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  1. info requested

    If you look down the left hand pane there are links to several differnt crash scenarios, so please see if any of that helps and report back.
  2. Please open a new thread for help with this after reading the FAQ thread
  3. Thanks for the feedback What game version are you using? To clarify again- your save games are not stored with the game files, so are not touched in any way by uninstalling. Can you confirm that the you installed using steam and I will find the full instructions for you.
  4. info requested

    Please start by reading through this thread:
  5. Try going on holiday for a day and the game will auto register for you
  6. Please open your own thread for help with this
  7. You will need to post in the correct FM 17 Bugs forum- please read the FAQ thread before posting.
  8. Yeah- if he already gone then there is little that you can do now- if it happens again, as soon as you get the news in the inbox, report it in the Bugs forum with the save at that point , as I am sure that this isnt right.
  9. I agree that this is daft- maybe sack the coach?
  10. I have always tried this at the start of a save, found it to be useless and then never bothered thereafter- maybe with this in mind, I should try again!
  11. FM 16 hasnt been tested on that graphics card, so you may have to try adjusting the graphics settings till you get a smooth running.
  12. Is this on your brother's steam account that it is shared? Please advise further
  13. What game version are you using?- it should be in the form of FMxx.x.x
  14. If the game will not load, that usually means that the save has been corrupted somehow- this can happen if there are any power issues while the game is running or saving. Corrupted games cannot be recovered unfortunately, so the last backup is the only option. It seems strange that the regular backup can stop on its own, so have a browse at the load game page and see if they have been stored somewhere else. Did you notice that the game wasnt saving while you were playing it?
  15. A blue screen under those circumstances does suggest a hardware issue that may need further investigation- try a google search for blue screen to get some ideas to help