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  1. If you haven't set the AM to run the team, then the match plans could be the reason
  2. I didn't say that it wouldnt work on Linux, only that it was not supported and so therefore SI cant offer many ways of helping to get it to run. I will enclose a recent post from SI for more info: "We don't support Linux any longer as a platform. There are ways you may be able to get the game running on a Steam platform, but we can't advise with this as it's not supported - meaning we don't use it, and cannot vouch for its stability as a platform. We'd actually recommend looking into using Stadia, which you can use on Linux systems."
  3. I suspect that expectations wouldn't change in real life but maybe the board would be a little more tolerant for not reaching the expectations. Imagine having to code whether an injury was serious enough to affect expectations or what number would have to taken into account? I think that the board would say that you, as the manager, should have a good enough squad to cover for all eventualities and that they wouldn't want to downgrade their demands at all.
  4. Are you suggesting that selecting your team captain purely on the number of games played is a criterion in a league in real life?
  5. Can you please attach your dxdig report: https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2020/238_how-to/241_pc/how-to-find-my-system-dxdiag-r844/
  6. Please read the FAQ thread and open your own thread for help with this.
  7. What is the screen resolution of the machine you are playing the game on?
  8. FM 20 is not supported on Linux, I'm afraid
  9. That level of injuries would be hard to understand given that the injury module is coded to reflect injury levels just below the reported norms for the game. If this continues over a full season, I would suspect that that your database has been edited or corrupted in some way.
  10. We appreciate that you are frustrated but please stick to your own thread and not add comments to other threads as that makes it very difficult for the SI staff to keep trace of the open threads.
  11. Guys- you know that you can't discuss ways of getting round license issues on the forums, so please continue this discussion privately.
  12. The ball is, as you say, still in play, but the taker cannot touch it before it is played by another player- so he quite rightly is not moving towards the ball. The other players in yellow are slow to react and the defenders get to the ball first. The issue may be that the positioning of the yellow players before the kick is very passive and they are not ready to attack the ball.
  13. To get homegrown status, they must go to a club in your own country for the required period. To get homegrown at the club status, they must stay at your club for the required period. Time on loan out of your own country does not count towards homegrown status.
  14. Probably, but it will take time to build up some history
  15. Given that they wont have an in-game history, I wouldn't have thought so.
  16. For info- it is definitely available in the full game.
  17. Have you tried the game without the graphics installed?
  18. Are you using a third party skin- have you changed the screen resolution- are you using an external monitor?
  19. The editor is not available with the free week edition.
  20. You dont need to open the game to do these tasks as it says in the instructions.
  21. Please be patient- the SI staff will get to your thread when they log back in on Monday.
  22. When you raised this issue before, the SI staff did advise that your setup well exceeded the recommended numbers and that extended processing time would be a consequence of loading this size of setup. What size is your save game?
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