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  1. Your target crowd will be based on where you are based and so it will be very difficult to have large crowds in any rural location, regardless of your on-field success. Your dream of 50k crowds would be almost impossible under these circumstances.
  2. There is no technical reason that I know that would stop FM06 working on a W8 machine, but it may take a bit of trial and error. It sounds like the issue just now is with the graphics, so make sure that the card drivers are up to date and that Java is installed as I am fairly sure that it is required to run the older games.
  3. Look or post in here:
  4. No, unfortunately the issue is between you and steam, so you need to deal with them.
  5. I didnt say that you have to offer them out to get offers, but you are likely to get more if you offer them out, especially if you set a reasonable price for them
  6. Please use this thread:
  7. If you offer them out, then other clubs will know that you are wanting to sell and should be wanting to negotiate a deal. If you dont offer them, the clubs know that you dont want to sell and will be much harder to negotiate with and the price will normally be higher
  8. If the computer was reformatted, all the hardware drivers will have been lost so you will need to update them all, and ensure that DirectX has also been reinstalled.
  9. The board will be unlikely to increase your transfer budget in the first season unless the club finances have dramatically increased, but you should keep what you have if you are within the wage budget. As others have said, you can adjust the balance between the transfer and wage budget by approaching the board if you want.
  10. If you are happy with what you have, I dont see any major benefit in upgrading
  11. My comment was not directed at any one user, but as a general warning
  12. SI are well aware of the reports about the effectiveness of wingers in certain formations and have said it will be be reviewed for FM 17.
  13. Ok- lets stick to the topic and cut out the bickering please
  14. If the game wasnt crashing before adding the graphics then it is likely that they are causing the issues. Remove them all, see if it runs OK then add them back one at a time .
  15. Go to the following location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2016 When you have the FM.exe right-clicking on the shortcut link and go to 'properties'. Within that screen select the 'compatibility' tab and select compatibility mode (if you're on Windows 7, try the Windows 7 options).