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  1. Ignore the stars and judge him on his performances- when he stops producing on the field, then you take action.
  2. If you are not using steam, then you are using a downloaded copy of the game. You cannot expect to get any help from the developer's website when you are using an illegal copy of the game.
  3. That isnt the latest game version- are you using steam?
  4. I think that keeping the deal quiet hopefully ensures that no other team will get involved in a bidding auction with you for the player you are interested in
  5. I suspect that only the coders will know for sure, but I doubt that the code will have been written with this type of scenario in mind as it would bring in too many variables to the negotiations
  6. Pretty poor return for goals, assists and rating, so I would certainly be prepared to sell him if an good offer comes in.
  7. I suspect that this could be done with one of the save game editors.
  8. If there is no income and that size of fee, I think that you made the right decision- you could arrange alternatives that would be equally as challenging without a large fee
  9. After discipling him, try the reserves for a couple of weeks and if he doesnt improve, sell him as he will be far too much trouble in the future.
  10. It is worth noting that guaranteed playing time will be a strong pull for younger players when trying to attract then to a big club- lots of very good players have disappeared while waiting for a chance at a big club, so they may well choose a lower rep team and better chance of playing regularly
  11. An interesting question but one that I am sure only one of the coders can answer with certainty. I have noticed, however, that when there is competition for places with the arrival of a new signing, it appears that some player will rise to the challenge more than others and play noticeably better. Maybe the hidden attributes of professionalism etc will affect how they react?
  12. Based purely on the games so far, Italy and Belgium have been the ones to watch- you don't win tournaments, however, in the qualifying rounds, so I doubt that France and Spain will be far away at the end, despite their slow starts
  13. Diablo was an exploit of a particular weakness in the match engine, which SI resolved in a later update, so nobody apart from the coders can answer your question. As you were told by SI in your last thread that they cannot help with a game of this age, this thread will be closed.
  14. After Brexit as I mentioned above, the UK and Irish governments worked out a special status deal to give Irish citizens free access to the UK without needing a work permit. This is not available to other EU citizens. Details: British immigration system from 2021[edit] On 11 November 2020, the Immigration Act 1971 was amended by adding "An Irish citizen does not require leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom". The Act repeals free movement rights for other EU citizens from 1 January 2021, but makes exceptions for Irish citizens.[49][50] Guidance from the government also s
  15. I thin that the issue is not why his application was rejected, but that as an Irish player, with special status as an Irish citizen, he doesn't need a WP in the first place.
  16. I would have thought that there would be players with a better range of GK attributes around for the asking price.
  17. As far as I am aware, Ireland, although part of the EU has special status as far as post-brexit work permits are concerned and so one would not be needed for an Irish citizen. If the Wales FA use the same rules as the rest of the country ( maybe best to check ) then it could be a bug.
  18. Everything set up nicely for yet another glorious campaign that fails at the last moment when Scotland win but just fail to get through in third- I really hope not as just once I would take a jammy set of results rather than glorious and courageous failure
  19. I haven't noticed this much at all but I tend not to make my last sub till around the 80th minute, so I would guess about 2/3 times a season this happens. When do you make your subs?
  20. It is possible that a long term injury can affect a players PA but it is rare and it is more likely that his development will just be slowed by the injury
  21. Hard to judge after 1 season. If you are using the latest game update, I don't think that the game is broken and your performance and league position after the first season when the AI managers get used to how you play will be a better guide.
  22. If you are using steam, you cannot go back to a previous update.
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