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  1. Their decision to close FM Live was well documented and discussed at the time- it is pointless to go over all the same ground again and you asking for an FM boycott is not going to get a lot of support on the developer's forum, I suspect.
  2. FrazT

    Crash Dump

    This forum is for the FM 16 game, so I suggest that you open a new thread in the relevant FM 18 Bugs forum and enclose the dxdiag report and the crash dump file and the SI staff will see it there.
  3. FrazT

    Champions league Prize Money

    If any changes have been confirmed officially, then SI have always said that they will be included in the next available version.
  4. If you have a successful youth squad, I have found it easier to keep them at the club rather than them demanding to go out on loan to sit on the bench at some team 2 divisions below, despite them promising to play them as a key player. As for reputation etc, I doubt it.
  5. SI have always said that rule or competition changes that have been confirmed by the organising association will be included in the first available version of the game to be released, as long as there is time to test it beforehand.
  6. Have any of you guys who are suffering from stuttering in the ME tried changing the camera view? Does it still stutter in the data analyst view, for example?
  7. I will try again: https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/136_technical-support/142_pc/i’ve-encountered-a-crash-dump-message-at-random-points-within-the-game-r438/
  8. My current AM has better attributes than me in some areas, so I let him do the pre-game team preparation and listen to his team talk suggestions, although I take the team talk. 2 of his suggestions that he regularly make are too often not available: Tell the players to carry on from where they left off at the last match Tell the players to go out and prove a point Is this by design or a bug?
  9. This has been highlighted before so hopefully will be looked at in future versions
  10. FrazT

    Extra time

    Whilst I don't pay too much attention to this, I have had a lot of instances of long periods of stoppage time, ( usually when you are hanging onto a 1 goal lead!) but also some at only 1 or 2 minutes, so it appears to be reasonably fair.
  11. @johnkrimi and @bazlowski Please open your own threads for help with these issues.
  12. @bazlowski Please read the FAQ thread and open your own thread for help with this.
  13. Currently in 2021 and watching the improvement in a 21-year-old striker that my HOYD bought at the start of the game for 75K. Gave him a few games last season and now he is up in the first team squad as the no4 striker and doing well. Noted that his in-game value had shot up to around 8 million after giving him a new contract and just at the end of the August transfer window, saw the inbox message that we all love to get: " Chelsea in bid for Smith". Saw the bid was around 20 mill, nearly dropped off my chair, thought that they must want him badly and negotiated to 30 mill, which they accepted.! Had the deal confirmed, spoke to the player to wish him luck etc and then the next item in the inbox was to tell me that Dunfermline ( who the boy had been purchased from ) would be due about 10.5 million due to the 40% of next sale clause in his original purchase! What!! Turns out the HOYD had agreed to this clause, I hadn't checked the details at the time ( although I confirmed the sale) and it had lurked there for years and if it was included in the details of the offer, I had missed that too. My fault, but has anyone else had this type of situation where lack of attention to detail has cost them? I recall playing as MU about 10 years ago(?) not registering Van Nistelrooy for the CL because his name was at the bottom of the squad screen and I neede to scroll down one space to see him and didnt!
  14. We hear about high profile players being described as model professionals because they are in the news. I am sure that there are many, many other model professionals who would get the same praise and title but we dont hear of them because they play in the lower divisions.