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  1. Basque isn't considered its own country. They don't have a separate league system or enter a NT into official competition, so there's no need for it to be considered a country.
  2. I think you have to edit club continental rules But that, I believe, entails building it up from scratch (not sure though)
  3. Instead of solving it in ‘rules’ you’ve got to solve it in the Division’s page in the editor
  4. I’m not sure what team he liked but he was from São Paulo City, so probably one of the São Paulo clubs: Palmeiras, Corinthians, São Paulo, Juventus (not the Italian one), and Portuguesa. Out of those he was born closest to the Palmeiras stadium so maybe he cheered for them?
  5. Yes, but you need to edit both National Rules and Club Continental rules. It will take some work and patience. In national rules you need to take out Jamaica from North American Competitions and add them to South American ones. Same for club continental.
  6. You mean WC Qualification? To edit it you use International Rules
  7. Well if you look below Messi and CR7 have won it at times they were definitely not youth —————————————— Perhaps this is a bug. Did you make any changes to this Database?
  8. That sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to it, but I don’t believe it belongs in General Discussion. I think it should go in Career Updates.
  9. Sorry I don’t know how to do it Just know it’s in Club continental rules.
  10. All right. To get the file with the editor data you have to go to wherever your computer stores files. If you’re on a mac it will be with the app called Finder, and on Windows it’s called File Explorer. Once you boot Finder/File Explorer up you have to find the folder called Sports Interactive (which for me is under documents). Then you look for ‘Football Manager 2019’ under Sports Interactive. Under the Football Manager folder there are a lot of sub folders and here you will find one called Editor Data. In the Editor Data folder you will find your file from the editor. You can attach that.
  11. Assuming you have already downloaded it, it should appear when you click on the Steam icon (which is how I assume you open Football Manager) If you haven't downloaded it, you need to go to your steam library and download it. It comes with the game for free so you shouldn't have to buy anything extra
  12. More experimentation will occur because this isn't working
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