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  1. The start date will be irrelevant if the renewal has been coded into the game
  2. Yes-the database is still on version 19.1 though
  3. Your system is well below the minimum specs to run the game, I'm afraid.
  4. Sometimes a contract renewal will be hard-coded into the game by the researchers if they consider that it is certain to happen.
  5. This has been covered in the header threads and as has been said by SI multiple times, will not be included in the game https://community.sigames.com/topic/376111-feature-requests-or-discussions/
  6. Yes- if they are loaned to teams in the same country they will be homegrown in country but not in club
  7. I have a feeling that this is working as intended and the summary will only show particular competitions only
  8. If you are using the latest update, I suspect that windowed mode will be the only option for you.
  9. Your system is barely capable of running the game- the graphics card driver is 9 years old, so start by updating to the latest driver. If there is still a problem, have a look through the FAQ thread and see if any of those suggestions help.
  10. What happens if you connect and use a mouse?
  11. It is unlikely to be the touchpad and will be another issue, I suspect. To start with make sure that the graphics card driver is fully updated
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