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  1. Any reason that you are not using the latest game version- are you using steam?
  2. Did you update your graphics card driver as suggested?
  3. Yeah- the problem is almost certainly the simming for the first year, so you will need to start from scratch to earn your squad's respect and that can be a long process, especially if your starting reputation is not high.
  4. If its any consolation, there won't be many users on here who haven't lost a save for one reason or another without having a recent backup, but we all live and learn.
  5. Any power cut while the game is running or saving will have corrupted that save and it will be unrecoverable I'm afraid. By all means try the tips in the link that CFuller has mentioned, but it is likely that you will need to go back to the last backup. I always suggest that users use the rolling 3 game autosave and set it to weekly and you will always have at least 2 recent backups, should there be any future issues.
  6. Have you worked your way through this thread?
  7. If it is happening at match time, that would suggest a graphics issue- can you start by updating your graphics card driver
  8. Steam have announced that there has been a steam update released to stop this happening- you will need to go online to get the update but should be able to go back offline after that
  9. I dont know if there is another way, but this is what works for me and it takes about 1 minute per game
  10. Although my reserves are run by their own manager, I select the team on the tactics screen the day before the game and he runs the game with my team- this works for me.
  11. SI have confirmed in the thread below that it is a steam issue- there is also a workaround that a user has found in this thread:
  12. Are you running W10? Do you have MSI Afterburner or any other overclocking application installed?