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  1. I've spotted another mistake - in one of my example screenshots, no less. Bayern Munich have two entries for the 2013/2014 Champions League. The one where they lost to PSG in the Last 16 should come under Bayer Leverkusen. Excel's autofill feature is both a blessing and a curse, so I'm not surprised a few of these have slipped through. I'll be sure to double-check the European data and correct any other mistakes for the next update. EDIT: Found ~40 mistakes in ETCH tonight - all now corrected. That's quite a lot, so I might just upload a brand new file over the weekend.
  2. I'm going to start this bug report by quoting myself from the OTF FM20 thread, where I explain a major issue I had with youth intake players. I've had my first intake at Rennes, and I've come across the same problem as I did in my FM20 saves with Burnley and Sporting. My intake players were all born in the calendar year 2005. Upon closer inspection, I found that other French clubs in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 who got full youth intakes all had players that were born in 2006. My youth intake is literally a year older than AI youth intakes. I've decided to run a couple of holiday tes
  3. Context: It's 8 August 2021. I've promised my reserve defender Dann-Faustin Banzuzi that I'll let him leave if we receive an offer of £100k for him. I have since accepted an offer from Chateauroux for £40k plus 25% of his sell-on fee. A day later, Lorient come in with an offer of £40k. No add-ons. This is where I discovered the bug(s). First, I clicked on the "Persuade to Join..." button in the Agent Feedback area of the transfer offer. Note that Chateauroux appear multiple times on the drop-down menu. I clicked on the first one. I then tried to persuade him to
  4. I'm not sure how that's happened. Keep them coming, and I'll make sure they're fixed for the next update. I don't know when that'll be yet, since you can't update Steam Workshop files at the moment.
  5. I'm having exactly the same issue. I really don't want to be uploading a new version of my competition history file every time I want to correct a mistake in one line.
  6. I knew something would slip through. Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into this and get it fixed tomorrow. Am I right in thinking that I can't automatically update Steam Workshop files, and that I'd have to upload a brand new file?
  7. Returning in time for the full release of FM21, ITCH might just be for you if you love managing in international football, or even if you merely like having accurate national team histories. This file gives every national team in FM21 complete histories from various tournaments. Using Wikipedia and RSSSF for reference, I have added data for all the qualifying and final stages of World Cups and continental championships, plus other in-game competitions such as the Confederations Cup. My update is designed to be as CORRECT, COMPLETE, and CONSISTENT as possible. I have completely erased
  8. I recorded a highlight during a match, and I got a pop-up saying that it would be available after the match. However, after finishing the match and going back to review it, I cannot export the highlight - in fact, I cannot find it anywhere (or any other highlights, for that matter). I am running the latest update on Windows 10. Between this and other changes to viewing previous matches (such as the timebar and the match report, or lack thereof), I am very disappointed that so many features that were on FM20 have either been taken away or disappeared for FM21. I have already written a
  9. My team was knocked out of the Champions Cup on aggregate after drawing the second leg at home. After giving my team talk, I was taken to the post-match broadcast interview, but it never loaded properly and just showed this screen. I've uploaded a save from a few days before the second leg (CFuller_PreChelsea.fm) in case it helps. I don't have any more recent saves before the match.
  10. In a post-match broadcast interview about technology playing an important part in our victory, my two potential negative/disagree answers were exactly the same. I've uploaded a save game onto OwnCloud as CFuller_PreNice2.fm, in case you need it. If there's anything else you need, please let me know.
  11. When you're setting up a new game, look in 'Advanced Options'. If the box next to "Prevent control of teams with manager in place" is ticked, then untick that box.
  12. I've found a bug when attempting to sign Tin Jedvaj from Leverkusen, where I can remove a non-negotiable promise set by the player's agent. On the Promises tab of the contract negotiation screen, hover over the red triangle warning next to one of the non-negotiable promises. Click on the red triangle warning once, and the 'minus' button on the right where you can remove the clause (which was greyed out) suddenly turns white, meaning you can click on it and remove the clause. Click on that red triangle a second time, and it will turn into a white padlock. Now remove the
  13. I'm 30 and don't like the matchday UI (as I said in the feedback thread).
  14. I don't normally post on GD anymore, but I thought I'd add my views on the FM21 beta so far: POSITIVES The game seems much faster and smoother than FM20 did. Saving is lightning-fast. The match engine still has some quirks (inevitably), but is probably the most fluid and realistic I can remember. Bear in mind I'm only about a quarter of the way through my first season, though I really do like what I'm seeing. I am pro-icons when it comes to condition/sharpness. They're more understandable, and more realistic than saying that a player is 89% fit or 93% sharp. I also
  15. I'm particularly annoyed that they've taken away the timebar in the name of "realism". I can understand why you wouldn't have this available to you during a match for realism's sake - but then again, 'pausing' the game to make tactical changes isn't technically realistic either. However, you also don't get to see a timebar (or even any kind of text match report) for previous matches. You can still view goals and other notable events on demand, but viewing any other match highlights (for example, if you want to analyse some chances your team missed) is a nightmarish chore. As an FM st
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