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  1. Well done, sir. Tough luck in the final.
  2. You're almost better off having a 23-man senior, 23-man reserve/U23 team, and a 18-man U18 team to make sure that everyone in the pipeline gets the right amount of playing time before they reach the senior team.
  3. After spending about a month bouncing from one save to the next, I finally settled on another journeyman save to, hopefully, take me to FM21 when it comes out during, we hope, the fourth quarter of the year. I loaded the following leagues (lowest league loaded): Austria (2.Liga), Belgium (Eerste Divisie Amateurs), Czech Republic (Nardoni Liga), England (League One), France (National), Germany (3.Liga), Holland (Eerste Divisie), Hungary (Merkantil Bank Liga), Israel (Liga Leamit), Italy (Serie C), Portugal (Campeonato de Portugal), Romania (Liga 2), Russia (FNL), Scotland (League 2), Span
  4. Must be beating up on weak CONCACAF competition
  5. Josh Sargent with 195 caps and 117 goals! Damn. Any screen caps of his career?
  6. 2023-24 Midseason Update Shipped a lot of players out either on loan, on frees, or transferred out because they weren't very good or need first team experience. Didn't splash a lot of money around this window. Found some young players on frees from big clubs that can't get playing time with their big club but I can find the time for them either this year or in the future. Brought in a pair of Argentinian defensive midfielders to shore up our depth at that position. We absolutely sucked to start the season. The players weren't ready to deal with two matches per week now th
  7. 2022-23 End of Season Update During the winter transfer window, the big clubs came in for my high-performing players. Some I was reluctant to sell. Others, the club met the minimum release clause so I had no choice but to sell. It made for a very busy window. Shenzhen came in for Carel Etting with a bid of 23 million Euros which I accepted and way above their initial bid of only 10 million Euros. The next big money sale was Ejuke when Porto (among others) met his 20 million Euro release clause to clubs in an international competition. The last big money sale was goalkeeper Warn
  8. 2022-23 Mid-Season Quick Update The 2022-23 season is going to a miserable season for the club soccer fan with the winter World Cup. The Dutch Eredivisie went on break at the end of the October and does not resume until early January. There were some random Cup games featuring matches between Champions League and Europa League/Conference teams during the break but that was it. For Heerenveen, who is not playing in Europe, we had to schedule a bunch of friendlies for December to keep the players fresh. A decent friendly season gave us a springboard into the early matches in t
  9. That can be said for most journeys. This journey begins on June 15, 2022. Three seasons of game time have past in Europe. This journey begins with manager Tim Brooks taking his first major coaching job in Holland. He started his career with Lunds in the Swedish Fourth Tier and have a season and half with Lunds and a promotion to the third tier. He moved on to Allsvenskan side BK Hacken. He took over the club in 10th place midway through the 2021 and moved them up the table to a 2nd place finish. After an 12-2-0 start to the 2022 season along with a victory in the Swedish Cup, Brooks has
  10. I assume you are looking for young Ronaldo and not Fatnaldo.
  11. Summer 2020 Update The early part of the summer saw me apply for a couple of jobs in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland which were unsuccessful as I was still under the employ of Lisburn Distillery. On July 1, 2020, I resigned from the Lisburn Distillery post. At this point, the job search really accelerated. I applied for 11 jobs throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England, and Denmark. The first clubs to offer me job interviews were Portadown and Port Talbot. A couple of days later Gateshead and Velgaard offered interviews as well while Linfield said "thanks but
  12. 2019-2020 End of Season Update It was a very short second half of the season for Distillery. All of the cups were basically done. The only thing that was left was the Bluefin Premier Intermediate League. Our youth intake was very strong. We have a few players who will help the team right away IF they don't get snapped up by the larger club in the summer. Only being able to hand out "non-contract" is something that is really hurting the club since I don't believe the club gets anything in return if they sign with a new club. Limavady Utd pushed us the entire seaso
  13. 2019-2020 Distillery Midseason Update The Bluefin Sport Premier Intermediate League is an interesting league. There are only 20 league games. But there are so many cups that a team can be eligible to play, I've played as many cup matches as league matches as the calendar turns to 2020. Our league form was choppy early as I was figuring out who the best XI were and once I figured that out, we have been flying. The defense is bit shaky but we are averaging over two goals per game. We can get away with averaging over one goal per game allowed. We had a rough showing
  14. I'm taking a break from my Leonesa save and have started a journeyman save (no badges and Sunday League Footballer). Thanks to a laptop that kicks some serious ass for FM, I have the following nations and leagues loaded. It took me less than a month to find a job. I had a few job offers to choose from after a series of interviews. Limerick (Ireland), Guilsfield (Wales), Knockbreda (No. Ireland), Caerau Ely (Wales) and Distillery (No. Ireland) all offered me jobs. As you can tell from the title, I ended up at Distillery. The nice thing about Northern Ireland is there a
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