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  1. I’m creating an edited version of some international competitions and everything is working smoothly except draws (y’know, when they select the groups by picking team names out of a…round…glass thing). Even though I’ve set the seeding to ‘Seeded by World Ranking,’ the pots for the draws are seemingly decided by Alphabetical order. Does anybody know how to fix this so that the pots are made by World Ranking? Also, when the game gets to the playoffs, it just randomly throws teams together. Of course, I would like to make it so that the playoff matches go: 1A v 2B; 2A v 1B, etc. does anyone
  2. So, in FM19, I've been trying to create a new International Competition...well, that is, I've been trying to edit the World Cup, but because in international rules, you have to start from scratch, it's like creating a new competition. Anyway, the World Cup itself works fine. The problem is, none of the Continental Competitions play anymore, which I assume is because I have redone the International rules from scratch. Still, I don't particularly want to recreate all the continental competitions, so is there some way to get the rules for those competitions as well as my own new rules? Maybe ther
  3. I’m not certain that anyone is following this, but unfortunately it looks like I may have to restart. I might’ve accidentally deleted the save file that I was using.
  4. 2026-2030 The players with the highest PA and CA remain the same; in fact, everything about them remained the same, except that Castillo lost 1 CA and Acuña lost 3. Further, Mohammed moved to PSG. Disappointingly, Argentina won the World Cup, but South Korea came second. USA and Scotland made it to the quarterfinals; in fact, the only nation who was in the semifinals who had won the World Cup before was Argentina (and of course they won). However, their performance was anything but dominant: less than half of the All Star Team was Argentinian, while in previous years it has be
  5. 2022-2026 Newgens have well and truly taken over the world. The best player by CA, Sergio Vargas (Peruvian GK; 198 CA, 198 PA, 24 YO; PSG), is a newgen; the best non-newgen player, Mbappé (French AM(RL), STC; 195 CA, 196 PA, 27 YO; PSG), is surpassed by four newgens. While Oscar Castillo (Honduran DM; 162 CA, 200 PA, 24 YO; Beijing Guo'an), Jassim Mohammed (Saudi DM, MC; 190 CA, 200 PA, 23 YO; Liverpool), and Jesús Acuña (American DC; 156 CA, 200 PA, 25 YO; Porto) remain the newgens with the highest potential, the only one who shows it in his CA is Mohammed, who moved the Boruss
  6. 2018-2022 After emerging from 4 years of simulation, I realized that the outstanding youth rating of every country on Earth had produced a huge amount of newgens with excellent potential. 39 newgens have potential of 190 or above, including one from Kosovo, one from Botswana, and one from Libya. Meanwhile, Messi and Ronaldo, the present day stars, have aged and therefore dropped in quality, leaving Mbappé (French AM(RL), STC; 195 CA, 196 PA, 24 YO; PSG) as the best player in the world. Still, some newgens are doing well. Those with the highest PA, a whopping 200, are: Osc
  7. Time emerged from Vacation World Cup 1st World Cup 2nd #1 in World Rankings #1 by continent Top PA of a newgen Top CA of a newgen Top CA of anyone Late 2022 France Turkey Brazil Europe: France South America: Brazil North America: Mexico Africa: Senegal Asia: Australia Oceania: New Zealand Oscar Castillo (Honduran DM; 158 CA, 200 PA, 20 YO; Beijing Guo'an) Jassim Mohammed (Saudi DM, MC; 14
  8. When I first downloaded Football Manager, I thought I'd have a great time managing clubs to championships. However, life ignored my plans, and I instead became attracted to the editor and the ability to edit almost every aspect of almost every league with enough work. So for the past few months I've been working on some of my biggest databases yet, which seriously alter the state of the Premier League. But in this experiment, I will simply be testing the waters of posting an experiment in this forum. In this experiment, I have used
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