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  1. I believe AF with tackle harder and PFa with roam from position is close to something like you describe.
  2. I tried but Tuminello is losing the dribblings to often.
  3. Well, your hint was good value. I also had some inspiration of another thread here. My strikers are now like this: DLFa TMs WPs IWa MCd B2B The DLF move wider, now I defend as a 442 and attack with a 433. All attacking players especially the IWa profit. Mostly I play Tuminello as DLFa and Pfeiffer as TMs but in the friendlies I tried Otto as DLF and Noble as TMs with good effort. It’s not an easy choice now. If opposition plays without DM I switch into: DLFs and TMa IWa Because in defence the TMs helps with marking the DM strata so that my MC can both mark opposite MC.
  4. Hey all, I have a question for my striker pair: How would you set up in the below tactic with this 4 guys up front? I am actually doing well but I am not happy with the contribution of my strikers (scoring too less). In the first place I was looking for a TMs / AF partnership, a big guy with a fast runner suits my tactical approach which is direct counter attacking. My best results were with Pfeiffer as a TMa and Tuminello as PFs. We are playing german second division. My tactic (first idea now it's mostly TMa / PFs) shorter passing is now more direct passes: Tuminello is my captain (personality I want him to climb hierarchy fast). Big guy but lacks Aggression maybe the most complete striker of all four Young prospect, jumping reach is now 20 (!) But mentally not the best and of course finishing ...
  5. Great read, thanks much for this! I have a question: WM usually have otb and pos as necessary skills but I have more otb creators in MR/ML which are not the best in supporting defence. Which are the skills you see important for your WM in your Bielefeld tactic? i am Braunschweig btw.. Best wishes and good recovery from Covid
  6. How would you do this? I have a good player who is also missing FT and I couldn’t get it up.
  7. If you aim for a slow and patient possession style, then DLF would be a better choice for the striker role than F9. Why is that so? Please explain
  8. #metoo @cocoadavid how are you progressing with the Hungarians? With your tactic (some minor tweaks) I am doing very well in 2. Bundesliga challenging fir the top in our second year. My team is still a relegation candidate but this tactic is tough to beat. My BWM is not performing so good, how is yours (ratings).
  9. Well, I didn’t had so good experience with diggin‘ in and try to sneak a counter. It’s very difficult because you need the right Players to do so, having good composure and concentration which I have not. My BPD has Composure 10 and decisions 9 and my left CD has composure 11 they’re gonna crush under pressure like dry wood. Then my box will burn like a blaze. I try to have many support duties so that my team is a hard working unit. Also I try not to sit top deep that the pressure is a little more in the middle and not too much around my box. My passing is not too fast, because my players will be under high pressure which means simple mistakes with higher tempo. I try to have at least two ways up front, fast wingers on the sides for example and I train set pieces to sneak one. I nominate the most determined, most workrate and teamwork players to make it even harder for the opponents. At my current save with Braunschweig and this tactic I have a very good record against the top teams. My box is crowded and theirs empty. They have more shots on goal but I have the better chances.
  10. I believe this can be helpful. That’s what the thread opener says. also it’s important to check if your player can do it and how can they do it. my experience is, that’s it’s more a defensive approach
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