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  1. Yeah we had this with Holland, I think we removed them from the challenge for a bit, probably a bit late in the day of this game to remove a country now (will have to check on this when 21 comes out and make a call) so if there's no relegation in 2nd season (think Holland, again, had this) then this is probably the only work around for now yeah:
  2. Yeah looks fine mate. Welcome - I might put a warning in the OP for 21 about how addictive this challenge ends up being so be warned
  3. It's by someone called Chilled Moose on twitter. It's a patreon thing, I subscribed for like a month or two at the turn of the year and got a few faces that I use, means I often have a few players with same faces but that happens normally anyway and I like how these look. If you look on their twitter or google I think there's some smaller free packs from them knocking about if people don't want or can't pay for patreon.
  4. League | FA Cup | League Cup | Europa League | Transfers | Squad | Finances Strange update here considering I did the first half of the season about 2 months ago so my memory of it is less than clear! I do remember we lost the Charity Shield. Even with that it was still an odd season, lots of big sides struggled (Utd and City and even Chelsea were 11th at the turn of the year before finding form) and a low points total would have won the league. We were always within touching distance of the top 4 but never really threatened to break in, with that in mind we still got our biggest
  5. Glad to see this thread still going strong. Not really touched FM for a couple of months mainly as needed a break over the summer (I've not even been keeping up with this thread for the last month or so either) and then real life getting in the way. With 6-8 weeks till the new game I've suddenly found a determination to try and finish my FC United save so am firing it back up and let's see where we stand: Not too bad, still in our first European campaign as well. Will also be reading through the last month or so of the thread so if you get any likes for old posts that's why
  6. TS Sporting Season 2022/23 Review After 2 straight 3rd place finishes this was the season I wanted us to take a step up, and we did, kinda. Over the summer I was on the lookout for a striker but didn't find one that was willing to join so used my funds to strengthen the rest of the side while also selling some players. As a result we actually started the season, league wise anyway, rather slowly. Lots of new faces plus needing to play games in the CAF super cup as well as early round of the champions league and the MTN8 cup (which we were poor in) meant we struggled a bit with rotation. T
  7. Nigeria World Cup 2022 review After smashing our way through qualification and also through the ACON qualifiers I had some hope we would be able to sneak through the group stage and that was my target. Group Stage Nigeria 0-1 Czech Republic Portugal 1-0 Nigeria Colombia 3-1 Nigeria Well didn't make it out the group, late goals in the first 2 games knocked us out and we fell apart against Colombia. As a result I was fired and won't get a shot at the ACON.
  8. Season 2021/22 Review - TS Sporting After last season's 3rd place I looked to strengthen the side but our finances meant it was mainly frees, as a result we finished in the same position but on less points, we did however sell our star right back to Orlando Pirates for 750K which while a blow to us did clear our debt and able us to bring in players in Jan. Defensively we were 2nd best in the league our real issues were scoring goals, we dominated pretty much every game but were unable ti kill teams off. Due to the league moving up in the rankings a 3rd place finish this season give
  9. I struggled and got sacked from several clubs to start with this year, have restared with FC United and have them in the Premier League some 20+ years in but am taking a break from the save for now. Good luck
  10. Season 2020/21 review On paper a 3rd place finish right after promotion is fantastic (and it is) but can't help but feel like we choked, we only won 3 of our final 10 games which certainly cost us a champions league spot and possibly even the title, what's most frustrating is that in the final 10 games we only played 1 of the top sides (Kaizer Chiefs who we beat on the final day) as we drew 5 games having led in all 5, we just failed to kill teams off. Just to frustrate me even more is that our final points total would have won the league last year but was only good enough for 3rd
  11. Season 2020/21 Review A very brief fist update (despite it taking me a couple of days to get through) as we took over in 6th with half a season to go. Media prediction was 4th so I knew we had a decent side, set up in my preferred system and the players took to it like a duck to water, either that or I'm just so used to South Africa now I just know what to look for/do in the end we finished 2nd just missing out on the title by 2 points to Turks (who were one of only 2 sides to beat us after I took over) so we had the mini league playoff and despite injuries and international call
  12. First job and it's back to familiar ground as we start in South Africa with TS Sporting. They're in a bad state money wise but taking over a side in 6th with a decent chance of getting in that top 3. Only offered a 6 month deal till the end of the season so we'll see where we go.
  13. Well it's about that time of year again when I start to get the bug to take a break from my youth save and give this a try once again so here's my profile and I will update when I get my first job
  14. Season 2040/41 Review League | FA Cup | League Cup | Transfers | Squad | Finances I said last time out (you may not remember as it was a while ago now - thanks to taking a break from football to watch Brentford blow promotion 3 bloody times ) that season may have been our breakthrough season as we looked like a side able to compete at this level, well this season was more so! We're at the point now where we're much better than the bottom sides, slightly better than the midtable sides, but able to lose to them if more than 3 or 4 players are off form and able to compete and bea
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