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Found 26 results

  1. How to change the attribute increment (green default) or decrease in attribute(red default) colours? In below screens are the default colour schemes for my skin but how to change those specific colour I am giving some shots regarding this, please Zoom in to see what I am highlighting.
  2. Hi there, Are there plans to put back the skin and hair colour editing to the in-game editor like in the FM17 version? I can't seem to find it anymore in the FM18 version?
  3. hi there! I started to edit the club overview panel and the player panel but then I've found that creating skin was quite fun, so I've started to collect all the panels from other great skins and I tried to so something on my own. Obiouvsly all the credit goes to all the great skin makers out here, I've just started this year and I know very little about editing. As you may see the look is pretty basic since I like the default skin. The main thing of the skin is the Panini sticker that I've created using the Yacsini skin from some years ago. The processing panel changes according to the color of the sidebar, because I like to have some changing colours when I play, and has this pretty transparency in the panels. The skin is far from being pretty or rich of information as the others you may download right now, but it is my first try, and honestly I eliminted some widgets from some panels because I feel that there is too much information sometimes, it feels pretty overwhelming. Anyway, the skin will be ready in a short time, I hope, in the meantime you may take a look at the images and give me some feedback. Thank you! ps: of course I've utilized panels and some graphical elements from other skins: once I've published my skin, if this upsets some skin maker I'll eliminate my creation right away. ================================================================== So here it is the link to the very very early version of the skin. It does not include social feeds or news feed panels, since I am not pleased with their aspect right now (they will be modified later). https://www.dropbox.com/s/8c2zxuxvv0gun4y/The Humble Skin.zip?dl=0 FAQ 1) the skin works at 1920x1080 - 100% zoom 2) if you want to visualize kits in the personal player page you have to follow the same instructions for the FLUT skin 3) in order to visualize the city pictures the right path is: The Humble Skin/graphics/pictures/background (the folder is already created) Problems unsolved (yet) 1) the stickers in the personal player page will show the same name twice for players with a nickname (like Neymar, Suso, Willian an so on) 2) the intro panel for the matches is still basic, I would like to add some colours but I still have to understand how to do it 3) the skin is made for fullscreen mode: if you go windowed, the name of the players in the stickers will be displayed wierdly (I suspect that's a simple tweak, but I did not figured out yet) 4) I expect to add more panels and features in the future 5) Some xml files are bit messy and with some italian words. If you want to modify them and you do not understand something write here, we wil try to figure it out If you feel you can improve the skin (I sense is pretty doable) I encourage you to do so and to share your work with me and the forum This skin would not have been possible without the work of these skin makers: FLUT OPT D_LO_ Rick Thorne Michaeltmurrayuk Wannachupbrew Pikawa Jovovich and many others Shout-out to who reacted to my skin writing here or in other threads. Thank you all!
  4. KingBuzzo15

    Background pic problem.

    On some of the skins I have downloaded, the background pic by default ends up being a pic of a groundsmans lawnmower. This seems to happen with skins that have a background selector. I also use custom backgrounds and I expect to see the club background instead of the lawnmower. Can anyone help me in what I would need to look at and edit to make sure it shows my backgrounds? Cheers
  5. Hello all, As the title suggests there appears to be some issue in the RGB values displaying correctly in-game for the team text/title bar when edited using either the in-game editor or the pre-game editor. 1 Here you can see the colour choices for the text displayed correctly using the in-game editor (the results would be identical using the pre-game editor as well (tested)). Here is the example of how the game interprets the RGB values set in the editor, the difference is apparent. 2 Here you can see I have set the background to black and the text to blue (appearing correctly if a little hard to see in the editor) The result in-game is pure white text instead of the blue. if anyone knows of a work-around to force the game to display the true RGB colour values stipulated in the edited db that would be super. Many thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Contegasm

    Skin bug

    Hello dear friends! This is my first topic in the forum so pardon me if i break any rules. I have question about this, why my manager skin tone looks like this? its 2017 version. is there any solution to this problem?
  7. hr.geisler

    2007 Retro Skin fm 2018

    Hi, I'm looking for a skin that has that wonderful pre 2007 vibe. I don't suppose it currently exist out there? Obviously I'm stuck in the past, but I'd so love to recall the old school vibe, in a 2018 game, whatever it takes.... Hopefully there's a kind soul who know what I'm talking about... If it does not exist, and on the off chance, that someone might be willing to create it, I'll be happy to assist. Hope for some help....
  8. Add indonesia league and indonesia national team And if you can add more time do not 30 years, if not, we can continue so coach through the coach it to continue the career of his father. And please make a game of being a soccer players
  9. Hey guys,i could do with some help if possible please... I've been playing the game since release day,i've had all my logos,kits and facepacks all loaded and working since then...i've also been using a few skins since release...mainly aurum and andromeda.. I've loaded up my game this morning and suddenly all my kits,logos,facepacks and skins are not working,i don't even have any skins showing up in my list in preferences...i've reinstalled them but no difference.. Any help would be appreciated,thanks
  10. I can not understand this. I have no words. FM is given does not change, SI do not make new ideas ... But the skin every year we have to do a new one! Why? Every year new folders, codes, sizes, items, etc. I can not play on the usual skin. I'm used to customizing for myself. I can not start the game if there is no good font, background, panels. Usually it takes me the whole of November-December to customize the skin. 1-2 months! While I'm setting up the skin I'm already starting to hate this game. But I have to love this. The problem is that the SI are making a terrible graphics. Information is poorly displayed and we have to make custom skins. It hurts. I bought my favorite game, but again and again I must suffer because of the terrible graphics and poor information, small font.
  11. The version is 18.0.3. This is how the "Scouting" screen looks like. Skin is set to "dark" version. This white area seems to be odd and in my opinion it should be as dark as the background. It is really hard to look at, when all the rest is in dark colours.
  12. Hi guys, I can't see the other position types unless I press them in the white skin, it's quite inconvenient. Thank you.
  13. Hi, I've been using FM Light skin and seen some problems with it. The font colours should be changed. You can see from the attachments. In the first photo while changing the role of the positions the other roles can't be read because of their white colour. And in the second photo the writings can't be read because of it's black colour. Thanks.
  14. When changing the skin in preferences, the game reloaded the skin but does not display text. Please refer to attached image.
  15. In the FM Light Skin the font colours on dropdown menus are black text on a black box and are almost illegible
  16. My laptop restarted and following this the game would crash dump whenever I tried to run the game. I finally got the game to run however the skin has turned a strange reddish colour and my manager profile at the side of the screen on the homepage is now stood still with his arms out either side of him in a trance like state (initially he was a ghostly outline however after deleting cache he at least now shows up). My save loads however it's exactly the same, with players faces appearing just as outlines. When I try and reload the skin, the programme closes. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  17. Hi, I had to recently reinstall windows. I downloaded my FM 2017 from Steam. However, when I tried to find the user data location to put skins and graphics in. I was not able to find it. I tried to find it through windows search but did not work. I try to change it at Steam using Launch options but did not work. Does anyone have any idea where my user data location can be? I know where the game file is in. However, that folder does not have the user data stuff. Please help me out!! Thanks!!
  18. MattP100

    FM Touch 17 Skin

    Hi, has anyone made or found a skin for FM Touch yet? I created one last year but haven't had the time this year and am not enjoying the base skin...!
  19. DarmaniGH

    Instant Result Skins

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a nice dark skin form a mid res laptop, preferably with the instant result button. Any recommendations?
  20. INTRODUCING VEXILLIUM 17 - THE ALL-IN-ONE SKIN FOR FM2017 Ported from FM14, Vexillium is back in it's glory, banners and all!! This heavily modified skin introduces features such as perspective and minimalist style tactical pitches, rosette style backgrounds in the titlebars so you never need a logopack again, instant result button and background selector as well as new player and club overview screens taken from Flutskin and customised to Vexilliums' style and modified to work at smaller resolutions, a whole bunch of original content and much more. Try it now, you wont regret it!!! SCREENSHOTS: INSTALLATION: Extract the Vexillium folder to: C:/Users/<yourusername>/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/skins If this folder does not exist, create it. CHANGELOG: 14/01/17 - Initial Release - v1.0 CREDITS: Emil Debski for the original nation and staff overview panels, the signature font and the BBC news panel and for inspiration. Flut for basic panel layout for new prematch lineups and player/club overview pikawa for the coding basis of the match titlebar not to mention the COUNTLESS amount of people who have helped me with skinning over the years, without you guys this skin would simply not exist DOWNLOAD If you discover any bugs in the skin or have any suggestions on how to improve it, please leave a comment in this thread.
  21. INTRODUCING BLAK - THE ALL-IN-ONE SKIN FOR FM2017 Based on the original skin, Elegance 16, by OzO @ FMEurope, this heavily modified skin introduces features such as backgrounds that recolour based on team/competition colours, perspective and minimalist style tactical pitches, fixes to the original skins bugs as well as new player and club overview screens courtesy of Vitrex, a whole bunch of original content and much more. Try it now, you wont regret it!!! SCREENSHOTS: INSTALLATION: Extract the Blak folder to: C:/Users/<yourusername>/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/skins If this folder does not exist, create it. CHANGELOG: 20/12/16 - Updated - v1.1: Titlebar image changed to reflect the kit type of each team rather than having the Vitrex stripes. Modified Club Overview Panel to display all image panels in the top four central panels for cleanliness Modified competition news panel background from white to dark grey to keep in line with design spec Changed all competition news panel text to light grey and SkyBoldFont for headers and white default font for body text DF11 profile pic mod added (in Blak Mods folder, you must copy and overwrite any panels in the player folder) Background images added to DF11 panels to make regens look in the same style New prematch lineups panel Commentary bar text changed to SkyBoldFont and made permanently grey instead of taking the teams second colour 13/12/16 - Initial Release - v1.0 CREDITS: Emil Debski for the original player, club, nation and staff overview panels, World Map locator, the signature font and the BBC news panel and for inspiration. Flut for basic panel layout for new prematch lineups OzO for the base skin, Elegance 16, that I worked from. Bantams for basic main menu layout. wkdsoul for some coding help. michaeltmurray for some coding help also. PLEASE NOTE: Even though I had the background selector I was getting some crash dumps caused during loading a game from the main menu. If you loaded another skin, loaded the game then loaded Blak again the backgrounds would work and caused no issues during play. However, due to the crash dumps caused I decided it was prudent to remove it DOWNLOAD
  22. I'm really itching to use the Vitrex skin for FM17 but it only seems to work on the highest resolutions? Has anyone got a solution for a lower resolution player?
  23. luiseitor212

    View hidden attributes

    Hi, I want to know if exists any panels for seeing the hidden attributes in the player profile. In FM16 there was some panels but now I cant find it. If anybody has created this panels for FM17, if someone explains to me how to do it, I will create the panels. Thanks and sorry, my English isnt very good
  24. coolblooded

    1280x1024 Skin for FM17

    Hello. Are any of custom skins are compatible with narrow 4:3 monitors with 1280x1024 resolution? Maybe somebody plays on old computers and found proper skin? Can I just dowload the low resolution skin 16:9, 1366x768 or it will be corrupted on 4:3 screen? Thanks in advance.
  25. Simonaghan79

    FM17 Skins

    Apologies if someone else has asked but when do skins start to do the rounds please? Once the full release has happened or before then?