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  1. Well, you're doing a fantastic job there, especially when you look at the wages compared to the 'big' teams in Italy
  2. That's amazing for Cagliari, they're not doing as well in real life though
  3. Winning the Blue Square South in my second season as Ebbsfleet manager on FM 11 I went 36 games unbeaten, winning 34 of them!
  4. Toads

    UEFA Amateur League

    Is this for fm17?
  5. Toads

    Bag a goal

    How did you do in the first season?
  6. Toads

    Croft Isles (Fictional nation to level 10)

    Sounds cool Is it for 18.3?
  7. Toads

    season 5+ Player screenshot request

    I would like to see Jorge Grant and Ryan Yates
  8. I like the look of this
  9. Agreed, it's as if he's too overpowered... At least Curtis is doing alright.
  10. Toads

    St Cecilia: A Caribbean Odyssey

    I second this
  11. Toads

    St Cecilia: A Caribbean Odyssey

    I'll follow this, so good luck!