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  1. Never found an answer to this but I always, where I can, try and get scouts from all over the world because it can't hurt (other than your finances if you're paying for lots of scouts in league two for example)
  2. 2024 Review - Seoul and Japan League - It's taken me a few days to get the chance to finish this season but it'll only be a very brief update as I only had 6 games in charge. We won 3, drew 1 and lost 2 and those 2 defeats were against the top 2 so not too bad. A little frustrating was that we missed out on the champions league playoff by 1 point as in the 2nd to last game we conceded a 92nd minute goal to lose to the league winners as we chased a win I thought we needed (the team above us conceded a 90th minute goal meaning a draw would have been enough for us) we have a fa
  3. I got my new job and it's in South Koera like I had hoped. Never managed here before so we'll see how it goes.
  4. Asia or North America next I think. In an ideal world it'll be South Korea as never really managed there before. Done China a few times and Australia is a bit too much like the US and not sure I fancy doing MLS and A League in same save
  5. Nah they were in the Confederation Cup last season. They do look good with a few players I wouldn't mind. I'm still at Kaizer Chiefs while I wait for a interesting job to appear (got turned down for a interview by Chivas and Suwon turned me down after an interview over the summer) as got a year left on my deal and in no real rush just yet.
  6. Yeah he's class, so many times he's come up with a goal or assist when we've needed something
  7. Season 2023/24 Review - Kaizer Chiefs and Japan League - A bit of a strange season really, we started very slowly as after 9 (which is nearly a third of the season) games we were 7th with 2 wins and 5 draws, we then won 11 of the next 12 games to claw our way to the top and never looked back from there, so close to an unbeaten season too but we lost our 26th game of the season which was a rotated side before the Champions League which ended a run of 37 leagues without a loss. In the end our squad depth was too much for anyone to handle and the title was comfortable especially after
  8. No worries, always best to check as you don't want to start and have to start again. I'm usually about with the forums loaded but XaW is usually much quicker than me
  9. This summer we had the Asian Cup and the ACON so some jobs were open in the summer. Applied for a few and had the choice of Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Japan and well I had to... 4 years till the Asian cup is a bit long so we'll see what happens.
  10. Nah not allowed. I think allowing it to go leagues that exist but aren't in the game is one thing but fantasy stuff (even if the idea for this is there in real life) is probably best in it's own challenge.
  11. Season 2022/23 Review - Kaizer Chiefs League - After taking over last season my aim was top 2 for Champions League but we found ourselves in a 3 way battle for the title before finally becoming a 2 horse race between us and main rivals (and 2 time champs) Orlando Pirates. We swaped top spot with them a lot in the 2nd half of the season as fixture congestion played a real part thanks to both our cup runs and the winter world cup (we played 1 league game between November and Feb) but in the final week of the season (where we both played 4 games in 8 days) they faltered and we won th
  12. Season 2021/22 Review - Cape Town Spurs and Kaizer Chiefs So we started the season with Cape Town, after promotion the plan was to build on the youngsters we had and grow, however they started the season in the same form we ended the previous one and were flying up the league and taking points off the bigger sides but struggling to break down lower sides, we had lots of the ball but couldn't finish. Our defence (2nd best in the league) kept us in it and we found ourselves in the top 3 despite a shocking cup exit in the 2nd round. Our form was mainly built on Cade Erickson, and Riy
  13. So yeah I may have said my goal was to build a side with Cape Town Spurs and with 3 games of the season to go we were 3rd in the table but..... Couldn't resit. A transfer budget of 2.5m (Cape town was 0) and 3 times the wage budget. Plus I'm in a cup final now
  14. Yeah I know from previous tries there's a few in the squad that I've won the champions league with but sadly due to the 1 year only deals in this league I've lost a couple of really good young players for frees already but am hoping the youth setup will provide me good enough players
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