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  1. SALISBURY FC INTRODUCTION I've decided to jump back into England for what will, hopefully, be a very long career at Salisbury FC. I went with England because I tried France and got hamstrung by coaches salary demands (of all things), I tried Germany and got hamstrung by player salary demands and the minimum age rule. Switzerland was working out well but ran into board issues. I wanted a big nation this time and Spain and Italy hold little appeal for me. So, that left England. My 29-year old Scottish manager will be taking over the reigns of the club. Salisbury is a club was some decent history although most of that history came when they were Salisbury City FC which dissolved in 2014 when they went bankrupt. Salisbury FC started out in the Wessex Premier League and has worked it's way up into the Southern Premier League and popped up as a promoted club into the Vanarama National League South. They play their home matches at The Raymond McEnhill Stadium which holds 5,000 fans but only has seating for 500. The club is just a stone's throw away from House of Hair - Salisbury and the Ian Leaver - Salisbury School of Motoring. Hopefully, these local businesses are the backbone of our whopping £7,500 sponsorship revenue for the 2019-20 season. The roster is decent the media thinks we will finish in 16th place which is safely away from the relegation zone. We are led by center forward Dan Fitchett and goalkeeper Jake Hallett. Tactically, I plan to use two different playing styles out of a basic 4-4-2 formation. The first is a hybrid wing play-vertical tika-taka style and the second is a hybrid direct counter attack-wing play. I'll go more into these if they prove successful.
  2. However, early signs are pointing to a lot of difficulty of re-signing current players. Salary demands are too high. I could end up with a 2020-21 roster of less than 10 players since I can't bring up youth academy products because they will be under 17. This Berliner save may be for naught.
  3. BERLINER AK 07 INTRODUCTION Berliner AK 07 is, primarily, a running club in Berlin, Germany which happens to have a football team. The club plays its home matches at the Poststadion, one of the sites used for football matches at the 1936 Summer Olympics. At it's peak, the Poststadion had a capacity of 45,000. Today, that capacity is down to just 10,000 and according to the club screen on FM only 4,743 of that capacity is seated. The club has virtually no football history. It has won no trophies. It has never appeared in European competition. Sidenote: I really wanted to manage BFC Dynamo also in Berlin and winner of many East German Bundesliga titles but they never popped up in many re-loads to get new teams. BFC Dynamo is probably the 3rd biggest club in Berlin which would make Berliner AK 07 the 4th largest club in the city. But there is a large gap between ourselves and the 2nd biggest Berlin club, 1. Union Berlin, and we are years away from Hertha Berlin. POSTSTADION The stadium has seen much better days but we need to fill this one before we can start to think about building a new one and a season ticket base is terrible. CLUB INFO Trophy case is barren and needs to be filled soon. The entire club infrastructure needs a lot of improving as well. Finances are decent but most of that bank balance has come from the 765k in annual sponsorship revenue. A lot of work but a club with a blank slate and a lot of potential in my opinion.
  4. I found the teams change but instead saving the day before the season change, I saved on April 1st. So, there may be some truth to the simulating the results for the non-visible tiers.
  5. I'm thinking that he went from Vanarama League North to Vanarama League National to Vanarama League North. There's a promotion in there and both leagues could be shorten to VNLN.
  6. I'm thinking of starting over too, @tomay I'm getting very frustrated with the board not signing off on a new stadium for Bellinzona. A 6,000 capacity (2,000 seated) stadium in the Super League is very financially constraining.
  7. AC BELLINZONA 2024-25 SEASON REVIEW Statistics (only players with 1,000+ minutes b/c I screwed up the edit) -- Fixtures 1 -- Fixtures 2 -- Table-- Transfers -- Finances -- Commercial Summery This was a tale of two seasons. The first half: we looked like a competent team. There was offensive movement. Goals were scored. The defense wasn't under constant pressure. Then, the winter break came and Antonio Garguilo 22A was sold to AC Milan. After the winter break, we played and looked like crap. The offense went in the tank. The defense was under constant pressure. Any goals and results we obtained felt like minor miracles. The strong first half put into a solid 6th place position. The terrible second half meant we couldn't push for a European place. This season, we got close to even went it came to goals scored and goals allowed. Hopefully, we can make it through the 2025-26 season without a player sold to be a big European club and we can have some season-long consistent play. Players of the Season LW Giulio Dini 22B (44%): Dini had a breakout season for us this season. This was Dini's first season with the senior team and he did not disappoint. He led the team with 10 assists while adding five goals. He is a physical and athletic beast. Needs to work on the mental side of his game if he wants to fully develop his game and help push us to better league finishes. GK Christian Di Marco 21B (23%): Di Marco took over the starting goalkeeper job from Pelloni and ran with it. He struggled toward the end of the season when he was in a shooting gallery facing 15-25 shots per game. His breakout season earned a call-up to the Switzerland U21 team for the UEFA U-21 Championship. RW Gianluca Barrasso 21D (20%): Barrasso on the right and Dini on the left gave us a lot of strength on the wings this season. Barrasso took over from Gil on the right. All three of our players of the season were players who took over a starting job from an established player. Barrasso was our second leading scorer with six goals and added three assists. Youth Intake While not as good as last year's intake, Golden Generation V: The Depth Strikes Back provides a lot of depth. This intake has nine 4* potential players but only two 5* players. The downside to the intake is the depth is at positions where we are already deep. We are getting into dire need of full backs and center backs. The front six and the goalkeeper are developing nicely. The back four is putting a lot pressure on the other seven. CF Claudio Verdelli 25A: Verdelli is a good all-around center forward. While I don't think he's in the class of Gentile 23A, he should be a serviceable replacement/rotation player going forward for us. LW Slobodan Vasic 25B: Vasic provides us with yet another option on the left wing. He needs a lot of developing in the U21 team before he pushes into the senior squad. He is going to spend a lot of time as a back-up. CM/RW Lorenzo Accattoli 25C: Accattoli gives a versatile option in the midfield. He can play both the center midfield and right wing. Like Verdelli and Vasic, he is going to need a lot of seasoning in the U21 team before getting a senior team call-up. CF Raphael Johnson 25D : Johnson is the second center forward in the top-tier of this year's intake. He enters a very crowded position and will spend a good deal of time in the U21 team before he moves up to the senior team. He could be re-trained into the attacking midfield band. GK Alessio Zanella 25E: Zanella is the best goalkeeper in this year's intake. Already has some of the best ball-handling of our goalkeeping group but needs to develop a lot of facets in his game before he can get moved up to the senior team even as a backup. Off The Field Switzerland had a good year when it comes to the Champions League and Europa League. The nation had fallen down to 20th in the rankings but this year saw the nation leapfrog up to 12th. This gives us another team in the Europa League competition while the Super League 2nd place finisher now enters the Champions League instead of the Europa League. The chairman still will not build a new stadium for the club. So, I'm continuing to pour money into the training facilities to help the current players develop.
  8. Lost another "A" player in the winter transfer window. AMC Antonio Gargiulo 22A leaves us for AC Milan for €6,250,000 with no future fee clauses. I was able to negotiate a 40% of next sale clause and arranged a friendly with AC Milan next summer. It wasn't the deal I wanted but it was the deal was stuck accepting. Nobody was going over €6,250,000 with the clauses that AC Milan (and Inter Milan) were offering. Napoli was offering €6,500,000 with no clauses but I turned that one down which upset Gargiulo. Gargiulo appeared in 70 Super League matches and 78 matches in all competitions. He scored 11 goals and added 13 assists in those matches. Nevenko Markus 24D has already been called up as Gargiulo's replacement. Markus has more of a nose for goal than Gargiulo. Our bank balance is now over €12 million. I'm undecided on if I want to keep this money in the bank account or do I spend some of it on more facility upgrades.
  9. Assistant manager runs senior training. HoYD runs U21 team training.
  10. AC BELLINZONA 2023-24 SEASON REVIEW Standings -- Fixtures 1 -- Fixtures 2 -- Transfers -- Statistics -- Commercial Summary We spent most of the 2023-24 season down in a battle for 8th place. That all changed in the month of April when we had our first unbeaten month in the Super League. The month opened with a comeback draw against Young Boys, who had a tough season finishing in the middle of the table. We followed that with a 5-1 thrashing of Grasshoppers and then a key 3-0 win over fellow relegation battlers, Thun. The game of the month was a 1-1 home draw against Super League Champions, Basel. The month closed with a 2-0 win over Neuchatel Xamax. 11 points from a possible 15 and we moved from 8th place into a battle for 6th place which we claimed. The 6th place finish is the highest ever finish for the club. I bounced around using a lot of different formations trying to see what would fit. By the end of the season, I settled on a 4-4-1-1 which played to most of our team strengths. This year, our offense improved by a lot. We scored 50 goals in league competitions. Last year, we scored only 35. The defense stayed about the same allowing 56 goals. The defense needs to improve if we want to be consistently better. Players of the Season: AMC Antonio Gargiulo (38%): Gargiulo is the spark behind our offensive improvement. He played at the linked between our lone striker and midfield band. As the season went on, he started to contribute with a goal every now and then as well. Gargiulo finished the season with six goals and a team-high nine assists. Gargiulo has some big Italian clubs looking at him for the summer transfer window. He should easily top the 4 million euros we got for Quentin 21A. CF Christian Giacchetti (27%): Giacchetti returned to his form from previous seasons and led the squad with 15 goals. A lot of that came as a result of better service from the midfield led by Gargiulo. At age 21, he's almost topped out his ability since he is one of the original players and not from a youth intake. The intake players are starting to breathe down his neck for that starting place. CM Daniele Vitali 20A (22%): Vitali played in a holding midfield role in the 4-4-1-1 formation and played it well especially after Paul Quentin 21A was sold to Dortmund during the winter window. He even chipped in the offensive attack with five goals. Youth Intake February 2024 brought me The Golden Generation IV: A New Hope. Four 5* potential players and another three 4.5* potential players. Some of the seven even fit positions that we need too especially at center back with two 5* potential players. Normally, I only focus on the top four players from the intake but with this group, I'll provide screenshots of all seven. AMC Diego Di Flippo 24A: Di Filippo is one of two attacking midfielders that came in with this intake. He is more determined than the other AMC in this group but his overall mental attributes are weaker than the other AMC. Di Filippo is a better goalscorer than Gargiulo 22A but Gargiulo 22A is a better passer of the ball. Still a good option to have on the roster when Gargiulo 22A gets bought by a bigger club. CB Ernst Galli 24B: Galli is one of two quality center backs to come in through the intake. Galli is going to need some time to grow into his body before he moves into the senior team. He's 5'10" but only weighs 136 lbs. (9.71 stone/61.7 kg). He will get pushed around by older and more experienced players. When he grows into his body, he will be a solid defender. I just need to survive a season or two before he arrives. CB Filipe Saraiva 24C: Saraiva is the other center back to come through the intake. He provides a different type of center back than Galli. Saraiva is more comfortable on the ball and a much better passer which is something that we need from our defense. We have a lot of wildly cleared balls that go right to the opposition. Hopefully, Saraiva can stop that from happening as much. On the flip side, he is not as strong in the air as Galli and Galli is a much better marker. These two could complement each other very well going forward. AMC Nevenko Markus 24D: Markus is another attacking center midfielder but a much different one than Di Filippo 24A. Markus is more balanced mentality compared to Di Filippo 24A but Markus is a much more technically sound player especially in front of net. We need a player like this with Giacchetti topping out and the young strikers not quite ready to be starters. CM Branko Jerkovic 24E: Jerkovic is a good holding midfielder and provides us with another option in the midfield especially if someone comes in for Vitali 20A. Not great at any one thing but potentially good at a lot of things. A nice midfielder to have on the roster. CM Thomas Conte 24F: Conte has the potential to be one of the passers at the club. The problem with Conte is his unambitious personality. I've had mixed success with turning this type of player around. Some have seen their abilities improve others have seen their abilities languish. He may get an early call-up to the senior team to see if senior matches push his game to his maximum. GK Giacomo Tonetto 24G: Tonetto adds to the number of potentially good and great goalkeepers coming into the club. The 2024-25 season looks like the season where DiMarco 21B replaces Pelloni has the starter. DiMarco moved into the starting role at the end of the season. This will cause a chain reaction as one of the U21 goalkeepers will move up into the senior team. Pelloni has already grumbled about wanting a new challenge and won't like getting moved into a back-up role. FINANCES The club made money this season mainly from the sale of Quentin 21A to Dortmund. With the current youth set-up, we are losing around 400k euros per month. I asked the board about building a new stadium and were denied because the board doesn't think we have the fanbase to support a new stadium. At this point, we need to be a club that builds up youngsters, sell them for a good chunk of money and puts that money into youth infrastructure improvements. The current owner has gone from "enjoying life at the club" to "happy to stay" which means I'm a few seasons away from a club sale. Hopefully, a new owner will be more interested in building a new stadium than the current owner but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying to convince the current owner into building a new stadium.
  11. Paul Quentin 21A becomes my first academy product to leave the nest for a bigger club as he moves to Dortmund for €2,500,000 up front with an additional €1,000,000 in three installments and €500,000 when he makes his first appearance for Dortmund. Plus, Bellinzona get 40% of his next transfer and Dortmund come to our place for a friendly. 57 appearances for the club mainly as our starting defensive midfielder so €3,500,000 with the potential for €4,000,000 is a nice sale for the club. He is our only quality defensive midfielder on the roster. I've called up Nemanja Petric 23D to replace Quentin but as you can see, he isn't the quality of Quentin.
  12. AC BELLINZONA 2022-23 SEASON REVIEW Standings -- Fixtures 1 -- Fixtures 2 -- Transfers -- Statistics -- Commercial Summary Another year where we were picked dead last by the media and another year where we finished in 8th place. We are always beat the newly promoted teams and then poach enough points off the established teams to keep our heads above water. But now, our "golden generations" are starting to move into the senior team. A few of them are moving into starting roles. As a result, we are no longer the worst team across all the attributes. We are starting to beat out team in some categories. Maybe in a season or two, the media will pick us to finish 9th! That said, we still struggle in the basic fundamentals of the game. We don't score many goals (35 or 0.97 per game) and we allow too many goals (57 or 1.58 per game). Need to get those numbers to get to even and then flip around before we can start making some noise in the league. Players of the Season: LW Alain Ott (48%): Ott became the first player besides Luca Quadri to lead the team in assists. Ott had eight helpers this season. He may see some reduced playing time, next season, as we move to more narrow formations. May look to sell high in the off-season. GK Ulisse Pelloni (26%): Pelloni had a lot of work this season and did the best that he could. He got most of the starts in the league matches while still giving the young Christian De Marco 21B playing time to aid his development. Pelloni probably has one or two more years before he gets supplanted by De Marco as the starter. CF Christian Giacchetti (16%): Giacchetti rebounded a little in 2022-23. He got back to double digit goals with 13 to lead the team. He could see himself working as a target man in either a 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-1-3-1-1 formation next year. The most exciting time of the year is youth intake day. This year, we put out Golden Generation III: The Center Forwards Strike Back. Two of the best talents are center forwards which is something that we desperately need. We need center backs too and we didn't get that lock-down center back that we have a dire need for. We got a center back who could eventually provide some depth in Raffaele Croci (our G talent - 6th best player). Combining the two new center forwards which the three 'A' talents, who are all midfielders, from our previous three intakes, we may go narrow next year and try to outscore the bottom teams and hold on for dear life against the top teams. CF Stefano Gentile 23A: A hard-working center forward who is already one of our fastest forwards at 11 pace. He's our best finisher and has a driven personality. Somebody is going to go right from the youth team to the 2023-24 senior team roster. CF Roger Boumal 23B: Boumal is our fastest forward with 16 pace. Doesn't have the finishing that Gentile has or the hard-working personality. It is likely that Boumal will spend a year with the youth team before getting a call-up for the 2024-25 roster. RW Raffaele Borghesi 23C: Borghesi fits a need on the right wing that we have. Our current right winger Luca Quadri is starting to slip already at age 29. GIl 20L has moved into a more prominent right wing role. Borghesi has the potential to be better than both Quadri and Gil 20L. Just needs some time to develop. DMC Nemanja Petric 23D: Petric is our best central midfielder from this class. He's not in the same ability class as our current midfield intakes. That's okay, I want those three players (more on them in a minute) to develop in their starting senior team roles while Petric develops with the youth team and is ready to move into their place in the senior team if/when they get sold. Current Youth Developments: AMC Antonio Garguilo 22A: Called up to the Swiss U20 team for the summer Toulon Tournament. Has played in the three group stage matches thus far. CM Daniele Vitali 20A: Vitali earned his first Swiss U21 team call up in March DMC Paul Quentin 21A: Earned three U21 caps during the season Finances Finances have improved somewhat mainly because I didn't pour our sponsorship revenue into facility upgrades. I'm not going to upgrade the facilities again this season since we are still churning out Golden Generations. I am planning on upgrades to the junior coaching and youth recruitment if the board will allow. That will impact the bottom line but not to the extreme that the facility upgrades will which should allow to continue to save for a new stadium in the future.
  13. 2021-22 AC Bellinzona Season Review Standings -- Fixtures 1 -- Fixtures 2 -- Transfers -- Statistics -- Finances -- Commercial Summary The best way to describe this season is a slog. We couldn't put anything together and played like a bottom of the table team. Goals dried up. Christian Giacchetti had a terrible year with only seven goals compared to his team high 21 goals last season. The defense played well for 80 minutes. They would usually turn off in the last five minutes of each half. This caused a lot of games where wins turned into draws and draws turned into losses. I know it is because the defense is a) inexperienced and/or b) not very good. The experience will come with time. The not very good will come from improved intakes. I haven't really gotten a good center back in any of my three intakes. I've gotten some squad player level players but not that good to elite level defender. They are all missing a piece to their game. In fact, you could say that about a lot of my players. Strikers will have good finishing but are slow or they will be fast but have the first touch of a concrete block. Midfielders can pass but can't see the field or can see the field but can't make the right decision. As a result, we have a lot of disjointed play on the field. Going to have some time and dive into the roster to find a tactic that can play to each player's strength while hiding their weaknesses. That said, we found a way to avoid the playoffs for a second straight season. We slipped from 7th to 8th place but still to avoid the playoffs is a big achievement with this roster. Youth Intake This is Golden Generation II: The Youth Intake Strikes Back. A lot of potential first team players in the roster. They just need a year or two of grooming for the most part before they move up to the senior team. AMC Antonio Garguilo 22A: Garguilo got two senior team appearances after the intake and before the end of season. He responded with a goal and an assist. With DMC Paul Quentin 21A going from "young midfielder" to "promising midfielder", I'm going to need to find a way to put my top three midfielders (Garguilo, Quentin, and Yesilcayir) on the field at the same even though they in different layers of the midfield. LW Giulio Dini 22B: Dini is another left winger to add to our logjam at that position. Alain Ott and Enrico Bazzanella are our top two players at that position and Daniele Psenner 20B is the up-and-comer at the position. Psenner may spend a season at our new affiliate club, Yverdon, next season to create some space for Dini to get games at the left wing position. LB Nermin Muratovic 22C: Muratovic is a classic example of what I talked about with our intake players. Muratovic is quick and can make good decisions but lacks marking. The good news is I don't need him right away so he can learn in the youth team before coming up to the senior side a couple of seasons. CF Riccardo Chiappetta 22D: Chiappetta is another player who needs some time in the youth team to develop. He's got decent finishing and first touch but can't out run an elephant let alone the opposition's center back. CB Pablo Noya 22E: Noya is the best center back that I've gotten in an intake thus far but his game has a lot of holes. He lacks composure and is not a natural marker. He is strong in the air (something we need) and has some pace which can be developed over time. But he's not that lock-down stay-at-home defense man that we need at the position. Youth Stats 1 Youth Stats 2 Going to spend this season building up the bank account and not investing in the infrastructure. The board will not let me expand my current stadium. The only options are "buy stadium" and "build new stadium." I don't have cash flow to build a good-sized new stadium and I don't have good sell-able players yet to build up a bankroll. So, it's save for the season and hope that in the future, I can build a new stadium without a club-crippling loan.
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