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  1. There is nothing obvious in your dxdiag report but a continual blue screen error would suggest that there is a hardware error- have you tried launching the game in windowed mode? - Open Steam and access your Games Library- Right-click on Football Manager 2018 -> Properties -> General -> Set Launch Options- Type this in the box: -small_screen -windowed- Click on OK, close the window and launch FM18 through Steam
  2. Please scroll to the bottom of the forum and select the " Contact Us" option to ask the forum Admin to change your username
  3. I am not sure that nat team will play with 3 out and out strikers either in game or in real life. 2 wide players and a striker or even 2 strikers with a player behind them in the AMC position, but not 3 strikers for a full game that I can recall
  4. What game version is this for?
  5. That is exactly how the transfer system works - AI bids low, unsettles your player and then the AI might be able to buy the player at a price lower than expected. Low bids are part of the game and do not require you to accept. If the AI doesnt want to sell a player, you will need to offer over his in-game value to buy him- if he is transfer listed, you will be able to bid at below his in-game value. You just need to learn how to get the best out of the transfer system.
  6. It could have been a bug that was fixed for later versions- if you are playing the latest game version, I suspect that there is little that you can do to fix this without an editor
  7. Yes, but the SI staff do not visit this forum very often, hence my suggestion.
  8. Whilst I can't guarantee that there won't be any initial issues ( who can tell if that will happen) you will certainly get help to resolve them if they do appear, so don't let this stop you, as long as your machine meets the minimum specs for the game.
  9. The draws are randomly generated so it is not a bug, but it can be frustrating. Have you ever noticed that the game before or the game after a big European night, your team always plays your biggest rival?
  10. You can set the NVidia card as default for the game and steam in the NVidia Control panel via the Manage Settings option. Make sure that the card has the latest driver
  11. If you are using the AMD card for FM, then you will need to update the card driver which is over 3 years old.
  12. Can you please attach a dxdiag report as requested above?
  13. You would be better to ask in the relevant thread in the FM 19 Bugs forum for help with this.
  14. Please work through this thread: https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/136_technical-support/142_pc/i’ve-encountered-a-crash-dump-on-launching-the-game-r433/
  15. If you have reinstalled the game from scratch, any change in the drive will have no effect. I would start by ensuring that all your drivers are updated, particularly the graphics card.
  16. I have always tried to minimise and do away with Key status for reasons stated above- the only issues are usually around contract renewal times, but money usually talks.
  17. It sounds like a hardware issue, so please post a dxdiag report- instructions in the FAQ thread
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