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  1. For some reason, an FA Cup semi-final tie became a Premier League (PL) game. You can also see in the fixture List that I'm playing Liverpool 3 times in the PL I think the reason for this.. is that my stadium (Emirate) is undergoing an expansion... so I'm playing my PL games in Wembley .. and since the semi-finals (of the FA Cup) are played at Wembley the game considered this as PL fixture at this moment ... I'm not sure if should proceed as this could corrupt the game
  2. mm... no ...not just one .. cos that would be (annoying) but manageable to adjust every month... There are 10-14 players (first team and under-18) that I want to provide with specific training. ... so I'm having t adjust the training every month for these players.. takes forever
  3. Is there a way to control training for a few players. It seems that you either take control of training for the whole squad or alter the training of those particular players every month, which is a bit of a pain.
  4. I tend to prefer giving opposition instructions for 2-3 opposition players In previous FM versions, you were able to apply recommended opposition instructions individually by highlighting that specific player and pressing the button. Now it seems that you can only apply the all recommended instructions and therefore have to subsequently remove the other instructions manually. Maybe I'm missing something and would appreciate the guidance .. if not it would be very helpful for SI to reinstate this feature
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