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  1. Championship Manager 4. That didn't come out until March 2003... and even after being fully patched, it was still very buggy. Puts things in perspective.
  2. Some people just have absolutely no respect for what exactly goes into developing a hugely complicated video game.
  3. I think we've gone WAY past the point where closing stadiums and issuing token fines no longer cuts it. Bulgaria have previous for racism, and the fact that the monkey chants continued after two stoppages and tannoy warnings (not to mention a half-time plea by the Bulgarian captain to a section of the crowd) is damning. Expel them from the Euros, and the next World Cup as well. Also give a first and final warning to all Bulgarian clubs that they face similar expulsions from European competitions if their fans are found guilty of racism.
  4. "Self-entitlement" in a nutshell. I would rather SI take their time and release the best game they can produce, even if it's a few weeks late, rather than just rush out a half-finished, barely playable product in September. I'd imagine the majority of us feel the same way.
  5. I mainly watch Doctor Benjy (though his comedic style is a bit Marmite) and Lollujo (for his 'realistic' approach to the game). I do quite enjoy Proudie as well (partly because he doesn't take himself too seriously) and also occasionally watch Golden FM, Loki Doki and Second Yellow Card. Work The Space is a good channel to follow if you want to be informed more than entertained. Mind you, it's been a few years since I found a new FM YouTuber to get into, as much of my YT time nowadays is spent watching other stuff.
  6. I'll answer this one because it is semi-relevant to one of FM20's new improvements/features. Are you trying to sign Under-18 players who've literally just arrived at their clubs on youth intake day, and thus haven't yet signed pre-contract agreements, allowing you to get them on the cheap? This is a well-known loophole - exploited by many a user - that I believe has been made more difficult to exploit in FM19. Such players will now want a lot more money to leave their starting clubs than previously. One of the new improvements/features announced in FM20 is that youth intake dates are now more random, thus making it even more difficult for the more... let's say devious player to hoard all the best young prospects.
  7. Release dates for the previous five FMs: FM19: 2 November 2018 FM18: 10 November 2017 FM17: 4 November 2016 FM16: 13 November 2015 FM15: 7 November 2014 19 November is a later release date than recent FM history would suggest... but it's hardly a repeat of the CM4 fiasco, is it? Anyway, video games - like any form of media - can be (and sometimes are) released later than hoped/planned. There are various legitimate reasons why this can happen, but I'm not sure if there's much point in speculating about exactly what's happening here. Just appreciate that a release date has now been set, and that we can expect a beta to drop roughly two weeks beforehand.
  8. Apologies for not replying to your last email; I just didn't think there was much else to reply to that I hadn't already covered during our Twitter conversation. By all means get back in touch (on these forums, email, Twitter, doesn't matter) if you'd like to pick my brains again. That goes for anyone else on here as well.
  9. Thanks for hosting, Mark... and thanks also to Edward Woodward. Oops. Sorry. Wrong Edward Woodward.
  10. Erm... gosh. ED and I have cleaned up, like Liverpool and City. You really should ban us from FMS to give other writers a chance of winning next year's awards. And seeing as I've only contributed two stories in the last 12 months (which were respectively started in 2015 and 2017), I'm honestly quite surprised to have won as many awards as I have tonight. As you might be aware, I've been focussing on blogging during FM19's life cycle. I've enjoyed that a lot, obviously, but I'm now taking a break from that while I get to the bottom of my recent health problems. All being well, though, I might write something new for you lot in 2020.
  11. It's a Thai... soft drinks company sponsorship deal!
  12. Platt steps onto the podium. "Mark would like to thank various people for his award, including his wife Jenny, children Ashley and Luke, his assistant Michael, and the record holder for the world's longest elastic band - Nigel Rubberneck from Cirencester. "Erm... sorry, I must've slipped that last one in accidentally."
  13. And the 2019 Story of the Year... Crikey, I didn't see that coming.
  14. The 1973 Storey of the Year... Ian Storey-Moore. No, I don't remember him either, what with my parents still being in primary school then.
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