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  1. Another from Tifo on Bielsa. I'd love to see if getting the 3-3-1-3 shape in attack is possible from a 4-3-3. His football is my dream football in FM
  2. Not to derail the thread but could you elaborate on what it actually does? Do you initiate a counter every time you win the ball back or is it situational?
  3. 442 is absolutely the formation Ancelotti plays with Napoli. OP I think you need to have a support role up front to help bring the midfield together.
  4. Just read this article https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/how-brendan-rodgers-mimicking-pep-2709767 Wonder how I would go about replicating something similar to this? Would two mezzalas with a DM-D behind them replicate the movement? I do love the idea of two creative midfielders roaming in the final third trying to create overloads but have struggled to get it to work.
  5. This happened to me in 2022 for the Qatar world cup and it destroyed my season. I had Europa League qualifiers (about 4 rounds of them) along with three games every week starting in July! By the time the break for the WC came around (November IIRC) I had played 36 matches, my squad were ruined.
  6. Sometimes I feel like I've finally understood the game then posts like this come along. Even in the few posts you've written @herne79 you've given me a lot of ideas on how to refine my tactic. Thank you
  7. I beat them quite a bit with a poor Cardiff team by sitting off them and playing very narrow in defence. Hit them on the break down the flanks, my record is 3 wins 2 draws and 1 loss against Emery. They don't play with any wingers and rely on the width of the FBs, leaves so much space it's comical.
  8. If you've managed to get our dreadful team challenging for the title in the first season and you're unhappy then you should probably stop playing FM lol. Post your set-up. What signings have you made? Our defence is very slow and lack mental attributes whilst our midfielders are battlers and not so creative anyway.
  9. What are your front threes work rate, stamina and teammwork attributes? Are they good enough to play a high press
  10. That's a habit OP has. Go through many threads on this forum and he/she will offer very basic advice on what you should do and not why you do should do it. FM is too complex for hard and fast rules, OP needs to reassess the way they give out advice because it's terrible for new players or inexperienced players who are looking for help.
  11. I don't want to sound rude, but the person you're replying to is constantly offering very weird advice all over this forum.
  12. Chelsea played a 3-4-3 and scored 85 goals that season, with Hazard playing out of skin and Costa getting 20 goals. What on earth are you on about
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