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  1. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Good luck @DazRTaylor and @Swindon69
  2. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    That would be classed as signing a player so against the rules.
  3. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Well what I hope is my last attempt at this now I have moved to Italy, to the island of Sicily with Messina. They have been in Serie A as recently as 2007 and even finished in 7th in 2005. But due money issues they were moved down to Serie D in 2008. They have a lovely 37,000 seat stadium Stadio San Filippo Sadly though it's only 6900 capacity on match days for now Profile
  4. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Thinking Italy for my next go. Got a team in mind so going to load it up and see if they pop up and how they feel.
  5. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Urgh this bloody game. I'm never going to complete it with Dulwich am I? Sacked in the national league for the 2nd time this year (and it's not even 2018 yet!) this time it wasn't a bug just poor management. Lost 2 key players in the summer (both were on non contract deals and wouldn't sign anything else and were poached by league 2 teams) and we never got going, was on a losing run and failed to meet board points demands Gonna go sit in the corner and cry I think (while picking somewhere new to try as England and I clearly not getting on this year)
  6. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    @TheWillsy fantastic season there mate. Well done. Hopefully you can repeat it next season (or go even better)
  7. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    This would count as a transfer in so is against the rules of the challenge.
  8. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Dulwich Hamlet Season 2018/19 Season Review League - A real battle with moneybags Billericay. With 8 games to go we had a 8 point lead and I was confident, we then lost 2 in a row to see out lead narrow to just 2 points, 4 wins and 2 draws from there on out saw us clinch the title by 3 points. Billericay ended with 90 points and didn't go up after losing in the playoffs. The position graph shows how our battle went. FA Cup - Poor from us but I used the cups to give minutes to fringe players FA Trophy - Newport were better on the day and knocked us out Transfers - 2 joined before I took over (1 the day before) Finances - Not too bad Youth Intake - Not a bad one, some questionable personalities but will hopefully change those with some tutoring. I like the different nationalities coming through too David Siddall (YP01A) - always nice to get a 5* keeper early Gary Mason (YP01B) - can cover both FB roles Georgios Fortounis (YP01C) - LB, an area we're strong in, that can cover at CB as well Mark Gregg (YP01D) - CM with nice passing, need to work on his vision slightly to get the most from that Mark Lynch (YP01E) - young Irish midfielder, we've not got many options here which might help him progress Career Overview Season League Position Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 VNLS 1st Promotion as champions Other News We got not 1 but 2 Junior Coaching upgrades as well as 1 Junior Recruitment upgrade. Also an slight expansion of the stadium.
  9. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    A day late I know but hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.
  10. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Like I say, real life in the way with moving house and then Christmas, but got lots of time over next 10 or so days which will hopefully get me back involved in the game/thread. Been following everyone's progress and it's been good to read.
  11. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    As for me I've not had time to play much FM these past few weeks with real life stuff getting in the way. However I'm back with one final attempt this year in England. I've gone back to Dulwich as last years failure there is still haunting me. Profile
  12. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I can't speak for FM18 but it was a real struggle for me last year as council kept blocking any stadium upgrades. I did get a new one after some time (not sure how long but was probably around 15+ season in when I got it)
  13. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    As there's no relegation from the bottom division in Gibraltar then I'm gonna say it rules them out, as for downloaded nations I think I'm going to stick with the vanilla ones for now. Sorry mate.
  14. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Having just started to read Jonathan Wilson's book on Argentinian football I'm tempted to copy @Braumiller and start a save there as not fully clicked with Marine. What's the reset date mate?
  15. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I checked the old Gundo thread and for FM16 the reset date November 25th so I imagine it'll still be around that same date. I don't know for sure though.