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  1. If you've managed to get our dreadful team challenging for the title in the first season and you're unhappy then you should probably stop playing FM lol. Post your set-up. What signings have you made? Our defence is very slow and lack mental attributes whilst our midfielders are battlers and not so creative anyway.
  2. What are your front threes work rate, stamina and teammwork attributes? Are they good enough to play a high press
  3. Bluebird123

    Useful hints on roles and duties in 4-2-3-1

    That's a habit OP has. Go through many threads on this forum and he/she will offer very basic advice on what you should do and not why you do should do it. FM is too complex for hard and fast rules, OP needs to reassess the way they give out advice because it's terrible for new players or inexperienced players who are looking for help.
  4. Bluebird123

    playmakers in a fast paced side

    I don't want to sound rude, but the person you're replying to is constantly offering very weird advice all over this forum.
  5. Chelsea played a 3-4-3 and scored 85 goals that season, with Hazard playing out of skin and Costa getting 20 goals. What on earth are you on about
  6. Bluebird123

    United States Tactics?

    What's more bizarre, the OP's post or this randomly being bumped from 3 weeks ago?
  7. Bluebird123

    Wales at Euro 2016 (Highly Structured)

    O-Zil didn't play with Wales at the 2016 Euros, he played the World Cup
  8. Bluebird123

    Extremely poor away form

    It's quite obvious isn't it? Why do some people on here act so hostile to people who are asking for help. Anyway OP, you are trying too many TIs in conjecture with the control mentality. Much higher D line plus control will see your D line at its highest possible setting, I'd take that off as all you're doing is inviting attacks. Ask yourself is your team really good enough to try and dominate teams away from home, if the answer is no try and go back to basics for the away games. Try and be tighter and more conservative
  9. Bluebird123

    Old is Gold

    Really wonderful thread OP, has given me a lot of ideas for a new tactic. Have always been fascinated with making a 4-4-2 work consistently
  10. Real shame this thread has been derailed
  11. Bluebird123

    3. The Italian Foxes

    I think you definitely have Vardy and Okazaki the wrong way round.
  12. Nothing really to add other than I'm so thankful for this thread, I've been playing a 4-3-3 with two outright wingers and a poacher through the middle and am having a lot more success than my usual DLF-s with inside forwards. The poacher really isn't as limited as I thought it'd be
  13. Rashidi made a fantastic video on how he sets up against the United 4-2-3-1, since I saw that video it opened my eyes to a lot of the weaknesses the system has and how easy it is to nullify and beat it. Seriously recommend watching it. Would link the video but not at my PC atm, just search for it on his channel.
  14. What gives with the derailing of threads? The other United thread was derailed by some of the same people and it's happening here. Hopefully it doesn't discourage the OP from posting further updates to his thread