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  1. Exactly! It is much more fun and the fact it takes a long time to play one season makes it more realistic. I don't really like to play the game when most of the players are newgens. For me it is better to play long 10 realistic seasons than fast 20 seasons. And I also always leave training to my assistant. I think I will try a save with 5 teams in FM 22, but I'm wondering how the 5 managers would impact on the performance of the game? Does it have any impact on this or not?
  2. I've tried several times to play with multiple managers and it was always too much for me, so then I came back to one club only: however, I finally got used to it and now I cannot even think of playing with only one team. I would get bored fast and start another save, over and over again. When you play multiple teams the game is much more interesting and for me seems to be more realistic too, as you have more control what is going on in football world. My maximum has always been 3 teams but would like trying to play with maybe 5-6, anybody has experience with playing so many managers at the same time and can give us some feedback?
  3. It will be fun to manage Arsenal in FM 22, no doubt. Without the Europe League it should be much harder to sign top players than in FM21, where I could easily sign Haaland or Donnarumma. In the previous versions my main target was always James Ward-Prowse and he was outstanding for Arsenal, wondering if it will be possible to sign him in FM 22 too as he just renewed his contract with Saints. Besides him, I will be looking to sign Mukiele, Wijndal, Pau Torres, Koulibaly, Musah... For the striker position, besides Moukoko who is must have, good target should be Arek Milik whose contract should expire in 2022.
  4. Since fm21 I began to like playing multiple teams on one save, in this way the game is more fun and deep for me. The main thing is you won't be bored after 2-3 seasons after winning everything as you got 3 clubs to manage and you can't win CL with all of them every season. So for FM21 I have chosen 3 clubs: Arsenal and Barcelona - these are my 2 favourite clubs. It will be fun and hopefully a bit harder than in FM21 to rebuild them and bring successes back. With Arsenal I will focus on bringing young players, while with Barca I will use mostly la masia, plus will try to sign in the nearest future 3-4 big names if possible (De ligt, Salah and Mbappe, if he's not set wanting to join Real as he wants in real life). Newcastle - here I will try to sign my favourite big players and build a dream team. I'm excited to see if my young Arsenal will be able to win over rich Newcastle.
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply. I live in Poland, my budget is up to 3k PLN (about 500-600 pounds) What do you think about this? https://www.mediaexpert.pl/komputery-i-tablety/laptopy-i-ultrabooki/laptopy/notebook-hp-pavilion-r7-4700u-8gb-512ssd-radeon-15-6-w10-gold Is AMD Ryzen 7 4700U much better than 3500u?
  6. Hi, Been looking for new laptop, my budget is a bit limited, I know CPU is the most important part. What do you guys think of AMD Ryzen 5 3500U ? Full specification is: Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15ADA05 AMD Ryzen 5 3500U 8 GB RAM 512 GB SSD Amd Radeon Vega 8 I always play about 10-15 leagues with big database, and I play 3 teams at one save. Usually no more than 10-15 seasons. Also I play only 2D, don't like 3D.
  7. INTRODUCTION Welcome to my Arsenal London thread. As I want to make this save at least a bit realistic, I will set myself some small challenges and limitations; however, I won't go much into training and tactics details due to lack of time. First of all, I'd like to thank user Pro Pirot for his thread which was an inspiration for my career. I hope he doesn't mind if I use some of his ideas here. I'm not going to focus much on the plot, more likely it will be just a simple story with all necessary information like transfers, results, etc. Ok, let's start... ARTETA OUT, HENRY IN! This is quite unexpected news as it seemed like Mikel Arteta had full support from Stan Kroenke, but at today's press conference the board of Arsenal London has officially confirmed that Arteta will leave the club after finishing at 8th place in the last season. Kroenke recognized that Arsenal somehow lost their identity and a new manager is needed to bring it back. He reportedly had a long conversation with the club legend Arsene Wenger who gave his opinion on who should take over the job. To the delight of the fans, they both agreed that Thierry Henry, one of the best players in the club's history and also a former captain, will be Arteta's successor. Kroenke admitted Wenger had a meaningful input into the board's decision as they respect him a lot and believe in his great knowledge and intuition. Despite the fact that Henry has little experience working as a manager and his work in Monaco was very disappointing, the fans seem to be pleased and satisfied with this decision as they still remember his outstanding performances for the club. Wenger, when asked directly about Henry, said: "I know him well and I'm sure he can handle the job. He's got all to be Arsenal manager - he loves offensive football, he's ambitious, and what is really important, he knows how to work with young players and is highly respected by them. Plus, he's gained some experience in Monaco and Belgium natinal team, so he's far better coach now". FIRST DAY AT CLUB At his first day at club Henry met the players and went for a meeting with the board. He learned their expectations for the following season and the four core values that the club wants him to respect. These are: play attacking football play entertaining football sign players under the age of 18 for the future develop players using the club's youth system The aim is to implement new Arsenal philosophy, very similar to what was in place during Wenger's era, but better. The Frenchman was known for changing young players into stars, and the new philosophy should be no different; however, with more focus on the club's own academy. Kroenke told Henry: "Ideally, in 10 years I would like to have only homegrown players in the club's starting eleven. We want to create English La Masia here". As much as Henry loves the idea, he understands that each transition takes time and 10 years may be not enough. Finally, they both agreed on creating 5 years plans and then checking how the process is going. So, the 5 year plan until the end of the season 2024/2025 is: first transfer window is REVOLUTION, meaning ALL players that are not good for Arsenal must leave and new team leaders must arrive (no money limit here) healthy finance, meaning no installments when buying players - IF WE CAN'T AFFORD, WE DON'T BUY only one expensive signing per 1 year (up to 80mln) no signings during the winter transfer windows no loaned players in the squad at least 6 homegrown players in 1st team each season at least 3 teenage players promoted to the 1st team each season (at least 2 must be fully homegrown) Draft for the next 5 year plan 2025-2030 (may be changed later): no more than 2 signings per season still healthy finance no loaned players in the squad at least 8 homegrown players in the squad each season at least 3 teenage players promoted to the 1st team each season (at least 2 must be fully homegrown) PLAYERS Now it is the time to look at the squad and start the REVOLUTION. Henry was asked to point the players among who he's going to build the squad, and he mentioned only 9 faces: Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Saka, Nelson, Smith Rowe, Nketiah, Aubameyang, Lacazette. The rest of the players must be sold at all costs. Also, Henry said the three U-21 players have been promoted to the 1st team: Balogun, Cottrell, Okonkwo. Matthew Ryan, Dani Ceballos and Martin Odegaard will be released from the loans and go back to their clubs. HENRY'S WISHLIST Selling all the deadwood will leave us with only 12 players in the squad, so it is obvious we need transfers. First of all, the squad lacks of real team leaders. The best options to fill the gap, according Henry, are... JAMES WARD-PROWSE & CESC FABREGAS Ward-Prowse is the real boss of the midfield, with great determination, work rate and leadership attributes. He should be available to buy for about 25-30 mln, so a real bargain. Cesc... we all know him. Let's forgive him this short affair with Chelsea and I'm sure he will still help us to do big things! He will be also a good role model for the youngsters. Who else Thierry wants? Let's see the wishlist... Donnarumma is a dream, but he may be too expensive. We can try to wait until January to sign him for free, but he may have signed new deal with Milan until then. So maybe Livakovic would be smarter choice. Camavinga and Gravenbach would suit us perfectly, but the fees would kill us too. We will make strong push for Mukiele and Pau Torres as they would make our defensive much more reliable. Also, we got several U-19 players on our watch, but more to follow... Once we have done first signings, we will start working on tactic.
  8. Thanks for the response. I must agree with you; however, I tried this shout last night and I managed to turn the tide of a game as I scored two goals in last 4 minutes and won 2-1. Maybe that's just a luck but when I changed to these instructions my team started to play much better.
  9. I've been reading some tactical guides on 'fmpassion' and there is a shape called "score a goal" in which one thing seems not so clear to me. I mean, among all the offensive shouts they recommend to use "drop deeper". Can somebody explain my why this instruction is useful when chasing for a goal? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UtTJtDFb_Eo/UpjMlwry5rI/AAAAAAAANKo/RBFHTU_Xsvc/s1600/shouts-score-a-goal.png
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