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  1. Happy April Fools Day from SI. Didn't realize what the date was in my save, and got tricked.
  2. hey mates, saw that this thread is still active. been using this tactic in the new additions of FM. if y'all are still interested I can make a new post showing how to translate this tactic into the new ME. more than happy to do it, just let me know.
  3. i just set it to normal intensity and then rest players based on their fitness levels. so if a player is under 75% fitness i rest them for three days, 76-80% two days, and 81-90% one day. my physio recommends these players that get injured to be training with double intensity but i only use normal intensity. still i don't understand why the level of intensity should matter at all when these guys are being injured without any training exercises? the day before matchday, my squad just does "match tactics" and "match preview" but folks still keeping getting injured on these days. if an
  4. my players keep getting injured in training the day before a match, when the training schedule the day before matches is only "match tactics" and "match preview" is there anything i'm doing wrong? why is someone twisting an ankle when i'm just doing what i thought were film sessions? neither of these activities have injury risks attached to them, so any help would be appreciated
  5. this tactic still works wonders using it in fm19 with both top flight and lower league sides. currently doing a no badge journeyman save and this tactic has me winning the league by a mile in malaysia at the moment. happy to post how i translated it into fm19 if anyone is interested.
  6. on older fm editions, if a player was 70-75% condition, i would rest them 3 days, 76-80%, 2 days, and 81-90% 1 day. i am wondering if with the recovery option in training, if resting a player will keep them from being part of the recovery. is resting a player from training actually counterproductive now?
  7. thank you for responding @Rashidi can't tell you how much you've helped me over the fm years. it's an honor mate. so you raise an interesting point of focusing on attributes for duties that i need. which leads to a question or two if you don't mind. my club dna is the following attributes: concentration, anticipation, team work and work rate, decisions, and technique. i went through and wrote down the different training regiments that increase concentration, especially in the first priority. but some of them felt, in their label at least, to be contrary to my system's overall go
  8. @Seb Wassell @Rashidi really appreciate this work to help us fm players understand the changes to the training. it's a big help! sounds as though there's no perfectly calculated way to get your squad primed for the season/developed to perfection, which is really refreshing. i'm trying to create a side that can press with a high line while being disciplined enough to not let direct balls beat us over the top. in the attacking sense i want to retain the ball while also being ready to play quickly/directly if our transitional play allows it. tactics-wise i'm pretty confident
  9. sorry if i missed this while reading your posts. but what ppm training do you give your cm? cd? fb? rm/lm? cf? dm? etc. looked like play 1-2's for your cm roles, but i didn't want to assume to much.
  10. two stupid questions: 1. is there a way to improve a player's flair? and 2. does it cost your club any cash to have players on trial?
  11. Thanks! Hadn't even seen this screen yet, need to stop and smell the roses more I guess. Excellent addition!
  12. Sorry if this has been asked and answered already, but where exactly is the screen that shows the player's individual ability on each foot? You used to be able to go the player's Overview>Information screen and see Left Foot: Fairly Strong and Right Foot: Very Strong for example. Although it could have been the skin I was using on FM16.
  13. I posted earlier about how much fun this tactical setup has been on a similar Milan save, and I want to damn you and thank you again. This tactic has worked with everything from Mexican Promotion sides to the MLS, and of course Arsenal. It can sometimes take me two transfer windows to get there, but almost no matter what (and with very little tweaking) your style of play has worked wonders. The problem is that I'm cursed! Can't create my own tactic now, because I cant help but want to revert to a very fluid system like this. And the front six press the ball perfectly. If
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