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  1. Hey man, sorry missed this, but yeah should be fine.
  2. It's a balance thing, usually would only be 8 teams but the national league south only starts with 21 teams so only 1 team goes down from each league season one, leagues go to 24 teams from season 2 (which will be the first season for this challenge) with the usual 4 down in each league
  3. Game has been out for like 20 hours and we're this far on page 2 already? You people are sick
  4. The new game coming out is the time of the year I feel popular
  5. Have added the above to the OP. Think I've covered most of the issues but if I've missed some (I'm pretty tired) let me know and I can add to this.
  6. I just hit click start as I wanted to test and forgot it doesn't load that far down.
  7. Is that Brad Clayton that missed the pen? Used to love picking him up on a free when he was at Brentford
  8. Cheers. I holidayed till May before seeing that I forgot to load up the national leagues
  9. Bugger, will have a play around now myself and see what comes up. Tag me if you find the date first though.
  10. Last year was June 19th so not ideal if it's earlier than that
  11. Anything I've missed in the OP etc let me know. Obviously let me know reset dates (I know most are usually the same but I like to leave it blank till we know for sure)
  12. Well Beta is out - good luck on another wild ride everyone!
  13. Last year was an insane year for completions so lets see what this year brings User Club Country Year Completed Version OlivierL RW Essen Germany 2030 FM21 toshimitzou1 AO Aigaleo Greece 2041 FM21 darren1983 South Shields England 2046 FM21 TerminalPortugal Portalegrense Portugal 2043 FM21 scarp Bora Rangers Scotland 2049 FM21 libbyshuss FC Mirassol Brazil 2045 FM21 holidaysong FC United England 2048 FM21 Slipky Ashton United England 2036 FM21 steve.rush Sannois SG France 2046 FM21 Cheez3y Wits South Africa 2026 FM21 Armeniar Sedan France 2035 FM21 Cheez3y Lyn TF Norway 2031 FM21 thomas_e Sacachispas Argentina 2030 FM21 JAwtunes Widzew Lodz Poland 2038 FM20 vikeologist Palermo Italy 2041 FM20 thomas_e South Shields England 2040 FM20 dkouv Scarborough England 2045 FM20 Miek Nuneaton Boro England 2049 FM20 Padders Scarborough England 2277 (not a typo) FM20 thomas_e Energie Cottbus Germany 2033 FM20 XaW Kettering Town England 2036 FM19 thomas_e Real Jean Spain 2038 FM19 b101 Sampedrense Portugal 2031 FM18
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