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  1. I would suggest that you head over to the Tactics forum, read their guidelines and open a thread in there with as much detail as you can about your team, tactics, formation, instructions etc and they can offer you some help.
  2. Hi, Jose Thanks for the encouragement- it has been pretty frustrating since December when I first had issues with the game not loading and now having seemingly solved that one, I cant get it to play a match without freezing. One further bit of info is that when the game freezes at the start or half time, when opening task manager, the FM is using anything from 1.2- 1.4 GB of memory which surely isnt right?
  3. This is not the place to discuss any players attributes or abilities
  4. Further update: rolling back the driver hasnt made a lot of difference. I have tried all combinations of the 2 cards and the game will load reasonably well and run fine till the first game- somtimes it will start the game with a bit of difficulty, but I cant get the match to start the second half under any circumstances I am close to giving up
  5. Just to confirm that while the screen is stuck at the start match screen, the view of the stadium is moving in the background but the screen will become unresponsive. Just worked out the update has updated my NVidia driver to the August one again, so I will try to go back to the Feb one
  6. Today's update- the good news and the bad news: Good- after today's installation of W 10 anniversary, the FM 16 game loaded normally for the first time for 9 months with only a slight hesitation This was with the GTX card and full screen. Bad- when I got to my first game, the game stuck at the start match screen again and this time wouldn't start at all. After using taskbar and doing a bit of fiddling for a couple of minutes, it started but was already at the 10 minute mark ( key highlights), so it was obviously starting on command, but not showing on the screen. Got to half time and then the game totally refused to start the second half I had to force a shutdown of the game. Current dxdiag sent to Neil by PM
  7. Unless there is an obvious mistake in any player's attributes, it is highly unlikely that there will be any attribute changes till the next transfer window update
  8. Neil- I have replied to your PMs= whilst the issues with FM 16 and 17 are probably linked,as being graphics issues, they are also different
  9. I have had issues with the game loading since Dec and am still using taskbar to load the game, using my GTX 960 graphics card. It will load in windowed mode, but I choose to use full screen in order to use an increased text size and this doesnt work in windowed mode. Now, when I load my save and get to the first match, when I select "start match", it can take anything from 30-75 seconds for the match to start, as if the screen has frozen. Subsequent matches all start instantly. I have cleared the cache etc and adjusted the graphics quality without effect. Once or twice the screen has frozen completely and when using taskbar to end task, the game is using an insane amount of memory. Any suggestions? Also is there any reason that when clicking on either the desktop FM shortcut or the steam shortcut on my desktop, both applications take about 15 seconds to show the "connecting to your steam account "message and then another 30-35 seconds to start loading the game ( or not, in my case). 45-50 seconds isn't long but surely the game should not take this length of time to start loading? All other desktop shortcuts connect instantly
  10. What game version are you running?
  11. It could be that the club has failed the FFP regulations and is therefore banned form the competition?
  12. Background: I know that this version is just about finished but this has been bugging me consistently. I am nearly through me 8th season and have done all pre and post match press conferences myself- at all time calm. In that time, I have never once passed any negative comment on an opposition player, team or manager. At worst I may give a neutral comment and often I dont comment at all. Yet every press conference includes questions about the "war of words" between myself and the opposition manager, including one match last season against a foreign manager that I had never played against! I play it all down pre match, play it down post match and when the next one comes along, there it all is again. I know that the press will try and stir up controversy when none exists, but after 7.5 years, it is becoming really irritating and IMO this needs some serious toning down for FM 17
  13. Please read this and if required post back with a lot more information:
  14. NVidia driver is 362.00 ( full number is dated 23/2/16 Windows version is pre anniversary: W 10 Home 64 bit, 10.0 Build 10586
  15. OK- thanks for this. The web is full of users having lots of issues with the Anniversary version, so it is good to hear of it helping. I couldnt get my FM 16 to run the 3D graphics at all with the new NVidia 372 driver and had to roll it back, but am still using the older W10 version.