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  1. Seconded. That is precisely NOT how VAR works in real life. I get quite annoyed when there's a suspected foul on the edge of the box, and the referee stops play to decide whether it's a penalty or a free-kick (or no foul at all, in very rare cases). Surely SI know that the ref would just let play continue while VAR looked at the incident?
  2. My longest save was 31 seasons on FM13. Retired in 2043 after winning everything with Dagenham & Redbridge. I'm currently in my 10th season on FM21, which is my second-longest FM save ever (also did 12 seasons on CM00/01), but I'm not sure if I'll go much further.
  3. FM11? I don't think I had to do anything special to get it to run on Windows 10 - certainly not on Steam, anyway. It's always worked fine for me. For earlier games, I don't think there is a 'one size fits all' fix that works flawlessly on all systems. Like I wrote last year, it takes some trial and error, and W10 really doesn't like mid-2000s DRM games.
  4. Financially, I don't get it. It smacks of the Glazers and Edwood Woodwood going, "Uh-oh, the customers still want us out. Let's buy them a shiny (not-so-)new Ronaldo at them and hope it pacifies them for another year." But even as a rival fan, I'm actually pretty excited about this. Ronaldo's return will make United even more fun to watch, even if it turns out to be Manchester's worst second coming since... well... Second Coming. I'm looking forward to them scoring 4 goals every game (and sometimes conceding 5 ), though I'm quite scared about them giving Arsenal the Old Trafford hammering we're due every 10 years. But I love how, in less than 24 hours, the football world has moved from "Ronaldo is definitely joining City HERE WE GO" to "Ronaldo is back at United". This is why you shouldn't believe any transfer stories until you actually see the player on the pitch playing for their new club. It wouldn't have sat right seeing Cristiano in a Manchester City shirt. To me, it would have destroyed the idea that loyalty still exists in elite professional football.
  5. CFuller

    Club legends

    Bobby Moore isn't a Manchester United legend. (To be fair, I think you meant Bobby Charlton.) I can see how this feature would add some immersion to the game, but it otherwise just feels very cosmetic and unnecessary, particularly when you can already find those stats elsewhere. I'd also imagine that SI might have some legal difficulties with including stats for retired (and especially deceased) players and managers.
  6. How is this different from what you have in FM right now? You can already start as a young manager at a 5th-division club (but you may need custom databases to manage that far down in some countries) with a 'small club tactic'. And you can also build your career up until you are in the 'big high leagues'. All of that is already available in FM21 if you want to do that.
  7. Did it in four seasons with Rennes. We were distant runners-up for the first three seasons as I gradually built the team up, and then it all clicked together in 2023/2024. We won the league undefeated, won the cup, and reached the Champions League Final (losing 2-0 to Real Madrid). The key was firstly keeping Camavinga and building the team around him. If you can build a strong relationship with your key players and stand your ground when the big boys come looking for them, it's not that difficult to retain them without stirring up much unrest. Then I solidified the defence (with Milenkovic and Onguene), and then made sure we had quality going forward (Szoboszlai at AMC, Gouiri and Nicolas Pepe out wide, and an academy wonderkid up front). I often used a 4-2-3-1 vertical tiki-taka system for the 'easier' games, and a counter-attacking 4-3-3 for the trickier ones. But it wasn't just tactics I had to worry about. Even when we were on a long unbeaten run, I would always manage expectations carefully. I'd use press conferences to downplay our chances (even against the weaker teams) to make sure my players didn't get complacent, but then I'd be much more demanding in team talks, so that they didn't completely switch off. I'm now doing a journeyman save (I've not managed in France yet, though). It's now 2028, and Monaco have beaten PSG to the title in two of the last three seasons. Sadly for PSG, Messi retired many years ago.
  8. Well. Tipping Arsenal to finish 6th looks very optimistic now.
  9. Yep, even by recent standards, FMS feels a bit like a ghost town now. In truth, I hardly venture to this little community at all nowadays, but I really don't know where we go from here. Here are my 2021/2022 Premier League predictions. I haven't really found the time to put together a proper run-down of each team, but here goes... Chelsea - Lukaku is the final piece that fits together a fantastic team with the manager to match. Manchester City - After 11 years of hurt, the Champions League will be Pep's main focus. Liverpool - They'll be right up there with the title challengers again if Virgil stays fit. Manchester United - Lethal in attack, but tactically questionable and defensively flimsy... as usual. Leicester City - How To Throw Away A Champions League Place: Season 3. Arsenal - With no European football, we need Arteta to deliver some improvement. Aston Villa - No Grealish, but they have invested the money very wisely and will challenge for Europe. Tottenham Hotspur - If Kane leaves (and I think they will), the cockerel is stuffed. Leeds United - Bielsa-ball will keep Leeds comfortably mid-table once again. Everton - Rafa has to win the boo boys over quickly, but I don't think he lasts the season. Wolverhampton Wanderers - "Olá, forro de prata, e no meio da mesa você vai agora, baby." West Ham United - Last season was great, but Europe will really expose this team's weaknesses. Brighton & Hove Albion - We had 5.7xG and lost 1-0; SORT IT OUT SI! Burnley - I mean... duh. It's Burnley. Southampton - Who are the inconsistent Saints going to lose 9-0 against this season? Watford - Overachieve, hit a slump, sack manager, hit form again, survive, repeat. Norwich City - An attractive team who can show that nice guys don't finish last. Newcastle United - The Geordie Army are so restless over Ashley that even Joe Willock won't save them. Brentford - Plucky underdogs will freshen up the Premier League, but only for nine months. Crystal Palace - New manager + new vision + virtually new team = a disaster waiting to happen.
  10. Darn. I've only just got round to starting up my fantasy team and had no idea this league was already closed to new entries. Good luck to all involved.
  11. Counter-argument: it is not usually in a football manager's remit to micro-manage junior teams and academies to this extent. Think about it. Pep Guardiola wouldn't look in on Man City's Under-14s team and then tell them to drop a 13-year-old kid because he didn't have 5* potential. But even if he could, and even with City's resources, it would be unrealistic for him to just sign up all the best schoolkids in England or sign all the best youth coaches. Now let's assume SI did give you more say over your junior teams. Do you realise how much processing power would be needed to add thousands upon thousands of schoolboy players aged 9-15 to the game - only a small percentage of whom will even make it to the Under-18s squad, let alone play professionally? That seems like an incredible waste of resources. The current youth system works fine as is. Every year, your youth intake has the best players from your Under-16s squad, whose ability/potential are determined by various factors - junior coaching, youth facilities, youth recruitment, etc. It's actually very well optimised, and there is no real need to go deeper. Yeah, some of those players won't be good enough for your first-team, but that's how it is in real life. If you look through Arsenal's youth teams over the last decade and see where those players are now, most of those will have become lower-league journeymen or part-time footballers - and that's if they're even still playing.
  12. There is a thread at the top of this sub-forum. It's called "Thanking you for all your feedback". That thread is literally tagged "please read", but in case you didn't read it, here's the important quote: That is why nobody is responding. If some of the people submitting bug reports actually bothered to read (and not just post), this would save a whole lot of aggro.
  13. Did Brian Ashton or Eddie Jones get knighted for taking England to Rugby World Cup Finals (but not winning them)? No. Trevor Bayliss got an OBE for winning a Cricket World Cup Final, but no knighthood. I'm a monarchist who still supports knighthoods/damehoods for British sports stars who reach the top of their field (e.g. Murray, Hamilton, Cook, Ennis-Hill). Southgate has not done that yet.
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