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  1. Another SB Nation viewer, I see. The intro does read like one of those videos, and knowing how versatile your writing is, I've no doubt the rest of it will be a joy to read.
  2. I first got into watching football when I was 8, though I had been collecting Merlin Premier League stickers for about a year before then. After going through the '98 album, I first thought I'd lean towards supporting Everton (for absolutely no reason). Of course, being from north-east London, that would've been a bit of problem. Arsenal were more local to me, and they happened to be doing well at the time. The first two football matches I watched on TV were the FA Cup Semi vs Wolves and the Final vs Newcastle. When my dad revealed at around that time that he supported Arsenal as a boy, I decided to support them as well. (Coincidentally, I have an uncle on my mum's side who also follows the Gunners.) Then, when I was 12, my class went on a school trip to Millwall's ground, where our tour guide was a player with the women's team (she also signed my first autograph ). I loved it, and about two weeks later, we were back at The Den to watch Millwall play Leicester (my first live football match). It finished 2-2, and I've adopted Millwall as my second club since. Internationally, I've always supported England through thick and thin. I also like to see the other home nations do well - even Scotland. I don't really have a huge affinity towards anyone else, as my parents and grandparents are all Londoners, though my mum had Scottish and Irish grandparents.
  3. It's definitely not me, honest. I've drawn from some VERY obscure references to long-forgotten Soccer AM in-jokes and decade-old Mitsubishi adverts, but even I didn't know that the Liechtenstein goalkeeper shares his name with an airbase! Where do you find out all these things, Harris?
  4. I've been away from the forums for a couple of months now, but I still lurked around FMS from time to time... and then I stumbled across this. I'm honoured that you have been inspired by my previous stories, Harris. This looks quite fun, and it's great to see you've continued the old Fuller traditions of bad puns and musical references. Seriously, mate. Keep this up. We need more new blood on FMS.
  5. I usually load England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine at a minimum. On my last FM19 save, I loaded 52 leagues from 26 nations (all playable), with 90,000+ players.
  6. Ah, another Gazhammer special from the archives. But the fact that the user I directly replied to was basically complaining about these same issues 11 years ago (and doesn't appear to have taken any of the counter-arguments on board) is... interesting.
  7. There's a VERY common misconception that having more possession and shots means you should score more goals. About two in three Champions League games, and around 55% of Premier League games, are won by the team with the most possession. Go lower down the levels, and you'll find that teams with LESS of the ball tend to win more games. And when it comes to shots, it's quality that counts, not quantity. It's all well and good hogging the ball and having 30 shots at goal, but if they're all from outside the box and/or from wide angles, then clearly something's wrong. Maybe you're being too aggressive, or your attacks are too predictable, or the other team are frustrating you by sitting deep. If you're Barcelona and they're Leganes, they're not exactly going to roll over and let you score at will. Just some thoughts. Sometimes the best attackers have off-days. Even Ronaldo and Messi have had poor performances and barren runs of form, rare as they have been. As for players missing from "practically on the goal line", I remember Kanu ballooning a shot over the bar from 1-2 yards, and Yakubu missing a sitter at the World Cup. They weren't exactly elite strikers like Ronaldo and Messi, but they were still very capable PL strikers at their peak. On the attribute scale, 2 out of 20 does not mean the player is almost completely incapable of carrying out that skill; as I see it, it just means that they're very poor at it compared to a professional footballer. Even a Sunday League player with next to no technique can whack a long shot into the top corner in the right circumstances.
  8. Take your tinfoil hat off. The game isn't somehow conspiring against you and/or planning to trip you up at every opportunity. Sometimes coincidences just happen, and sometimes big-money signings don't pan out.
  9. I've never had a son on FM (or, indeed, in real-life), but I did once face a Dover team whose newgen goalkeeper was the 'son' of their manager. I thought that was quite cool at first... and then I read this article about Dad. I also had TWO sets of newgen brothers in my Dagenham team on FM13, but newgen brothers/sons still seem too rare to me. With more and more sons of ex-professionals coming into football these days (I hear that Alf Inge Haaland's lad is quite decent ), I'd love to see FM reflect this better.
  10. I always managed Arsenal or Millwall on that game and can't remember too much about my exploits (except that my biggest signing for Arsenal was... Maksym Romaschenko. Who's he? Exactly). Buying a new disc is an option, but I... don't have a great disc safety record when it comes to laptop CD drives (I've still got FM discs which have the marks to prove it). I've also considered (and unsuccessfully tried) another method, but that probably can't be discussed on these forums.
  11. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us over the past four years. It's disappointing that the transition to Windows 10 was an obstacle you couldn't overcome with FM07, but I'm looking forward to reading about your next journey back through time. I've still got my disk for FAPLFM 2000. I'd love to get into that game again one day, but 1) it won't run on my Windows 98 virtual machine and 2) though it does run on my parents' old Windows XP laptop, the the disk isn't in great shape, and I don't think I can risk it getting damaged. It's a problem, but one probably best discussed elsewhere.
  12. You've completely misunderstood my point. When Mario Balotelli retires in FM, you won't suddenly see a 16-year-old Italian/Ghanaian striker with similar attributes coming into the game. That's basically what the old regen system was.
  13. I won't repeat too much of what @XaW has already written, but if you're doing well enough without restarting, why do you feel the need to reload when things don't go to plan... especially when reload victories feel so hollow to you? Norwich 3-2 Manchester City. If Pep Guardiola could have restarted that match 99 times, he would probably have won around 90 times out of 99. In one scenario, Man City could have scored in the first minute, thus ruining Daniel Farke's tactical plans, and routed Norwich 5-0 or 6-0. But in another, Ederson could have pulled a muscle early on, and Claudio Bravo could have replaced him and conceded every shot on target he faced. Who can know for sure? But seeing as you posted on the feedback thread that you've just given up, I suppose this is just meaningless to you now. It's obvious that FM doesn't give you joy anymore (and likely never will again), so please heed my advice:
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