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  1. (Late July) 2031 Just the two league games this month but a lot of background work has gone in around this time. Firstly, I've been able to move to a more fluid training approach since we have reached high levels of tactical familiarity, which I'd expect given that the only change is a slight tweak in Defensive Line and there are only a small number of players new to the team to learn it. I'll delve more into how I approach my training as I learn what I want to do myself. We kicked off our campaign against Sion where Georges Henry lasted just 31 minutes before being sent off on
  2. Thanks both! I'd be interested in what makes perfect data analysis, definitely! My style is based around a real team effort where we can't afford any passengers, so it's making me think much harder about recruitment and development, which is wonderful.
  3. Early July 2031 Obviously, the first course of action is strengthening the side and then getting them ready for the season, so I'll break it down to that order. I feel like I've done well with the signings that I've made: Tiago Dantas. Georges Henry. Stefan Lolic. Leon Accola. Liam Chipperfield. --- Once again, I'm delighted that there have been no rushed signings and, by the 5th July, I actually had already sorted my team for the next season. My scouting team had found Tiago Dantas a few months previous and, although it does feel a bit gamey, he hasn't developed.
  4. June 2031 Obviously no fixtures here but the monthly updates continue as I'm taking in all of the behind the scenes details, inlcuding the above. What it doesn't state, though, is the €22m loan that was taken out in order for this to happen. This may actually compromise our transfer activity in the short term as we are paying out quite a hefty €200k pcm for the next ten years. Never the less, we will be compensated with some sort of Champions League money, whether that be from the group stages, should we reach them, or just the money from the qualifying rounds combined with increased
  5. 2030/31 Season Roundup We finished the last month in decent form to end the season in a commanding second place, twenty points ahead of Basel and a further five ahead of Young Boys, really cementing ourselves as one of the big clubs on the pitch, matching our off the pitch standings. An unfortunate loss in the Schwiezer Cup final against an unbelievably strong St. Gallen side hasn't really dampened the spirits of what continues to be really strong evolution for me at the club. --- I can also take great pride in the performances of individuals: Anderson C
  6. Thanks for the clarification in what is, another, really well explained post leaving me much to ponder. I'm really going to have another deeper look at the training as it's kind of being moving along itself since I turned pro. I was able to really look into the semi-pro schedules but found that the extra space led to some ideological confusion. We're nearly at the end of the season and the player progression, overall, isn't what I'd like - definitely linked to the excess match prep so the off-season seems like a wonderful time to review.
  7. April 2031 We're probably just a little bit too far off for a shot at the title despite our first win over St. Gallen in what seems like forever. The month started with a great, counter attacking performance against Young Boys in which we really showed why me moving to them would be a huge step down. Two pretty average performances against Lausanne and Servette, in the cup, sandwiched a smash and grab win over St. Gallen and a stubborn Sion side held us to a draw. As we develop into one of the larger teams in this league and as I learn the tactical side of the game more and
  8. Thank you so much for this post. I have some points, questions, if you don't mind... --- On this, do you then have schedules for weeks where you think you'll need to defend more? I like to do this, too. A full day of rest on either the Sunday (Sat game) or Monday (Sun game). Have you ever used the match review? I think it can only be used on the day following the game so your first point may answer that one. I don't actually know how much impact it has but kind of saw it as a sit down kind of session, watching and analysing the game and each player's role within it
  9. Thanks. I enjoyed the Tifo video and took a lot from it but I've struggled implementing it into a week with more than once match without them just becoming Match Prep weeks. I'd love to see your take on this and share some ideas - feel free to send me a DM if you'd rather it was outside the confines of this thread. Yep. Sadly, Ziereis isn't going to make my first team but he'll be a national team regular but I do think Arlinghaus has potential to make my team, pretty much ensuring he'll be a national legend! He's got full caps at just 16 years old. Wow. High praise indeed.
  10. Thanks! I’ve actually been catching up his Odd thread and the concept of overloads is something he’s done a better job of explaining than I have. However, my plan is to overload the left, or, in the case from that screenshot, the whole defence!
  11. March 2031 Turgid. To say the least. We started in great form, tearing Zurich apart with a bit of a tactical overhaul but were absolutely found out by Celtic, containing half of the promising British players from the start of FM21: Rekeem Harper, Oliver Burke, Shola Shoretire, Daniel James and Tyrese Campbell. They were just better than us in every single area of the pitch and their resounding win was no less than they deserved. Our next domestic fixture, as so often happens, was a poor draw against bottom of the table Thun, ending any dream hopes we had of challenging St. Galle
  12. I think the footballing hipster phrase that you’re looking for is ‘transitional overloads!’ Thanks. It’s never been something I’ve cared about really. It’s always been a case of ‘get my best prospects on the pitch’ and, historically, just Instant Result and hope to not be sacked over 20 years as I build a career. This is such a refreshing approach for me and I’m glad to see that people are enjoying the read!
  13. March 2031: Offensive shapes Just another example of how I've been able to manipulate opponents really nicely with my extra focus on tactical shapes and styles. Firstly, before there is any concern (!!) the three forwards that Zurich named are marked and Diaz, who just made the pass is in the process of moving over to mark the widest of their forwards, pushing Mistrafovic over. It does leave a 3-v-3 but this is the type of situation that I either need to not commit to or back my players to deal with any counter attacking threat, and I do. Without Anderson Costa, I opted for Gavi
  14. Thanks. Certainly a part of the world whereby I can attempt to build a good network of scouting and recruiting. Tempted to activate the league too, given the fact that Switzerland has a lot of ex-Yugoslav influence in dual nationals.
  15. February 2031 Not the best! The month started in poor fashion with a loss against Young Boys, marred with a penalty in the 90+5th minute that led to media outrage and another warning. Things, at the club anyway, got better as we thrashed Lausanne but I feel I may now be blacklisted by the Chinese government following my comments on Wang Tao returning from international duty so tired that I had to sent him on holiday for a week, before he'd even made an appearance for us. It was yet more disappointment as we lost to St. Gallen, extending our terrible run of form against them sinc
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