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  1. I agree, City are incredibly interesting to watch at the moment, especially Cancelo’s role. I would love to be able to create a system that defends in a 4-3-3 (4-1-4-1) or 4-4-2 but morphs into the 3-4-3 Diamond in possession but I think that’s where the tactics creator is a little limited. Good point about the CAR role I think Wijnaldum is a perfect example. I haven’t had much game time lately so not been able to try the new version, but out of curiosity has anyone tried the new roles but with the previous Balanced mentality? I understand the reasoning for the swi
  2. I really like the look of this tweaked setup, nice work How are you finding it defensively? It doesn't seem like it's lost its control of the game and potency in the final third which is excellent. I plan to give the Attacking mentality a whirl in Pre Season. Thanks for advice mate, I plan to train Stay Back on my younger full backs. Unfortunately my star left back Alex Grimaldo has Gets Further Forward so he really isn't suitable for the role but his attacking threat means I can't not play him. So I'm using a 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 variant mostly until my squad is capable of playing
  3. @RenegadeMaster wow those are some really impressive stats! Especially the Leganes game, unbelievable. Cool to see you've ironed out those defensive issues. I've been having a few myself in recent games but I put that down to playing inexperienced youth players. I'm managing Benfica and using this tactic in games I'm expected to win comfortably but I think it's too demanding for some of the young defenders. Like you said, I think Anticipation is a key attribute here. Curious to know if you, or any others have looked at any PPMs which might aid defensive solidity? One that stands ou
  4. I’ve found that when my goalkeeper kicks it long despite being instructed to either Take Short Kicks or Roll It Out (with Play Out of Defence too) it’s usually because there aren’t suitable options to play short, or he’s taking too many risks due to his mentality. I usually select a Sweeper Keeper on Support or Attack, but I change him to Defensive when I see too many long kicks and it tends to help.
  5. I have been using this with my Benfica side but only in games where my scout says the opponent will play a Cautious or lower mentality, and a formation with 1 striker (but not a 4-2-3-1). I’ve found that two striker or AM+ST systems can cause problems for the lone CB. One thing I found helpful is to ensure the two IWBs don’t have the Gets Forward PPM, but even then they can sometimes get caught out by a long ball into the channel. I’m not an expert and the OP will know better but my advice would be to use this for games where you feel the opponent doesn’t carry much threat
  6. So I eventually gave this a whirl with my Benfica squad. I was a bit sceptical about using it against better (or similar level of) opposition and teams which don't set up to park the bus, so I waited for the perfect scenario. We faced a Nacional da Madeira side who came to us with no intention of playing at all. Setup in their Defensive 3-4-2-1 (basically a flat 5-4-1 in game), I knew this would be the perfect time to try this system. And it worked a treat: We actually should have scored more - with one of our goals coming from a corner, another a penalty - we created plenty
  7. That’s cool to know, thanks. I’ve been tinkering a bit with my 4-3-3 of late, changing mentality from Positive to Balanced but adding more width and removing Focus Play. It’s working well. I still like to add Focus (to either central or left/right) during games as and when necessary. It’s definitely useful to create sudden overloads and problems for the opponent. Definitely plan on giving the 3-4-3 a whirl with my technically gifted Benfica side. A great club to build a Total Football philosophy around given their fantastic young players and youth setup. Looking f
  8. Great write up, I’ve always been intrigued by football that Barcelona side played under Cruyff - without doubt one of the most exciting teams. I have a question about some of your TIs that you selected. Is there a particular reason you have chosen a Narrow attacking width? I would assume to help create more overloads centrally but with four players there, would that not already happen? Cruyff was also keen to make the pitch as wide as possible in possession so I would have thought a narrow width goes against this? Then again I assume coupling with the Focus Play down both f
  9. Sure. As you can imagine funds were pretty limited, although I did manage to secure one permanent signing: Fabio Castellano, a former Atalanta academy product. I was after a creative midfielder who could operate in the AMC position (although I quickly abandoned that idea and reverted to a 4-3-3). He has played superbly well, creating and scoring a few. He has great mental attributes for this level, especially for someone so young. My hope is he will continue to develop as we progress through the leagues. I like his personality and determination - this was a key part of the signing
  10. That’s a cool addition to the game, I haven’t seen this yet! I often find when managing big clubs that I can sometimes have funds just sitting there. Also I love the irony of the David Silva signing after the fiasco that happened in real life 😂
  11. I’m not absolutely sold on this. During the beta I was managing Benfica and I had excellent results using Goncalo Ramos as an F9. Don’t remember the exact numbers but he reached double figures for both goals and assists and wasn’t a starter until December. Obviously with Palermo I don’t have great players but so far I’m pleased with the movement - just doesn’t seem to be a goal threat. It’s early days so I’ll keep experimenting with the striker. One thing is for sure, he almost certainly needs to be on Support to help create central overloads and link up with the two MEZ.
  12. Interesting you should say that, I try to vary the PIs so that they both play slightly different. One is more of a creator, with More Direct Passing and Shoot Less Often (I feel like decision making isn’t great and I saw quite a few long shots at first). Whereas the other is my David Silva type who Runs Wide. But actually I don’t see a massive difference with or without the Runs Wide PI, as it seems to naturally occur. The ‘creator’ MEZ will still run wide on occasion and IW moves inside. If you have a player with good dribbling then I guess it makes sense to leave this on.
  13. Appreciate that - I think you're right as it is very early on in the season so things can very easily become harder for us later on. Having said that, we do already tend to face parked busses with many teams playing defensive or cautious 5 defender systems. To combat this, I often mix it up with my 'Hybrid' tactic if I feel we are struggling to make in roads: This system gives us two attack duties on the left side which we usually take advantage of a switch in play after the natural overload occurs on the right hand side. Over time, I can see myself increasingly starting matches wit
  14. Appreciate that guys, thanks! As I am sure you know, when taking over a lower league club there is a lot of 'set up' work to do before you get started. Such as bringing in good coaching staff, scouts and obviously evaluating whether or not you have the players to play a certain way - which a lot of the time you probably don't. Then there is the lack of resources! But all this is part of the fun of Lower League Management For starters, I had two formations in mind: a 4-3-3 (always my go to) and a 4-2-3-1 which I was keen to replicate after reading your thread @04texag. Despite the
  15. This is exactly what I have going on at the moment. I’m currently attempting a total (football) rebuild of Palermo, implementing a Guardiola inspired 4-3-3 which will hopefully become more fluid and free-scoring as we move up the leagues. It’s working really well so far, happy to share some updates here if you guys are interested! I’m quite new to the forum, or at least to being active, and I must say I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the two of you and your Overloads/Juego De Posicion threads. It’s a style I’ve always tried to take inspiration from so I’m pleased this ME
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