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  1. @RooneyeCan you mock one up with the words "Football Manager" instead of a team name please?
  2. I have now downloaded the original TCS version 1.3.1 from the original post which I now have alongside the work the space version and this then causes the game to crash Any advice on how to fix this please?
  3. I would like to use the Work the Space version 1.3.1, but having downloaded it off of FM scout, and understanding I need the same normal TCS version 1.3.1, the link actually takes me to the 1.5 version, which after downloading also and going into the game and selecting the Work the Space version, my game crashes? Can anyone help me fix this please, perhaps by me downloading the original TCS version 1.3.1? Thanks very much in advance
  4. Apologies if this is a stupid question but have a laptop and am looking to purchase an external monitor to then use with the laptop at home Do I need to be buying a screen with built in speakers? If not how would i get sound working (how would I connect it)? many thanks
  5. Downloaded the FM Editors Lower league database, but want to create my own club and add it into Tier 10 via the editor. However, cannot see the Tier 10 division clubs to replace in the FM Editor... am I missing something or is it just not possible? Thx
  6. Hi All - Am looking to play a network game with just one other person, hopefully become pals along the way. Private Message me to discuss more Game: FM20 Type of Game: Career or Draft (Never tried draft) - used to playing in England but open to discuss a network game idea Age: 39 Timezone: UK - GMT When can you play: Evenings 8-10pm Steam Username: mroc21
  7. Its a simple question at this stage of whether there will be a further match engine update, that will ensure there is some transparency, surely it's one of the below: a) a definite update to the match engine will be done b) they are attempting to provide an updated match engine (but cannot guarentee it) c) that's it for this version and no further updates to the match engine I think that would help maintain a good dialogue with your customers, whilst also keeping people informed enough to help retain custom of those who feel let down. Personally, I am enjoying the game and feel SI are doing their best to address what they can, but they need to be more forthcoming with info where possible, which I believe has already been recognised as being looked at.
  8. Agreed - Would be good to know definitively if the recognised issues with Central Play etc, have been specifically addressed? That is stopping some people from even loading the game, not myself, but will be clearer for customers who are = more potential sales for SI and retention of customers
  9. When the public beta was announced that contained an updated match engine, I downloaded and have been using this. I just wondered since then, has there been any updates to that version of the match engine, that I should restart the game and download? Or would a new version of the match engine on the public beta, be announced on here? Many thanks
  10. Funnily enough, this is with managing as Spurs, so hoping I can win what I need to. Gutting as on the last game of the season, I still had a chance of finishing Top 4, but ended up 6th. Won the Caraboa cup though
  11. Hi All I had the dreaded board meeting, at which I have been set a points target of 9 points in the next 5 games. However, this meeting was conducted after the final match of the season. Will that target carry over to my new season? Any help would be appreciated, as my fear is I am clinging on here and might end up loosing my job anyway? Many thanks
  12. I believe, this being clarified would be helpful, either way The post made by Neil Brock, suggests unlikely before the new year and we are in that period now, which I believe SI are working on asap . However, that could also mean waiting until March, which could be an additional 2 months
  13. I would be interested to know, who has stood out for other people. as their best performer.. for me Ndombele has easily been the best player? Also how many has Harry Kane, scored for everyone else? scored 8 in 16 for me
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