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  1. Loads wrong here. I've used the 4-3-3 pretty much for the last 10 years and I'll give some observations. Unless your 8's (the two CMs) are technically limited, you don't need a DLP in this formation. A DLP as a DM works well if you have two engines in front, but if you have players capable of playing as an AP/RPM/Mez you should utilise these roles as they'll help your attack more than a static DLP will. WBS and Wingers are hard coded to stay wide and cross, yes you have low crosses ticked but let's be realistic, most of these low crosses will either be blocked or get nowhere near Lowe. If the cross is floated over then you've lost possession because Lowe cannot win aerial battles. Like others have said, you need players closer to him, getting into the half spaces and in the box. Also I've just checked Lowe's attributes, get him off the CF role immediately cause he's not good enough. He's probably better on the flank but if you have no-one else up front, then an AF is better suited for him. Shorter passing is just a waste, you have players out wide so you need to find them. Your players will pass around your third trying to work the ball up the pitch then ultimately lose it when there's no pass on as your support in the final third is so poor. Your tactic is too sterile with the ball and has bad support all over the pitch, @YAMShas great role advice, take that on board and you'll be flying
  2. Well if you have a lot of the ball and aren't defending much they won't do a whole lot. The DM-D is a fairly vanilla role, they will win the ball back and protect the back 4 and won't take many risks with their passes. As long as he's winning the tackles that he has to, or is marking the correct players I don't know what else he can do (maybe there's an argument to be made that the ME should factor things like marking and pressing into ratings? idk). If your defence is solid and he's playing well in your eyes I wouldn't be bothered about his rating. I usually play a DLP-D in the DM role and he can get really high ratings solely because he will ping accurate long passes across the pitch, I don't think his defensive actions are really factored in that much
  3. Your tactic is set up for quick transitions from front to back rather than keeping the ball. The BPD will be risky with his passing and sometimes will bypass your entire midfield with a pass (also Tah has appalling vision and subpar passing, I'd take him off this role, he will give the ball away a lot). Your DLP has few options, either he passes to the advancing WB or he goes backwards. How many touches does the Mez get? I have a feeling he'll go missing in this set up but correct me if I'm wrong. The AF is a good role in this system but he won't help your build up as much as the DLF-A would. The counter instruction doesn't make much sense to me. On attacking with a high line you are pressed into the oppositions half, where is the space to counter? I'd take off the counter instruction, rethink the two midfield roles (I personally prefer an AP as one of the 2 in a 4-3-3 rather than a DLP) and try out a DLF-A to see if he can help your build up. On attacking your players will be very risk with the ball, even with the shorter passing enabled. The WBs definitely have high individual mentality so they won't try and recycle the ball.
  4. Yes. You have to take into account that this will affect their fitness for the next game. This isn't to say you can't implement some form of pressing, but counter pressing is very extreme and it requires a ton of attributes to pull of consistently. Your players just aren't good enough to do it. Don't think of it as you copying others, the advice in those threads will help you put a tactic together and help you better understand how the roles/instructions work together. TI - Team instruction @Prolix Has described mentality better than I ever could. No, they'll stick to what their role tells them to do (the risk they take will be determined by the mentality you set). Simple is better in FM. It's a common mistake users will make, they'll pick a ton of instructions without really knowing how they'll work in function with their players and roles. I would stick to no instructions for now and only adjust based on what's happening in your match. Say you aren't getting the ball you can up the pressing and defensive line. Or your players are moving the ball too slowly, up the tempo. Only until you are managing better players would I bother with trying to implement a particular style of football (this is just my opinion based on my own experience managing lower level teams). No worries
  5. I might be wrong (and providing you with outdated knowledge) but star ratings are based on how good they are in comparison to your squad. They don't indicate the quality of the player relative to other players in the game world. Also you have to factor in the assistants JPA/JPP attributes, if they are low he's not going to be a good judge of player. I've had to google what the hell the I Lyga is and it's the Lithuanian 2nd tier? Your players, however good they appear on the reports are still terrible in the grand scheme of things. Your players stamina is average for the league, so how will they manage to play at a high tempo and counter press for 90 minutes? You'd be lucky to get 20 minutes out of them before they are knackered and give up. I wouldn't say you dominated that game either, the opposition had a higher shots on target ratio than you, while you had 23 shots I guarantee most were long range howlers because of your tempo and mentality. They definitely took advantage of your lack of defensive cover in the middle and ripped you apart, something you will find happening often with set ups like this. There's a lot wrong here with the TIs and roles so I won't go over everything (have you read the stickied threads? there's a lot to read but it will help you massively), but I will give you some advice. First is drop all the TIs, they are conflicting and do not suit your team in the slightest. You are managing rubbish players that can barely run, pass, dribble and shoot, things have to be basic for them. Get defensive cover in the middle, your current set up sees the CM-S (support role due to your mentality) just sit there and not do much and the mez will go off on his own up the pitch and leave your midfield wide open. CM-D/BWM-D/DLP-D (though I doubt you have a player capable of being a playmaker) are all good holding roles that will provide balance in the middle. The other midfielder should ideally be a support role in this formation, one that doesn't get too far forward so he can create a pivot in the midfield with his mate, this will allow the full backs to get higher up whilst protecting the defence at the same time. In fact a CM-S could work here alongside a defensive role, try it out and see how he gets on, you can always customize his PIs if you want him to do anything specific. As for your question about the assistant asking you to change mentality, he's doing it because you are not clear favourites for the next game FM is giving you a hint that you might get turned over because you are too attacking. I wouldn't say follow this advice all the time, but at this level it's probably ideal to listen because the difference in players isn't much, so if you play an open style you are going to get beat because your players can't pull it off against similar quality players. Don't think of mentality in FM as "positive means positive football", it means your players will take more risks on the ball. You can play 'attacking' football on the cautious mentality if you set the roles and TIs up in a certain way. Staying on the mentality topic, I'd probably drop it to balanced (you might be able to get away with positive against the worst teams in the league but every game? You will struggle) for now and have a clean slate tactically, only adding things situationally depending on whats happening in game. You can't really commit to this style of play at this level.
  6. I think your flanks are too one dimensional, two wingers will start wide and come inside to do what exactly? The WB-A will go very high and very wide and throw in crosses but to who? Your AF is going to be lonely in the box. You could probably do with a IF-A/S on one of the flanks. I personally don't like the WB-A role, I feel they have a ton of hardcoded instructions which makes them really basic. They will always dribble up the pitch and cross from the byline, rarely are they involved in possession and building attacks (I don't know if you have a player who switches the ball to the other flank, if you don't I feel the WB-A roles are even more redundant). They aren't bad roles in isolation (I have great success using them in a back 3 system) but I do prefer the WB-S or the simple FB role. You have to account for the WB's aggression when defending, Bellerin isn't the best defensively so if he doesn't win the initial tackle your flank may be completely exposed, I'd keep an eye on that (the WB will position themselves a little higher than a FB to win the ball back). You definitely need to address the two attacking wingers though, both have pretty crap average ratings so they aren't contributing enough. Take a look in the analysis tab and see what exactly are they doing, are they getting the ball? If they are what are they doing with it? I also wonder why you have very high engagement and DL's but almost no pressing? Do you have individual pressing for some of the attackers? If not then you need to sort that out because you are exposing your defence to long balls.
  7. Im sorry but Messi is not a regista. Maybe it can work but not in a system like this where you have no cover in midfield. If you want two roaming 8s you need someone to sit, cover and recycle play. that should be the DM's job but you also want him to roam up and down the pitch instead. The shorter passing is killing any attacks you'll have too, Messi, Pedri and De Jong can pass so why limit them to much shorter passing?
  8. I think in that tactic you are too cautious if anything, a lower LOE with a balanced mentality will likely see you too deep. You would be allowing the Sheffield Utd WBs to advance too much into your own half I had a quick look at Spurs squad earlier, they have a good midfield to play a 4-3-3 and utilise a mid-block with some counter pressing (honestly it's undeniable the game favours it so I feel it's daft to not use it if your players are capable), Hojberg is a good ball winner and Lo Celso is surprisingly competent defensively. This way you can protect the cart horses in defence while engaging the opposition a bit so they aren't dominating you. I think with a 4-3-3 you can free Ndombele and allow him to link up with the front 3 (which if you can get Bale/Son fit you have arguably the best front three in the PL). You just haven't got the balance right in either set up. Both tactics are too predictable but the difference is one you are exposing your slow defence and the other you are set up too passively (especially for a club like Spurs, this is essentially what got Jose fired). In fairness Spurs get beat by average sides now and then, their squad in the first season is pretty shocking and needs a bit of work. If you can stick at it and try to make a tactic based on the advice you're given here I think you can make it work long term
  9. You're just changing things for the sake of it now, why wing play exactly? This tactic looks like the other one instead now you have Dele in a more mobile role and you're playing kick and rush football. The wing play preset doesn't have an AP in the middle so why have you chosen it? He's hardly going to see much of the ball (plus you've fallen into the trap of having limited numbers in the box again) You are motivating me to try a save with Spurs, I feel you're completely misusing the squad tbh
  10. Eric Dier is beyond slow, there's no way you will get away with playing him in a high line. You have two wingers yet want to work ball into box, if they do cross (which the aforementioned TI looks to reduce) then they have one target which is Kane, if he doesn't win the ball then you're just wasting time and possession. Two static playmakers is going to isolate Kane. I don't like regroup with this formation, you have players high up the pitch so why not counter press? If you don't like counter press then just leave that particular TI alone, you don't have to pick one or the other. It's pretty obvious why you lost this game, Kane is isolated, your wingers are crossing to one player (who is up against three), they counter down your flanks and put balls over your high line (I repeat, Eric Dier cannot play in a high line) and Mousset exploits the space. I seriously cannot see how you'd create chances with this tactic other than crossing (which your own TI is trying to stop). The tiki taka preset does not have wingers as recommended roles for the 4-2-3-1, so you've chose these roles yourself. Can you explain why? Because Dele is not a playmaker, Ndombele has excellent dribbling and flair but poor defensive attributes, so he's wasted as a static deep midfielder, you'd want him carrying the ball surely? You're massively overcomplicating things I think. Your players don't fit their roles and you have poor support all over the pitch. What football do you want to play?
  11. No problem 👍 Any more questions please ask
  12. The winger is a cross heavy role and you don't have many players directly attacking the box, with the WB (who is told to cross often) and a winger on the same flank you'll likely see a lot of lost possession from aimless crosses. An IF-A will cut inside and combine well with the DLF who is dropping deep, with the DLF's movement this should create space for the IF to run in to. Hope this helps
  13. These formations live and die by the quality of the FBs, if they are bad going forward this system is a non starter unfortunately. I had a great Chelsea team which dominated for 3 seasons playing a 5-2-1-2 but that's because my two wingbacks were world class and had no weakness, whenever they were out of the team we really struggled because I could never get good enough backups. I don't like Play out of defence in in back threes because the TI pulls your midfield deep to help build up, in a system that already has 3 players in that zone do you really need more dropping in? I feel you will isolate the strikers. Having your GK distribute to your CBs is much better, especially if one of them has decent passing, they can initiate attacks from deep without the need to slowly build up and potentially lose the ball due to the high press. Your midfield is way too cautious, you don't need two defend duties in there, one is enough (I'd take a BWM over a CM-D because the BWM is more aggressive and will help win the ball higher up, you can afford this aggression with the 3 CBs) I'd personally move one of the CMs into the AM position if you have a player who can play there, the Mez isn't adding anything to your midfield. A BWM-D/DLP/AM is a good balance but play around with the players you have. Work ball into box reduces crosses, that's the opposite of what you want here, likewise with the shorter passing, you're just limiting your options when you have aggressive runners (Mez, WBs, AF). I'd leave it on standard. But before you do any of that, refer to the first point about your WBs actual quality. Can they dribble, cross, are they fast? Do they have stamina and work rate to get up and down the flank for 90 minutes? If their attributes are low in these areas you should reconsider your system and perhaps move toward a system with wingers, especially if you want to play possession football (which your TIs indicate)
  14. With your LOE/Mentality combination he has no space to work in. Perhaps drop the LOE to standard and change his role to a support duty. I am not sure what his individual mentality would be on support but it's worth a try. Also the CF role is very demanding, I know Parrot develops nicely in Fm20 but I have no idea what he's like in 21, how good is he for you? Does he have the right attributes to play the role?
  15. What exactly is that based on? I'm not sure how you've read the OP and come away with this advice tbh, by all accounts the AP is working fine but the game isn't reflecting that with the player ratings.
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