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    Played CM/FM since 1997 and in 2018 decided to have a go at making youtube videos.

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  1. I wouldn't say many youtubers, I have built two pretty decent tactics put a couple videos out on them been well received and you can download them on steam, I got sacked quite early on in the fm19 cycle with fiorentina as that was me experimenting with a tika taka style. I am not a pro only been doing it 18 months but the channel has grown pretty well in that time.
  2. Just wondered if anyone knew of a workable russian third tier database and if anyone is planning on doing one for FM20 I would like to use it in a Youtube series. Cheers Matt
  3. Hi everyone I have edited a claassen datasbase for Serie D in Italy created a club and the chairman however soon as I start the game he’s already looking to sell the club and status is willing to listen to offers . What do I need to change in the editor to stop this from happening as it’s for a YouTube series and I have built a backstory around the owner ?? many thanks Matty
  4. Hi no the board is investments not classed . This pic was taken like 3 days into the month . So was easy to track in my inbox but nothing . I don’t use editor and don’t even have it downloaded. It’s for a YouTube series so annoying when I can’t explain where cash as come and I am at club who has insecure finances so wanna find out really
  5. Just wondered if anyone knew where my money was going from in others ?? The board injection is investments but no but no idea where all this money classed as other is actually coming from any help they would be great 👍
  6. People will say no but my Acer f15 was icore 3 and did the job just fine
  7. From what I had cracking. Once season is in motion seem to be flying through games. Think it helps I’m winning for a change 😂. Bigger screen makes a really good bonus to it as well. Did take a while to set up with first windows update but this can be very normal and wasn’t down to performance of laptop
  8. I wasn’t bothered about a name I just searched for what I saw as the best value for money my laptop is literally for fm and Fm only so didn’t need an optical drive. A 700 quid msi will be better than a mac or Hp around same price mark.
  9. People will say no but I had a icore 3 laptop with a u processor was a Acer aspire f15 nothing flash usually loaded English Italian German Spain and France nations ran 12 leagues and it ran okay. Did the job. If he’s got 600 you can get a decent enough msi one which would perform way better than mine Acer. I would tell him to go big and pay monthly for one like I did 😂. Links a few quotes up
  10. I would recommend this to anyone https://ao.com/product/9s71799e5844bun-msi-laptop-black-54318-251.aspx not only for the laptop which runs exactly how you would want it to run for FM its a i7 HQ (HQ bit important) larger screen and buying froma trusted seller Like ao, save on laptops a fair few bad reviews for them. I got it on finance with this bonus code so came to just over 700 I pay about 24 a month for it. cant recommend it highly enough it also came next day delivery as well. Code BDWINDOWS10 will give 10% off thanks to private pyle for the bonus code
  11. Despite the world record for the longest ever windows 10 update at the start took around 12 hours, Its running really well, really happy with processing speed, i loaded rougley the same amount of leagues as i usually do. well worth it especially on bigger screen.
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