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  1. It was kind of five-at-the-back but the result was never in doubt! ---- Brasiliero Team Records I now hold two positive ones here. I won't reach 16 league victories and I won't be the first team to go unbeaten so it won't count on this part. With a 20k seater stadium - we won't be winning anything here... I've got my eyes on the biggest win but I don't know how I can really influence much for that and I now need to go another thirteen games without defeat to break the record held by Corinthians of 29 games as well as a further seven games without conceding to break that record. The tally of 104 goals looks a long way off with us getting 90 last year and Flamengo 88 in 2024 being the only two times to get over the 80 goal mark.
  2. Volta Redonda vs Santos preview You could say that there is a lot hanging on this game... Go 5 at the back and play for a 1-0?!
  3. 2040 Taca Rio (and Carioca State) ---- A 100% second stage along with another win over Flamengo (our head to head record is now firmly turned in our favour) sees us win the Taca Rio as well as our ninth successive Carioca State. We are still, sadly, thirty four titles behind Flamengo but the fact that all nine of these are successive shows how strong we are in this state. When you look at the overall table you can see that there are three of my satellite sides, which is great, and the third top scorer, Arilson, is on loan at Serie C Boavista (RJ) from us. --- I have a Liberdatores tie in between but there is 13 days before we kick off the Brasiliero and another chance to put ourselves in the record books - something which I'm really starting to focus on right now.
  4. National team production Not at a level where we are controlling this, yet.
  5. 2040 Taca Guanabara Another first stage victory for us, even if it looks unlikely we'd qualify for the final following the stalemate with Bangu. I've been able to rotate pretty heavily and the 3-4-3 formation has made a competitive debut, which has been a success.
  6. Winning run OVER! Obviously, not a single one of these 34 shots could find the net as our 21 game winning streak is ended by the might Bangu* *Bangu are a Serie D side!
  7. 2040 Supercopa ---- Victory number five is secured with all of those five coming in the last six years and our fourth in a row - showing how unbearably strong we now are. We also broke our own record for all competition games won in a row: A victory in our first Serie A game, away at Santos, would see us break the league record but I envisage that our own club record will extend as we have the Carioca State, Liberdatores group stages and Copa do Brasil early rounds to play before that point.
  8. Player Sale I will re-iterate the importance of the early sale of Rodrigo Dinamite as the £8m his sale to China brought in allowed me to kick start facility upgrades. Since returning, he's been solid. Unlike the move to Sevilla in my now-lost-to-a-crash save, he'll play for America, which is great.
  9. Loan 6 months at Osasuna, a mid-table La Liga club gives Edilson his shot in Europe and gives me the opportunity to play Artur in the early season and still have this lad back for 80% of the Serie A campaign.
  10. Geilton Testimonial --- The main squad were joined by Jefferson Quintanilha, Joao Carlos, Filipe Marinho, Pacheco and an ancient Andreson to honour my joint favourite player from this save! I also played my oldest squad, which allowed the likes of Pereira Santos and Dinamite to feature with Geilton for what will probably be the last time. The game, as you can see from the scoreline above, was not a contest but it was capped by a lovely performance from the man everyone came to watch, even if he did miss a penalty!
  11. 2039 Review - The Record Breakers edition Just the one thing to focus on here as both our Liberdatores and Copa do Brasil campaigns ended at the Quarter Final - meaning we've only added one trophy to the Supercopa, Recopa do Sudamerica and Carioca State - all of which we'd won before April was out. However - this is a record breaking season in the league. The first three-peat since Corinthians between 2025 and 2027 along with the most points and league wins in an absolutely groundbreaking team performance. Individually, Joao Fernando not only broke Roberto Dinamite's now-fifty year old goalscoring record in Serie B but also surpassed his domestic record which, when discounting the likes of Pele and Romario - who allegedly counted friendlies and exhibition games, is certainly an incredible feat. ---- As you'd expect - performances have been really strong throughout with Geilton still being amongst my top players, moving seamlessly into the centre of the park and laying on 21 goals, scoring three times himself. There will be a changing of the guard as I look to offload Edilson, who, right now, may be the best Brazilian to not ever win a cap (don't quote me on that - I'll do some research!) as I feel it's fitting that he can see his career out in Europe at a level where he truly belongs, allowing youngster Artur into the fold. Following my crash earlier in the season, I did not 're-sell' Rodrigo Dinamite but he's in talks to move to Mexico right now as I feel like a bit of a re-shuffle would be nice - even if there are more goals to achieve next year. --- It's now 18 months until the CWC in 2041 in Spain. That is my goal now. There hasn't been a South American winner since the format change (way back in 2012 with Corinthians) and our third place in 2037 is the best that a non-European has done since Cruz Azul were runners up in 2020, before it expanded. I'm going to do everything I can to win this competition!
  12. Exactly that, yes. I felt that I needed something that gave me an overview of different ways to train my players and, viola, I just made that! It was a bit of a pain to count them all up but has served its purpose on more than a few occasions now. No worries! I saw you'd posted in the skins forum so I then presumed you'd have a decent understanding of how it works. I'd like to hit a few of those records as well as some of the individual ones too but, with my playing time decreasing hugely since lockdown, I think getting through to the 2041 CWC is a good aim now and then to just see where I go from there. Joao Fernando will be 30 when we play in that tournament and it'd certainly be nice to see how he ends his career. I'm certainly thinking of 'regista-ering' him - he does look pretty well suited to that role to be fair...
  13. Run-in mini update three Job done! --- I have my eyes on some records for next season, too: We will equal the 'matches won in a row' if we beat Flamengo in the last game of the season so a winning start to the 2040 campaign will see me break this record!
  14. Run-in mini update two Win record is ours - now to beat either Santos or Flamengo to take the points record. Another thing I've spotted is that Santos hold the record for most goals, 104, so that might be on the cards next year!
  15. Run-in mini update So far, so good. Two wins from four needed and nine points from twelve required to break both records. We face: Goianiense (H) - 12th Vasco (A) - 6th Santos (H) - 4th Flamengo (H) - 3rd Not the easiest but we can get drop points in one of those games and still break both records...
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