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  1. Nice! Congratulations for the famous treble with Brighton. Long way to go. I am very curious which attacking patterns you see moving, especially as you use a RPM. Did you try a DLP in this position earlier?
  2. Well, maybe you start with your Mentality: it should be positive or attacking. Then formation: post a picture of how you want to place your players on the pitch. After that come roles and duties. then fine tuning with some Team instruction or Player Instruction or even Opponents Instruction. also important: check the team comparison to other teams in the league: Work Rate, bravery, acceleration, anticipation, tackling that are the Skills you‘ll need. key players: what Are your best players and how to use them.
  3. In my imagination the strikers should have short ways to the CD and must operate high up the field. You also need two or better three players pressing. If you have three offensive players it should be easier, your striker presses one CD while the other are close to the other options. Passing the ball back to keeper who will just kick it up the field. There your other players are close to the opponents and mark them tight to win those balls. Your team should Move as a pack. A single player pressing is just wasted, three or four players pressing is what you want. Of course you need to watch the gaps behind your pressing line. the goal in pressing is either win the ball and have a short way to the goal or to force the opponents to kick the Ball uncomfortable up front. They should not be able to build from the back.
  4. The ball goes to the playmaker first and he will try to unlock the Raumdeuter. The Raumdeuter needs enough space to hide and go there in the right moment when the playmaker play the key pass. that’s why overloads on one side are a good way. The opponent shift to the crowded side while the Raumdeuter hides on the other side. The ball goes to the playmaker who switches the flank and unlocks the Raumdeuter.
  5. There are some ways to do that. Usually you have wingers on both flanks who press the FB. But if there are no offensive wideplayers and you have some WB instead then you have to move them up (and give them also cover). You can give Opponent Instructions to press the FB too. Or you can play with a positive or even attacking mentality and give additional Opponents Instruction to press the FB. Try to explain which it is you want to see in your match. Maybe then it’s easier to give help.
  6. You set roles that your WB are high up the pitch and give TI press more urgent. Is a simple way to do that.
  7. The question is: what kind of movements or passings do you want to see? You want your team high up the pitch pressing the opponent and then what? If you have PFa and PFs and a hard working AMC behind they will press the opponents defensive line but who will press the FB? maybe you need a WBa and WBs? I would use your MCs for winning the long clear balls of the opponents defenders in the middle. They should stay a little in the back like a MCs/d and a DLPs. but the main question is still what do your players should do after winning the ball. They are all high up there will not be much room and only little time (faster tempo) direct play? You see? You demand much of your team is it skilled enough to perform? I believe your offensive players should have good First Touch to take on the ball, good Off the ball movement to quickly move into space and good anticipation too. Also they will need some vision to see where the other players are. For the pressing you‘ll need brave, determined and strong players who can do a tackle.
  8. Hopefully we will manage to bring it through ... We still dominate games completely but our opponents are sticking in their half so the box is really crowded. I train standards like every week which brings us the goal for the points. It will be a close finish. If you have any ideas how to tweak a little during matches that would be very helpful. I just tried to push higher (much higher DL) but play cautious. The opponent then came out and had a few chances but I could hit the counter with a clear cut (at the post). btw we lead most stats in league (except goals scored).
  9. But don’t forget, the right one is mostly an Wa wrong footed. I see the BBM more running with the ball and playing more creative. The CMs is more simple, playing one-twos and shooting.
  10. Wow! Nice work Captain. Have you won the league now? How did you scout do you do anything exceptional? I just buy off the best players of the other scottish teams as I want a largly UK Team and PL/ CS players are way too expensive for my poor hearts.
  11. Yes it seems like they are playing almost the same. Mostly I play a Wa on the right and an IFs / IWs on the left (same and opposite footed). The goals are being scored by all five, even the DM gets some. That's why I don't have a scoring machine. I'd never had one (but would like to). A pattern I see very often is the isolated Wa (left foot/ right side), he is the main threat. If he is not scoring he often gives the final cross which is put in the net by the IF/ IW or even the F9. I largely play the player in this set up, everyone is interpreting the roles differently. I have left footed dribbler on IW who goes through and plays in the back of defense or crosses the ball to the winger. I also have a more playmaker like player who is much slower and is right footed. When I play him there are more overlaps and he cuts in and cross or shot. Many goals are scored by an isolated player at the line of the box. With an IFs I don't have the same good results but I see that the IFs often sits at the corner of the box waiting for a shot. Usually my squad don't score much we win our games 1-0 or 2-0. But we have a tough defensive stability, we nearly don't concede any goals. My defenders are good but not the best but we're tough to break. Most opponents defend much against my side. Update: We are one point behind Celtic Where is your thread? What do you mean with paired down? Less TIs? yeah I like that too because I see my players dictating the game with their strong mental attributes.
  12. That’s the point. I don’t see much movement up front so you are easy to defend. A striker like an aging Ibrahimovic needs support around him. He pins up two opponents CD there should be plenty of space in your AM strata. There you have Calhanoglu with good longshots, maybe try him as an APs/a. And for the cutting in Rebic you need some space, maybe with an overload on the other side. also a two striker formation could work good for the duo Ibra/ Rebic. With Ibra pinning the defenders and Rebic finishing them of. Like DLFa and AF. godd luck
  13. My best season ever: The Bravehearts are 3 points behind Celtic and just beat them at home 2:1 This is my current tactic and I believe it isn't even optimal suited to the players but almost optimal. No high-flying wonderkids just solid UK players. My plan b is switching the IFa on Wa to create more space in the center. The winner against Celtic was a crossing from the right and a header from my F9.
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