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  1. I just wanted to show my appreciation for this thread once again. It’s been a while since I implemented any sort of JDP principles on FM as I’ve been doing a sort of ‘Road to Glory’ save with Dulwich Hamlet - taking them from the Vanarama South to (hopefully) the PL. A little background: After overachieving with a counter attacking/transitional system which we mainly set up in a 4-4-2 (occasionally played a more conservative 4–3-3), we began to hit a wall in our debut season in League 1. Unable to really strengthen the squad that much, and losing some key players, I believ
  2. Wow, 107 goals scored! Outstanding work considering both strikers are played on Support duties I guess like you said, their PPMs are crucial for this. If you were managing a lower league side, what role would you recommend instead of Complete Forward? This is a highly demanding role which is difficult to find suitable players for at low levels. I've only really used Advanced Forward or PFa for a more direct runner in behind, and I have struggled when changing this to any kind of support role.
  3. Yeah this is more or less the same thing I did. Except I also told my Support striker to man mark, which I guess I didn’t need to do. But the same problem will arise, which is the Attack duty player potentially being drawn into positions where you don’t want him to be. I’d say this should be a situational instruction, not something that will work against every team.
  4. It was better than the shadow strikers. However I would be mindful using it against better opponents or adventurous CMs. For example, I had my AF and DLF man marking Wimbledon’s CMs, and the DLF was fine but the AF was getting dragged all over the pitch by his marker who as it turns out was playing in a Mezzala role. We ended up losing 2-0 against a far superior opponent. I think in those games it’s best to leave your AF up the pitch for a chance to counter
  5. I tried the two shadow strikers for one game and it worked well in terms of counter attacking - scored two great goals on the break. However it was a bit too passive for my liking, not enough pressure on the opponent meant we were camped in our own half for most of the game. It would need further testing but I feel like you would be under sustained pressure for long periods
  6. I was thinking about doing something like this. I actually had great success with a strikerless 4-4-2 in FM20 with Fiorentina but haven’t yet felt the need to play withdrawn strikers as my AF & DLF combo work well. But tempted to give this a go and see how it works. Have you tried this yet?
  7. Agreed, this is the approach I’ve used in virtually every game with my current side as it suited the players. But like you I prefer to see my two strikers actually drop back and create that 4-4-2 mid block and not a staggered/asymmetric 4-4-1-1. Definitely good to have two approaches that you can easily switch between!
  8. I think I’ve found a slight work around for this. I play a (fairly) direct 4-4-2 with Dulwich Hamlet and after back to back promotions we’re in League 2 and facing much better opposition. After some testing in the back end of last season (when we were running away with the title) I found two suppers duty strikers were not dangerous enough for me and the players at my disposal. I was off to an ok start in the league winning one and losing another with my usual 4-4-2. However it clicked for me after a Carabao Cup 2nd round tie at home to West Ham I rolled out a tweaked versio
  9. Great write up, really cool to see how you use OIs as this is something that I also try to do but I never thought of NOT closing down centre backs - interesting take! I have a question about the attacking side (I know this is mainly about the defensive shape). Do you have enough runners/threats in behind with two support duty strikers? I always prefer to have one striker on Attack but then I face the same problem you pointed out, there’s a big distance between him and his striker partner and the midfield.
  10. I think that's the beauty of the 4-4-2, you have so many options both with and without the ball. There is no reason why a high press would not work (although a 4-2-4 would be a better pressing shape) but ultimately your players need to be suited to the high press. Again, depending on your players, a mid block could be the best option. I'm currently playing a LLM save with Dulwich Hamlet and we easily won the Vanarama South and now sit top of the National League playing a mid block 4-4-2. I played almost exclusively on Positive mentality with Standard DL and Lowe LOE with Narrow Defensive
  11. I’m not an expert but I would say your TIs are a little too aggressive (like the high line), especially going away to a strong side playing with effectively 3 up front. Also you said you play Pass Into Space to take advantage of an aggressive opponent but you also play Much Shorter Passing and Lower Tempo? To me that’s a bit contradictory. Along with Fairly Narrow it could be overkill and perhaps playing into their hands. I think you’ve identified some of the issues yourself, like being outnumbered in midfield. I would be tempted to drop Busquets into the DM strata as a Half Back mayb
  12. Agree with these points - you're congesting the space that Felix plays in. In the past, a number 10 was mostly used in a system like a 4-3-1-2 behind two strikers where he had plenty space and was the focal point for the team. In most 4-2-3-1 setups, particularly with Inside Forwards or Inverted Wingers, there are too many players entering the '10 position' or Zone 14. That doesn't mean it can't work in this system but like the above, you need to find more space for him to operate. Something else I noticed is the player attributes. Odegaard is much more of a playmaker, with his Teamwork o
  13. The second episode didn't disappoint! Great stuff I really like how you evolved your tactic (and playing squad) without forgetting your principles/original style. I must say I've never been brave enough to try a 3 striker system but seeing your success with it is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your set piece set ups too - I've have relative success with my own routines but could definitely do with a Plan B (or even Plan C) in those tightly contested games. Looking forward to part three
  14. Brilliant write up. I also really enjoyed your Atalanta recreation. They’re one of my favourite sides to watch in real life but it’s cool to see the journey you’ll be going on here too. Especially how your overload to isolate has been so effective with the amount of assists and goals coming from those areas. Do you think perhaps a modified version of this would work in the lower leagues? I’m currently implementing a counter attacking style in the 6th Tier in England mostly using a 4-4-2 or 5-3-2 but I’m often winning by just a goal and the games are very tight. Tempted to take s
  15. I’ve found this thread really interesting. Recently I began a new save in the Vanarama South with Dulwich Hamlet. As a result I’ve moved away from my usual high press, possession based game to a medium-low block counter attacking system which puts defence first. In both styles I typically like to defend narrower and compress the space for the opposition to play in - this time it’s just closer to my goal. Obviously the easiest way to achieve that is by using the Force Opposition Outside TI. I also use OIs in conjunction with this, however I’ve never been sure if I’m using the
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