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  1. Toads

    [FM17] Boredom at Notts County...

    Hopefully you'll do better than what's happening in real life
  2. Been following this for a while now, and it's very interesting! Going back to High Quality must be fun, just like being a boomerang, starting there, then after a while ending up back there.
  3. Yes, the league rep will get better depending on how your club performs, like if you compete regularly in a continental cup competition every season and do well, even bringing in very good players from outside the country (maybe also in the country?) can affect the reputation.
  4. Toads

    Belgium - Panama 16:00 BST

    it was offside
  5. Could i change AFC Newton to Attacking please?
  6. I can't find the "Index Match Rules" part.
  7. I also would like to vote for the expanding of the leagues
  8. Toads

    Regional King: The Goal to Conquer the World

    This looks interesting, will be following.
  9. Toads

    Team Suggestion Thread

    This is a nice idea!
  10. Toads

    Ideas for a save?

  11. Well, you're doing a fantastic job there, especially when you look at the wages compared to the 'big' teams in Italy
  12. That's amazing for Cagliari, they're not doing as well in real life though