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  1. Due to some stuff going on I've not really been about much and not really had time to play FM lately, however I'm now starting to get some time and I loaded up my Bari save but it's been so long I've lost any connection to the save now So I have returned to where I know best which is the English leagues, now my usual side Dulwich are not playable this year so I've had to find a new side and I've taken over Merthyr Town. I like the idea of an all Welsh side dominating (yeah right) the English leagues. Let's see how we go.
  2. Sorry for late response but I've not been around much this week. Only reason they're not listed is because I didn't have dates for them last year and I just C+P'd the list from last year. Added leagues are not eligible for this challenge no.
  3. Kudela would walk into my side already, what a prospect.
  4. As the Backstreet Boys once (kinda) sang - Oh My God He's Back Again! I have given Bari another go. Let's hope it goes better this time. Profile.
  5. @Muttley84 I don't see why not. You'll still behaving many of the same struggles as the rest of us but will, I assume, have an easier job of gaining the respect of your players. We'll give you an honourable mention and/or a * in the hall of fame
  6. No - no custom databases allowed, can holiday and hope they come up though (and reload lots and/or holiday more than 1 season)
  7. Well that didn't go well Not really a shock when you see our form. Not helped by the side only having 2 CBs (youngest of which was 35!) only 1 player able to play left back, 2 16 year RBs and 2 teenage keepers that would struggle to catch a cold let alone a football! Not sure what t do now though
  8. I mean I just couldn't resist the chance to bring II Gioiello di Bari Vecchia (The Jewel of old Bari - Italians have the best nicknames!) home could I?
  9. The new training IS a feature, not sure how anyone can argue that. You say there excuses are rubbish but they only have a limited number of people and limited number of hours to work on things so other things will be dealt with first.
  10. Really? Huge changes to tactics and training - something people have been after for years. I'm really not sure what you expected short of FIFA style graphics
  11. because there is still only 24 hours in a day and sadly not everything can get done at once.
  12. The annoying Serie C ground bug and hectic time at work means I've not played a minute of my Bari save yet, thinking now I may just wait till Friday and the full release to really start. Well done on those flying through seasons though, it's a good read.
  13. This yeah Can't sign them as it goes against the rules of the challenge but can use them to fill out the side.
  14. However you're comfortable with really, most tend to do either the year they come through or how many years into their save (if the player comes through in your first season then you name him 19 or 01) letter wise it tends to be the order of the highest potential (so A-whatever) you can do that by either what you think is the order or just what your AM/coaches think.