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  1. I heard they’re taking photos of them, at least those who got close/into the Capitol, and are going to arrest them when they can
  2. I’m creating an edited version of some international competitions and everything is working smoothly except draws (y’know, when they select the groups by picking team names out of a…round…glass thing). Even though I’ve set the seeding to ‘Seeded by World Ranking,’ the pots for the draws are seemingly decided by Alphabetical order. Does anybody know how to fix this so that the pots are made by World Ranking? Also, when the game gets to the playoffs, it just randomly throws teams together. Of course, I would like to make it so that the playoff matches go: 1A v 2B; 2A v 1B, etc. does anyone
  3. So, in FM19, I've been trying to create a new International Competition...well, that is, I've been trying to edit the World Cup, but because in international rules, you have to start from scratch, it's like creating a new competition. Anyway, the World Cup itself works fine. The problem is, none of the Continental Competitions play anymore, which I assume is because I have redone the International rules from scratch. Still, I don't particularly want to recreate all the continental competitions, so is there some way to get the rules for those competitions as well as my own new rules? Maybe ther
  4. I’ll enter, but I forget the rules. We’re not allowed to look anything up, right?
  5. Aack! It is actually really nice looking, except it’s strangely wide on mobile and the sidebar on desktop is way too large. Other than that, it’s nice from what I’ve seen. Also tweets seem to load much faster now! But still, change is bad, and I hate it.
  6. Lamar Jackson what a horrible throw vs Washington leading to an interception
  7. Do you mean to say that not all British people know the Queen?
  8. The Vietnamese also gave a good iced coffee, ca phe da (without milk) or ca phe sua da (with Sweetened Condensed Milk)
  9. OspreyJ


    Well, maybe if Confused Clarity hadn’t drawn his attention to it, he wouldn’t have noticed! At any rate, this sort of proposal is why we vote.
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