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  1. Currently having an injury crisis which has left me with 4 players out injured and having to play a left back at right back, a winger in CM and a 50% fit winger with no one but a keeper on my subs bench - and this is my squad for 2 seasons
  2. So after many (around 3.5) hours of reloading I finally got the club I wanted.... The former Dynamo Berlin “won” 10 straight East German titles between 1979 and 1988 (I use “won” as they were assisted by some helpful referees upon instructions from the government) they were also the favoured club of Erich Mielke who was head of East Germany's Stasi (Secret police) After German re-unification in 1990, they were renamed FC Berlin in an attempt to re-package and distance themselves from their past. In 1999 they again used the name Dynamo by changing to BFC Dynamo (Berliner Football Club) but without their powerful fan and losing their best players to West German Bundesliga clubs they dropped down to the 4th and 5th divisions where they have pretty much stayed. So why did I want them so much? Well I like a fallen giant and despite how they may have won their titles BFC they were a successful team, added to that they have fierce rivals in Union Berlin and Dynamo Dresden as well as many local rivals which adds to fun. The main reason though is the somewhat romantic idea of taking a former government team from East Germany and producing a town grown team to take on the local (well East German) big spenders in Red Bull Leipzig and the traditional power teams such as Dortmund and Bayern. Me Facilities Squad (there should be a badge if the club up near the top but it keeps getting removed when I submit my post )
  3. Game crashed at half time of my first league game and of course I hadn't saved from the day before league reset as I forgot I turned the auto save off during holiday mode Stupid of me but think I'll restart in either England or Germany now.
  4. New game so a new attempt at this challenge this time with Castellon in Spain (Reset date is July 10th @Braumiller) Good luck to you all this year - I will attempt to combat the spending power of Real Madrid and Barcelona with a more pure town grown team (and no doubt fail miserably)
  5. Yeah has gone much better than I thought it would so far, bound to hit a roadblock soon though but for now just gonna enjoy these good times Yeah the plan is to keep going when 17 comes out as probably won't get that till around Christmas time.
  6. My first league game as Villa manager? Stevenage away of course
  7. League Table| Graph| League Cup| JPT| FA Cup| Transfers| Squad| Finances| Aster promotion last season the hope was a for a good mid table finish as I felt our summer transfers were pretty good and put us above relegation fodder, turned out we were a bit better than that! A solid start went a bit wrong when we went 5 games without a win (4 losses) we suddenly hit form and won game after game and after the turn of the year we started to pull away from the others. We were slightly distracted by our run in the JPT where we got the area final before losing 1-0 at home to Burton and could only manage a 0-0 draw in the return game. Meaning we missed it on the trophy. Other cup runs were nothing to really speak about. After that we ended up cruising to promotion and the title. My contract was up so I delayed a new deal and in the 2nd half of the season applied for a few jobs in the Championship, had interviews at both Millwall and Middlesborough but neither went with me, after promotion was sealed some other jobs came up and had MK Dons and Peterborough offer me interviews without applying, I turned both down as they had been relegated to league one and I din't fancy another season there, Aston Villa and Norwich were relegated from the Premier League and sacked their managers so I applied to both as well as mid table (Championship) Stoke,Villa and Stoke both offered me the job so am the new manager of.........Aston Villa. Villa feels like a club I could really settle at, if I can get them back up they could be a team that helps me push for challenges and more. Season Club League Position Achievements 2015/16 Accrington Stanley Sky Bet League 2 14th Took Over 6/01/16 2016/17 Stevenage Sky Bet League 2 16th Took Over 1/03/17 2017/18 Stevenage Sky Bet League 2 1st Promotion and league winners 2018/19 Stevenage Sky Bet League 1 1st Promotion as League winners
  8. League Table|Graph|Transfers|Squad|Finances|League Cup|JPT|FA Cup A fantastic season that saw us walk the league title, there was maybe only a couple of game weeks we weren't top for. Our 9 match unbeaten run at the end of the previous season gave us momentum that carried us till boxing day, the 23rd game of the season, which meant we set a new record for the league by going 32 games unbeaten. The 2nd half of the season wasn't as comfortable as suspensions and injuries caught up with us but promotion was secured pretty early and the title was won with 5 or 6 games to spare. In the league cup we didn't do much and were outclassed by Championship side Brighton. I was annoyed at not going as far in the JPT as was being greedy and dreaming of a double! We had a great FA Cup run and even beat Premier League side Watford before falling to Championship leader Forest. The cup run really helped our finances and my reputation (went from half a star to 1 and a half despite not yet getting a badge) Ultimately what helped us this year was being able to bring in my own players for the first time, most were free transfers of players deemed not good enough higher up but my keeper and left back were on loan from parent club Southampton so I'll look to replace those guys this summer. I'm already on the lookout for a new job (some fairly decent sized clubs like Birmingham and Charlton have been relegated to league one next season) but if I can't get one I'll sign a new deal for a year and see about staying up and maybe going better and getting that JPT I really want (no idea why I want to win it so much, it doesn't count for anything ) Season Club League Position Achievements 2015/16 Accrington Stanley Sky Bet League 2 14th Took Over 6/01/16 2016/17 Stevenage Sky Bet League 2 16th Took Over 1/03/17 2017/18 Stevenage Sky Bet League 2 1st Promotion and league winners
  9. @vikeologist - yeah am starting to think jumping around a lot in your first few seasons can hurt (no proof to back this up other than being asked about it in interviews) @numero_uno_gunner - yeah has been nice to be settled at Stevenage, being able to have a whole transfer window to ship players in and out has been great as we've started the new season really well with 6 wins and 4 draws meaning we're 19 unbeaten going back to last season. Hoping to have this season done tomorrow as not had time to play much this week sadly FWIW - I'd be very interested in seeing your stats and players etc when you finish the save @Siepe1990 - congrats on the season with Espanyol, shame you couldn't nab that 4th spot with all the money it brings, hopefully a bit more luck this season. @nikolast86 - congrats on your first domestic trophies
  10. League Table | Graph | Transfers | Squad | Finances At the end of last season my board at Accrington cut my budget to such an extent that I couldn't even afford to discuss new deals with my staff so I stepped down, took 9 moths but finally landed a new job with struggling Stevenage, we were 20th when I took over but 3 straight losses saw us drop to 23rd and had me fearing for our survival, however after once again replacing my favourite 4231 formation (may have to leave this formation till I'm in the bigger leagues) with a more simple 442 we went on a 10 match unbeaten run (9 of those wins) which meant we managed to pull clear of the relegation battle and finished 15th. With a year left on my deal I'll stay here as don't really want a reputation for walking out on clubs. Also be nice to finally try and build a team. Career Overview Season Club League Position Achievements 2015/16 Accrington Stanley Sky Bet League 2 14th Took Over 6/01/16 2016/17 Stevenage Sky Bet League 2 15th Took Over 1/03/17
  11. So I wasn't really feeling playing in China so started again with the idea of being more "realistic" (or as realistic as this game can be) to my nationality (Half English and half Irish) so thought I'd start in the UK, I holidayed without applying for jobs till the end of October then started applying, finally got a job in January with....Accrington Stanley League Table - I took over and we were 20th in the table, my usual 4231 formation wasn't working too well so went to a basic 442 and we found form and shot up the table JPT - out before I arrived League Cup - out before I arrived FA Cup - guess what? Out before I arrived Transfers - just a handful of loans really Squad - not bad, losing our 3 best players in the summer will hurt though Finances - really bad Key Players Matt Crooks - our box to box guy, scored and made goals, off to Rangers so will be a big loss Josh Windass - top scorer and also off to Rangers Piero Mingoia - wide man, refuses to sign a new deal Kealan Steeson - was away on loan when I took over but gave him a run when he returned as was fantastic Tom Davies - became my rock in defence after I gave him a chance Career Overview Season Club League Position Achievements 2015/16 Accrington Stanley Sky Bet League 2 14th Took Over 6/01/16
  12. Gone a different route to last time, starting in China this time
  13. Around a month ago I was playing this challenge (was in Africa after 5 seasons) when my laptop broke, finally managed to get it fixed but I lost the save (thought I'd saved it to the cloud but it appears not) and haven't been able to face loading up FM since but have got the itch again so am going to settle in this afternoon and get back involved. Gonna have a read through of how everyone has been doing since I've been away as now while I reinstall FM (I deleted it after I lost my save)
  14. Season 2020/21 Review Black Leopards - South African League Table - was closer than it should have been, we won our first 13 games making me think it was going to be a stroll to the title, but injuries and rotation as I made the champions league my main target meant we did our best to allow Sundowns back in to the MTN 8- lost in the semi finals, wasn't great from us really Telkom Cup - a nice run to the final before a comfortable win Nedbank Cup - good run to our first ever final in this, and a tight win in the final CAF Champions League - our campaign has been pretty straight forward toward the end of our domestic campaign as we have qualified for the group stages, it's the last trophy I need to win in Africa so the sooner I do it the sooner I can move on Transfers- we didn't need much so in stead I targeted areas I felt we needed Squad - looking good, maybe bit more strength in depth Finances - getting better season by season Nigeria We qualified for this year's ACON and went into it on the back of 6 straight wins where we conceded 0 goals so I felt like we had a shot at going all the way. Our opening game was against DR Congo, a 3-1 lead at HT was thrown away as we only managed a 3-3 draw. Next up was my adopted country of South Africa who we smashed 5-0, final group game was Algeria, a draw would be enough to see us through, a win would mean we win the group, Algeria needed a win to qualify, a cagey game saw us run out 3-1 winners and progress to the quarter finals where we would face Ivory Cost we dominated the match with chance after chance while they scored with their only 2 chances on target as we lost 2-1. After the game my time with Nigeria came to an end. Career Overview Season Team Country League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015/16 Black Leopards KSA National First Division 2nd Took over on 31.12.2015 2016/17 Black Leopards KSA National First Division 1st Promoted as champions 2017/18 Black Leopards KSA Premier League 7th 2018/19 Black Leopards KSA Premier League 9th Cup winners 2019/20 Black Leopards KSA Premier League 1st Champions! 2020/21 Black Leopards KSA Premier League 1st Champions, Telkom Cup winners, Nedbank Cup winners [b] [u]International[/u][/b] 2019 Nigeria 26th Took over in March 2019/20 Nigeria 31st 2020/21 Nigeria 20th ACON quarter finals, resigned Challenge Progress Club 1/10 top domestic leagues (South Africa) 1/10 domestic cups (South Africa) 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments Next Season Target is the champions league, if I can win it this season then great, otherwise I will have to stay around for another, I do think it's time to move on (though I've been saying that for the past 3 seasons )
  15. The tycoon funding Jomo Cosmos has withdrawn his funding leaving them in some trouble. Plus the Kaizer Chiefs manager retired so I applied for the role, had the interview, they were offering 14m transfer fund - the things I could do with that! Didn't get it though 3 days after missing out our opening league was at home to.....yep, you guessed it, Kaizer Chiefs! Beat them 2-0