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  1. needed password

    Please advise the full game version and I will be able to help you.
  2. AS has been said above, unless you are performing badly, there is almost no chance of you being sacked if there is a takeover. What you are seeing now is press speculation and given the circumstances you describe your sacking is very unlikely.
  3. If the error is with the database, then only the creator can resolve it. Try starting a new save with only the default database and holiday through to the problem date and see if it creates the fixtures. If it does, then you know here the issue lies.
  4. It is the weekend, so please be patient till the SI staff return to work on Monday
  5. Have you used the editor or are using a custom database?
  6. Crash dump before match start

    The timing of that error message would suggest that the problem is with the computer graphics. Start by updating the graphics card driver.
  7. Kernel event errors usually signify a possible issue with the computer's power. Is there a number shown in the error message?. If so, put the full error message into Google and you can find suggestions to fix there.
  8. Which antivirus are you using? @BibBobJoylove- please open your own thread for help with this
  9. FM 15 Crush dump

    What game version are you using?
  10. SI do not provide retrospective databases- if you look in the Editor's Hideaway forum you will get more info
  11. Crash everytime

    This could be a hardware issue if the whole machine is shutting down and it could be due to an overheat. Which of the 2 graphics card is set for default for FM?- the AMD one looks as if it needs the driver updated