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  1. 1-1's and striker efficiency have been reported and acknowledged as ongoing issues.
  2. Not necessarily- read the FAQ thread and then open a thread in the crashes and technical sub section of the FM 20 Bugs forum for help.
  3. Please read the FAQ and open your own thread in the relevant forum for help with this. Here is the link of the FM Mobile forums - https://community.sigames.com/forum/298-football-manager-mobile-technical-help-and-bugs-forum/
  4. I am fairly sure that both the computer's processor and graphics card are below the min spec for the game. In the meantime, please upload the crash dump file
  5. Please read the FAQ thread and as requested, open your own thread for help with this.
  6. Can you check in this thread and see if any of this helps: https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2020/239_technical-support/244_pc/
  7. If you wish to see this area improved, you will need to provide a pkm of the game involved and the time of the incident as this kind of post will not provide any help to the developers.
  8. Even if dual nationality was available, due to the reputation of the league, I doubt that many ( if any ) Brazilian players would opt to take this out if they are required to drop their Brazilian nationality. I suspect that you will need to look elsewhere.
  9. This thread isnt going to end well-- I dont think that there is any way to search for players by the team they support although present and past players will have the club as favoured, so there is no quick way to do this
  10. Yes, check the scout report and see if the player is interested in joining you. If not, it is a waste of time even bidding for them. If they are interested, unless the club finances are in a very bad way, they should be prepared to listen to an offer so report it as a bug please.
  11. Other users are not obligated to reply to a user request and surely will not respond if you use this type of language. No more please
  12. @Tetsuro P12 I have edited out the last completely unnecessary sentence of your post- if you continue to post in this manner, your posting rights will be withdrawn
  13. Nobody can tell you that for sure one way or the other. If there is one released, you will find out about it in this forum
  14. I have 1 main tactic but have 2 alternatives that I will use under some circumstances.
  15. It doesn't seem at all right that a board can be happy with a DoF and a Data Analyst and not want at least 1 scout- I would report it as a bug.
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