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  1. My comment was not directed at any one user, but as a general warning
  2. SI are well aware of the reports about the effectiveness of wingers in certain formations and have said it will be be reviewed for FM 17.
  3. Ok- lets stick to the topic and cut out the bickering please
  4. If the game wasnt crashing before adding the graphics then it is likely that they are causing the issues. Remove them all, see if it runs OK then add them back one at a time .
  5. Go to the following location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2016 When you have the FM.exe right-clicking on the shortcut link and go to 'properties'. Within that screen select the 'compatibility' tab and select compatibility mode (if you're on Windows 7, try the Windows 7 options).
  6. Have you read and actioned this thread? -
  7. What happens if you save and exit, then reload? Do you have a recent backup?
  8. I have never heard of being able to roll back to a previous version in steam- why not stick with 16.3.2?
  9. Shut down the game and steam and then try again.
  10. The impact of full backs in certain formations and instructions has been reported before and is under review and will be looked at in future versions
  11. At the time when the Brazil update was released, SI did post that the changes were due to licensing issues, so it wasnt hidden. I am not sure what else they could say that would be any clearer for you though.
  12. Downgrading squad status in mid contract can be fraught with danger, depending on the personality of the player The player will say that they signed a contract with a specified squad status and you should honour that contract. The rest of the squad may also react badly to how you are treating the player, so if you have talked him round, not worth it IMO.
  13. There has always been a bit of a mystery about how GKs are rated- I recall a pre-season game from about 15 years ago when my team won 13-0 against our amateur feeder team, every player on my team got a rating of 9 or over and my keeper who didnt have a shot on target to deal with got 9.5! At the moment, however, I have a very successful team but the 2 lowest rated players in my squad are the 2 GKs, despite the lack of opposition goals.
  14. Yes it does happen, but the club making the approach will often get into trouble with the authorities for doing this.
  15. This is a different issue , so please open your own thread.