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  1. CFuller

    CheckTrade Cup

    So they're in the same division as you? Why didn't you say that the first time round? I appreciate that English might not be your first language, but when you said "lower league", I presumed your team was in League One and the opposition were in League Two. If Wimbledon were at home (as you said), and the reputations were similar, then unless your team was in excellent form and they were playing terribly, there's no obvious reason why Wimbledon shouldn't have been pre-match favourites.
  2. CFuller

    FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    You know this 10-year challenge that's all over social media? Well, don't ask me exactly how I got there, but I found this topic from way back in 2009 - the FMS Introductions Thread. It has been very interesting (and eye-opening) to read about some FMSers who are still going a decade on, as well as some who are long, long gone. I honestly didn't realise that Gav is so young (he's only a year older than me, for Christ's sake ) or that Chesterfan2 is so... not.
  3. CFuller

    CheckTrade Cup

    Can you just clear a few things up? What league are you managing in? Is it your senior team or your Under-23s team that is playing in the EFL Trophy this season? What are the reputations (use star ratings if you can) of your team and your opponents?
  4. On the topic of managerial moves, I've seen some odd ones too. After the third season of my Fiorentina save, Jürgen Klopp left Liverpool to take over at Bayern, which was perhaps strange enough, considering his Dortmund links. Unai Emery then left Arsenal (4th in PL, qualified for Champions League) for Liverpool (5th in PL, qualified for Europa League). The occasional manager-swapping that's been in FM for years is also present and correct in FM19. I can't remember off the top of my head which teams and managers were involved (I'll have to trawl through some of my blog posts to find that). But I just find it irritating when Team X sacks Manager A, brings in Manager B from Team Y, and then Team Y appoints Manager A. How often does that happen in real-life? EDIT: Ah, I've just remembered. Chelsea sacked Zinedine Zidane, and then brought in Didier Deschamps from Valencia, who appointed Zidane to replace him.
  5. How many leagues do you have loaded?
  6. Or perhaps this latest generation of English youngsters really could achieve great things. It wasn't very long ago that England were the defending U20 World Cup, U17 World Cup and U19 European champions.
  7. CFuller

    CheckTrade Cup

    Why on Earth are you even reporting this as a bug? You have given absolutely no details whatsoever about your tactics, or even the opposition team's tactics. Without that, nobody can even begin to help you. Also, when it comes to the EFL Trophy, there really isn't that much difference in quality between League One and League Two. Last year's winners were Lincoln - a team from League Two. The beaten finalists were Shrewsbury, who went on to finish 3rd in League One and lose the play-off Final in extra-time.
  8. Thanks for correcting me; I always get "biennial" and "bi-annual" mixed up. Now I guess I'll have to correct you, because it's "whose fault", not "who's fault". About the first paragraph, though... games that are 'boycotted' usually have far, FAR more serious issues than those that are present in FM19. I'll give you two words: Electronic Arts.
  9. Hotfixes are usually only released to fix major stability issues that are genuinely game-breaking. SI will release an update to the match engine when they are ready to.
  10. CFuller

    Help! change stadium name

    So am I. Like I said, you can still rename most created stadia with lnc files on FM19, but for whatever reason, you can't rename Italian stadia. It's been that way since at least FM13.
  11. CFuller

    Help! change stadium name

    I have consistently had problems trying to rename Italian stadia via this method in the past. In every other country, everything works fine. That being said... have you tried copying the lnc file into other database folders besides 1901?
  12. I'm sorry, but are you assuming SI don't test their game "thoroughly" before they release it? I think you'll find through reading back on some recent posts in this thread that this is quite simply incorrect. And as has been explained before numerous times before, switching to a bi-annual release schedule would be disastrous for SI, so that is a non-starter.
  13. I have checked some AI vs AI matches. Yes, there are slightly more long-range goals than one would expect, but the numbers aren't at ridiculous levels. They are certainly not happening "every single game".
  14. Yeah, that'll be why Arsenal were kicked out.
  15. To be honest, it's hard to take criticism too seriously if you resort to such hyperbole. You also need to realise that not everyone is experiencing this. For every several users who are seeing loads of long-range goals, you'll also find several users who are not (of which I am one, as if I haven't made that clear enough). On this point... you never answered my question from last week. What do you want SI to do differently for FM20, in terms of bug release fixes? Do you want SI to release new updates every month, every fortnight, every week... every day? I personally can understand why SI want to take time with each big update, instead of carelessly rushing them out and potentially making the game worse, just because a small percentage of users are unhappy.