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  1. This is exactly what I have going on at the moment. I’m currently attempting a total (football) rebuild of Palermo, implementing a Guardiola inspired 4-3-3 which will hopefully become more fluid and free-scoring as we move up the leagues. It’s working really well so far, happy to share some updates here if you guys are interested! I’m quite new to the forum, or at least to being active, and I must say I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the two of you and your Overloads/Juego De Posicion threads. It’s a style I’ve always tried to take inspiration from so I’m pleased this ME
  2. That makes perfect sense to be fair, thanks! I'm tempted to try something similar with a 4-3-3 shape but it's also been a while since I got a No. 10 working and your tactics of late have made that very tempting to try again - especially with the 'focus play' and creating overloads.
  3. Great stuff as always, it’s really fun to create an ‘identity’ and mould players to fit that style. Look forward to seeing how you fit some of those wonderkids in! I have a quick question regarding your setup which I couldn’t help notice. In your first tactic, you have set Attack duties for both your wide players - how do you find they behave defensively? I almost always set wide players to support to ensure there’s enough defensive cover but also to have plenty of support duties for a Fluid/Very Fluid shape (which doesn’t seem to matter so much these days). You d
  4. I have faced a similar issue ever since FM19 I believe. However, I have noticed a slight improvement in their positioning and fluidity of their movements in 21. In my system I had two IWB's on Support with two Mezzala's in midfield. One on Attack and one on Support, with two Wingers on Support to provide width and stretch the field. However, I also saw the issues you are facing, albeit in certain moments such as at kick-off, or when we had possession quite deep in our half. Once we reached the final third there was decent (not excellent) spacing between them. Often I would find the Mezza
  5. Personally I’m a big fan of the Regista role and you’re right with putting a defensive duty in the midfield to compliment his forward thinking game. In terms of how you’ve set it up, it looks decent! My only suggestion would be that a Regista thrives with runners in front of him so maybe tinker some roles to suit that. I’d potentially switch the CAR to a BBM and maybe change one of the IWs to a W or IF for more direct runs in behind. Regarding the AF, I’ve had success in the past using them in possession systems regarding you give them the right support. In FM20 I was using
  6. Ah yes, that would be an interesting shape to try and create. De Zerbi is doing a tremendous job IRL. Very flexible with his setups. I love the idea of a 3-1-4-2 as you can have enough players to cover those five zones that we typically see Pep’s players fill. Using two wing backs or wide midfielders who stay wide, coupled with Mezzala’s or CM’s instructed to stay wider to play in those half spaces. Excited to see how you get on and perhaps evolve the shape further down the line! Early signs from this ME are also encouraging
  7. Amazing thread so far, great to see how JDP can work in FM21. I’ve always been a admirer of Pep and this style of football. I’m currently doing what I call a ‘Beta’ save where I pick a good team and play around with a few things whilst getting to grips with the new game. Using Benfica, who have a squad capable of doing this - although my go to is usually a 4-3-3 shape rather than 4-2-3-1 However, for the full release I’m thinking of a long term save with a team in the lower leagues, probably in Italy. Palermo caught my eye. Would be cool to take them back to the top. I’ve be
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