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  1. I'm pretty sure the rule is correctly implemented in-game, but matches can still go ahead even if you don't field enough eligible players. I believe you'll just get a small fine.
  2. If a penalty hits the woodwork, he cannot touch the ball again until either another player has touched the ball or it has gone out of play. If he was to touch the ball before then, the opposition would be awarded a free-kick.
  3. Manchester City will be 2nd in the Premier League by the end of tonight. They've lost five matches this season, and one of them was against Norwich - who are bottom. PSG are clear at the top of Ligue 1. One of their three defeats so far this season was against Dijon - who WERE bottom. Real Madrid are 2nd in La Liga, despite losing to Mallorca, who are 18th. Top teams can (and do) sometimes lose against bottom teams, for various reasons. Complacency, tactics, luck, got up on the wrong side of the bed, whatever. Even though the best sides are seemingly more dominant in their domestic leagues than ever, football is still generally unpredictable, which is why we love it so much. If you are winning league titles but still lose frequently against lowly teams, then there might be something wrong with how you approach those teams. They'll likely be more cautious against your team (and thus be more difficult to break down) in the hope that they'll have chances to counter-attack. If you just keep throwing players into attack and leave your defence exposed, that's asking for trouble. But maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree. Still, I think this might be one for the tactics sub-forum. I'm not saying "it's your tactics"; I'm just suggesting that you don't automatically blame the game for your own failings.
  4. I love that it's 2032 and there are players named Norman Farmer and Bernard Swift in the England squad. Only in Football Manager do names like Norman, Bernard, Nigel and Clive experience a 21st-century renaissance.
  5. By "objectively poor", you mean that it is a fact (i.e. not just your subjective opinion, but a cold-hard fact) that the FM20 match engine is poor? I do wish people would stop passing off their opinions as facts. Alas, this is the internet in 2020...
  6. Have you tried playing FM10 in compatibility mode? Bear in mind that this might take some trial error, and even then, it still might not work. Such is Windows 10 when it comes to certain games from that era. For what it's worth, FM13 worked perfectly fine for me, though I had to keep uninstalling and reinstalling it after each big Windows update.
  7. To be honest, most of those upvotes come from a small but loud minority who believe the game is completely broken, want everyone to believe the same, and never offer any proper constructive criticism themselves. You could probably just post "FM20 is rubbish lol" in the feedback thread and be guaranteed 10 upvotes. It seems like you have no understanding of how video game development works in this day and age. Most games nowadays aren't truly "finished" in your sense of the word until several months or even years after they go on general release, if at all. To use one example, Crusader Kings II came out in 2012 but had its most recent patch less than three months ago. If your idea of "unfinished" is actually just "unfit for general release", then I disagree with your view that FM20 is "unfinished". It's perfectly playable, and I know from playing the demo that the ME has its quirks (heck, every Football Manager ME since the very first one has had its quirks). One of the reasons I decided to skip FM20 was that the ME wasn't quite what I would've liked it to be. Even so, the game is hardly "broken". If Harry Kane misses a few one-on-ones, that's not "broken" in my view. On the other hand, if Harry Kane spends the entire 90 minutes standing in the centre-circle with his arms stretched out like he's the Angel of the North, or teams sometimes play with 13 men on the pitch, or a goal is awarded whenever the ball goes behind the byline... then yes, that would be "broken". If you want chance creation/conversion to be "fixed" for the next major update, then please submit some bug reports showing some examples of where you feel the game should be improved. Simply complaining about the game won't get you anywhere.
  8. Somebody close this thread please. As I said, it's not a bug report. It's just become yet another toxic moan thread.
  9. SI will release a new update only when they are ready to. Be patient. Also, this isn't a bug report. This forum is ONLY for bug reports.
  10. Happy New Year to everyone here at FMS. 2019 was absolutely dreadful for me personally, having lost two grandparents and - on Monday morning - my 13-year-old cat. On a brighter note, my sister had a little boy two weeks before Christmas, so I'm looking forward to seeing him grow up. 2020 gives me the chance to start again from a clean slate. I turn 30 in April so I'll be making a concerted effort to change my life for the better. I've also started making plans for a new FMS story (or two), which might hopefully see the light of day later this year.
  11. Remember when Manchester City played Aston Villa earlier this season, and they opened the scoring with the most route-one goal they'll get all season long? Was Guardiola seething because it wasn't exactly how he wanted his team to score? No, he wasn't. If you expect your players to carry out your instructions to the letter every single time (or even 95% of the time), then prepare to be left consistently disappointed. That is just not how football works, and I'm honestly amazed that so many people in this community fail to understand this.
  12. If playing a video game gives you even the slightest urge to smash your computer against the wall, maybe you should stop playing it.
  13. I'm sorry, but if your team routinely falters against 10 men, then that is more likely to be YOUR problem than the game's. How do you react when the opposition has a player sent off? Do you look to control the game with your extra man and exploit any space the opposition leave (as Svenc suggests you should)? Or do you just throw players into attack against a team whose best hope is to sit back and then try to strike on the counter? I'm not straight up saying, "It's your tactics." I'm just saying, "This might be one for the tactics forum."
  14. Let's look at Manchester United's league results this month: Aston VIlla (H) - DREW 2-2 Tottenham (H) - WON 2-1 Manchester City (A) - WON 2-1 Everton (H) - DREW 1-1 Watford (A) - LOST 2-0 So, yeah, it happens in real life. I'd look at my tactics if I were you, especially if I was getting good results against the best teams and poor results against the worst. If you've beaten Liverpool at Anfield, for example, don't just assume that the exact same tactics will beat Watford at home.
  15. What year did that poll take place then? 2017? There was a big favourite FM poll earlier this year, and FM19 won with 26% of the vote, so I'm not sure which poll you're talking about.
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