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  1. fm18 how to change the score card?

    Please explain what you mean by "change the score card"
  2. Every Player Wants to Leave

    Just out of curiosity, what was your starting status as the manager, as this can have a large effect on your top players?
  3. Scenario A third of the way through my second season and I use a regular rotation system for my first team squad. I have 2 DLs, one who is a senior player, the club captain and on a first team contract, and one who is a 21 year Spaniard in his first year in the first team squad, on a backup contract. I have played 22 games so far and they each have played 11. Obviously there have been a number of CL qualifiers and group games that my captain has played, but the backup has played 10 out of 12 league games. So guess which one comes and complains about not getting enough first team games? Yes, the backup! I am not too worried because my all-powerful senior players resolved this, but please explain to me how this is coded so that a backup player complains when he has played 50% of available games? Already in this save in year one, about 5 games into the season, I had 2 loan players, recently signed, wanting to be released because they weren't getting enough games, when almost all of the first few games were European qualifying matches where you need to play the strongest team Again, my senior players resolved this but I an struggling to understand why the players have such minuscule tolerance, yet are so easily resolved.
  4. How to do next?

    If you have any further queries, please use the General Discussion forum as this one is for feedback on the forum software.
  5. How to do next?

    You need to open an account with steam then on the steam home page, click on Games and from the drop down menu select "activate a product on steam". Enter your activation code and the game will be downloaded for you. There is a game tutorial available during the introduction screens
  6. Your system is borderline for playing any of the newer games- especially the processor and graphics card. Start by updating the graphics card driver and then try the Demo version of the newer version that you are interested in and if it runs ok ( you may have to reduce the graphics qulaity to get it ot run smoothly) then the actual game will be OK
  7. That would sound like there was a coding error somewhere in the database as all the competition rules and qualifications are normally hard coded. It could be an issue with the custom database that you are using, so maybe ask the creator for help.
  8. Try rolling back to the last driver and then you can narrow down the options
  9. Would this laptop run it?

    Yes , it will be OK- you may need to play around with the graphics settings for optimum performance
  10. Post a dxdiag report and I will have a look at your system
  11. Player Transfer Bug

    Try this: Delete CacheDelete Preference Reverify Cache
  12. Serious Error- crash

    Start bu updating to the latest game version in steam
  13. Ask in the Skinning Hideout for help with this
  14. Are you using a custom database? Does the backup save pass that date?
  15. Crash dump error on start up

    Start by updating to the latest game version in steam