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  1. OK, Guys This thread has been open for 4 and a half months and has been slowly going round in circles for some time now and veering well off topic. Please therefore keep it tightly on topic or the thread will be closed and we can all move on.
  2. One issue with squad rotation which is sometimes overlooked is the squad status of your first team squad. If you have a lot of star players and regular starters then it is difficult to use a lot of squad rotation as they are all wanting lots of game time. Get a lot of squad players in and it can be a lot easier to rotate without getting player unhappiness.
  3. It could be that the board is looking at his potential ability and so conclude that he is worth more? Whilst they should be looking at performance and behaviour, I suspect that they will be just looking at the figures and acting accordingly.
  4. I think that this is working correctly. A substitute in extra time can be used but only to replace a player who is still on the pitch- if the injured player was taken off the pitch during normal time, he cant be used as the player to be substituted in extra time,
  5. It has already been explained to you that there are no further updates planned for FM 21 and all current and pending reports are being reviewed for FM 22.
  6. Did you reset to the team talk at the end of the match before, because that is when the game starts calculating the next result? Anyway, that game doesn't warp reality.
  7. You will be unlikely to hear about any new leagues or countries till the start of the FM 22 news feeds and that will probably not be till Aug/Sept
  8. From memory the limit on loans is driven by the actual number of deals done in the year and not whether they are still at the club, so terminating a loan will not make another space.
  9. Many promises that are suggested at contract negotiations ( like this one ) are impossible to quantify and IMO should be avoided totally. I also suggest that it is pretty unreasonable for any young player to make those sorts of demands when joining a new team and even more unreasonable that he would want to leave if they are not realised. This module I think could could with some tuning. I have found that accepting wage demands will go a long way to overcoming and therefore deleting any other non financial demands at contract time.
  10. If you have only 4 leagues loaded, your machine should have no issues at all with running the game, Start by looking at what apps are loading at start up and close down all but the essential ones and then try the game without running any other apps at the same time. If you still need help, raise a support ticket at SEGA customer help- details here: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/requests/new
  11. I have always had the philosophy of having a first team squad and rotating regularly assuming that you have at least 2 capable players for each position and that has worked well for many years. I also try to have no players of star player status and few on regular starter and that helps to keep the squad happy with game time. In a 60 game season, my top player will only play about 40 games and my least used about 20.
  12. The 125000 player limit is a recommendation and not a fixed ceiling, so I know of no reason that loading more than that would cause saving and loading issues.
  13. Older versions of the game required both directX and Java ( not sure about FM 11) but start by ensuring that both of these are installed. Try also running the game in an older versions of windows
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