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  1. Thanks mate. What about the 2nd question? Anybody has a solution?
  2. Hi, Just two small questions. 1) Is there any chance I could add my own picture instead of the generating one? There was such option in previous FM's but seem not to be in FM 17, and I really miss it... Can I add my manager picture using FM XML or sth like that? 2) In players' profile key attributes for particular position are highlighted, is there any chance I could get rid of it? I know I can press "Clear selected role", but I'd like to hide it permanently. Cheers
  3. Hi All, I'm a completely newbie in editing FM graphics. Can someone tell me please how to change a background in a default skin? I've downloaded it, put into the correct folder but there is no "background" file which you can find in other skins. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, I'll start with the fact that I've never been a tactical expert and usually I used someone else's tactics. However, thanks to many fantastic guides that are here on the forum, recently I started to create my own tactics and I must say that now I'm enjoying FM much more. I've just finished my 1st season with Real Sociedad in FM 14 and the results were absolutely great. I finished the season in second place and it is all thanks to my own tactic (and your tactical guides of course). Anyway, I'd like you to look at my tactic as it may still need some development. This is a possession tactic with 'Control' Mentality and 'Fluid' Team Shape as this is my favorite football style. I've read Jambo 98's thread called 'Creating a footballing DNA - Athletic Club' and I want to do a similar thing with My Sociedad save, so I decided to have one main tactic which I will use to start every single game. Playing possession football will my club's main philosophy. Obviously, I will change some team instructions and sometimes mentality too, but during the game rather than before. I often change 'tempo' during a match. If I see that my attack is too predictable I select 'higher tempo' and sometimes 'be more expressive' too. When my team leads the difference of two goals I usually select "lower tempo' and 'be more disciplined'. These are my most common changes, although sometimes I change other instructions too. I'm still not sure about width though - if I play sort passes and retain possession should I use 'play narrow'? And here are my players' instructions, please look at it and give an opinion: Central Defender (D) Ball Playing Defender (D) Left Wing Back (A) Right Full Back (S) Central Midfielder (D) Box to Box Midfielder (S) Right Winger (A) Advanced Playmaker (A) Left Inside Forward (S) Advanced Forward (A) ============================================================ Now there's other thing. In the 1st season I had difficulties with winning possession during some games so I tried to change my instructions more to the direct style as I wanted to beat the opposition's defense playing more on the flanks than in the middle. Before 2nd season I created alternative direct tactic and I'd like you to look at it. I won't start any game with this tactic, I will plug it only during a match if I've difficulties and I think my opponent is weak at the flanks. Formation is the same, mentality will depend on the situation and about team shape I'm not sure, but I think I will stay with "fluid". I'm lost again with the width - play narrow or play wider? Here you got team instructions: I will plug this direct tactic if, for example, it is still 0-0 after 30-40 minutes and I feel it's to hard for my team to attack from the middle. I will be grateful for any feedback about team instructions:)
  5. Thanks for the response. I must agree with you; however, I tried this shout last night and I managed to turn the tide of a game as I scored two goals in last 4 minutes and won 2-1. Maybe that's just a luck but when I changed to these instructions my team started to play much better.
  6. I've been reading some tactical guides on 'fmpassion' and there is a shape called "score a goal" in which one thing seems not so clear to me. I mean, among all the offensive shouts they recommend to use "drop deeper". Can somebody explain my why this instruction is useful when chasing for a goal? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UtTJtDFb_Eo/UpjMlwry5rI/AAAAAAAANKo/RBFHTU_Xsvc/s1600/shouts-score-a-goal.png
  7. Is here on the forum a similar Arsenal thread, but about FM 14?
  8. Hi there, I keep reading all the tactical guides that are here on the forum and they're really helpful. However, I'm not a native speaker of English and sometimes I've got problem with understanding the acronyms that you are using, I mean players positions. I know that F9 means false nine, BBM means Box to Box Midfielder, but what about others? For instance AF, Cf etc. Is there a list of all positions with their acronyms? If not, could you explain me that?
  9. The amount of injuries during the match is far too high. I mean during a match, not generally. The general amount is definitely okay but I just can't imagine that a manager has to make substitutes in every match only due to injuries. It can happen once, twice, etc., but no in EVERY match! Nobody can convince me that it's like that in real life... and I'm really surprised that SI doesn't want to do something to fix it. But I've got a great solution - I just got back to FM 14 which is almost perfect for me. And life is beautiful, again:)
  10. I think it would be the best to hear what SI think about this whole problem. Cougar2010, thanks a lot for this advice. I'll consider all these points. On the other hand, I've been playing FM for about 8 years and now it's the first time ever when I complain on injuries. Even in real life I don't see a situation when there is an injury in EVERY single match.
  11. http://s30.postimg.org/xa8hnqz0x/2015_03_13_00001.jpg Check this out. That's crazy but exciting at the same time. I hope I will be in the top four at the end of the season. PS. does anybody know me why I can't put a picture here like you do? It says I don't have a permission or sth.
  12. I've seen many posts about too many injuries, but maybe you're right and I'm exaggerating. I don't have 2-3 every match, but there is at least one per match. And sometimes 2/3/4, seriously. Could you tell me what are some ways to avoid injuries during matches? I never put players with less condition than 92% into the squad.
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