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  1. How Do You @crusadertsar decide into which shape you‘ll Form your 451? I usually chose between 4123 and a flat 4141. Sometimes I’ll shape into a 4312 with a Treq. And a Shadow Striker assisting a Poacher. I do that when I go full attack.
  2. Hey guys, wonderful stuff here. Amazing victory over PSG with les Cannois, love it since a holiday in childhood south of France. Nice 1 how you guys read a game and adjust to what you are seeing, it’s very difficult for me though. I am so concentrated on the ball that I don’t see much more. I sometimes press pause and try to see something but only points in different colours. Very helpful your explanation @woodyy2r I can use it.
  3. Thx for your reply. I will try and shape. At the moment my two MC are not very good in tackling and more like creative players that could be the issue why I don’t dominate the midfield anymore, plus the better sides I am up to. I need to put more Essien / Makelele in the center. How about teaching your DM plays simple passes?
  4. Did you @crusadertsar have experience with shaping the 451 countering better teams after relegation? I am fighting against relegation and my approach is still the same with mixed results. Mostly it shapes into a flat 4141 with slight tweaks. I play counter pressing with a high Defense. Before I tried mir defensive mentalities with counter Attack but I got smashed in my own half without a chance. Most teams play 4231 against my side so far.
  5. @crusadertsar Thanks much for this beautiful thread. I love it when the story is full of real life pictures and players. I tried to adopt your stuff. I had an uninspiring 1st year with Braunschweig in 3. Div. Germany. we set a new draw record of nearly 20 and finished somewhat 5th. Well then I read your story... It even works with much less talented players in German 3rd division beautifully. I set my CD duo like Ferdinand & Vidic we proudly present: Akoto & Gottwald. In midfield we set a three man Heart, Lung and Brain partnership with the well known Hober in Lampards r
  6. Yeah! Finally Champions before the Glasgow giants in 2026! Had been top of the league the whole season and almost lost it again in the last matches with stupid draws. Thanks to Rangers drawing Celtic on the last match day we secured it against Aberdeen, also with a draw after getting behind first. What a sweating, heart stuttering final. Most of the lads are still from the beginning of the game, guys like: Anthony McDonald, Harry Cochrane, Aaron Hickey, Steven Donnelly and Andy Irving, all playing crucially or significant roles in the team. compared to the beginning of this thread
  7. N1 but I like the idea of setting your three most dangerous men in place and try it. Inspiring! btw where do I find these player stats above? finaly: a shame, it hurts being finished off like this after such a good start. Had a 0:0 at home against Inter and hoped for my nice counter tactic in the 2nd leg but was send home with a 5:1 just like you. Biggest hurt has been a 8:2 against ManU
  8. And how do you set the Team tactics around this formation of R&D? Thx much!
  9. I can imagine, as the players nearly always react positive on „demand more“ Shouts, maybe someday it just don’t work anymore or has bad influence. If somebody would consistently shout at me, I get used to it. On the other hand I often have „red“ reactions to „encourage“ Which I now use more often but it seems to have a positive effect on the results. But just my gut speaking ... I feel it ... would like to know what @Rashidi has to say on this topic
  10. @Experienced Defender Said some useful things. I try help too. If opposition is very defensive and cautious, it is not easy to win a game. That’s why not properly designed game plans lead to many draws. In my hearts save that are the Missing points end of the season. You want to find the hole in the wall: that’s why it’s clever to stretch the opponents defenseline. You need players wide that will keep fullbacks and central defenders busy. Maybe a WB on one side and a W on the other. Overloads: if you have many players attacking one side, the opponent too will shift his players to thi
  11. Well if they’re many enough? Seems a good image of real life teams. As bad bosses keep their illness record of employees when they change the company (e.g.). It‘s a complete different task to take on a club during season with no good teamleaders. Then you have to cut them straight.
  12. @Sarmatian Setpieces: try to set it right (like on bust the net). There are some easy things you can consider: like best jumpers in the center. A good marker in the back (of the five players defending the goal). The Two guys who stay edge of area should have good anticipation and technique. looking at your team comparison I see slow defenders, that can be an issue with your higher DL. But you are successful so like ED said: never change a winning team. @Experienced Defender can you tell the idea behind the PF instead of say DLF or AF? I am curious to know.
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