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  1. Hi All/SI I just wondered if there was any news/update as to how the game is going in Korea and whether SI are exploring yet, rolling this game out to other countries (England)? Many thanks
  2. Football Manager Live was a great concept and the best version of the game I have ever played and despite that not and still not being a viable model, I believe Sports Interactive could and should now improve the possible online modes to incorporate some kind of formal online structure.  This could be along the lines of the Fifa Ultimate Team concept, with a rank etc through to more detailed online league structure.  Currently I believe, the online modes of draft/online games are limited unless you have a group of pre-defined mates you know etc and in the generation and take up of "e-gaming" it would be great to know that this is something Sports Interactive are at least looking at
  3. Hi Guys I have posts from the game to Twitter, for significant news set to "Automatic" but ever since I have started my save, I have not had one update posted, Now I know what your thinking, well maybe you haven't achieved/done anything significant, but I have won the Play-off Final out of the Conference South Any ideas on how to get this working, would be much appreciated
  4. Hi All I wonder if anyone could help me, during a match the Match Action Bar, used to auto-hide now it is fixed and I literally cannot find where to change this? Funnily enough, I haven't changed that option, so not sure why it has changed - only change to preferences was changing Rendering Mode to "Software" I have also checked the online menu, and where I suggests to find it in preferences under match/In match preferences, it isn't even there. Any help would be very much appreciated
  5. I will take that if he is dropping down to me at Conference South level! Hoping he will do a job!
  6. Thanks Champmanlegend for coming back to me! I understand normally to take them with a pinch of salt, but I have never seen this comment before, and usually they are quite generic and repetitive, so I therefore wondered whether, as it was rare to perhaps, take more notice of it
  7. Hi All I just wondered if anyone had come across similar messages via the social feed, as I have just done. Basically agreed a deal for free agent Zanzala (previously of Derby) for my club Chelmsford in 2nd season in the Conference South. (looked very promising and high potential etc) Interestingly on social media I have seen comments from fans such as "Baller" and "Definitely PA of 200".. not seen this before, anyone else? If it's rare, are those kind of comments, to suggest, I am on to something here and about to buy an absolute quality player for the future?
  8. fm2017 skin

    Hi all has it been confirmed if there will be a lower resolution version released?
  9. fm2017 skin

    Is there going to be a low resolution version this year?
  10. Hi thanks I did see that but what does that apply to? What does the number reflect? Using the example of Attacking = 4, 4 what? attack duties, defend or support Ideally it would be good to see a split such as the below: Attacking Mentality - 4 defend Duties, 4 Support Duties, 3 Attack Duties but for each mentality
  11. In FM17 I have noticed the pre-match advice stating that when using a standard mentality etc, I should look to increase/decrease the amount of the Defend/Support/Attack duties, but I just wondered has anyone got a split of those recommendations per mentality. I have tried searching the forums and internet/articles, would be very helpful Thanks
  12. I wondered what peoples opinions/experiences are, does this general rule, apply at lower levels - Conference South for example? I have heard advice for that lower level, to be keep a structured/highly structured approach, but if not using specialist roles, that would mean a more fluid approach if you follow wwfan's advice? Thanks for any input
  13. Hi All Am carrying on in full release, from a beta save and have noticed that the Players Age (not DOB) keeps disappearing from the Player Profile screen, reset/reloading cache temporarily fixes the issue, but then re-occurs Any ideas? Many thanks
  14. At that level technical attributes are largely irrelevant as so poor, concentrate on work rate, determination and physical attributes