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  1. No issues with debate, but this is descending into petty bickering so please stick to the topic and move on.
  2. By all mans raise your criticism of the game or some of its aspects- however, do not use that language or get personal about the developers or their staff. You will not get any more warnings.
  3. There is no way to reverse an update, without going back to a previous windows backup point. Be aware, however, that the last update was only a small fix to game stability and there were no changes to the game code.
  4. The zoom options in FM 19 are only those that are available from the preferences menu.
  5. No- you will be allowed to access any of the transfer revenue that will be received in the current year.
  6. This will probably be a question that will be unanswerable, but what game and version are you talking about?
  7. I know that you have mentioned not using any third party updates- does that include any custom databases or edited databases?
  8. I think that if you go to the players transfer status screen, you can change his squad status there. The issue with not being able to fine is because the game is making the decision for you as to when you can fine or warn, This has been reported as an issue that needs to change.
  9. Forum admin have advised that it appears to be fixed now.
  10. Your account did get caught in error during the banning of the spam bot. I have advised the forum admin of the circumstances so please bear with us till this is sorted
  11. Unfortunately that would suggest that your save has been corrupted and will be lost- sorry
  12. All we can say is that the beta will be released when it is ready and that usually is around 2 weeks before the main game release
  13. Yes, I understand your plans, but it would require the whole module to be rewritten to include the ability to spend your money on things that you want like a coaching course and I doubt that this will happen.
  14. Currently this wouldn't be possible to do this while unemployed as the cost is borne by your employing club. This would mean a full module rewrite to use your own money and SI have always said that this would not be included in the game. I can see where you are coming from but it would appear to be unlikely to be changed.
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