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  1. Very keen on getting the attached, do people expect the new 10th gen Ice Lake CPU's to be able to handle FM20 etc: https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/laptops-notebooks-and-2-in-1-laptops/new-xps-13-2-in-1/spd/xps-13-7390-2-in-1-laptop/cn73003 Would appreciate any input
  2. Hi all After a bit of laptop related advice if you don’t mind Due to a variety of issues I am being compensated with a new laptop - screen 240hz, 9750h gtx 2070, 512GB SSD. Completely overkill for my needs so am considering selling it, would any buyer have any issues if I did if they had to have something fixed under warranty? Would appreciate your input... Many thanks
  3. When using the preview "i" for a players profile on say the player search screens, if i hover/click on the "i" randomly it will sometimes not detail the players age next to their date of birth and the space where the age would be detailed, is blank. Would anyone have any idea on how to fix this please? Thanks in advance
  4. My new laptop is set to auto turn off the display/screen after 5 minutes off inactivity, but when I am running FM17 my laptop screen is not turning off? Any ideas please?
  5. Interesting article below touches on Football Manager Live, ten years on and where SI may/should go with their online mode https://mp1st.com/news/football-manager-live-ten-years-football-management-turned-mmo Given how most games have or are providing a competitive (structured with ranking etc) I feel that SI are some way behind the general gaming market here. Although, clearly dominating the Football Manager space gaming wise, is there a need for them to look at this, when the competition is sparse in itself? I for one loved the community aspect of Football Manager Live created, sharing a competitive environment with real people (rather than AI), but would now need to be clearly something more sustainable. With the amount of Online structure within games becoming increasingly normal and complex, ten years on, is this something people feel SI will explore again going forward?
  6. Will an Intel UHD 620 Graphics Card be okay for FM for a few years worth of releases? I play on 2D mostly other than replays
  7. You previously suggested (due to bootlenecking) that I should couple a i5 8300h with a 1050ti graphics card, as options are limited could I couple the i5 8300h with a 1050 graphics card? (not ti version?)
  8. Hi Smurf After taking a look at laptop with an i5 8300h last night, it appears I am seriously limited to options with a 1050ti or 1060, as per your suggestions. In fact the only one I could see at my price point, would be the HP Pavillion which apparently has heat/temp issues anyway. Do you think I would be wise to take a look at a straight 1050, to see if that gives me more options?
  9. Thank you Smurf, that’s really useful info i really appreciate your help and advice
  10. I am really open to suggestions on processor. The ones I have not been happy with were all 13 inch so maybe I would get better cooling from a 15 inch? best for FM while being in a unit that is as portable as possible,but whilst also being the coolest to the touch, would be the ideal Have a budget of 1500 quid
  11. Hi Smurf I have had laptops with dedicated graphics (NVidia MX150) and these have caused laptops to run extremely hot 90 degrees Celcius +, coupled with the quad core i7 8550u processor. (this is a known issue apparently) So my post was trying to explore whether if I got a integrated GPU such as a Intel UHD 620, whether a) if this would likely be ok for a few future versions of FM and b) if it might help with the laptop not running as hot
  12. I know not ideal but to minimise overheating, would a integrated UHD graphics card, such as the UHD 620, last a few years versions, on lower settings? As literally FM is the only game I play every year
  13. Hi All Out of the below processors, which one would be best for FM? 1) i7 7700HQ 2) i7 8750H I thought the 7700HQ was considered the best, but the recent comments on i7 8750H have made me wonder Many thanks
  14. Hi Smurf I have already had that specific Envy one and battery performance with the MX150 graphics card, means you only end up getting a couple of hours (so I returned that one)... crying shame as a lovely laptop actually other than that The Huawei one looks decent
  15. Hi Smurf I am after a bit of advice, if you don't mind please. After having bought and returned the following recently: after having a MacBook Air (excellent battery life) and looking at the good advice here, I am stuck as to what to do?: Have tried MSI 8RC - Too big/heavy HP Envy 13 - Poor Battery Life My key reason for purchasing the laptop are to play Football Manager, with portability (Max 13 inch screen and around 1.5kg) and long battery life, as I would like to play off charge most of the time. I seem to therefore be looking towards something like an XPS/Macbook 13" with integrated graphics UHD Graphics 620 and a 8th gen i5/7 u series quad core processor (as these tend to have the better battery life), I completely understand that will mean low-medium graphics on 3D, but are you able to recommend anything else that would do me few years playing FM please. Have a budget of around 1500 max Thank you
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