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    Casual FM18 player after a few years of being more into the previous FMT versions. Currently getting to grips with the full version of the game again.

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  1. When starting a new save and setting up a manager profile, what age group/range constitutes "youngsters"? Some clubs have a fair few 18-21 in the first team, others have virtually zero. Is U23 a "youngster" or U18 only? Thanks.
  2. After normally playing FMT for the past few years but now enjoying fm19 full, I was wondering if anyone has gone a full season unbeaten? I've read on some websites it's coded into the game to be impossible and I've also read its coded to be possible, but difficult. Was thinking of starting an "invincibles challenge" for a new save, but if its not possible to achieve there's no point my trying. Cheers.
  3. Where in the league did you finish for the first season, and what sort of transfer budget were you given for the second season? (tricky to see the pic on my small phone screen)
  4. My option to request a WWTC disappeared around mid-Feb (in game time) which was annoying as I was just about to ask the board to go on one as a fixture change left me with 3 weeks break between games. Very annoying the option disappeared as I'd have liked to have seen what it would have looked like in the game.
  5. yep, try this. worked for me. EDIT - I don't think it works once a save has started, only before. Forgot to add that bit.
  6. Have you settled on one or two particularly good tactics? I've tried a few different formations through pre season but nothing brilliant stands out (I appreciate it takes time to coach the systems but there should be a good starting point)
  7. I've just finished pre season and jags was probably the best and most consistent defender still. Definitely have to keep him at the club in some coaching capacity when he retires.
  8. Tonali is definitely a wonder kid. One of the first I always put on my short list.
  9. Yeah it'll be tricky losing him and jags at the end of the season, the two leaders. I was thinking of giving him an extra year too, but now I'll hold off.
  10. Ajer is very much on my radar too, although he always seems to get snapped up by a top level club early in the winter window. Might have to give Lewis Gibson (very promising attributes) a bit of a run out seeing as Baines broke himself in the 93rd minute of the first game of pre-season and now wont even play in his own testimonial.
  11. with your scouts: do you try to get the best ones possible for JPA/JPP regardless of their nation knowledge, or do you try to setup nation-specific scouts to have as much of europe/world covered as possible even if the stats are a bit low?
  12. thanks for that. i also play with no initial budgets/transfer window, but i think my league setup/setting are probably a bit different as I've appointed some of the same staff as you, but some dont appear in my game. i can get away with paying release clauses for senior/u23 staff although i'm probably gonna have to pay a few off if I get european football and i've got rid of quite of a lot of people. bit of a balancing act when you're not a "top level" club at the start i guess.
  13. I've just half-started a EFC save myself, and still getting to grips with the non-Touch version of the game. Any chance you could post a shot/list of your coaches/scouts you assembled to start the season with? I'm finding some decent ones but it doesn't seem balanced and can't seem to find many above-average staff. Cheers.
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