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  1. I'm pretty sure this is the game replicating those young prospects who move to bigger clubs when they were under the age of 16 (i.e. before they were generated in-game). Think Raheem Sterling (who went from QPR to Liverpool when he was 15) or Jadon Sancho (who joined Man City from Watford just before his 15th birthday).
  2. Women's football has been requested countless times over the years. Basically, there needs to be enough interest in the sport at large (i.e. several top leagues having Championship-level attendances) to convince SI that it's worth investing time and resources to implement women's football within FM.
  3. We're going off-topic here, but a lot of people seem to be hung up on the notion that FM needs competition to continue innovating. You just need to look at the MANY changes made to the game between FM14 (when the final version of FIFA Manager was released) and FM19 to conclude that a lack of competition hasn't stunted development. And I'm talking major changes, not "we changed one pixel on the squad overview screen." It wouldn't happen anyway. It's been explained countless times why switching to a bi-annual development cycle would more likely kill Sports Interactive stone dead than make Football Manager a better game. Of course, you could just not buy the game every year. I've been skipping even-numbered FMs for much of the past decade and will probably skip FM20 after FM19.
  4. This is, what, the fifth thread you've either made or derailed to make this point? Please change the record.
  5. I was talking about promises with regards to player contracts (and conversations), which certainly weren't around as far back as FM12.
  6. Promises are not "broken" (a word which is as horrifically overused as "overpowered" and "nerfed" on these forums). You just have to think before making promises you're not sure you can keep. On FM17, when promises were first introduced, I made the mistake of promising a goalkeeper I was signing on a free that I would improve the standard of goalkeepers in the squad. I didn't realise that he wouldn't consider himself to be improving the standard. A few months down the line, he got the hump and accused me of breaking that promise. In the end, I sold him for a tidy profit, but a lesson had been learned. These days, I'm far more cautious when it comes to promises. I promised Marco Benassi at Fiorentina that I would develop the club's younger players to convince him not to jump ship to Tottenham. I looked to be making good on that promise, only for it to fail at the end of the season. Benassi complained again and sulked through much of the following season. Though this didn't have a detrimental effect on team dynamics, his performances got so bad at one point that I dropped him for about a month. He eventually got over it and remained one of my key players, even agreeing to sign a new long-term contract at Fiorentina. If you break a promise to a player (whether said promise is bugged or not), you are not necessarily forced to let them leave. I'd personally only sell up if they're disrupting the team dynamic and/or aren't worth keeping around.
  7. Here's the thing: we're almost three years down the line and still don't know which form of Brexit (if any) will become reality. There are so many possibilities that giving you the option to choose exactly which one you want realistically just isn't feasible. Also, bear in mind that a 'hard Brexit' won't necessarily ruin everybody's save game. Indeed, some users - whether they voted either way or not - might relish the extra challenge that it might bring in a British-based career. As for those who never manage in Britain, I'd imagine Brexit would have very little impact on their game experience.
  8. Romford FC update: they've been given a reprieve and are staying in the Isthmian North.
  9. Probably this. Juventus and Fiorentina are fierce rivals (specifically, Fiorentina's hatred of Juve is stronger than vice versa), so you should expect to pay more for their players. For the same transfer fee, I'd imagine the Viola would rather let Chiesa leave Serie A than strengthen a rival.
  10. I am still no closer to understanding the point you are trying to make.
  11. Are you saying you were expecting your strikers to score ANY clear-cut chances they get against a goalkeeper from a division two tiers below you? That's just not how football works, otherwise major cup upsets would almost never happen. I get the feeling that this is just confirmation bias on your part. Put it this way: would you be complaining if you were managing the underdogs who only conceded twice against the far superior team?
  12. Two positives to take from this season. Firstly, no dunce awards! Secondly, the 4th-place trophy is mine - all mine! I shall be back next season to launch another fleeting title challenge before having to make do with a ranking somewhere in the top five because I made Sané captain when Mané scored a hat-trick.
  13. Some users just don't get it. Football Manager is such a complex game that it is regrettable but inevitable that some bugs identified during the beta process will still be present when development has moved on to the next title. Expecting all bugs to be fixed is not only self-entitlement at its very worst, but it shows no respect to the hard-working programmers at Sports Interactive. Is it any wonder that very few SI employees browse General Discussion when THIS is what they have to put up with?
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