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  1. How often are you tearing into them about not improving? I'm starting to wonder if people are actually using all the tools available. Players can also get lazy once they've won a big contract in the first team (including actual personality changes with drops in ambition and professionalism) so it becomes even more important to stay on them about their lack of improvement. You should be criticizing their lack of development at least once a month if they aren't showing any stat jumps. I've had plenty of 25+ year old players have growth spurts and the occasional 30+ year old doing the same so it isn't limited to younger players.
  2. The player becomes a fan favorite after being given a testimonial and will be given a huge boost to their reputation within the club, attaining at least favored personnel status. I just had a player receive a testimonial who only played 26 first team matches many, many years ago when we were a third division semi-pro team but has been useful as a mentor in our reserve squad ever since. He jumped to favored personnel for the club right after playing the testimonial.
  3. 4 points is the most I've ever seen a player improve in consistency in their career and 2 points is the most I've seen them improve in big matches. I've tracked these stats in my long term saves over the last couple of years. I disagree with your statement about not being able to change after the age of 19 though as the changes to big matches and consistency happened all throughout their career with changes even in their 30s.
  4. Yeah, for the right player. I'd make sure you are aware of the downsides to it though. Once given this trait, the forward will basically never attempt to get forward on the end of through balls again so I'd make sure that you are certain that you'd never want this playert to do this even in another role. In my own most recent save, I gave it to a big burly DLF/TM hybrid player who was very slow and didn't have great anticipation and it worked out great but he ended up passing the trait onto other players in the mentoring group who absolutely should not have it and it ended up basically ruining them.
  5. Yes, it is true. Your senior team likely plays far more matches that your youngster probably isn't going to be part of so he misses the match experience, the training session he could have been part of if he were still in your youth squad, and then he misses out on any training the day after the match which is either devoted to training or rest. This gets much worse if you are playing multiple matches per week where the player might only receive 2-4 training sessions in the first team whereas he would have received a full week's worth of training in the youth squad. It is also important to realize that the default youth training schedules, which you are using if you've left training to your staff, are different and separate from the other squad's training schedules. The youth schedules have a much larger focus on physical development with two General-Physical sessions every week in every one of the default weekly schedules. So your youth players who have been moved to the senior squad are missing out on all this extra physical development.
  6. Generally, the mentor needs to be 21 years old or above before your staff will recommend for him to lead a mentoring group but even this might not work out great as it usually takes a few more years for the player's personality to "harden" to the point that he won't be influenced by the young players that he is supposed to be mentoring. You can see in your image above that the rest of the players are influencing the mentor and you would ideally have his estimated effect from group listed as none. BTW, Fairly Determined is not a personality that I would not want mentoring other players.
  7. Have you considered that the opposition might be forcing him inside by using the show onto weaker foot opposition instructions, the same way you do for other teams?
  8. In my experience, this is where the leadership stats of your players, especially the captains, come into play. One of the things I've been tracking in my own save is how much the match changes when I sub out my captain. My save is mostly an academy challenge so my players are very young in general but I've kept a couple of older players around from our early days just for their leadership rather than ability. Inevitably though, I sub out that captain to let a younger player get some experience and the match nearly always turns into a disaster for us. Leading a team 1-0 in the second half and sub out the captain and concede 3 goals in the next 15 minutes despite it looking like we had the match completely under control prior to the sub. This scenario has happened many times. It took me quite a long time to figure out what was happening exactly but once I did, I started testing it in game with similar results each time.
  9. Every time this has happened to me has been the fault of Steam rather than FM. Steam pushes out periodic updates to its servers and it seems to screw up FM until you update Steam. This also happens with non-M1 Macs but it only crashed the FM app rather than crashing the entire operating system. I now always close Steam and let it install any updates (to Steam, not FM) before I start playing FM to get rid of this problem.
  10. I've got 55k players in my save in 2034. All of the big European leagues plus USA, Australia, and the rest of the UK.
  11. Chamberlain is clearly at the stage where his Motivation is plummeting which usually starts around 60. Expect it to keep going down whereas Torrecila could keep getting better as a coach for a few years. Motivation is the main thing that drops once a coach hits the downside of his career and it can drop pretty quick.
  12. Yeah, I've just got the base 8GB model with the 7 core GPU. Works great.
  13. Yeah, high graphics. The M1 Macs also don't seem to have any problems loading a lot of leagues either. The M1 chips don't have the same heating problems. My M1 Air without fans doesn't heat up at all running FM21 unlike my Intel MacBook which required the fans to be on full blast most of the time. I can play FM for hours without plugging in and frequently do. It's amazing how power efficient these chips are.
  14. I run FM21 on a M1 Air. Runs like a dream on high settings. Doesn't heat up like my Intel MacBook Pro did. No issues at all with it. Also runs an incredibly long time playing FM on battery power.
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