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  1. Thanks for this- you have made your point and have had a number of responses from the developers. I am sure that the Tottenham researcher will take all of your points into consideration but eventually the decision is in the hands of the research team and we all must respect that decision, even if we dont agree with it completely.
  2. Personally, I would only look at a player's personality if I was choosing between 2 players with similar attributes. A model citizen with poor attributes is not going to perform on the pitch, so I look upon his personality as more of "off the field" importance and attributes for on the field.
  3. Are you managing an international team and if so, have you loaded all the players from that nation when you started your save? What game version are you using?
  4. His pace is not ideal for a wide player, so maybe as a target man?
  5. SI are the developers of the game but SEGA are the distributors and so I suspect that this point would be best made directly to SEGA. I am sure that there are licensing issues regarding the official site providing links to earlier patches, but they are available on many of the unofficial FM websites
  6. An interesting point that I had not considered at all. It would certainly cut down on the level of frustration for sure, but I suspect that it has gone so far that it couldn't really be allowed to regress at this point
  7. This is clearly a bug- you cannot be criticised for a deal that you didn't do yourself
  8. Your fanbase will determine the stadium size so with that town size, I would have thought that 15000 ( 50% increase) would be correct. I dont think you can see the expandable capacity before the build and I doubt that you can cancel as it is a board decision The cost is not your decision, so you will not see that till the construction starts
  9. I agree that with what has been happening in the world this year, the preparation work required for introducing new leagues will probably have been put on hold, so new leagues are unlikely IMO.
  10. Guys, please just stick to the topic and lets not have another discussion about this mod.
  11. Please use the existing thread for help with this: https://community.sigames.com/topic/457109-new-laptoppc-advice-please-read-the-opening-post/
  12. I agree that the other players do not appear to be ready to move but that is probably a different issue to the taker not reacting.
  13. All feature requests are reviewed- obviously from that point there will be a process to evaluate the desirability or logistics of incorporating them into the game. As to the %- who knows?
  14. FYI- in a penalty situation, the player taking the penalty cannot touch the ball again after taking the penalty until it is touched by another player- so rebounds off the woodwork will require another player to touch it, hence why they stand still. Those are the laws of the game.
  15. There is a specific forum for feature requests, so I will move this to that forum.
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