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  1. Why are these so many postitive personality’s on FM 19 such as perfectionist and model citizen. In previous FM’s there we only about 5 perfectionist in a save now there’s so so many. Have there hidden attributes mean buffed or the requirements lowered? Thanks in advance.
  2. One thing that SI have not mentioned with is pretty big when concerning tactics is that by the looks of it you can now play the Libero in CB strata according do this picture.
  3. When are we going to get realistic physical attributes for regens? literally every single regen has superhuman physical attributes like 18 pace and acceleration along with 16 strength, it just makes it harder to immerse yourself in long term saves when everyone has the physicals of Gareth Bale in his prime. I was looking back on all the editions on FM and the last FM that had realistic physical attributes for regens was FM 10. i made a little post about it a while ago.
  4. Im not sure if this is the correct place to post this but i have a question regarding the head of youth development and who is responsible for the clubs youth intake. For example im playing as Arsenal and Arsene Wenger is the director of football, would it be wise so make him responsible for bring in youth players instead head of youth development as he has the attributes or does he need head of youth development as a staff role to perform it effectively which Arsene Wenger does not have. Secondly if i give him this role will he affect the players in the same way the head of youth development would such as their personality? Lastly if i game him this role would it make the head of youth development obsolete as he would have no responsibilities? Many thanks
  5. "Improved defensive AI" I'd be more impressed if they managed to make it worse than FM 17.
  6. Does the player trait "Gets forward whenever possible" actually have any effect on players playing at center back? For example David Luiz has that trait and in my save seems to behave in the same manner as a player without it playing at center back. Many thanks
  7. Is it possible to defend? Does this meet the criteria of a "stupid question"? Kappa
  8. Could someone please upload because this was my favourite tactic on fm11 and now i cant find it anywhere.
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