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  1. Not even close to being true but neither of us are gonna change our view and I don't have the energy for yet another stupid conversation so yeah. You crack on.
  2. I think most assumed that he was under contract yeah. The name is picking up steam though. Personally I'd prefer Chris Hero (a year this weekend now since his last match ) but think Christian could be a decent pick up, not really for in ring stuff but think he'd be another good guy to have off screen for their younger talent.
  3. Guy in the ladder match is likely Ethan Page btw. As long as Marty is kept away (now even New Japan won't have him) I'm happy
  4. I hope it's Chris Hero. Because a) it'll be awesome to have him on TV weekly and b) people will moan about him not being HoF worthy based on only ever seeing him in NXT
  5. Scenes when it ends up being Paull Wight signing his own contract
  6. Yes he is. Is also seems to be using anyone slagging him off on twitter as part of his case as "proof" that these "lies" are ruining his career
  7. All this! Also enjoyed Tully as well and at 67 years old there's still time for him to get a developmental deal in WWE
  8. Ah no idea then I'm afraid. Mine has come when trying to load my save so sounds like a different issue then.
  9. That was an excellent couple of hours of wrestling and a cracking go home episode.
  10. Make sure your drivers are up to date - had this a couple times in FM21 and it's always been when my drivers need updating so might be worth trying that?
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