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  1. At the end of preseason, with some fairly mediocre, if successful results under our belt, we seem fairly ready for our season opening DFB-Pokal fixture against Magdeburg. To compensate the aforementioned left-back weakness Shen brought in Jannes Horn from relegated Köln, and nearly brought in Timo Horn alongside him as a replacement for the homesick Özcan, but settled on the dramatically cheaper (if also worse) option of Timon Wellenreuther, son of Ingo Wellenreuther, the Karlsruher SC chairman and a CDU politician... Shen Bapiro is pleased by this. A
  2. This is quite probably the worst thing that could have happened... with Retsos also out, our CB partnership for the start of the season is going to probably end up as Sven Bender (who would seem a better CDM) and Tin Jedvaj (a right-back, and not one Shen Bapiro planned on using). Euro League here we come!
  3. Because Shen Bapiro is totally original and doesn't simply regurgitate what his peers are doing, Leverkusen will be lining up as such: One thing that needs immediate addressing is a lack of depth at left-back. Wendell is the only high-quality option at the club, and if he gets injured we're toast, especially as we're competing in the Bundesliga, Europa League, and DFB-Pokal this season.
  4. In the wake of recent world events, I've been left with a lot of time on my hands. As a part of this, I've been free to keenly follow DoctorBenjy's Glory Hunter series on YouTube, and have thus been inspired to do... that, but with a twist(ish)! Not the twist, but I've placed a random selection of European-tier teams in a wheel spinner, and the team that I'll be starting with is... Bayer Leverkusen Which is honestly one of the best draws I could have hoped for. This save will hopefully be a successful journeyman story, which will have to take place on FM19 due to the slig
  5. Today's Tony Hibbert update seems pretty relevant seeing how well Osman's done!
  6. Today's session was arguably pretty successful: That Dortmund game was amazing, we were absolutely dominated and yet Forsberg got a hat-trick! This is always good to see, my choice is paying off This guy should be good cover at RB, we also brought in Jatto from Hamburg, which was a mistake. Also, the sky is falling... The win over AZ Alkmaar put us in the UEL Group Stage, which looks like this for us: Hopefully we'll still be top of the Bundesliga for the next post!
  7. In today's Tony Hibbert update: I would still take him over Konrad Laimer at RB.
  8. Taking from Mandy's advice, I swapped the Red Bull for a Fanta and decided to look at options for my back four: This has had varying success, but I've signed van Beek from Feyenoord for £2m and Jannes Horn from Köln for £6.25m... this is so far looking bleak, I realised after van Beek joined that we're desperately short of German players for Europe. On the other hand, I started my career with three wins and a draw in the EURO Cup qualifiers... the draw with Levski was shameful, Kampl managed to get an early bath for dissecting a man. This must be what parenthood fee
  9. No backroom is complete without an assistant you can trust completely. I would have chosen our lord and saviour, but unfortunately Tony Hibbert couldn't be found, and so I went for a second choice... While still reasonably trustworthy, I'm not 100% sure on what Osman can bring to the table apart from nightmares about the 03/04 season and Alexander Nyarko. 1.3k p/w should hopefully make him happy, because I want this man to be my successor The approach I've chosen for Leipzig is one taken from a previous save with Norwich, it can't be that different, can it?! Any advi
  10. Hello and welcome to my first (and possibly only) FM19 career on this site. The team I've chosen is RB Leipzig, and this will hopefully be a more light/humorous save. Aim: To win the Bundesliga at least twice. To win the Champions League at least once. To weaken Bayern Munich as much as possible. My manager: I am a relative novice at FM, so this save could go anywhere... but hopefully with Leipzig, or else the title may be a problem...
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