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  1. It wasn't hidden by a member or Mod, so I can't tell who hid it- it may have been an admin, perhaps in error
  2. The fact that he is a wonderkid may explain this as he may not be able to cope with the pressure. Check his composure attribute, but it might be worth taking him off penalties for a while.
  3. No idea why but the post had been hidden- I have unhidden it for you.
  4. What kind of computer? If it is a Mac, there has been an issue with the last Apple OS update- check the Crashes subforum of the main FM 19 BUgs forum for info.
  5. Exceeding the recommended amount of players will only affect the game and processing speed. It may also cause problems later in the game as the size of your save grows if your machine cannot cope with it and may cause a game crash. It is therefore done at your own risk.
  6. This is not a feature request as such, but a feature removal request. I am playing with my home ground being a 50,000 all-seater stadium and yet in a corner, below the high tech big screen at the pitch side is a burger van and 4 picnic tables ( seating for about 25 of the 50,000 patrons). This may be accepted if the ground is in the bottom tier of the leagues and have a crowd of 3-400, but is frankly ridiculous in a large stadium. Please just leave the space below the screen blank
  7. Try some of the fixes suggested in this thread: https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/136_technical-support/142_pc/i’ve-encountered-a-crash-dump-on-launching-the-game-r433/
  8. Please check the help items in this thread:https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/136_technical-support/142_pc/i’ve-encountered-a-crash-dump-on-launching-the-game-r433/
  9. Why not ask in the Editor's Hideaway forum as that is where then experts hang out?
  10. Buy the game from an established retailer like Amazon where it will be guaranteed to be new, as the game cannot be sold second hand, so places like some eBay sellers should be avoided
  11. https://community.sigames.com/forum/18-skinning-hideout/
  12. You have 2 graphics cards on your machine but I will assume that the NVidia one is default for the game and its driver is well out of date. Start by updating that driver and see if that helps.
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