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  1. One thing to note is that depending on the quality of your assman, their goal when using the auto-assignment button isn't necessarily to create the highest quality training session so much as it is to improve your coach's ability. I'm not sure which, if any, stat controls their ability to do this but I suspect it is Judging Staff Ability and I also suspect that the quality of your Technical Director may play a part in this. Like you, I at first thought that the assman was just making a bunch of stupid decisions but after manually optimizing everything for my players for a couple of sea
  2. TD is tasked with evaluating and negotiating contracts for your existing staff along with finding new staff members for your club. This last part is pretty important in my opinion because if they've got decent stats as a TD, they can be quite good at unearthing high potential staff members that you might miss. TD are almost always former coaches and in addition to their normal responsibilities, they can also offer coaching advice which might be better than your existing coaching staff. For this reason, I look for JPA/JPP in addition to the regular TD stats when signing a TD. It is also one
  3. Not that I'm aware of. I've done a 40 year save where I documented all the hidden stats in a spreadsheet and I don't see any evidence of the personality stats naturally improving on their own (outside of some extremely rare circumstances) which doesn't mean they won't increase or decrease from external factors. They can definitely move up and down but it seems to be due to changes in the squad's overall personality, mentoring, or the rare off the field event. There is another factor where I've documented substantial drops in certain player's personality stats after winning big competitions
  4. https://www.guidetofm.com/players/traits/2/ This should help explain everything for you.
  5. They do not naturally improve or drop over time but that doesn't mean that they won't change. Mentoring is usually the main way of changing a players's personality but the player is also influenced by the overall personality of the entire squad they are in and the personality of their social group. If you improve the overall personality of the squad, it can raise or lower the stats of older players, even if they are high up the team hierarchy. They can also be influenced/changed during the welcoming period depending on the personality of the person who welcomes them to the team, so ch
  6. Is it possible that you might have changed your staff and no longer meet the requirements to be in the top U23 division now? IIRC there are requirements for things like having a GK coach in the staff and there may be more requirements than that.
  7. From observing what happens in the editor, it only allows + or -1 changes to each of the new player's personality stats from the welcoming. However, it also seems to dictate which social group the player will join which can create longer term changes to the new player's personality after that. So long as the players have somewhat similar personalities to start with, it also usually puts the two players on each others "liked" list though with only a very small value. It is possible that if the player's personalities are too far apart (particularly regarding professionalism) that the players
  8. It doesn't happen every time but the message that talks about a youngster's friends and family showing up to the game when you give him his professional debut always reminds me of the simpler things in football and how few actually make it.
  9. I'm a few years into my save and I've started going through the all-time progress my academy players have been making over the years which has not been in the areas that suit my style of play (control possession). Instead, my younger players are getting nearly double the gains in their physical stats compared to technical and mental. This is something I'm looking to change. I've been leaving these things up to my assman and the youth head coaches to create the training programs so my question is this: how much of this is due to the training schedule not catering to my desired goals ver
  10. The thing that bugs me the most right now is the suggestions from my Tech Director about "coaching improvements" to a particular squad where the suggestion seems to be worse than every staff member in that squad. I really wish there was a mechanism for the Tech Director (or whoever) would say "look, I think we can do better than XXX coach and here is why and here is who I think should replace him" but instead you are left not even knowing who he thinks is the weak link in your staff.
  11. If you have, for example, 4 fitness coaches in your senior squad who are able to train fitness for all of your squads, is there any benefit to having a dedicated fitness coach in your U23 and U18? Does a particular squad use their fitness coach's sports science stat to keep the overall fatigue levels down or is that all up to the medical staff?
  12. Just from my experience, I did a 40 year save where I tracked all the hidden values in a spreadsheet during this time. The vast majority of players in my teams (approx. 75%) during this save never changed a single point in Important Matches so I wouldn't expect much. About 20% of the remaining players gained 1 point and the last 5% gained 2 points. I never saw anyone gain more than 2 points over their career. I don't recall seeing anyone drop points in Important Matches either but supposedly it can happen. Consistency was much more likely to increase and the vast majority of playe
  13. When you click the button to ask your assistant manager set the coaching assignments to his preferences, I've noticed that he will move coaches around sometimes to their weaker coaching aspects to get them to grow in these areas and become more well balanced. What stats affect the assistant's ability to do this effectively? Is it judging staff ability or JPA/JPP or both? If you have a technical director in your staff, does he also give input into this or does he take over this responsibility from the assistant?
  14. If your team has someone other than your HOYD picking the youth intake (GM, Tech Dir, etc.), what effect, if any, does your HOYD have on the development of those players (pre-intake) or is it all based on only the player who is responsible for the intake?
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