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  1. Only the game coders will know the exact details. I suspect it will be in some ways random, but coaching badges will certainly increase the technical attributes and the mental attributes will increase with experience and time in the job.
  2. Hi Stuart- thanks for the info- On one of my saves I did start by taking the injury out with the editor but the DNT icon and his fitness and injury icons persisted right though till the end of the transfer window
  3. @Bababui I appreciate that you are trying to help, but we cant allow unsupported utilities to be recommended on the forums.
  4. Is this at the start of the game or after some time in game? Are you currently unemployed?
  5. I have reported this issue both in the injuries and league specific forums, but have been asked now to report this in here. Rangers player Ryan Jack on his recovery from long-term injury at the start of October appears to have a DNT instruction coded either with him or with that particular injury. This means he is showing as red icon injured for 4 days after every match, even when starting at 100%condition- using him as a sub for 30 minutes, shows a yellow icon injured for 2/3 days after the match This indeed may not be a bug and is how the injury is handled by the game, but it does make this player's long term use questionable and appears even if you use the editor to remove the injury. I have run saves into November and the issue still persists. Previous thread link: https://community.sigames.com/alphatracker/injuries-newgens-player-progression/confused-by-dnt-icon-r895/
  6. If you think that this is a bug, by all means report it to let the developers have a look.
  7. These kinds of issues are almost always related to zoom/resolution settings, so you may have to do some checks to see what works.
  8. I have an identical system that runs FM 22 fine, so it is not the system. Try this from the FAQ thread but if you still need help, open a support ticket from that link https://support.sega.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4409234203153-Game-Freezes-or-Goes-into-Black-Screen-on-Launch#text
  9. Managers, like players have a starting CA and a set PA. It is therefore possible and indeed likely that his attributes will increase with experience and success
  10. This decision will depend on whether there are any major data changes that will affect your save- data changes need a new save, bug fixes dont. So if there are no data issues that are worrying you, you can safely start a save now
  11. Peter G was purely quoting what the developers said last year when the feature was removed, so it is not an opinion. As SI have said, there are no plans to reintroduce this. From memory, last year's TangFu skin shows the condition % and I am sure that there will be more.
  12. You dont have to purchase any skin just to get that feature as many of the ones offered here include that option.
  13. SI don't do anything about it because: They do tens of thousands of hours of soak testing to check injury frequency They obtain injury stats from all the major leagues in the world They set injury frequency to slightly below the real levels For everybody who complains about injury frequency there are others who say that they are unrealistically rare Users only comment when they have a bad run of injuries and never comment when they have a good run. If your injury situation is out of the ordinary, then maybe you should have a look at the training schedules, coaches, team and player instructions etc
  14. Just to confirm: Five or six substitutionsChanges to the number of substitutions which each team can make during a match, which were enforced ahead of the knockout stage during the coronavirus pandemic in July 2020, will remain in place for this edition of the tournament. Up to a maximum of six subs can be used in one match, depending on the stage of the competition. Under Article 41.04 of the regulations, UEFA explain: “Up to five of the substitutes listed on each team’s match sheet may take part in the match. Exceptionally, a sixth substitute listed on the match sheet may take part in knockout matches exclusively during extra time. Each team may use a maximum of three stoppages in play to make substitutions (one additional stoppage in extra-time can be used). Substitutions made before the start of the match, during half-time, between the end of normal playing time and extra time, and at half-time during extra time do not reduce the number of stoppages in play that can be used. A player who has been substituted may take no further part in the match”.
  15. Check out these suggestions ( from FM 21 but they will still be relevant) If you receive an error message stating that ‘Steam is already running’, open up your Task Manager and check if a process of FM is already open. If there is, click on it and select [End Task] to close it. If there are multiple instances of Football Manager 2021 being open, please close them all. Once this is done, try re-launching the game. If you still continue to have problems, please read the troubleshooting techniques below to resolve the issue. First of all, please see this 'Steam is already running' topic for instructions - https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8787-wyil-1543 Sometimes, if you launch the game too quickly after shutting it down, or get impatient after double-clicking the shortcut, you can get this when your system senses the game is running in two instances. If this is the case, do the following: - Right-click on your Windows Taskbar (normally found at the bottom) - Click on 'Task Manager' - Go to the tab 'Processes' - Sort alphabetically by clicking 'Image Name' - Find fm.exe or any app - Click so it's selected, then click the 'End Process' button in the bottom-right hand corner - Do this for any fm.exe instance or any Football Manager 2021 app - Once this is done, close the Taskbar and launch the game normally - be patient when it attempts to load
  16. You asked about the game- my answer was about how FM handles crowds. Realistically, I cant see many OF fans giving up watching their team to go and watch Albion Rovers, regardless of what level they are playing at.
  17. Apart from the size of the stadium, there are local population restraints on how large your home crowds will be regardless of on-field success. The geography of that area, the impact of the Old Firm and other league teams will mean that there will be a limit as to how big the crowds will be for your team. Crowds will grow with success but it will be slow and very unlikely to be measured in 10s of thousands
  18. The editor has not been released yet, so this wont be known.
  19. It is not a data change, so it should be fixed with your next game update
  20. The option to turn it on and off is available at the new save set up
  21. This is a sensitive subject but is going quickly off track, so I will close this just now pending some input from the developers.
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