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  1. I think that's the beauty of the 4-4-2, you have so many options both with and without the ball. There is no reason why a high press would not work (although a 4-2-4 would be a better pressing shape) but ultimately your players need to be suited to the high press. Again, depending on your players, a mid block could be the best option. I'm currently playing a LLM save with Dulwich Hamlet and we easily won the Vanarama South and now sit top of the National League playing a mid block 4-4-2. I played almost exclusively on Positive mentality with Standard DL and Lowe LOE with Narrow Defensive
  2. I’m not an expert but I would say your TIs are a little too aggressive (like the high line), especially going away to a strong side playing with effectively 3 up front. Also you said you play Pass Into Space to take advantage of an aggressive opponent but you also play Much Shorter Passing and Lower Tempo? To me that’s a bit contradictory. Along with Fairly Narrow it could be overkill and perhaps playing into their hands. I think you’ve identified some of the issues yourself, like being outnumbered in midfield. I would be tempted to drop Busquets into the DM strata as a Half Back mayb
  3. Agree with these points - you're congesting the space that Felix plays in. In the past, a number 10 was mostly used in a system like a 4-3-1-2 behind two strikers where he had plenty space and was the focal point for the team. In most 4-2-3-1 setups, particularly with Inside Forwards or Inverted Wingers, there are too many players entering the '10 position' or Zone 14. That doesn't mean it can't work in this system but like the above, you need to find more space for him to operate. Something else I noticed is the player attributes. Odegaard is much more of a playmaker, with his Teamwork o
  4. The second episode didn't disappoint! Great stuff I really like how you evolved your tactic (and playing squad) without forgetting your principles/original style. I must say I've never been brave enough to try a 3 striker system but seeing your success with it is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your set piece set ups too - I've have relative success with my own routines but could definitely do with a Plan B (or even Plan C) in those tightly contested games. Looking forward to part three
  5. Brilliant write up. I also really enjoyed your Atalanta recreation. They’re one of my favourite sides to watch in real life but it’s cool to see the journey you’ll be going on here too. Especially how your overload to isolate has been so effective with the amount of assists and goals coming from those areas. Do you think perhaps a modified version of this would work in the lower leagues? I’m currently implementing a counter attacking style in the 6th Tier in England mostly using a 4-4-2 or 5-3-2 but I’m often winning by just a goal and the games are very tight. Tempted to take s
  6. I’ve found this thread really interesting. Recently I began a new save in the Vanarama South with Dulwich Hamlet. As a result I’ve moved away from my usual high press, possession based game to a medium-low block counter attacking system which puts defence first. In both styles I typically like to defend narrower and compress the space for the opposition to play in - this time it’s just closer to my goal. Obviously the easiest way to achieve that is by using the Force Opposition Outside TI. I also use OIs in conjunction with this, however I’ve never been sure if I’m using the
  7. This thread...Wow! I'm a huge fan of Pep Guardiola and the way his teams play so this has been an excellent read for me. Personally this is a style of football that has given me so much joy but at times equal amounts of frustration when trying to replicate it on FM. I believe you said in one of your opening posts that there will be some trade offs, and I couldn't agree more. To try and replicate Positional Play, at least to the extent of how Pep utilises it, is almost impossible with the limitations of the tactics creator and ME. Not to say that there are issues with those, just tha
  8. Yeah I’ve found that the F9 role is probably the least effective of all, and has been for many iterations of FM for me. It could be something I’m doing wrong, but in the case of Munir, or Messi for yourself, they have the attributes to play that role, so I don’t understand how ratings can be so bad. Munir had a run of 5 games where his rating was either a 6.4 or 6.6 with 0 G/A. I understand it’s a demanding role but I’m not putting a donkey at F9, he’s a very technically gifted, capable forward.
  9. I'm currently running something similar with my Sevilla side, with great results. I have a couple variations of the tactic, but this one with the HB is more along the lines of what you mentioned: I tend to use this shape when facing a high press and/or top heavy system like a 4-2-3-1 or even a 4-4-2. This creates a 3 when playing out from the back as the HB drops in and CBs fan out (Salida Lavolpiana), and the left WB pushes on and stays wide (PI) whilst the width on the right is created by the IW (Stay Wide PI). The DLPs and IWBs create a double pivot in front of the back 3 wh
  10. I agree, City are incredibly interesting to watch at the moment, especially Cancelo’s role. I would love to be able to create a system that defends in a 4-3-3 (4-1-4-1) or 4-4-2 but morphs into the 3-4-3 Diamond in possession but I think that’s where the tactics creator is a little limited. Good point about the CAR role I think Wijnaldum is a perfect example. I haven’t had much game time lately so not been able to try the new version, but out of curiosity has anyone tried the new roles but with the previous Balanced mentality? I understand the reasoning for the swi
  11. I really like the look of this tweaked setup, nice work How are you finding it defensively? It doesn't seem like it's lost its control of the game and potency in the final third which is excellent. I plan to give the Attacking mentality a whirl in Pre Season. Thanks for advice mate, I plan to train Stay Back on my younger full backs. Unfortunately my star left back Alex Grimaldo has Gets Further Forward so he really isn't suitable for the role but his attacking threat means I can't not play him. So I'm using a 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 variant mostly until my squad is capable of playing
  12. @RenegadeMaster wow those are some really impressive stats! Especially the Leganes game, unbelievable. Cool to see you've ironed out those defensive issues. I've been having a few myself in recent games but I put that down to playing inexperienced youth players. I'm managing Benfica and using this tactic in games I'm expected to win comfortably but I think it's too demanding for some of the young defenders. Like you said, I think Anticipation is a key attribute here. Curious to know if you, or any others have looked at any PPMs which might aid defensive solidity? One that stands ou
  13. I’ve found that when my goalkeeper kicks it long despite being instructed to either Take Short Kicks or Roll It Out (with Play Out of Defence too) it’s usually because there aren’t suitable options to play short, or he’s taking too many risks due to his mentality. I usually select a Sweeper Keeper on Support or Attack, but I change him to Defensive when I see too many long kicks and it tends to help.
  14. I have been using this with my Benfica side but only in games where my scout says the opponent will play a Cautious or lower mentality, and a formation with 1 striker (but not a 4-2-3-1). I’ve found that two striker or AM+ST systems can cause problems for the lone CB. One thing I found helpful is to ensure the two IWBs don’t have the Gets Forward PPM, but even then they can sometimes get caught out by a long ball into the channel. I’m not an expert and the OP will know better but my advice would be to use this for games where you feel the opponent doesn’t carry much threat
  15. So I eventually gave this a whirl with my Benfica squad. I was a bit sceptical about using it against better (or similar level of) opposition and teams which don't set up to park the bus, so I waited for the perfect scenario. We faced a Nacional da Madeira side who came to us with no intention of playing at all. Setup in their Defensive 3-4-2-1 (basically a flat 5-4-1 in game), I knew this would be the perfect time to try this system. And it worked a treat: We actually should have scored more - with one of our goals coming from a corner, another a penalty - we created plenty
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