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  1. I’ve been away from FM for a week or so and have missed this but…wow. A wonderful opening. Personally, with not a huge amount of time left on the ‘FM cycle,’ I couldn’t get as involved as you have here! Will be following with interest.
  2. Thanks! Where would you play Tichy then? Bare in mind that my left back does little to no defending! Further up the page is the list of leagues loaded but, yes, I’ve got about 10 African leagues loaded. Thank you so much!
  3. Nor me, which was a lovely surprise when getting to the top tier. They've had a handful of decent managers and a good youth setup meaning that they're going to be a threat for a while to come, too!
  4. No - they've really done nothing of note in the whole save!
  5. January 2034 Just the one league game after a tour of Turkey whereby I focused on the time between the matches, rather than the actual matches to build fitness and re-gain tactical familiarity, just ensuring the my opponents were bad enough that everyone was re-entering the league campaign in good form. Our first game back was a comfortable win over Sion but I still have some worries about our offensive efficiency as we squandered many chances, failing to hit the target on numerous occasions from inside the box and, once again, a poor performance from Toni Gonzalez (6.6 AR with ) ove
  6. Basel have fallen away big time! They're not able to spend the money any more, even though they pay some pretty handsome wages. Young Boys had a good spell of dominance at the start and then St. Gallen took over with Luzern (not managed by me then) coming third and then being relegated the season after. Now, we've got the stronghold. I'm hoping that some other teams can become serious competitors, soon, too as I really like the smaller league size.
  7. December 2033 A return to much better fortunes on the pitch. We started with a tough tie against Lausanne, a team I really like - particularly as they share a similar recruitment policy to us, as seen on their squad screen. They seem to recruit from Africa and Eastern Europe and sell on for profit. They appear to be a step away from reaching any real success, losing in the Conference League playoff to Illichevets of Ukraine (yeah, I've not heard of them, either!) Again, we could be considered slightly wasteful, with 1.47 xG created and just the one goal scored from our nine shot
  8. Thanks for the feedback @Sonic Youth - some really good points! I do have to disagree with this one though. When comparing Gonzalez (left, green) and Kabashi (right, green) with Dantas (blue on both) - you can see that they are both pretty much as creative, intelligent and technical as he: Dantas is the only one that has the Dictates Tempo trait, acting as a de-facto playmaker in the team and, maybe without him, we need to consider an AP(s) in the MC role. The whole point of the tactic though is to be quick and vertical so I do have some sympathy for my central mids...
  9. November 2033 Not all sunshine and rainbows! A tough month and one that left me with an question of ethics. We've been really poor in the league and lost, for the second time this season thanks to a late YB goal. We recovered to beat Aarau fairly comfortably but then just had nothing against another struggling side in Zurich. We rarely concede, let alone twice in one game and it was a very poor overall performance. We battled resolutely in Paris - employing the same tactical shape that worked against Atleti and PSG in the home leg, adding a shoot on site instruction as
  10. October 2033 Imperious! We haven't scored that many this month, following the pattern set last month as disjointed team selections have led to some disjointed performances - however, we are scintillatingly strong at the back - with barely a threat on a goal let alone a goal conceded this month. The gap is only four points to St Gallen following a draw with them but the only poor result is the Thun draw, where we had clearly over exerted ourselves just four days before. Against the heavy hitters of PSG, playing a flat 4-4-2, I opted for the same defensive solidity that pla
  11. I think, for most teams - he could make a decent striker - certainly an AF, whereby he just needs to run on to the ball and score. However, in my shape - with overloads coming down the left, he's made for all of the wide open space that the right wing brings him and it does actually turn that role into more of a goalscorer one, too, as he'll be able to find space at the back post. Historically, I've converted Magola from a striker to a right mid and am doing the same with Schonfeld. What I have going for me though is my u21 team. He plays as a right mid in the same tactic in the league be
  12. Thanks, all. I really love that battle between getting the best out of a player and getting the player to be most suited for your system and I think that these traits are great ways of working on both. I have another player, currently with the u21's, Joao Roberto, who is next in line to make the first team and have his traits explored... For reference, he's a right footed right winger. Straight off - he'll be knocking the ball past his opponent and getting forward whenever possible. With such poor decision making, I almost need to tell him what to do when he gets the ball.
  13. September 2033 Back to where we belong! It's been a bit of an up and down month, in fairness. The constant '10 changes from last match' to maintain a Sun-Wed, Sat-Tues schedule is hard and leads to some disjointed performances, but, we're winning and that's the main thing. We kicked off with a nice easy win over Bellinzona, giving the fringe players some valuable minutes before a really tough tie away at AZ. With the Dutch outfit being, arguably, the weakest (PSG being the fourth team) in our group, a win in Holland was a must. We defended absolutely awfully but had enough going
  14. Yeah - I've been lucky that the overall shape hasn't really changed across the course of this save. I know that we started with a really possession based style and it's gradually changed to a more vertical, counter attacking approach but largely things haven't changed in terms of shape. Making some little tweaks just address some things I've seen over a long time and keeps the style feeling fresh. Pedroso has made some progress since coming through last year but, more importantly, has learnt to play on the left side of midfield, which he was ineffectual at originally. It is, however, the
  15. In this save - it's just the African ones, below, but in future saves (or any that I don't start on the Beta) I want to have as many as possible. In years gone by (and not sure if the same on FM21) - Paraguay, one of the larger S.American leagues, does not have the league rules modelled unless you pre-load these data files and, in my opinion, completely ruins player development there - with 22/23 year olds not having played a single competitive game (ignoring the fact that these aren't in any detail but a game is a game). I actually have no proof of this, come to think about it, but
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