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  1. Real time scanning in the antivirus programme.
  2. fm 2018

    Check with the company that you bought it from.
  3. Players having opinions about how other players are treated I can understand. What is well overplayed in the game IMO is that other players will overreact and make this an issue with the manager when it is really not their concern. I wonder how many employees in a work environment would go to their line manager and complain that their mate wasn't getting enough overtime or had his holiday request turned down? This module in the game needs some serious work
  4. Upgrade PC RAM

    1. RAM above 4GB is not a necessity but is recommended. 2. No one will know the exact time of the beta release till it is announced but Friday is the expected date, but with no time specified.
  5. lower game speed

    With a new machine there can often be a load of bloatware installed that will load at start up and use the machine resources and so affect the star performance guide. Since this is only a snapshot, judge the game speed by how it runs, but I would certainly have a look at what applications are loaded when you boot the computer and turn off all but the essential ones.
  6. If you think that deliberately circumventing the swear filter and discussing bodily functions is what this forum is about then you are wrong and that is why the posts were removed ( as if you didn't know )
  7. Good- thanks for letting us know.
  8. We suggest trying each of the following. After each stage is done, try the game again before trying the next one. If you still have issues, move onto the next suggestion and complete it. Please do try them all - if you skip a step you may not resolve your issue. - Make sure your Graphics Card drivers and installed and fully up to date - If running on a laptop with dual graphics cards, make sure they are configured for the correct card to run with FM - Make sure your Anti-Virus isn’t interfering with Steam or FM as this can cause problems when installing or launching the game - Make sure your Windows Updates, DirectX and Net Framework are installed and up to date - Make sure any conflicting programs have been uninstalled
  9. We all know where this thread is intended to lead, but its not going where the last 3 posts were heading, so keep it sensible.
  10. That is the problem- you have a pirate copy and this is what happens. You cannot expect to come onto the developer's forum and get help when you have pirated the game. Buy the game and you will get all the help you need
  11. I am sure that increases in your reputation are linked to success and trophies on the field, so that is the only way to increase it
  12. The full terms of the FM 18 discount offer was published on August 18th and ended on October 9th as laid out below: Anyone who pre-purchases Football Manager 2018 (for PC, Mac or Linux) through a SEGA approved digital retailer* will be given access to a fully-playable Beta version two weeks before the official release date. As in previous years, single player careers started in the Beta can be continued on in the full game. In addition, fans who pre-purchase Football Manager 2018 (before Monday, October 9th) and have Football Manager 2017 in their Steam Library will receive a 'Contract Extension Bonus' discount of 25% off their purchase via Steam or the SEGA Store.
  13. Sounds like you have set the Assistant Manager to control the first team games. Check what is set in the staff responsibilities screen
  14. Hi, Gemma There is a thread specifically to help users like yourself, so post in here with an idea of your budget and the users in there will give you some ideas
  15. Have you used a custom or edited database?