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  1. January 2041: Giantkillers! Amazing that we can still do this in the odd game but we can't even consistently beat teams near the bottom of our own league over the course of a season! We face Palace next...
  2. January 2041: Player Sale Alex really hadn't settled - failing to pick up any more than basic English in his year and a half at the club and with a clear lack of professionalism towards his play and development, stood out like a sore thumb. I was able to get just £2m for him from Al-Jazira, which, annoyingly, he was entitled to a chunk of:
  3. December 2040: The quest for CONSISTENCY I've got a really young squad and that is ok, and, kind of expected given the nature my game playing - promoting players from the academy means that they'll be in the first team at 19 rather than 29. However, it is also posing me a problem. Above are the players in my first team that are 21 or younger. Whilst I have some really strong players here like Nwadike, who has just joined, Roberts, who has actually won this league with Plymouth on loan, and Maddision, my best player on paper, they have a average of just 59 professional games under th
  4. December 2040: Youth Intake Preview A 'good' group - but I'm still sure this means nothing at the moment!
  5. December 2040: Interview I like how my 'identity' is forming - a manager who brings in youngsters and doesn't care for set pieces! Don't want the job though...
  6. October/November 2040 Just the seven games here, but again, no real quality shown throughout but we do end with a 13-game unbeaten home record, which does give me a cause for hope. There is no need for major concern - the season is long enough, and, aside from the top two, we are in touching distance of the playoffs. The aforementioned Nwadike will join in January along with this lad, Egill Vidarsson - who might just be a catalyst to unlocking defences. With Villanueva and Stokes battling out for the starting role on the left wing - I wanted a new striker as backup for Ferencik.
  7. I know! It just seems that we're not making too many forward steps at the moment. I do have a plan, but I'm contemplating as it does seem a bit 'cheaty' as it's uncovering something that is hidden to track and try to develop! I'm not sure what people think... Also - yeah - 20 years to get this far is a long time. Fortunately, I've got no idea where else I want to manage on this game (normally, I'm flooded with ideas of where to manage) so I can let this one run.
  8. October 2040: New Signing (nearly) Chib hasn't joined yet, but, when checking on his progress, I noticed that he's now a wonderkid. I think I could have pulled off a right coup with this deal... He joins in January.
  9. August/September 2040 We really haven't hit top form at all, which is a concern for a settled team. Going in to the season with just Dewi Bohana not remaining from last year, I'd have hoped that we'd pick up where we left off, but that really hasn't been the case. A steady start before our backup players were handed a drubbing at Plymouth before a false sense of excitement was built with two commanding home wins. We've since been up and down: the highs include a solid win away at Burnley and the lows are the hammering at the hands of QPR, who are significantly weaker than oursel
  10. Summer 2040 Transfer Window I turned a nice profit on Rensch and Da Silva as well as waving goodbye to Bohana on a Bosman. Yet another promising keeper in Box left on loan, meaning that both he and Lowe are getting first team action this year and Weaver is my first choice - a real area of academy quality. I didn't really want to sign anyone as Diaz and academy player and successful loanee Conor Poole have stepped in for the outgoing Bohana and retiring Duncan, however, I was alerted to free agent Noel Segui. He signs more on a learning curve than anything else - he has no Work P
  11. July 2040: New coaching badge About as fun as we're getting this summer...
  12. Many thanks! We're still a bit of a way off where I want us to be in order to survive that first Prem season but we're building well towards it.
  13. June 2040: Player Development I have to say that Ben looks like one of the most mentally advanced 17 year old footballers in this country but, given my terrible training facilities that the board continue to refuse to upgrade, he's made very little progress. I'm trying to develop his technical side, in particular, solidifying his defensive aspects to make him an all round midfielder but he's really going to need some game time to assist with that. If you compare that with Patrick Reece, a very similar player to Austin - you'll see that game time (1009 first team minutes) ha
  14. 2039/40 Season Review One step further than we've ever been before but 180 minutes short of the eventual goal. A 0-0 draw at the Kingfisher Stadium gave me some hope but we were well beaten, 4-1. at Goodison and that has put pay to our promotion bid for this year. As you've seen from the updates across the year - inconsistency is still there and, even though I must accept some of that with a young and not-necessarily hand recruited squad, we need to find another gear in a few games so that we can push on. Sadly, we'll face Plymouth again next year as their valiant attempt ended
  15. April 2040: The greatest escape? Plymouth have become a team that I've followed as this save has progressed as they've had a couple of loanees of mine and they are also a real underdog in the Premier League, much to @Northernpilgrim's delight. Here is the situation with three games left to play: However, look at their fixtures: Leicester are 7th and chasing Europe but Wolves are gone given their current form of one win in thirteen but they do face Brentford, Sheff United (12th) and Bournemouth (8th). Boro's other game is away at sixth placed Southampton on the last day
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