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  1. Yes, definitely agree with this It would be good to advertise specifically for an attacking coach or scout with knowledge of South America, for instance
  2. Was 50/50 on whether to put this as a bug or a feature suggestion... fairly straightforward thing really - an open job advert is automatically withdrawn if someone is hired to fill that position. This is fine where there is only one position to fill, but shouldn't happen where there are multiple open positions - e.g. multiple scouts. Would be better if you were either given the option to remove or the game looked to see if there were still open positions of that type to fill.
  3. To make it less likely that you miss the chance to apply for an interesting job, it would be helpful to have some sort of alert system on either the Job Centre or Job Security screens which would push emails to your inbox when manager jobs became available. You could set filters on this similar to those that are on the 'apply for jobs' option when holidaying - i.e. receive notifications only for jobs in particular leagues, or top leagues, or top rep clubs. I think this currently happens only when you are linked with a job and I don't think you can implement a workaround using screen flow.
  4. When the board gives you the option to select your own affiliate club, it would be very useful if the selection screen had more suitable columns for selection. i.e. when choosing an affiliate 'with a club with good youth recruitment' then the selection screen should show you the club's youth training facilities, youth recruitment and junior coaching; when choosing a club to loan players to it should show you the club's training facilities, maybe league reputation, media prediction for league finish, manager's preferred formation and playing style etc. With the current view, there's a lot of clicking back and forth through clubs' facilities screens.
  5. You can't select the attribute analysis octagon from the dropdown in the top picture? It looks fine on mine, with octagon showing up nicely so I wonder if you are right that it is a resolution thing. I have a 1440p 27" monitor, set to full screen, 125% zoom at 2560*1440 resolution. Shows per below.
  6. Hey , are you going to be posting here rather than at FM Now this year? Let me know if you come across any issues with the skin. I'm constantly bothering @wkdsoul with little bugs or error messages that I find. I'm sure he'll be absolutely delighted to have someone else hound him about it too
  7. An idea for future tactics amendments to the game... Currently inverted wingbacks are, understandably, coded such that they will not move inside if your tactic also utilises a player in the wide DM slot on that side - e.g. an inverted wingback at DL will not come into midfield if you use a DMCL. I think it would be sensible to make this restriction dependent on the role employed at DMCL/DMCR. For example, a Segundo Volante on attack will quickly vacate the DM space and move up the pitch. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to employ an inverted wingback to cover this space in the attacking phase and preparing for transition. This could apply to segundo volantes, roaming playmakers and registas.
  8. Thanks Haiku, but as @wkdsoul says, he messaged me on twitter and has come up trumps with an FM19 version which has pretty much exactly what I was looking for
  9. Hi All, Recently I've been reading about a number of save games where the player has edited the skin to remove the attribute numbers and either replace them with coloured bars or even simply removed them altogether. Planning ahead to FM20, I'd like to do something similar but, not having the slightest scoob about skinning or graphics in general, wanted to check if this is possible. What I'd like to have is a skin with the following features: dark skin (like the default dark on FM19) no numerical reference to attribute values anywhere On the player profile screen, I'd like to have the numbers replaced either by a bar or large dot which would change colour depending on the attribute value. Ideally set such that I can vary the colours and the ranges in the way you can in the Preferences for default skins Remove attributes' numerical values from the player search and scouting screens, replacing them with the bars or dots as described above Remove attributes' numerical values from the training performance screen but retain the up and down arrows to indicate progression or regression On the player comparison screen, the attributes tab to show a bar only with no numerical value showing the difference between the two. The bar would be coloured to the same ranges as third bullet above On the squad screen, either remove attributes from the views or have them represented by the coloured dot as described above I appreciate that the game isn't out yet and so no-one will know specifics regarding the panels etc but the screenshots available so far confirmed my layman's assumption that not much will change between games. Therefore, I'm at this point simply trying to understand if this sort of thing is possible or if I should just forget about it? Any ideas? For anyone interested - I've had some really helpful feedback in this twitter thread linking to this page - (and in case anyone is wondering why, I want to force myself to be less reliant on very specific attributes and use the other tools like scouting and stats more than I ever have)
  10. That makes sense to me in terms of some countries being forced into spawning at older ages - as mentioned above, to comply with child labour laws. I'm more wondering about the logic in starting so young, where there is nothing to prevent it. Particularly in countries, like Germany, which prevent them playing until 18, I wondered what the point was and why they were set to spawn so young
  11. That would stop them from spawning younger in some countries but doesn't explain why they are so young in others? My query relates specifically to Germany, I guess, and the logic of spawning newgens at 14, the youngest setting, when Germany is one of the only countries that won't allow you to play them until age 18. The choice to spawn at 14 seems, therefore, illogical. Waiting up to 4 seasons to play newgens doesn't seem much fun.
  12. Is there a reason why the spawn ages for newgens are set to specific levels in each country? i.e. Why do newgens spawn at 14 in Germany but 16 in the UK?
  13. We discussed that ambition thing at the time and my thoughts were that more ambitious players forced moves to bigger clubs with higher rep matches and better facilities, thereby having an indirect effect albeit a clearly significant one. Is this the way it works or is ambition also rolled into this direct calculation? I appreciate it won't work like this but, for simplification in a way that could be interpreted by players, would it be fair to say something like "development = PA x professionalism x determination x morale x match condition x experience from 1st team matches (scaled by reputation of those matches) x quality of facilities x quality of coaching x luck"? Anything else? And then the available surplus CA generated by that training performance is "spent" on attributes according to the player's natural positions and training regimes?
  14. When you say always, this completely contradicts the message for quote some time but also significant levels of testing which were conducted. Can understand small sampling being dismissed as unreliable but here was an old bit of analysis using extracted data from over 4000 newgens https://web.archive.org/web/20160322151149/http://www.thedugout.net/community/showthread.php?t=75695 As you can see, it matches the smaller sample analysis that Determination is irrelevant and professionalism is key (along with some other interesting conclusions) So is the message that this analysis is wrong? Or that it's right and the lack of influence from determination is/was a bug?
  15. Sorry Daljit, I don't wish to be rude but it's this sort of stuff which drives folk crazy. In this thread we've had an OP which says determination is one of many *direct* factors which affects some sort of development mechanism which has not been explained, which may be new to fm17 and which, from twitter discussions, may in fact be new to a patch halfway through fm17. We haven't been told what other factors may also influence this unexplainable development mechanism but we're guessing it's professionalism along with game time, facilities, coach quality and morale. Right? Then you give an anecdote explaining why you think determination is an influence in which you describe an *indirect* effect only - ie that players with high determination do better on the pitch, get more game time and have higher morale. The game time and the morale are direct factors, the determination is indirect. And now you post saying that "determination is the over-riding factor" with no explanation of where that belief has come from, indeed it contradicts what has been said above and what all testing and (unreliable) anecdotal evidence would suggest. It really drives people crazy that something which seems to us to be a simple explanation for people who have created the sodding game to tell us how they created one aspect of it. Instead it's left to mods to relay hearsay and personal opinion which contradicts itself and muddies the water, through no fault of the mods it should be said. It seems that @Seb Wassell is the key person to explain how it actually works (if he is allowed) and perhaps we should simply list specific questions, as I did above, and hope Seb takes the time to answer them.
  16. Excellent, @herne79, more information can only be a positive thing
  17. A few questions then: 1. You say that FM17 has changed to make Determination one of the factors in development but then say "it should also be reiterated that Determination has always been a factor in player progression", which is entirely contradictory. Can you advise if the pre-FM17 text is a typo? This would certainly match the advice to date, and the myriad of extensive testing 2. Is it possible to get anything more useful than "along with a large number of other factors, is part of the progression calculation" because, frankly, that is singularly unhelpful? How much influence? Is it only an influence over the PPM learning as has been suggested? Does it influence training regardless of PPM learning? What has more influence - determination or professionalism? In what ratio? What other attributes, if any? Is determination only linked to progression in the manner in which it may or may not affect the player's morale, thereby having an indirect effect? It would be really very useful if these sorts of mechanics were actually explained.
  18. Another SI special with the squad harmony getting sacked. I've seen so many people getting the sack for this, just ridiculous.
  19. Are there any jobs in Asia available? Maybe one of the bigger leagues? You can't leave without having a shot at the Asian CL!
  20. These are great. I only have one, very minor, bugbear with them. The column for both Condition and Fitness is now left-justified, as if the game is leaving room for the circle graphics. It's not a big deal, it just means the numerical percentage can be very close to the numerical value in the column to the left. Is it possible to alter the mod to centre-justify the columns?
  21. Love the profile pic, where'd you get it? I've had a look at Strandberg myself. He looks a really good prospect, will definitely be keeping an eye on how he develops for you. Here's hoping there are no hard drive failures this time!
  22. Thanks Michael. I took that to the author and he provided me with an alternative download but, sadly, I'm still having no luck. I think I'll just have to file this one under "not going to happen". Thanks anyway.
  23. The problem is that, no, you can't do anything about it as far as I can see. What it looks like is that long throws are defended using the corner defence settings which is just ludicrous when you really think about it.
  24. I've downloaded and installed these panels from Sortitoutsi - http://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/13216/player-overview-panel-mods?page=3 Unfortunately, I'm having a consistent issue with them which the author has been unable to fix, despite plenty of effort on his part! The problem is rather simple. With all the default settings, the attribute panel appears perfectly for the first profile I view. However, when I then exit that profile and either return to the same profile or click on any other player, the attributes panel contents simply disappear: This is then the case for ALL profiles. I don't understand why it shows perfectly on the first profile but then disappears after that. I'm using 1600*900 resolution, playing in windowed mode with the default skin amended with several mods form here and Susie (at 95% zoom). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Try this brussels - http://spielverlagerung.com/ There's a German language site which covers much more than that if you can read German.
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