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  1. I think that the OP wants some proof that it is included in the FM 17 game.
  2. There was also a thread on here where a user indicated that not having the option to decide how many players take a kick off was the stupidest thing he had ever heard of Every one to their own
  3. Check the currency that has been set in preferences. This can also happen if you edit the game finances
  4. I am starting to get a feeling of deja vu about some of the posts in this thread- I wonder why?
  5. If the break is confirmed in real life, it will be in the game.
  6. Please look or post in the Technical and Crashes sub forum of the FM 17 Bugs forum
  7. As has been said above, you really need to take this you with the retailer that sold you the game- you dont need to buy it again but will need to chase them up via their website or their forums.
  8. Please post any Data errors in the relevant sub forum of the FM 17 Bugs forum
  9. Right guys, stick to the topic please and cut out the bickering.
  10. If you think it is worth changing then post in the Features Suggestion thread with the link at the top of the forums and the SI staff will read it there.
  11. There have been no updates to FM 16 that I am aware of.
  12. If you click on the quit game option in the drop down menu you will be given the option to save or not- you dont have to save any game.
  13. This is all discussed at length in the Features video thread, so look and ask in there please.
  14. Set the saving option in preferences to the rolling 3 game autosave, set weekly and you will only ever have 3 saves stored.
  15. Check carefully that the supplier you are buying from will give you access to the beta as not all of them will,