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  1. Nurnberg 2030-31 Update Not a lot to update on this season as we just sort of treaded water for the year. No major breakthroughs. No major setbacks as a team. Just another achievement-less season in the books. er We brought in six new players in the summer transfer window. A few players on free transfers and a couple that cost us some money. Zaniolo was the most disappointing player. He never really fit in the right forward role I brought in him to play. He got passed on the team sheet by Florian Eichner 26A (a product of our youth academy) by the end of the season.
  2. Thanks for reading and replying. I was starting to think was I talking to myself in this thread.
  3. 2029-30 Season Update It was a very quiet transfer season with only two players coming in on cash deals. We also brought in Timo Warner and Leroy Sane on free transfers to try to squeeze one more season out of their aging legs. Mario Newton is the big signing from Palmerias as my South American scouts put in serious work. Hopefully, Newton will be as good as Soto was before he left for Bayern. Bayern ran off with the league again leaving everyone else to battle for second place. We came close to pipping Dortmund for second but some sluggish mid-season form/fixture
  4. Signed a new four-year contract at Nurnberg. Hopefully, I can knock off a couple of achievement (club icon, 10 seasons at club, etc.). The Head of Youth Development stepped up his game with a top flight intake.
  5. Another achievement-less season. Had a better showing in Europe. Maybe in 2029-30, we won't be a 4th seed in the CL. Starting to think about taking over a big club in a nation like Belgium or Holland to rack up some achievements. The loss of Soto to Bayern Munich made us play in a lot more defensively and we morphed into one of the best defensive teams in the league and grinding out 1-0/2-1 results Adam Hlozek led the team with only 12 goals in all competitions. Hopefully a lot of these signings have a better second season at the club compared
  6. One of these seasons, I'm going to figure out that we are 4-2-3-1 team and nothing else. After the solid defensive effort against Bayern, I stuck with it for one more match only to lose to Hamburg. Switch back to the 4-2-3-1 and the goals have come back. Only thing that concerns me is our last five goals have all come from our center backs.
  7. End of the Soto Era Esteban Soto came to us from Colo-Colo with a 76 million pound release fee. Considering I bought him for 11.25 million pounds, the release fee is quite the return on the investment. We made two full seasons before the big clubs discovered his talent. Soto racking up the awards (FIFA U21 Player of the Year, UEFA Golden Boy, Bundesliga Player of the Year) helped the big clubs find him. In the summer 2028 window, he had bids from Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich. Unfortunately, he took the contract from Bayern Munich so not only do we lose our best off
  8. 2027-28 Season Update I wanted to wait until I finished the 2028 European Championships before I updated the save. We repeated our 4th place finish that we had in 2026-27 and held off Hertha and Red Bull for the last Champions League place. Leverkusen offered me an interview at the beginning of the season and then went with somebody else. They finish outside the Top 7 for the second straight year. Wolfsburg were the surprise package, this season, with a third place finish. We exceeded the board's expectations and the statistics expectations as well. Our l
  9. 2026-27 Update Nurnberg will be playing Champions League football next season. Bayern had a really poor season by their standards and Dortmund ran away with the league. It was very much a top 8 and then everyone else. Leverkusen will be the team on the outside looking in at European football as they finished in 8th place. Mainz, Hamburg and Bochum all go down into the 2.Bundesliga next season. The data suggests that we were definitely a European football quality team with an expected finish of 7th which would have sent us to the Europa Conference as opposed to our actua
  10. Another achievement checked off the list as Esteban Soto wins UEFA Golden Boy.
  11. Busy Summer It was a busy summer in Nurnberg as ten new faces were brought in to help build some depth for the Europa League campaign as well as upgrade the roster on the whole. We brought in help on July 1st at a variety of positions. Some of these players will join the senior team straight away while others will hone their craft with the U19s or out on loan. King, Mistretta, Perrone and Duric are all signings not from Germany while Aydin, Egloff, and Baban are German signings. Maurer is a mix. He is a young German attacking midfielder/center forward that w
  12. Good to read @Paddersback it grinding through seasons.
  13. June 1, 2026 Update It's been awhile since I've done a proper update. Things went surprisingly well, table wise, for Nurnberg in the 2025-26 season. The results, on the field, were mixed as we became a solid defensive team as we reduced our goals allowed by 25 goals (71 in 2024-25 to 46 in 2025-26). The problem, this season, was our offense which declined by 14 goals (57 in 2024-25 to 43 in 2025-26). However, we grinded out some wins and draws while keeping losses to a minimum but when we lost, we lost big which caused our negative goal difference even though with finished i
  14. 4th achievement of the save unlocked...record sale
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