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  1. Wasn't sure where to post this as I suspect it's a deliberate removal rather than a bug to report. Can I therefore check that this club selection screen has been removed for FM21? EDIT - it seems that it is still in the game but I can never see it so will raise it as a bug once I confirm it's not just me being a moron SECOND EDIT - nevermind, confirmed moron.
  2. I don't agree with everything you've laid out here but agree that the teamsheets, teamtalks and removal of customisable widgets are negative changes. You didn't even mention the analysis being removed in-match, which is the single biggest downside for me.
  3. Agree with this entirely The point of the in-game analysis, for me, was not to provide a realistic manager experience of stats available real time, but rather to inform the video game player of what was occurring between the highlights we choose to watch. As it is, without watching the full game in real time, there's no way to understand what is going on until half time. I understand the premise behind the move, but it's a mistake in my opinion and I hope one that will be reconsidered.
  4. Can't really expand on the topic. In the squad screen, the option to add a column for 'mistakes' to custom views is missing
  5. Common to every match played but I have attached an example in which a penalty was conceded but there are no mistakes recorded within the analysis tool. I've played only a handful of matches but no mistakes have been recorded in any match Shrewnaldo - No mistakes recorded.pkm
  6. Not sure if this is a bug or a deliberate change as it occurs on the tactics screens both in and out of matches When selecting one of the Team Instructions overlays on the Tactics screen, e.g. In Possession, the options for that phase will overlay the standard tactics screen, i.e. the formation view. If I then select one of the other phase overlays, e.g. In Transition, rather than show the In Transition overlay, it hides the In Possession overlay and returns to the formation view. When one of the phase overlays is active, e.g. In Transition, and showing on the screen, if I then
  7. Yes, definitely agree with this It would be good to advertise specifically for an attacking coach or scout with knowledge of South America, for instance
  8. Was 50/50 on whether to put this as a bug or a feature suggestion... fairly straightforward thing really - an open job advert is automatically withdrawn if someone is hired to fill that position. This is fine where there is only one position to fill, but shouldn't happen where there are multiple open positions - e.g. multiple scouts. Would be better if you were either given the option to remove or the game looked to see if there were still open positions of that type to fill.
  9. To make it less likely that you miss the chance to apply for an interesting job, it would be helpful to have some sort of alert system on either the Job Centre or Job Security screens which would push emails to your inbox when manager jobs became available. You could set filters on this similar to those that are on the 'apply for jobs' option when holidaying - i.e. receive notifications only for jobs in particular leagues, or top leagues, or top rep clubs. I think this currently happens only when you are linked with a job and I don't think you can implement a workaround using scre
  10. When the board gives you the option to select your own affiliate club, it would be very useful if the selection screen had more suitable columns for selection. i.e. when choosing an affiliate 'with a club with good youth recruitment' then the selection screen should show you the club's youth training facilities, youth recruitment and junior coaching; when choosing a club to loan players to it should show you the club's training facilities, maybe league reputation, media prediction for league finish, manager's preferred formation and playing style etc. With the current
  11. You can't select the attribute analysis octagon from the dropdown in the top picture? It looks fine on mine, with octagon showing up nicely so I wonder if you are right that it is a resolution thing. I have a 1440p 27" monitor, set to full screen, 125% zoom at 2560*1440 resolution. Shows per below.
  12. Hey , are you going to be posting here rather than at FM Now this year? Let me know if you come across any issues with the skin. I'm constantly bothering @wkdsoul with little bugs or error messages that I find. I'm sure he'll be absolutely delighted to have someone else hound him about it too
  13. An idea for future tactics amendments to the game... Currently inverted wingbacks are, understandably, coded such that they will not move inside if your tactic also utilises a player in the wide DM slot on that side - e.g. an inverted wingback at DL will not come into midfield if you use a DMCL. I think it would be sensible to make this restriction dependent on the role employed at DMCL/DMCR. For example, a Segundo Volante on attack will quickly vacate the DM space and move up the pitch. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to employ an inverted wingback to cover this space i
  14. Thanks Haiku, but as @wkdsoul says, he messaged me on twitter and has come up trumps with an FM19 version which has pretty much exactly what I was looking for
  15. Hi All, Recently I've been reading about a number of save games where the player has edited the skin to remove the attribute numbers and either replace them with coloured bars or even simply removed them altogether. Planning ahead to FM20, I'd like to do something similar but, not having the slightest scoob about skinning or graphics in general, wanted to check if this is possible. What I'd like to have is a skin with the following features: dark skin (like the default dark on FM19) no numerical reference to attribute values anywhere On the player profile screen, I
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