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  1. I dont think that there will be many users who could choose to manage a bitter rival, unless of course they were doing so in order to trash the club.
  2. I cant say if you have been removed or not, but that error code is well known. Try exiting steam, then re enter and select FM 16 beta from the game menu- right click and select verify game files and see if that helps.
  3. What game version are you playing? Date specific crashes are often caused by errors in the database- are you using an edited or custom database?
  4. This is clearly a bug, so if you can open a thread in the Bugs forum and upload a save game then it can be investigated.
  5. Exit steam, ensure that your in online mode in steam then go to the games menu in steam and select FM 2017- the small update should now download.
  6. Since you are using W10, it may be that the default saving destination has been set to one drive- try here to reset this
  7. @Bigpapa42 There are clearly some issues here but in order to get some help, you will need to start a thread in th relevant Bugs forum and upload a save for SI to have a look at as has been asked for before I note that you have now opened a thread, so thanks for that
  8. Check in preferences and see where the default saving location is. What operating system are you running?
  9. I cant change the sticky, but the steam update appears to be only to allow access to the game for 3 days over the weekend with no changes at all to the game code, so I will leave this open for a while and hope that users will read the thread if they are unsure.
  10. SI have said that it is only for the weekend thing
  11. This update is only to cover the free weekend and there have been no changes made to the game.
  12. I suspect that if SI were going to make any updates for older games in order to get round this issue, it would have been done by now. I would say, however, that I am sure that there are still many users still playing pre-16 versions of the game, so there may be ways to get these games to run
  13. Please read the forum headers and open your own thread and you will get help with this.
  14. I have asked SI to advise on this issue.