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  1. What game version are you using- are you using a third party skin?
  2. Is your antivirus screening the game in real time?
  3. You have already logged this in the Bugs forum, so lets just leave it there
  4. It appears to be fairly clear that if you are using any of the Mac operating systems mentioned in the first sentence, you will need to upgrade to a newer version to be able to access the games in your steam library. If you have any further queries, I suggest that you direct them to steam.
  5. I suspect that nobody will know the full workings of this module and I am only guessing. I doubt that there will be any form of downgrading, but for example, a degree from Oxford or Cambridge will hold more sway that one from a university with a lesser reputation- if you are coaching in Europe, UEFA badges will be more useful. I also doubt that the effect of where your coaching badges are gained will be any more than very minimal.
  6. FrazT

    Ability to revert to previous ME build

    No, this is not possible.
  7. FrazT

    Steam 360 video

    Your existing card is mounted on the motherboard so there is a limit on the upgrade options ( if at all) so again I would say that it is not worthwhile trying to upgrade the card with those existing specs.
  8. This has always happened in FM when any team is successful at the end of multiple competitions and the end of the season is approaching. I suspect that the game code has a season end date coded in and in order to fit in all the fixtures before that date, this tight schedule will ensue.
  9. The coaching badges in Europe are run by UEFA, I think, so would have a good influence if you were managing in a UEFA sanctioned country. I have no idea who runs the coaching qualifications in India, but they make have less influence that badges gained in Europe.
  10. The Brexit scenarios in the game which kick in during the 2019 season, make issues with WPs very difficult and sending players on loan to get another nationality will not help since almost all non-UK players will need a WP after Brexit and another nationality will not assist at all. Try clearing out the Preferences folder to cure the second issue
  11. You could try raising a ticket with steam and see if they can help, but they may well need some sort of receipt to show that you have purchased the game.
  12. FrazT

    Jersey Colors are too similar

    This will not be seen in here. Please report in the correct FM 19 Bugs forum and include a pkm of the matches in question so that the Devs can check the code and fix this.
  13. I suggest that you look/post in the relevant FM 19 Bugs forum for help with this.
  14. FrazT

    Steam 360 video

    Given that the machine is apparently pretty old ( maybe 9-10 years?), in my experience, it will not be worthwhile to try and upgrade the card when the rest of the hardware is borderline to the min spec for the game. If you are serious about playing today's 3D games, I suggest that you consider upgrading to a new machine. Check out the New PC/Laptop thread in the General discussion forum for help if you want some.
  15. FrazT

    Steam 360 video

    I think that there is little doubt that the card is the problem