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  1. I took over my beloved West Brom as I always do when a new version of Football Manager is released. As in real life the team is below average and it is a struggle to survive the first season, but I have got to say this guy is amazing. In my first season he finished top scorer in the Premier league despite my team finishing 16th. He won it again in the second season, propelling my team to 6th place. Then I was a victim of the dreaded corrupt save file and had to start again and blow me if he did not finish top of the charts again. In addition to this when following a You Tube content creator wh
  2. Can someone explain why when I am selecting All scouted players I get players with no information?
  3. Match Fitness, Tactic familiarity ok, i concede that is useful, but my point was that any tactic will hammer these teams by 6 or 7 goals, so there is no real indication if a tactic is working or not. Do you think that choosing higher calibre freindlies would be a better test of an embryonic tactic?
  4. What is the point of friendlies? Sure, they are good for getting players match fit but as regards testing a new tactic they are not ideal. You think your new tactic is going to smash the league after massive friendly wins against teams from Singapore etc but then you lose your opening three games and rage quit, but as far as I’m aware this is the only way to test and tweak a new tactic?
  5. Perhaps exploit tactic is the wrong word, what I meant to ask is why tactics that seem to be so far removed from what a real life team would use can still be effective.
  6. I would disagree that there are no exploit tactics. If a tactic uses heavy instructions to take advantage of a weakness in the match engine, surely that is an explout tactic?. Especially if the formation/tactics would not be played out in real life, for example, a newly promted team going to Anfield and playing a 4-2-3-1 with a high line and attacking instructions.
  7. Why do exploit tactics work? I must admit that I have used them in the past but the success I have achieved with them feels tainted and not as satisfying as achieving success with your own tactic. Looking into these exploit tactics they seem to have loads of team instructions and lots of player instructions, some of which I would say are illogical (playing with Inverted Full Backs but with overlap left and right selected in Team Instructions?) and also risky, tackle harder as a PI and get stuck in as a TI?. Yet you can still take a team from League two and win the Premier League in about five
  8. What does this team instructions actually do?. If i set it to Narrow am i encouraging more crosses from the flanks by conceding ground to protect the center or if I set it to Wide, will that close down the wide men earlier and reduce the number of crosses into my box?
  9. The tactic blow has been fairly successful for me. I have managed to get Cambridge Utd from League Two to the Premier League and survive there for two seasons finishing 17th than 12th. I just feel that with a couple of tweaks it could be even better.
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