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  1. Been following this for a while now, and it's very interesting! Going back to High Quality must be fun, just like being a boomerang, starting there, then after a while ending up back there.
  2. Yes, the league rep will get better depending on how your club performs, like if you compete regularly in a continental cup competition every season and do well, even bringing in very good players from outside the country (maybe also in the country?) can affect the reputation.
  3. I would like to see Jorge Grant and Ryan Yates
  4. Agreed, it's as if he's too overpowered... At least Curtis is doing alright.
  5. Back to the top we go! 19 goals in the 1st season's not bad, hopefully Curtis will carry on. (Didn't notice this thread earlier, so I'm a bit late)
  6. I can't find the <Boolean id="is_read_only" value="true" /> instead, I have this: <!-- Continent --> <record> <flags id="field" value="nfrc"/> <translation id="name" value="Continent" type="use" translation_id="229389"/> <flags id="type" value="database_record_unique_id"/> <flags id="database_table_type" value="continent"/> <boolean id="is_optional" value="true"/> <list id="dependencies"> <record field="nfrn" exists="false"/> <record field="fren" exists="false"/> <record
  7. How did you get them to have a Danish second nationality? I'm trying to make an Atlantis database, but they all have English names.
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