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  1. Farnborough 2034-35 Season Review Fixtures 1, 2, 3: We still struggle with fixture congestion. I'm going to take a new approach to training next season and see if that solves some of the problems. We have quality players but the congestion just kills our form and we need a stretch of one game per week to play a consistent lineup to get us out of the funk. League Table - The lack of a consistent offense and squad depth held us back all season. Our leading goalscorer had just nine goals. The defense was our strength. We conceded 48 goals which was 5th best in the league wher
  2. Back after another week away. Keep up the good work, everyone! I'll have a Farnborough update up tomorrow.
  3. Farnborough 2035 Youth Intake Not a great class in terms of star rating but the personality and team DNA is improved over last year. Personalities are vastly improved.
  4. Record Sale After many low-ball offers and extending his contract, the board went over my head and accepted this offer from Bournemouth (after I asked them to renegotiate it too). Not a bad haul consider this from earlier in the season. Duncan Wiggett 32A was our starting center forward.
  5. Farnborough January 1, 2035 Update A lot like last season where the defense was good but the offense was very inconsistent. In the games the offense did score, the defense fell apart. The most common loss was getting down 1-0 early watching the option sit deep and then we push to tie at the end of the game and give up a second goal. Tough to watch. Still happy with sitting in 11th place but we have played couple more games compared to the teams around us. Once they make up those games, we should sink down the table by a couple of slots. A graph showing just ho
  6. New Farnborough Head of Youth Development Danny Rose was a good HOYD but wanted to bring in someone who better fit my team personality and tactics. Jake Court takes the job with a determined personality while wanting to play a passing game in either a 4-3-3 DM wide or 4-2-3-1 wide....my two preferred formations.
  7. Farnborough 2033-34 Season Review Fixtures 1, 2, 3 - A difficult middle of the season due to a lot of matches and squad rotation. In the beginning and the end of the season, when we were playing one match per week, allowed me to play my strongest XI and we started to play some good football and solidify our position in the table. League Table - As a season wound down, Tranmere, Swindon and Farnborough solidified themselves as the top three teams in the league and earned the automatic promotion berths to League One. Accrington improved on the poor first half of the season to co
  8. Farnborough 2034 Youth Intake We had three players poached from this year's intake so I'm not surprised. But damn, this group is awful. If we were still in non-league football, this might be a good class but for League Two...most of these guys will never see the senior team and if they do it will be in reserve role.
  9. Farnborough January 1, 2034 October and December were tough. Only two wins and tie in October and only one win and a bunch of ties in December. If it weren't for those two months, we were be comfortably in the league lead. Instead, we are duking it our with several teams for automatic promotion, playoffs or mid-table. Tranmere is trying to pull away but can't. Meanwhile, ten teams could make a legitimate claim to finishing anywhere from 2nd to 11th. We are one of those 10 teams. Accrington Stanley are just playing out the string at this point. They are just a ba
  10. Farnborough 2032-33 Season Review Fixtures 1, 2, 3 - Relegation was never really a concern this season. After a strong March, we were in position to push for the playoffs. However, an April where we took four points from five matches saw us slide in the middle of the table. Papa John's Trophy - Used solely player rotation and the results show. League Table - We scored more points than last season but finish one position worse (12th to 13th). Fleetwood ran away with the league table scoring 99 points to Coventry's 83 points. Coventry and Forest Green move up to L
  11. Well then...I guess it's time to ask for a contract extension.
  12. Farnborough 2023 Youth Intake Our Head of Youth Development earns himself another contract extension with this intake. He nailed everything. Top four players are a quality center back and full back, a good attacking midfielder and another good prospect in goal. Reece Dukic is someone I'm going lock up for a long time. See below: From the intake directly to the senior team, he may even get a start or two in the last couple games of the season. Class player for League Two already.
  13. Farnborough January 1, 2033 Update In a reversal from the past couple seasons, we have become good on defense and inconsistent on offense. We are having a hard time replacing Stephen Lynch 30D. This season, it has been replacement by committee which is never a good thing. I've been trying to "ride the hot scorer" but the problem has been finding a hot scorer. We really need to push to generate offense which in turn could expose at the back. It's a Catch-22. I can play truly "track meet" football and hope I outscore the opposition or I can grind for 75 minutes, keep it clos
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