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  1. Who is ofc? terrific to know. Well option B could be to terminate OL contract and apply to a lower league job
  2. Well I know what you’re talking about but Experienced Defender is right. maybe you‘ll take a leave from OL and set for lower leagues than we‘re talking again
  3. Well it’s very difficult for a lone striker to score many goals because he is alone up front against many defenders. Maybe you can try something like Bayern Munich with Lewandowski? bit I don’t believe that there is a small solution with AFa and that’s it. You need to create the space for your lone man. Maybe if he is dropping deep (DLF) and gets PI to dribble more? the other defenders have to keep busy of course, like Bayern, where many threats come from other positions. Gnabry and Coman from the Wings, Müller from the back, there is then enough space for Lewandowski.
  4. Looking at your tactics I can see some issues: you have much higher LoE and play counter, well then there is no space to counter. also you want to play possession football but counter-press and counter as TI that’s paradox. either way I would drop LoE to standard, to have some space to play the ball also I would remove Counter if want to play possession and use Counter-press only situationally. You can also remove TI play out of Defense as you already distribute to CB and FB (which is more flexible, the GK decides what to do). the flanks are a little one dimensional. You could use natural overlap on your right flank with IWs and FBa. now you have just to find good roles for your players. I like an IWBs on the other side as he naturally underlaps and can be as well a threat with longshots and keep pressure on opponents buildup play. But you can also use the wide of the pitch with a WBs. Also I had good experience with HB as Defence Security, the two MC have more attacking Freedom. havertz: I would try him as a playmaker in the center or as threat from the wings IWs or IFa (the last ones I believe to be more are dangerous) hope that helps you further good luck!
  5. Well I‘ve made some progress: standard variation is IFat. PFsu/at. IWsu BBM. APsu/at HBde IWBsu. CDde. CDde. FBat SKde everything on Standard except lower crosses. I am creating more and better chances, the opponent is having more chances too bad not so good ones, mostly longshots. I am curious how the things will develop during the season.
  6. With positive mentality it is more like an open battle, my team is not ready to play positive. Do you have any other idea? The width had been a matter as the senseless crosses has been reduced. The impact of shorter passing is not clear I have to watch more games. The front line is F9 and AF, the MCat won't become a threat I don't know why but he is not at the box shooting he is to much in the back I could try him as a B2B (?) and convert the IWsu in IWat that he is driving inside into the box (?) EDIT well after loosing a few games I changed tactic again and beat Celtic 1:2 away, could be luck (red cart for Celtic) but what can you see in this tactic? IFat DLFsu IWsu MCsu MCat DLPsu IWBde CDde CDde FBat SKde M: Balanced // IP: low cr. // IT: distr. FB & CD // LoE & DL Standard
  7. Well I am an underdog. My team is below average or average in most parts of the skills just mentally the lads are top. Before this tactic I had this flat 442 which had worked but also ended in series of draws. I changed the formation based on some of your comments in another thread, also it worked out well in the first place but also ended in series of draws and clear defeats against Rangers and Celtic. Also I had tried but failed to develop a tactic against the scottish giants. Usually I try to play Counter but end stuck in my own third of the pitch and counters are limited to long hail mary passes to the striker: setup for counter the giants AFat AFat IWsu B2B WMsu A FBat CDde CDde FBsu SKde mentally: balanced IP: sl. more direct / low cr. / higher tempo / wide ( I know) IT: distr. CD & FB / counter OoP: LoE lower / pressing more urgent Well I tried but I'm still evaluating as I am in the final part of season and had already changed the system during the season once (s.a.). I am glad if you keep helping me because your feedback is and had been very helpful to me (also from other threads)
  8. Bingo Well I just tell some of my impressions, my strikers actually get not much involved in the play. The AF is one of my best players but he just get long balls or hopeless crosses. my F9 is also a very good player of my squad he has much possession but can’t get the last pass to the AF. The MCat should arrive later and hit second balls from outside the box but usually he is just passing around. all the last goals where crosses from FBat to WMat. I also have a decent IW and two good DLPs my team is good in vision and my defenders are also very solid. PS how do you split your quotes that you can answers one by one? PSII: with positive mentality the defensive stability is gone
  9. Thx for your advice of course I‘ll try. My strikers are like 14 on acc and pac, I have two scorer and two creative strikers (a little slower than the scorer like 12) striker at also not the biggest dude (that’s why low crosses). Actually I try WMat and IWat, that’s not much better but also not worse. It leads to more goals by the WM (after crosses from FBat. I‘ll try positive mentality and shorter passing. btw why width on default?
  10. Cool! Do you take a TM in a counter tactic?
  11. Well that’s an attacking system .. how do you set your other instructions?
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