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  1. Please start a new thread.
  2. Buy the game from whatever source you choose, then install and activate through steam. If you want to use your demo save, you will only be able to use the small database and the minimum leagues that the demo has available, so dont try to start a new save.
  3. Does that backup save load OK?
  4. Have you used the editor are are using a custom database?
  5. To further clarify- after installing the full game, you will need to access the demo save before setting up a new game- at the initial screen, click on load game and browse to your save game folder to get the demo save.
  6. There is no reason that saves from the demo will not run in the full game, but you can only use the demo set up of small database and minimum leagues
  7. You have an answer in the other thread you opened so please keep it all in that thread.
  8. If you or any of your colleagues want to get involved, please read and respond to this thread:
  9. No, although this has been requested to the developers.
  10. That machine is not designed for gaming and will struggle with FM, particularly with the processor and graphics card ( which is not mentioned ) You may be able to run the game in 2D with a very small league set up, but I suggest that you download and try the free demo to see how it runs.
  11. Players in game value is calculated using a lot of parameters like CA, PA, contract length and value, player and league reputation etc and it will take some time for it to rise. It does happen though and I have had players in previous versions in Scotland who have been valued at above 20 million
  12. This definitely sounds like database/editing issue- which league are you competing in?
  13. Nobody knows but usually the update will be available at the very end of Feb/beginning of Mar.
  14. That machine is not built for gaming and as others have said, will struggle with more graphics intensive games due to the processor and graphics card. It may well handle a basic game set up at the lowest graphics settings.
  15. What game and version are you using?