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  1. FC Sete 34 Takeover The first French club to win the league and cup double, FC Sete 34 has fallen down the French football pyramid and start the 2019-20 in the 4th tier. After a third place finish in the National 2-Group C, they were promoted back into the National division for the 2020-21 season. This is where Emmanuel Arnaud comes in as the new manager. Board ambitions: LOW Finances: GOOD
  2. The Republic of Ireland has no formal promotion/relegation. Would I be running afoul of the rules if I simmed forward one season and then took over the team which finished in last place in the lowest tier available?
  3. @Ross Ingersoll do you have problem with another person doing a Beograd save? I was eyeing them earlier today.
  4. Foggia 2023-24 End of Season Report Table - Fixtures 1 -- Fixtures 2 -- Playoff Fixtures -- Season Stats -- Finances -- Transfers Our defense-first mentally pushed us all the way to 4th in Serie C/C this season. Offensively, we were led by Daniele Cannas who scored 15 goals in all competitions. That gave us a first round playoff bye for the first time in my management. Every round of the playoffs were tight. We needed away goals to win some ties. We needed penalty kicks to win others. But in short, we rode this defensive wave all the way to playoff championship and will be promoted to Serie B for the 2024-25 season. Now comes the tough part, I brought in a LOT of youth this season. A couple of these players are ready for the rigors of Serie B football. Most of them are not. I'm going to need to ride another defensive wave to stay above the relegation fray next season while finding a way to score just enough goals to turn draws into wins and losses into draws. Goal difference will be our friend next season. Could make the difference between relegation and relegation playoff. The first round Coppa Italia match against Inter went better than expected as we only lost 1-0. Player of the Season: CM Matteo Gerbaudo was named the player of the season on the heels of his six goals and nine assist performance from the center fielder. Helped pick up the slack from Andrea Conti who had a down year. We had our first player named to the Serie C/C Team of the Year in Alessandro Caporale our starting left back. Youth Intake Not as good as last year's intake. Has some very good top end talent but it tails off rather quickly. I expected this as last year's group was a very talented group which featured two players who were in this year's senior team starting lineup. Giampaolo Casadi 24A beefs up our center-back depth even more. He will probably have a reserve role in the 2024-25 season before pushing for a starting role alongside Fedele Narraccio 23C in the 2025-26 season. Kevin Sgambati 24B is our first quality center forward to come through an intake. As such, he will be like Casadi in that he will have a reserve role in the coming season while pushing for starting minutes in two seasons. Mario Milani 24C: we keep churning out quality goalkeepers. This is our third goalkeeper featured in the youth intake write-up since we took over four years ago. I doubt he will push for a spot on the senior team next season. He will likely get loaned out to a Serie C side so he can get some first team minutes. Francisco Lazzarin 24D: Lazzarin also comes into a position of depth so like Milani will likely see some time on loan next season. Antonino Masi 24E: Masi projects to be a long-term reserve in the attacking midfield while providing some deep depth at center forward. As an intake everything was down across the board compared to last year, as expected. Spending more of our sponsorship dollars on facility upgrades since our player sales are still low. Not listed: Obtained my UEFA B License and will receive my UEFA A License in September. I've seen my personality go from Spineless to Low Self Belief to Balanced to Fairly Ambitious as I have received more and more coaching licenses. EDIT: Clean sheets go a LONG way! 29 clean sheets shatters the previous record of 14.
  5. Foggia 2023-24 Midseason Update We have been a solid outfit defensively with just seven goals allowed in 19 games. Need score more than one goal per game and turn some of these draws into wins if we are to push for a position higher than 6th. Finally made a deep cup run but I don't think we will get past Inter Milan in the 1st round proper. Completely revamped my depth chart during the offseason and, as a result, 11 youth academy players have seen the field for the senior team this season. Cautiously optimistic that the 2024 class will be as good as the 2023 class.
  6. Foggia 2022-23 Season Review Table -- Fixtures 1 -- Fixtures 2 -- Playoff Fixtures -- Cup Fixtures -- Player Stats -- Finances -- Transfers Another season which saw us grinding along at the bottom of the playoff places. Never had to worry about relegation but never pushed the top five places either. Just a season where I felt like we were going through the motions. That said, it did show me that some of the players that I have been starters probably won't be starters when the new season begins in July. Players from the last two youth intakes should finally be ready to push them for first team places. Also, our road form has to improve. This year, we went 3-10-6 and scored just 13 goals. Our home form was fourth best in the league as we went 10-5-4 scoring 20 goals but only allowing eight. That's the goal for 2023-24: maintain home form while improving the road form. Player of the Year: CF Daniele Cannas - Cannas was by far our best player this season. He returned to his goal scoring form from the 2020-21 season and bagged 16 goals in league play and 17 goals in all competitions. His 16 league goals was best for 3rd place in the Serie C/C. We need to keep him scoring if we are to push for a top five place in the league. Youth Intake A vast improvement over last year's poor intake. The personalities still are not ideal but the abilities are almost Serie C ready right out of the gate and deep too. Not just a couple of good players but a large number should see some time with the senior side. Alberto Bianconi 23A: Bianconi is an interesting player since he is a very tall winger than can also play defense if needed. A player who gives me a variety of options on the left-hand side of the field. Leo Manzari 23B: A stay-at-home full back who needs to work on the technical part of his game and when it catches up to the mental side, he will be a very good player for us. Fedele Narraccio 23C: Narraccio is a center back on the smaller side (only 5'11") but will instantly provide depth to the senior team if not push for a starting spot right away. His professional personality will go along both on and off the field. Michele Frallonardo 23D: Frallonardo enters the club as it's best goaltender. His only negative is his unsporting personality but that won't stop me from penciling his name on the team sheet every week. Luigi Baldo 23E: Baldo is another tall attacking player and gives us an option to play in the central attacking midfield position which has been something that we have lacked in the last two years. He could see some playing time right away as I am toward a 4-4-1-1 formation next season to go along with a basic 4-4-2 and 4-1-4-1. Purple means that this is the best average rating for a youth intake that I've had thus far. This intake was purple across the board. Personally, I got my UEFA C coaching license during the season and will have my UEFA B license in September. I will not improve the facilities this season as the cost will be too prohibitive for me. The junior coaching is up to "good" and the youth recruitment is "adequate." Both training facilities are "average."
  7. 2022-23 Foggia Mid-Season Update Sitting just outside the playoffs because our road form has been absolutely putrid. Ten matches: 0 wins 7 draws and 3 losses. Two goals scored and six goals allowed. It's boring and uninspired football and I have no idea what the cause of it could be. Tried changing formations: didn't work. Tried going to attacking mentality: didn't work. Look at all those 0-0 draws! Defense: Good; Offense: Bad
  8. Foggia 2021-22 Season Review League Table -- Fixtures 1 -- Fixtures 2 -- Playoff Fixtures -- Stats -- Finances -- Transfers A positive season saw us finish in 6th place and advance one round further in the promotion playoffs but only because we were the home team. A major negative to the season was scoring from our lone center forward dropped off a lot. Cannas scored 13 goals last season. He only scored six goals this season and was passed on the depth chart by reserve Samuele Carnevali who scored eight goals in just 12 appearances. I thinking about switching to a two forward system next season and possibly without attacking wingers since our wingers were non-existent this season too. Likely a 4-1-3-2 since our center backs are still soft and need a shield in front of them. Our midfield is strong and led by 2022 Player of the Year Andrea Conti. Conti led the team with 11 assists while scoring five goals from his central midfield position. Conti also added league wide Player of the Year honors to his resume as well. Thankfully, none of the bigger clubs have discovered him. His central midfield partner, Matteo Gerbaudo, led the team with 11 goals. Youth Intake As discussed previously, we had an absolutely terrible intake which led to our Head of Youth Development getting fired for his poor performance. Out of 32 players, he brought in 15 players (47%) with poor personalities. That is just not going to get it done. We need an improvement with our intake. This intake was touted as a "golden generation" but the personalities scream "underachieving generation." Marco Sereni 22A is a whiny left winger who my HoYD thinks has the biggest potential from this intake. Will be trained to play the left forward even though we may be moving away from the current formation which uses left and right forwards. Still good to have formation flexibility. Emanuele Antonello 22B is a center forward who only cares about himself and how he can make himself look good even if it doesn't help the team. Could be useful as a super sub off the bench to score goals to help us in a future promotion push. Tiberio Ieva 22C is a center forward who doesn't push himself to improve. Could see time in the first team but it could take awhile to get there given his personality. I never look down on a good goalkeeper in this type of save but Paride Bello 22D could be a good goalkeeper if he just believes in himself. That could be the major factor holding him back. He will need a good team in front of him to play his best, I believe. Valeriano Gori 22E is the player that I have the most long-term faith in given his good personality ("balanced"). Another left-sided player but could the first left-sided player from this intake who could see the field. Off the field, we blew a big hole in our bank account to improve our training facilities. These could be the last improvements for a few years since it took over half of our bank balance to make these improvements. Need some good young players before this team starts to get old.
  9. I've read similar articles as you, @Fastbasher. He's only on a one-year deal so if I get a crap class, he's gone.
  10. Professional with a media-friendly media handling style. He brought in 7 unambitious players this year and 6 outspoken players. New guy brought in. Perfectionist with a evasive & volatile personality (make one bad comment about Antonio Rutiger and your personality gets dragged down)
  11. I do know what gets a HoYD fired. Personalities from the top 7 players in the 2022 intake: 3 Unambitious 1 Temperamental 1 Mercenary 1 Low Self Belief (and the goalkeeper on top of it) 1 Balanced And in total 7 Unambitious 2 Balanced 2 Fairly Professional 1 Low Determination 1 Low Self Belief 1 Mercenary 1 Professional 1 Temperamental Thanks, a$$hole. Go ruin another club.
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