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  1. February/March/April 2042 I got a little carried away in what has probably been the most dominant period in this save, maybe aside from our run in during our Serie C promotion season. We haven't lost a competitive game since late January and have blown away all competition to be almost guaranteed to retain the league and in a strong position as the second leg of the CL semi is at home and we have an away goal. We made a switch from a balanced mentality to an attacking mentality in this period and our offensive prowess is really being shown - with goals coming from any of the front four and DM Caicara continually chipping in, too. I also had my youth intake during this time: With the game drawing to a close - I am almost bypassing this but I am really concerned that I'm 'leaving' this club in a really poor position for the future. There is nobody, at all, from this intake who looks to have the ability to be in the first team and we've only had a handful from the last few intakes. Since I have stepped back a little bit of depth from the intake focus, I have been a lot more open to writing people off quickly - and that is something that I want to return to focusing on the next iteration.
  2. In our month or do-or-die, we've done all that we could do!
  3. December 2041/January 2042 We won the league at Catanzaro last year, but we may just have lost it there this time out. Those two defeats and, three league defeats in five games - all 2-1 losses away from home, have probably left us with too much to do in the last sixteen games. Essentially, to overturn this eight point deficit, we definitely need to be unbeaten and have as close to a 100% record as we can. However - we have the small task of still being in the Coppa Italia and the Champions League - the last trophy yet to adorn our cabinet. We're going to go literally for broke. It's now a score-one-more-than-you approach.
  4. An ode to Stefano 715 league games, a further 116 games in the cup and 169 international appearances means that Stefano Stefanelli becomes the first player that I have ever managed to reach the milestone of 1000 senior competitive appearances.
  5. Always the way. I've probably played an hour this week but I know, within the same life circumstances, that I'll get in eight or nine hours once FM20 is out!
  6. Thank you so much! I have been looking back through my old games, even re-installing FM17 and FM18 last night to see how my save style has developed. I went back to the Lyn save, in FM17, where I first really toyed with ideas of specific transfer rules and versatile players through re-training and then on FM18 with BX, Brussels, the staffing side as well as overall team personalities was added to this. This year - I've added the removal of attributes but a more forensic analysis of player development and in-game monitoring. This will continue in FM20 and I have some ideas to further add to my style of play - I just need to find the right club! As of now - I have a couple of ideas of where I want to go but I'll wait until the beta, at least, is out. Loan development vs club development has been massive. It's a shame that three of my greatest examples of this, Tomarchio, Waye-Hive and now Poggiali (see below), have come at a time where I've had less time to devote to analysing their development and building hypothesis to take with me. This is four months of progress - I can see that technique, finishing, crossing and composure have definitely improved. Once again, I wish I had looked at his octagon. He's gone to Juve - they, obviously have great facilities, but what difference could be made if their manager was good at working with youngsters, preferred a style of play similar to Poggiali's (technical but I'd imagine the game would have him as a physical player) or if he'd gone to a team where he was winning each week and averaging well over 6.77 he currently does.
  7. October/November 2041 # Still chugging away at this and, unfortunately, a little off the pace, both in terms of update quality and the league. A poor performance at home to Roma has been our only loss of the season but draws, like the three in these two months, are holding us back. The solace I take from this is that if Inter turned around a near twenty point gap in the second half of the season to retain their Scudetto, we can do the same. We are safely through our CL group despite an absolute routing in Leipzig against a free flowing counter attacking side built with nearly a billion pound of talent.
  8. Thanks! I really enjoyed your Boreham Wood save this year and will have a look out to see if FM20 brings you back!
  9. August/September 2041 With the groundwork in place, I think I should be able to move through the season quite quickly. A solid start - too many draws for my liking but all against teams that have been near the top of the league of late and all away from home. We have been drawn in an RB heavy group, with Leipzig and Salzburg accompanying us as Celtic as we look to make a serious dent in the CL this year. With my youth and reserve teams having a few decent prospects in, but relatively small in depth, and having their progression, even at this stage of the game-season, carefully marked out. It's time to get stuck in! Reserves Under 18s
  10. 2041/42 Preview I've become my own worst enemy - as the game has gone on, I've become more and more in depth, setting up training for all teams based upon their needs (although I have stopped posting the accompanying Excel document, this is still happening), setting up a thorough pre-season schedule, analysing individual training, making depth charts etc - and this, combined with significantly less FM time over the past few weeks, has meant that I've progressed very little. However - here is the squad I am taking into next year: Waye-Hive and Tomarchio are, rightfully, in my eyes, awarded first team births after successful loans and they both come into the side with 1 in 3 goal to game ratios, better than first choice Zavoli's, in this early stage of their careers. Francesco Renzi is all a beneficiary of my loan program as he comes into the team in either the DM or AM role and is, like the other two, now classed as a wonderkid. 17 year old defender Veronesi is entrusted as a fully-fledged first teamer and the youngster is a classy player and surely will be our first world class central defender at some stage of his career. You may notice a new face, Madson Mesquita, and notice some old faces are missing. Here is why: I wanted to freshen the squad up so moved on some established players - three youth candidates in Cervellini, Colombini and Canti. The first two are now in their mid twenties and now just satisfy the backup option rather than a promising youngster and Canti, after 400+ games for us, moves to spend the remainder of his years in South Korea. The 29-year-old has also struggled for games and, with a few injuries, left me no room for sentiment. Andrea Poggiali shows us how much our empire has grown, and how much Juve's has fallen, as the previously untested Serie A midfielder moves to Turin to be a regular first team player. A good season there will surely see him return as an important player and the long term successor to 30 year old Davide Zafferani. I said that I'd not make a profit on marquee signings but Gonzalez moves on for an £8m as that is what Arsenal offered, out of the blue. He was good, better than 20 goals in 51 games good, but good never the less. However - with the two returning forwards being home-grown and me being unsure about his wing-play, I decided to cash in. To fill that gap, I went completely against my signing restrictions (this is pretty much the last season or two of my game anyway, so, whatever!) and signed 18 year old Madson Mesquita from Flamengo. His contract was unprotected so he came for an initial £3m with payments that could take it to £8m. He's a classy inside forward with bags of potential in an area that we are really weak. --- My plan is to turn on game timeout and maybe instant result some of the easier games and cup ties - I really want to see how much more I can get in before I eventually cave the day before the beta is made available. I may also holiday some seasons to see what my replacement can do to this side I've painstakingly assembled!
  11. 2040-41 Review One night in Serraville - well, not actually Serraville, instead Catanzaro, some 882km from the the largest city in San Marino, was home to a moment that the eleven players on the right of the screenshot would never forget. Seven academy graduates, all Sammarinese, combined with four South Americans and one (very small) nation, have witnessed a great achievement. Not twenty years have passed since their scrape with survival in Serie C and now they sit atop the Italian pyramid, replacing the likes of Juventus, Roma, Lazio, Milan and Napoli. Below is the squad that made it happen: Goals coming from the defensive midfield slot, the king of assists at right back, the left winger having a part in 36 goals - these are the kind of things that are needed for a team to compete at the top level. Zavoli had a really good season - twenty goals just over one every two games but the lack of support elsewhere has been what has held us back. We have also rode our luck with injuries - our rotational options, Colombini, Cervellini, Canti, Rech and Lazzari have barely featured due to us being able to put our strongest team out. I reckon this save has a year left in it - and we're going to do it all over again!
  12. Loan Progress This is between August and May. Despite playing for a team who are bottom of their league - the development, as a player, is pretty great. I wish I'd screeshotted his octagon too.
  13. March and April 2041 This feels like October and not April based on my previous collapses around this time of year. With our fantastic spring form you can see that we have secured our first Scudetto, and in some style, too. If we win our remaining games - we'll have more than ninety points and could finish twenty points ahead of the chasing pack and even further ahead of our old nemesis, Inter. The faith in my squad rotation earlier in the season has definitely worked - with key players such as Valentini and Zavoli coming into their own at this later part of the season, whereas they'd previously have been too tired to properly contribute. Sadly, we couldn't add the Champions League to our league and cup double - losing to a typically strong Bayern side in the second round of knockout ties. I can't help but think that the extra fixture that I would have faced here may have meant that our league form wasn't quite as imposing, but with such a lead, I don't know how much that would have mattered. With only a little FM19 time left - the Champions League feels like it's the one that got away. In lieu of my awful updating schedule - we also had our youth intake. Normally, this would get it's own post with comprehensive analysis and targets for these players. It was a poor intake, which is kind of good, as I won't be around long enough to see these players in their primes. Yet again, nobody from a feeder club and no other nationalities. I feel like I've been cursed over both of these FM19 saves. The only player that stands out to me is Filipo Zanotti - who joins an already long list of striking options.
  14. December 2040 - mid-March 2041 Update Real life has got in the way, big time, so the majority of these games have been clicked through whilst I have been in a daze and, as such, I can't really recall too much about them. We are doing really well - eight points clear of surprise package Cagliari and a further three ahead of Inter. Juve, Roma nad Lazio have now completed faded into mid-table sides and last year's challengers Virtus have endured a slightly more difficult season. We are playing well - scoring goals reasonably freely and being relatively tight at the back - all whilst rotating pretty heavily and allowing as much youth into the team as possible. My loanees are continuing to impress, also: Ingolstadt sit bottom of the Bundesliga and Tomarchio has scored a high proportion of their goals - scoring in pretty much every game that they have won. This has done him the world of good, with his value rising from £220k to £5m and him becoming a wonderkid. His attribute growth, too, seems fantastic and I will look to see exactly how much once he returns. Likewise, Waye-Hive is playing in a struggling team and scoring quite well, although he's gone off the boil a bit at the moment. Attacking midfield duo of Poggiali and Renzi are both performing admirably too.
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