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  1. South Shields Season 2043/44 Review - Premier League League - After last season I sat down and revamped the tactic, going from a 433 to a 4231 and putting more focus on set pieces as well, we had a tough start with Liverpool, Man City and Spurs in 3 of our opening 4 games and City smashed us 5-0 but we were beating other sides outside of the top 4 so I stuck with it till Jan when Leeds beat us 6-1 (was only 1-0 at HT) from there I went back to 433 but using same roles and set up as the previously OK 4231. it worked as we steadied the ship, finished 5th with the 5th best defence. th
  2. Congrats mate - have added you to the HoF Lot of people completing this year while I'm still here battling away in England
  3. South Shields season 2042/43 review - Premier League League - As said previously this is a real slog, we're not a bad side but we're also not really a good one. On paper 8th for this squad is great, and it is punching way above, but it's just so frustrating. We're so inconsistent it's maddening. I have no idea from game to game what team will turn up. With 6 games to go we drew 1-1 with Man City (their goal coming in the 93rd min) then beat Arsenal 2-1 away from home to sit a point behind them. Our final 4 games were all against teams in the bottom 6. We lost 3 and drew 1 scoring j
  4. Well done @scarpdoing it in Scotland is no mean feat. Have added you to the HoF
  5. Currently have 5 players on international duty (2 at the ACoN and 3 at Asian Cup) for the end of December and all of Jan - 4 first teamers including my best keeper. This is going to be a long 6 weeks in which we play 10 games
  6. Someone remind when I start this thread next season what a slog England is. I thought getting to the Premier League was one but trying to compete with the players at the top clubs here is brutal at times.
  7. Season 2041/42 Review - Premier League League - This was a real struggle this year. No idea what went on with the team but our usually solid defence just fell apart (3rd or 4th most conceded goals) as all of our team just started making mistakes (missing headers, poor passes back, own goals etc) and felt the best way to deal with was to start kicking people as we had 7 red cards in the league (with 2 more in the cups) which is more than the last 4 seasons combined. I need a real think on what I plan to do next from a tactical view but also wonder if playing in Europe was a issue as
  8. Wasn't really a thing anyone cared about till this week though, more noticable when there's 40-60k doing it but it's been going on years and yeah, it's **** but it's really not a big deal. I don't get the fuss tbh
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