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  1. Sacked at Kingstonian. Lost the dressing room after a row with a player over his game time (was **** whenever I gave him a chance) and as morale dropped so did we. Starting to feel this challenge isn't for me in FM19 with my track record this year Might give it a final crack with the original idea of Bari but we'll see
  2. Season 2019/20 Review League - was a strange season as we dominated the league from the off (as you can see from the graph) by winning our first 4 games all 3-1. We never felt like the best in the league though and often won games thanks to goals from corners or direct freekicks (we led the league in both) and not something I think we can do again next season. Won the title with 5 games to go so was able to play some of the youngsters. Squad - Like I say, not sure they really are the best or just clicked this season. Bit worried about next season though. FA Cup - not great here as we were knocked out by non-league Merstham before we even got to the 1st round proper FA Trophy - Much better here as we made it as far as the 1/4 finals before Hartlepool beat us. Transfers - non in or out Finances - Really bad, could have done with a cup run really KEY PLAYERS Louie Theophanous - 18 goals from our main man this season, not sure if he'll handle the step up but we'll need him to Muhammadu Faal - a player I know well from my attempts with Dulwich, good to see he's still as good. Matthew Saunders - bailed us out many times this season with his free kicks and corners. Youth Intake Not an amazing intake but a handful that could go on to the decent squad players at least, at the very worst it gives us some depth we've been missing all season. Also I like there's a nice spread of 2nd nationalities in there. Tarek McGonigle 20A - best of a mediocre bunch, might turn out to be an option as our AML role. Also think this is first time I've had a youth player with "Mercenary" as his personality. Ian Cottam 20B - couple decent physicals and mentals could see him develop and never hurts to have another option up front Aaron Sekyere 20C - cover at both FB positions, versatility is always a bonus Johnny Izukanne 20D - another that can play a couple of roles in my system Season Division League Position Accomplishments 2019/20 VNS 1st Promotion as champions
  3. OK so as said previously I was looking to resume this challenge and so have gone back to what I know best and returned to England. Took over at Kingstonian. Profile. Played through the first season before posting just because I got so into the season which was really good fun and first time in a while for me Review coming up in the next post.
  4. Yeah no issue with Peru. Like @XaW says, Wales is fine. As long as there is promotion and relegation (so not the MLS) then any league is fine.
  5. Feel almost like an absentee father to this thread but these past 6 months have been beset with real life stuff going on, congrats to all for your progress and thanks for keeping the thread going so strong without me. I shall try and return soon but still not got a great amount of time to play FM currently.
  6. That's fine you can use them. Any signings made before you take over are fine to use.
  7. Last year was June 24th so would think it'll be close if not the the same day this year if that helps
  8. Well that didn't go well, another sacking, probably should have picked a side with more than 1 CB on their books really Think I'm going to try one more time with Bari and then see how we go from there.
  9. Due to some stuff going on I've not really been about much and not really had time to play FM lately, however I'm now starting to get some time and I loaded up my Bari save but it's been so long I've lost any connection to the save now So I have returned to where I know best which is the English leagues, now my usual side Dulwich are not playable this year so I've had to find a new side and I've taken over Merthyr Town. I like the idea of an all Welsh side dominating (yeah right) the English leagues. Let's see how we go.
  10. Sorry for late response but I've not been around much this week. Only reason they're not listed is because I didn't have dates for them last year and I just C+P'd the list from last year. Added leagues are not eligible for this challenge no.
  11. As the Backstreet Boys once (kinda) sang - Oh My God He's Back Again! I have given Bari another go. Let's hope it goes better this time. Profile.
  12. @Muttley84 I don't see why not. You'll still behaving many of the same struggles as the rest of us but will, I assume, have an easier job of gaining the respect of your players. We'll give you an honourable mention and/or a * in the hall of fame
  13. No - no custom databases allowed, can holiday and hope they come up though (and reload lots and/or holiday more than 1 season)
  14. Well that didn't go well Not really a shock when you see our form. Not helped by the side only having 2 CBs (youngest of which was 35!) only 1 player able to play left back, 2 16 year RBs and 2 teenage keepers that would struggle to catch a cold let alone a football! Not sure what t do now though
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