving forward as you say, with two AP's that is a lot of passes being forced centrally. Might try run an attack Mezz for a few games! Yeah I have never been a fan of too many instructions, I feel this year things were just pilled on to try solve something. Good idea of maybe stripping it back.
  9. Hey everyone, Every year I get my teams to play a style/way that I like which is in my favourite formation the 433. Every FM I have been successful in creating it but this one, I just can't get anything to work (and I have tried multiple variables!!!). So for the first time in almost a decade of playing FMs I am going to reach out for help! This year's FM is really getting to me haha. I want to play a possession style football (which already goes against this FM's match engine) which in the final third you create overloads on the flanks before getting a low drive cross or pullback to the striker or running midfielder. Key playmakers in the middle dictate the play and switch the ball from flank to flank, shielded by a DM who breaks up the play and gives it to the APs. On the right wing you have a rapid winger who is direct and gets to the by line to cross, supporting by a fullback. On the left you have an inverted winger and can attack the line to cross and/or cut in, who has an overlapping wing back who attacks the by line to cross it in with a low driven ball. The striker in previous FMs has been someone I don't mind not getting involved in the build up play so and AF has worked. However I am finding in this FM a CF seems to be needed, which I am happy with. He can drop and support the build up before getting into the box on the end of a cross. I like to have one BDP defender next to a standard CB, with a SW behind them who is an able passer and kicker to help play out from the back. Defensively, I want to win the ball up high and as quick as possible. So overall, definitely some elements of Pep Guardiola in this. After getting something close to work in the Beta, the full game hasn't quite seen the results I am wanting. Too many long range passes from deep, straight up the middle to my striker running in behind and not even crosses from the flanks. I have since changed some roles such as the PF - CF (support play a bit more), HB - DM (idea to be slightly higher up for the press), right WB - FB (help defensively a little more). left CB to cover to stop the ridiculous onslaught of long long balls over the top (not that any go in as you cant score 1vs1 this year). This is my tactic and strongest 11: My depiction/player instructions: SK - standard really, this looks good FB - doing his job, supports attacks and can get involved going forward (dribble less, cross more often, aim centre, shoot less) BDP - does his job well, brings the ball out and is composed CB - going good WB - Doing pretty good (cross more often, cross from byline, aim near post) DM - doing good, breaks up the play and gives it to APs APs - This is the 'KDB' role if you will. Tielemans has been great here and he even sends some great crosses from deep from the half space like KDB. (stay wider to help him go into the half spaces) APa - This is the David Silva role who I want to also play in the half spaces but slightly more advanced. Maddison is doing great here and I have Cuisance as a backup who has the switches flank trait which I love. (get further forward to get him into the box to help the CF and stay wider). W - I have 'Get further forward' to get him forward without having to make him an attack duty where he is even more selfish. + (cross byline, aim front post, shoot less often) IW - Recently put him on attack to get him on the end of a cross from the right side. (Cross more often, aim centre) CF - Before anyone tells me off for making Vardy a CF, he actually has decent attributes for it. I also need someone who is good off the ball and quick so he can make good movement in the box to meet a cross. However, its just not working enough. Iheanacho is also a fully training CF but not much luck with him either bar him better in the build up phase. You'd of noticed I put aimed crosses for my wide players. This is just to make it more varied and I thought having near post or centre would restrict them from floating it to the far post. Pretty much I need help with this tactic in the following things: - I am not seeing anywhere near as much wide play as I should. Exploiting the flanks has not resulted in any major difference I could see. It also means we a playing wide to early I think. I want to build up in the middle then in the final third play exploit the flanks. I have analysed matches and found that I am making 10ish successful crosses a game but they are not resulting in chances! Also I thought that maybe the playermaker who naturally pulling the ball towards them more so maybe switch to mezzala's? I did it in one game but not much luck. Maybe just the APa to a Mezz.? - Attacks still just go over the top of the centre backs for the on running Vardy and Iheanacho from a ball deep in central midfield. I understand thats what these strikers are good at and I may need a new CF. However, Iheancho does not have PMM to make him aggressively run in behind like Vardy has. Also, with this current patch Vardy will miss 5 1vs1 a game... - The press isn't efficient and teams manage to always send it long, thankfully for me Schmeichel loves a 1vs1. I am thinking it could be because my players are to wide? I have played around with going much higher LOE and DL but looks worse. Has anyone managed to get a team to cross efficiently? My possession stats are still high in most the games so I dont think me trying to cross the ball is making me loss possession an overly lot. Sorry for the big messy write up, probably a bit too much thinking out loud has gone into this! Any help would be much appreciated as I slowly giving up here! Cheers
  10. This is why I am getting so fed up with this years game. So frustrating. Trying to play a nice possession game with Leicester and Vardy misses 5 CCC/1vs1 a game. Only winning games from the odd Tielemans long shot. Ridiculous.
  11. Amazing, thank you so much. I have drafted up one myself, looking forward to using it. I also added in an age multiplier to round off an overall 'evaluation' figure. Cheers!
  12. Very interested about this part. Can you elaborate on this? Cheers!
  13. Loving this tactic, thanks. Been trying to build something like this for a while. Its doing very well. I do believe this is built around the WP, so I think its key to have someone who can player their well and naturally. Its going amazing in Sweden save with Forsberg playing the WP. About to start a new save in England with this as the base!
  14. Managing RB Leipzig at the moment and he's been fairly disappointing. Backup striker Poulsen has performed better when given the chance tbh
  15. Hi guys!Just finished a season in the MLS playing a 4231, with quite sucess, winning the Supporters Shield. But still conceding a few, and I am the type to love a hard thought 1-0, 2-0 win over 3-1 etc. My tactic this year was: GKFBs CD BPD FBa DLPs CMd/BWMd Flexible - ControlWa APa IFa TMaSo I would say that is rather balanced, I love to player much wider, and get the ball zipping side to side vertically opening up spaces before a cross to come in. I mixed this with high line/pressing combo which seems to always work. But enough jibber jabber, my question is how can I revert this to a low block, so solid deeper defense with standing off. Those two instructions alone dont do much help. Will I need to drop my wide attacking midfielders to the MC strata or do I just go more fluid with the hope that the attacking mids drop back into defense? Anyone having success creating a well organised defense? Also, since im playing much wider, Im guessing I may have to take this off so I can create a compact defense. If this is the case, should I go with much narrower, then exploit flanks with PI for FBa and Wa to stay wider?Any help much appreciated!
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