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  1. I would have thought that this could only be done with one of the editors.
  2. To clarify: Miles never at any point said that the introduction of the women's game would never happen- he did say that it would be evaluated on an ongoing basis but did say that it would not be implemented in a rush.
  3. @Juego de Posicion I have hidden your post as, whist there is fact in some of your comments, it is inflammatory and likely to cause a reaction, which is not what the forum and this thread is about.
  4. This thread has gone past the point where it remains an FM discussion, so it is closed.
  5. You would probably be best to repost this in the relevant Data Issues thread in the Bugs forum
  6. Has this been reported and acknowledged by SI? - check the relevant Bugs forum thread for information
  7. Nothing happened to him- he, like all the Mods, was a volunteer and so he chose to step down as the Tactics Moderator and his decision has been respected.
  8. This is going in a direction that is not needed. If you have made your point of view known, then please just move on. If you want to debate about other issues, then do it by PM and leave this thread for others to comment in.
  9. @TheGreatest You have only just joined but please make sure that you read and understand the forum rules before posting again- particularly this one: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/509042-providing-feedback-and-engaging-with-others/ Your 2 previous posts have been hidden as they clearly do not meet the above guidelines
  10. GKs tend to be at their peak after 30 unlike most outfield players, so it is likely that their development will be at a slightly slower rate than others
  11. Please do not bump your own posts. You asked for a very specific ( and maybe unavailable ) database for a 9 year old game. If you got no replies, then perhaps nobody can help.
  12. It is clearly worth repeating that whether you agree or disagree with the direction that SI have proposed, the forum rules have to be respected and so any other posts that are personally abusive to any other users or SI staff will be quickly removed and infractions will follow.
  13. Check that you haven't set a filter of the scouts or have checked "realistic targets only"
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