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  1. Yep. They've got Ryan Reynolds as chairman and Rob McOtherguy as a director. Have at 'em.
  2. Erm... I suspect this might actually be working as intended, at least in some cases. I don't know if you're aware, but last September, FIFA made a slight change to the eligibility rules. So yes, simply playing in a World Cup qualifier might not necessarily prevent a player from changing nationality. As long as they haven't played in a major tournament (or in FOUR competitive international before their 21st birthday), they can still switch. On a test save I ran yesterday, Folarin Balogun played for the USA in a Gold Cup qualifier, but he remained eligible for England and Niger
  3. If you're feeling festive, I'd check out Radio Santa Claus in Helsinki. After all, there's only 305 days to go. Meanwhile, I've been listening to back-to-back Bowie in Oslo. And I'm becoming increasingly convinced that Slovenia was the one country where Phil Collins was still popular after 1998.
  4. The Premier League is just a glorified exhibition to me. Without the atmosphere that even an Indigo-sized crowd brings, it offers very little compared to a major ranking event. But maybe I'm just feeling lockdown fatigue. It's hard to really get into a lot of sports events now when the atmosphere and intensity isn't there. My team Arsenal were playing - or at least trying to play - Manchester City yesterday, but apart from Sterling's goal, I hardly watched any of that match. I spent most of the evening watching YouTube videos and whatnot. I'm still looking forward to the UK Open, of
  5. The 2021 Premier League's opening phase will be played behind closed doors. No surprise, really, but I couldn't be any less enthusiastic about this tournament now. I'll probably give it a miss this year. At least things should be back to normal in 2022. The PDC have already announced a schedule for next season's Premier League. I'm expecting them to announce wildcards for Barney, Fallon and Ryan Searle soon.
  6. Is that the one, or was there something I missed?
  7. Genuinely one of my favourite threads not just in FMCU (which I used to lurk around quite regularly), but in all the SI forums. I still look for it every few months if I need a pick-me-up. I don't remember reading anything as bold and blatant as that on the FM Stories forum. To be fair, it's not as hard to disguise cheating when you're just writing instead of posting screenshots. That's good in one way, but also disappointing in another. I was kinda hoping FMS would have had its own doping scandal by now.
  8. Bayern Munich currently hold the Bundesliga, the DFB-Pokal, the DFL-Supercup, the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup, and now the Club World Cup. Okay, they've done that across two seasons rather than in a single one, but it's still a clean sweep of all six trophies they can win. But Liverpool possibly winning six trophies in a season is somehow unrealistic? I don't get this.
  9. I just remembered that Gary Mawson had a Tour Card in 2011 as well. Not sure whether he considers himself Canadian or American these days, but he was definitely representing the USA a decade ago. And one of the replies to that tweet reminded me that Darin Young had one in 2011 too! So that makes Baggish America's FOURTH ever PDC Tour Card Holder, but I guess that doesn't scan well in PDC press releases.
  10. "America's first ever PDC Tour Card Holder" PDC in erasing Stacy Bromberg from history books shocker.
  11. I've lived in Romford all my life, but I don't really have an obvious East London or Essex accent. If you heard me speak, you could maybe guess I was from down south, but I doubt you could nail it down to anywhere specific.
  12. Not one of my favourite players by any stretch, but he was one of the best never to be world champion. I won't forget that one PDC title he did win at the 2011 Players Championship, which catapulted him into the Premier League.
  13. Baggish gets that one leg he needed against Scotty Dog and is the last player to secure a Tour Card.
  14. Danny Boy. 6-2 vs Hudson. I think Baggish is through, as long as he wins one leg in the Final. Saved his best form for the final day.
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