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  1. FrazT

    My leaky defense

    Please use the Tactics and training forum and give as much detail as you can including the game version
  2. FrazT

    windows vista

    If the game works for FM 18, it should also work with FM 19, but you may need to adjust the graphics detail
  3. The issue with the foreign player limit in Turkey is known and the SI staff are aware of it
  4. FrazT

    Need help urgently!!!

    Yes- as DD says that sounds like what has happened
  5. FrazT

    Help Needed

    Amazon should have sent the code to you by email. Try your spam folder in case it has gone there. If not, you will need to chase them up.
  6. At what point does it stop/crash? Is it the same date? Are you using a custom database? Your graphics card driver is 6 years old, so start by updating that
  7. You have 2 cards showing on your report and both of them are not showing an up to date driver. Assuming that the NVidia one is set as default, start by updating that one first.
  8. FrazT

    live friendlies?

    You should be able to watch them as long as you take control of them. If you leave it to your assistant it will be played in the background.
  9. You have been advised where to post issues, so this will be closed
  10. You didnt specify anything in your post, so how am I supposed to know you are not new to the game?.
  11. FrazT

    Crash delete

    Can you please start by reading this thread: https://community.sigames.com/topic/448288-read-me-what-to-do-if-i-encounter-any-kind-of-crash/
  12. FrazT

    team wants to talk

    Seems unusual- maybe they have had second thoughts- probably a bug but you may have to wait till you get a second message about it
  13. Go to preferences and select full screen
  14. The current beta will be a newer version with more running bug fixes included, but at the moment, we dont know which version of the game the alpha one was, but it was from some time ago