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  1. You asked about the game- my answer was about how FM handles crowds. Realistically, I cant see many OF fans giving up watching their team to go and watch Albion Rovers, regardless of what level they are playing at.
  2. Apart from the size of the stadium, there are local population restraints on how large your home crowds will be regardless of on-field success. The geography of that area, the impact of the Old Firm and other league teams will mean that there will be a limit as to how big the crowds will be for your team. Crowds will grow with success but it will be slow and very unlikely to be measured in 10s of thousands
  3. The editor has not been released yet, so this wont be known.
  4. It is not a data change, so it should be fixed with your next game update
  5. The option to turn it on and off is available at the new save set up
  6. This is a sensitive subject but is going quickly off track, so I will close this just now pending some input from the developers.
  7. The frustration is well understood, but the background information that SI have in order to make this decision is not available to us. It is a decision that is not taken easily, but we must respect that it has been taken for all the right reasons. We also have to respect that fact that we cant discuss ways of getting round license issues on the forums
  8. Please report these in the relevant Data Issues forum as they wont get seen here
  9. This is set by the game and cant be turned off as far as I know. I dealt with the tech side of the games for over a decade and you have no idea how many times this feature helped users whose game crashed and they didn't have any backup at all.
  10. If you think that this is a bug then please report it in the relevant bugs forum
  11. Like most of the minor changes, we will get used to it with use.
  12. Are they waiting for a Work Permit application of have they just not accepted the job offer?
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