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  1. Not going well [video=youtube;ITMupLAPzxs]
  2. Season 6 - Pre-Season Season 6 starts and we get some huge signings to boost our squad, and contribute to a good start to pre-season friendlies. [video=youtube;TrUxFyi9bws]
  3. Been away for a couple of weeks, operation on an old football injury. However big up for the few people still following, much love. End of season 5 in our quest to get Pompey back to the big time of the Premier League [video=youtube;xfBJLgIsA0o]
  4. Carpi F.C. 1909 -The Biancorossi

    I visited and stayed in Carpi for a week, with a family there, so has been great to see how well they are progressing in RL and on your save. KUTGW.
  5. 10 games left and we have a chance of reaching the playoffs. [video=youtube;TfmokB1j_aM]
  6. [FM16] Kafra FC - All Youth in England

    Just saying KUTGW
  7. [video=youtube;UXO3lYxCkOg]
  8. [FM16] Kafra FC - All Youth in England

    Nice - Can't wait for the update
  9. Building a DNA

    Bilbao - Basque only is cool, try to develop youth (ala early Wenger), try to play possession football.
  10. Still plodding through the Championship - not gunna be an easy league. [video=youtube;RmeUpsCkXqg]
  11. [FM16] Kafra FC - All Youth in England

    I think with Morale seemingly becoming a larger factor in success on FM, it is probably for the best that you let the 'whiner' of the team go. As for the youth intake....woof! terrible!
  12. FM16: The Frozen Throne

    Sheer class - KUTGW - hoping you can be the minnows to take the league - ala Leicester (I hope)
  13. That may be the worst scout I have ever seen....I think I would do better than him. You have to sign a player he recommends, it could be amazing On a side note, maybe keep checking the youth ranks for a new Hart, you never know.
  14. [FM16] Kafra FC - All Youth in England

    Maybe with a bigger fan base, more youth prospects will be interested in coming to the academy? Not 100% sure how that works.
  15. Best part about this, is when one of your favourite players in game, retweets you in real life