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  1. I get you're trying to help but please stop being so obtuse. He wants a full back and sit narrow to the CBs while the other full back attacks down the flank. So the full back is the third CB, not the Halfback. It couldn't be any simpler than that.
  2. I don't even understand what a carrillero does in a system with wingers. I may be off base here but surely it's a redundant role? I'd only ever use it in a lone wide man system. Experienced Defender is right, you won't keep the ball with your tempo settings, you're rushing your players for no reason. A winger isn't great for possession (plus Pepe as a winger? he has 10 crossing.. get him cutting inside and scoring, that's what he good at), he's high and wide and probably has the CWB getting in his way. Your players are really disjointed, the Anchor man is going to sit really deep while the mez will stay high in the half space and the carrillero probably does nothing, no-one is recycling the ball when your attacks inevitably break down. Also how good is a BPD going to be on a high mentality? He's going to be very risky with the ball, probably dribbling it up the pitch and smacking it into the flanks, not good for keeping the ball. I would definitely go back through that City match and see how many passes he had, if he's constantly giving the ball away then change the role to a CD You should definitely rethink your mentality, maybe drop it to control and definitely reduce the tempo. Put someone central in the midfield as well, someone who can build attacks with the mez, maybe an AP or DLP? It depends on if you prefer playmakers or not. ALso how good is Luis in your game? I've seen him develop into an incredible passer of the ball (in my save he has 15+ for vision, first touch, passing, technique, work rate), maybe he's too limited as an anchor man.
  3. So I'm managing Arsenal in 2027 and have just been offered an interview for the SV Sandhausen job?? They're in Bundesliga 2. First off, they couldn't afford to buy out my contract if I were interested Second, I didn't apply for the job Third my manager reputation is double that of the club itself. Probably the strangest thing to happen to me on FM in years.
  4. Plenty of people care mate. It's not enjoyable winning games creating no chances and bundling in a set piece, some of us play this game to try and implement our ideal football and when it's not working then we want answers. He didn't say anything about a plug'n'play so why are you mentioning 'exploit tactics'?, he just wants help. But he does need to post his tactic first obviously.
  5. How good are those front 4 at pressing? What's their work rate, stamina, bravery? I see a lot of generic "split block" advice on here, but if your forward players are lazy and won't run, you are just asking to be overwhelmed by good teams.
  6. Are you still playing Woods/Allen in the middle?
  7. no they aren't. in real life they are literally the same formation because the way FM interprets formations isn't the same as IRL.
  8. what is with my wide players stopping on the touchline and losing the ball? i see it at least every 3 or so games and it results in either a CCC or a goal. They'll have a cross field ball pinged to them, then they'll stop (turn I assume, I'm not watching in 3d) and the opposition disposes them and my flank is empty. Next time it happens I am going to watch it in 3d because there is no explanation for this happening other than a buggy match engine
  9. FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.06 20.41.47).dmpFM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.06 21.02.46).dmpFM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.06 20.56.56).dmp
  10. how do i set my head of youth development to bring in regens like I could in previous games? My DoF is doing it currently and I have no idea how to change it
  11. Meddling it's an open forum mate, your advice is open to criticism. I did offer advice, and that is to ignore people who rattle off the "one dimensional setup" advice. It's not helpful in the slightest, although the rest of your advice is sound and worth taking into account. Don't take it so personally.
  12. You don't know the players PPMs so it's best not to give advice like this
  13. You have a habit of doing this. Someone wants to recreate a specific tactic and you give advice (which is usually sound) which has nothing to do with the tactic the OP wants to recreate. Lauren was definitely not an inverted wingback and Vieria was definitely not a carrielo
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