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  1. To my knowledge, the original contract terms will take precedent over any later possible changes, so the deal for him to leave will be cancelled if you are promoted and then take up the extra year option
  2. Personally I have never used the editor, so best to ask in the Editor's Hideaway forum for help with this.
  3. If you wish an issue like this to be fixed, you need to report it in the relevant Bugs forum thread with pkms of the matches and probably a save as well
  4. You have clearly done all the steps that others would recommend and it is almost certain that the issue is caused by the custom data. Given the number of edits, I doubt that anyone could help with identifying the problem, I'm afraid.
  5. As a forum moderator, I do not have the information to give you as to the current situation regarding your issues- only the SI staff have that information.
  6. You will never get a consensus on a question like this, which is why the developers provide a free demo for you to try and then you can make up your own mind. Of course there will be some issues that have been reported and for one reason or another have not been fixed, but these do not necessarily mean that you cant get enjoyment out of it, so best to decide for yourself.
  7. Many of players attributes are down to the opinion of the researcher, so if you have data or proof to back up your opinion, then please raise it in the relevant Data Issues thread.
  8. Nobody can be sure what will be in an update, but historically the last one in March is usually just the final few late transfers from the Chinese and Russian leagues ( which will require a new save ) and there may be a few game changes, but these will be included only if they are causing major gameplay issues at the moment and that is unlikely.
  9. For clarification for GD users here is the content of a recent post from Andrew James of the SI team regarding the youth intake issue and the fix implemented in the latest update: The latest update 21.3.0 contains fixes aimed at improving Youth Intake numbers for both active and inactive leagues, as well as maintaining the long term total player count in saves. All changes are save game compatible. We have introduced a stricter "minimum value" for the amount of players per intake. This means that top flight clubs should receive at least 8 players in every intake, with lower division
  10. The final update will likely only have the last data changes only.
  11. Interestingly, I have often found that the initial pre offer scout report will mention injury proneness if it is above a certain attribute level, so it may be worth checking them out as well.
  12. I have deliberately not gone for the kill when well ahead in a domestic game just before a big European match, but have never thrown a match in CM/FM
  13. It could just be that your current squad has higher than usual hidden attributes for injury proneness and lower than normal natural fitness? However, look at the team and player instructions, particularly intense closing down and hard tackling as these can both lead to more injuries. More often than not it is worth subbing off a player with a slight knock injury as they can often make it worse by staying on. Maybe make earlier substitutions for players whose condition is dropping. Look also at the attributes of the fitness coaches, have 1 for each fitness category and get the best quality
  14. That doesn't sound right or believable- I suggest that you report it as a bug please
  15. Closed as the OP has now posted in the correct thread
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