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  1. Rashidi, can I ask what you consider the best attributes to form an effective midfield screen. I have been going with Anticipation, Positioning & Tackling.
  2. Please can someone help with my understanding of these TI's. If for example passing was on a scale of 1-10 and the normal passing factor was 5 by using Shorter Passing this would be reduced to say 3, would using Retain Possession reduce it even further and also reduce tempo?. If not is using these two TI's together reduntant?
  3. Looks good so far, but I don't think six friendlies and two league games against teams that Liverpool should beat is a proving anything.
  4. Cleon, would it be counter productive to tick both Exploit the Middle and Look for the Overlap?
  5. I have a player who is complainig about lack of first team football. Now as you all probably know this is perfectly normal and something we have to deal with, but in this case, the player is out injured for 6 to 8 weeks and still complains about not being picked, what's up with that!!
  6. With reference to the filters. If your scout reports that the player in question would be a good championship player would you still consider buying him for a premier league team?
  7. I am trying to get to grips with the new ME and I have read all the posts on roles, shouts etc so I hope someone with more savvy than me can help me out. I am quite pleased with the design of my tactic so far and I am in fact unbeaten with West Brom after six games in season one. However although I have dominated a few times, I can not turn my superiority into goals. The last two matches played I had a combine total of 42 shots, with 19 on target but only 2 CCC's. My tactic and team instructions are below, if you can spot something glaringly obvious please shout up. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. Great Thread, I think shouts are definitely the way to go now. However, can someone help me with a problem, I have set up a series of shouts to cover different scnarios that could occur in a match situation, but when I try to change the shouts mid game, the "Confirm Changes" button is greyed out and cannot be selected.
  9. If one of my players has high stats for Passing am I limiting his effectiveness by setting his passing to short. Would his stats allow him to pick the right pass if I set them to mixed. By the same process should I set players with high creativity stats more creative freedom
  10. Hi Bebetu, no it is not first season, I am in season 2017/2018 so I should have a set of decent players but I just can't seem to find any consistency, finished the season with one win in eight to drop my final league position to 9th in the EPL.
  11. Thanks for that, my midfielders are not really scoring at the moment, out of the thirteen goals I have scored in the last ten matches, strikers have scored eleven and the midfield two but my midfielders have not got great attacking attributes but are very good defensively.
  12. Hi dooter Having good success with your tweeked version (ten games unbeaten with West Brom), one question though, you say when things are nor going well you click the counter attack button, but in the tactic I downloaded the counter attack button is already ticked, do you meam untick the counter attack button?
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